Pretty and hot masseuse got a warm spunk

Pretty and hot masseuse got a warm spunk
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All of the people here are of legal age, 18 years old and older. So one of my buddies called Marc and I were hanging out drinking a few beers talking about sex and porn as usual. As we were talking he received a text on his cellphone. "-Hey man i really have to go. He says -What the fuck dude? I told him. What's your rush? -well my buddy texted me saying that he and his friends were going to gang bang this bitch in half an hour. You want in? -Do I? Fuck yeah let's do it!!" When we got there we walked in and there were like 20 dudes all standing there stroking there huge cocks like crazy.

I look over to the middle of the room and see this young girl who had to be at least 18 years old getting pounded on the couch with a huge veiny black cock being slammed up her cunt and another white one slammed down her through. My friend and i quickly got naked and watched this sexy young 18 years old little girl getting fucked by these two muscular guys. I was instantly hard and began stroking my 6 inch tall cock in amazement. I know it isn't that big of a cock, but what can i complain about?

I wished i had a cock like that guy next to me has. It should be at least 10 inches long, if not more! It looked so big, so strong! It was a beautiful cock to have.

I started looking around the room, watching all those guys stroking there big cocks. They were all slim or muscular, not one fat guy! Some of them were so muscular i thought they were wrestlers! They looked so sexy compared to my feminine figure, i felt so fragile next to all those strong men.

My friend looked at me and blinked, while saying something inaudible to someone next to him. The other guy looked at me and smiled while devouring my figure with his eyes. I smiled back. This was really nice to watch: all of those guys waiting for one girl to finish a cock after the other.

She must feel really wanted! I wish i was in her place, being shared by so many people and servicing them. I would really love a group of girls fucking me like these men were having sex with this sexy girl. Suddenly the guy next to me said: "I can't take this any more man this is taking too long!" I didn't really pay it no mind nor notice him eyeing my short and skinny fram up and down. He kept on watching me and i started taking notice of it, yet tried not to give it much attention.

I look at him and see the body of a hero: his muscles were so big, his legs strong, and his dick huge and hard as a rock. He was such a dominant figure, stroking his big cock in his strong hand, while looking me up as if i was a thing that he possesses, as if i was made and created for his amusement. He must have thought i am a girl or something because he kept leaning closer to my feminine body. Yes i don't have that much muscles. With a few make-up and a dress i could easily pass for a girl.

I know that because i do that in Halloween and fool all my friends into thinking i am a girl. It is actually amazing, the feeling that you get when you wear panties and a dress, the satin feels so amazing.

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I sometimes wish everyday was Halloween. But now is not the moment to think about how feminine i look or actually feel. I turned towards him and started stroking my cock, showing him that i indeed had one.

He gets closer and starts stroking his huge cock next to my penis. The difference between us two is so touching: him so dominant in his moves, thrusting forwards with each stroke, and me so submissive, letting him have his way with me, letting our dicks and hands touch, as if nothing was wrong with a contact such as this.

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I forget about everything around us as i look into his beautiful green eyes, enveloped in his warmth and controlled by his look. I let go off my penis and let him control my body.

He takes hold of my little prick as i lay my fragile arms on his strong shoulders, giving myself into his touch. As he strokes me faster and faster, i lean closer to his masculine body and put my hands around him, feeling protected from the outside by this man.

I feel like i belong to him. "What is your name girl?" It takes me a while to understand that he is talking to me, his girl. "My name is Jack." "That's a lovely name you have there Jackie!" I blush and lean closer into his warmth.

"Do you like how it feels, Jackie? -yes i do love!" I can't believe what i am saying! He gets behind me, puts an arm around my slim girly belly while the other is stroking my penis.

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I turn my head to see his angelical face. He leans in to kiss me, and i kiss him back.

It feels so good as he probes his tongue into my mouth, and it feels amazing to let him have his way with me. I let myself go into his masculine body, and can feel his huge manly cock pushing into my ass cheeks, getting between them and resting into my ass, near my tight hole. His cock feels so good there, and i feel like it is filling an empty place.

Like i was meant to have his cock into my tight ass, like he completed me. He makes me cum all over his hand and then gets it closer to my mouth. Without thinking much about it i start licking my cum out of his hand, my head numb and my senses lost.

I completely submit to him. Suddenly, he grabbed me by the arm and threw me to the ground, my naked body hit the ground as he positioned himself on top of me, while saying: "you will like this don't worry!" I knew what was coming and yet couldn't utter a word. I felt like i had to repay him for making me cum, and yet try as much as i can to ease my way out of this situation: "Hey what the fuck man no stop please!" I yelled at him.

"Shut up bitch you damn near look female, look how skinny and effeminate you are! Plus, i know you will like it, trust me." He says handling my body like it was a rag doll.

He turned me around so that i faced the ground and held my ass up in the air. He started pulling my ass cheeks apart, and i started feeling a nice cool breeze blow upon my ass hole. I started getting shivers as he put his big fat 10 inch long cock at my tiny little virgin hole. His cock started to push at my hole slowly and surely. I simply couldn't fight him he was so much stronger than me, he was so dominant and possessive of me. It felt like he owned me, like my little girly ass was his!

I really started freaking out as a couple other guys took notice of me being controlled by this huge muscular alpha male. I looked up from the floor and saw some of the guys pointing at me and laughing saying that i was a bitch and that i was made to serve cocks for a living. The humiliation was so intense, and i felt like i was a whore being dominated by this man. I was hoping to see my friend and hoping that he would help me get away from this ridiculous situation.

Then suddenly the big cock started to push its way in my little ass hole my eyes got wide, and so did my little cute fuck hole. As it slipped past my anal ring the pain was tremendous i could barely contain it, and i had to scream out loud like -well like a bitch!- : "No stop please!

No someone please help me fuck ahh it hurts so much ahhh!" "It will soon feel good my lovely slut!

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You will soon be begging for it Jackie. " I pleaded to no avail his cock slowly started to slide in deeper and deeper as I moaned in pure pain. I could feel it slowly entering my backside and invading places i never thought existed or could be found. What once was a single way road for my shit now welcomed an entirely new being: some guy's big fat veiny cut 10 inch tall cock! All kind of sensations went through my body, and i felt hotter than ever.

I felt so alive! I looked up and saw my buddy looking at me with a big smile on his face. I screamed at him: "thank god you are here! Stop smiling like a fool and please help me!" What he then said really shocked me!

"Hey bud I knew you would have loved cock! You see all of this is arranged! I arranged it so the guys and i could come over for a gang bang today! Only, the girl we were about to fuck isn't this beautiful 15 year old girl! We needed someone new to the business, someone who would really appreciate it at the end and beg for it afterwards, someone who will become dependent of us.

We will turn you into the bitch you always were. You will become my slut and slave, and i will be your master. I will own you and your body. I will turn you into the girl you always were and always will be. Now here boy!

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He said. Give me a little suck would ya?" I couldn't believe what i just heard! He had planned it all so that they would fuck me! The cock in my ass was still going further down an unexplored territory that was hot as magma because of how deeply closed and secret it was.


My friend then grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth and started to slowly fuck my mouth. The cock in my ass finally stopped at a point beyond imagination, and it felt like it was all the way up my stomach.

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I felt his pubes rub against my sexy ass, and felt his cock twitching in my ass, giving me all kind of amazing sensations i never felt before. While the guy behind me started going in, my friend was pulling his dick out of my mouth. I could have bitten his dick away from his body, but i couldn't do that to a friend of mine. Even though he planned it all, i couldn't do something like that to him! Plus, his dick did taste really good, and it filled my mouth so well!

They started pumping there big dicks in and out of my little feminine body harder and harder deeper and deeper, exploring as i did the boundaries of my insides. While my friend was now invading my through the other guy, the great person who helped me find my real sexuality, who i later knew was called Jad, continued pushing further down my "boy pussy hole"And it felt amazing. After a while, the pain stopped but it still hurt a bit. My friend who i then knew would be my future master was now fucking my throught causing me to gag like a real bitch.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me in front of all those guys that were stroking their cocks up while looking at a bitchy feminine boy (me) getting fucked like a cute little girl by two muscular alpha males (my masters Marc and Jad). I tried to beg them to stop but my mouth was full of my huge friend's dick and my friend just laughed at how pathetic i looked. I felt like i was turning into a girl.

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My dick was shrinking at a fast pace, to a point where it no longer existed, even though i was as horny as i ever was in my life. Honestly, i didn't care. My tiny dick was already worth nothing.


"See, you are actually a girl!" My friend told me. And he was right. My ass felt like it was on fire. I wanted to stop Jad from fucking me but he just kept pounding away like I was just a bitch fuck toy for them. He soon was pulling all the way out and then slamming his fat huge dick all the way in causing my whole body to jolt forward onto my friend's cock.

I soon felt my ass get filled with his hot sperm. Gallons of the white semen filled my bitchy ass. When he was done he massaged my ass a bit and said to me: "you are a nice bitch, I told you you were gonna enjoy it baby!" He high fived my buddy then pulled out of my tiny ass. I tried my best to say "thank you" through my friend's dick. I will always be grateful to his help, and will always serve his cock.

While my buddy Marc held his cock down my through, another guy took his place behind me, preparing himself to invade all the new found territories. The second cock slid in a lot easier and didn't feel nearly as bad as the first. It actually felt good, as if it was filling a void in me.

As if it was completing me. I soon felt my friend's sperm flowing in my mouth over and over again.

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I felt like gallons were filling my whore mouth. I liked the taste of his cum and tried to swallow all i could from his big fat gorgeous dick. It felt like ecstasy! My friend soon pulled out while playing with my long girly hair. I looked up at him like a puppy would look at his master. "Thank you" he said "No, thank you. I finally found my place in a sexual relation.

" I answered He smiled at me while another guy took his place at my frontal entrance. I actually started to really enjoy the feeling of having a cock, let alone two, inside my naked feminine body as they pumped in and out over and over again without stopping.

I soon found myself thrusting my ass back towards the guy behind me and moaning around the cock in my mouth. "This bitch fucking loves it" said the stranger fucking the hell out of my ass like a piston. I just couldn't control my feelings, it felt amazing as his cock slammed deep into my ass pulled out and slammed back in! The feeling was now incredible as I slurped on the cock in my mouth like the real bitch that i should have known i was and that my friend had revealed in me.

The dude in my ass soon came deep inside me and when he pulled out he picked me up and dragged me to the couch where I saw the little girl getting fucked in all three holes. He threw me on the couch next to them and said to the crowd out loud: "we got a new bitch guys" the boys cheered and I spread my legs, ready for another set of sexy dicks. One of the guys walked up with a huge black hammer big like a space rocket. I looked at him with a huge smile on my face.

He got in between my legs and pitched them in the air and drove home, invading my ass as he did so. I moaned so loud that i couldn't believe how into this I was getting! I was moaning even louder that the girl next to me! I competed her and even was a better slut than she was. I felt so important. I was so proud of myself. All in all I probably got nailed by 15 guys that day my friend even got some of my ass and our friendship took a drastic change after that day.

I could never thank him enough so I was now a cock bitch for him and we would go back to that place a lot and I would fuck whoever wanted to get off whenever they wanted, and my friend would benefit from my services, as he collected the money, if anybody wanted to pay, as i always accepted whoever wanted my body.

My body is now my friend Marc's and Jad's or should i say my masters'? To be continued.