Blonde hottie gets amazing huge cumshot tribute

Blonde hottie gets amazing huge cumshot tribute
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So there is a new taboo themed website.and it sucks. It's a good concept but they simply do not properly follow through. The site could be my new favorite if they just really went for it instead of making what I call "Informed characteristics"-scenes.

Those are scenes where you get told something in the first 30 seconds that then stops having any impact for the rest of the story. It's just lazy writing and directing. So I decided to rewrite one of the scenes. I tried keeping it short because I invite readers to do two things and that will take time :) Watch the scene. It can be found on a lot of streaming sites. The website is called "[email protected]@p" (just with real "a"s) and the scene is called "Beach Bait and Switch part 2".

And after you watched the scene, read my story and the rate both in your replies. Depending on the feedback I might rewrite some of the other scenes, too. The characters are: Gina: The latin girl in the scene Marcos: Her father Kobi: The white girl in the scene Tom: Her father One more thing you need to know is that this is part two of the scene.

In part one the girls met and hooked up. And here is the story: Beach Bait and Switch Walking down the beach Kobi and Gina kept playfully bumping into each other, still giddy from their recent adventure in the hotel room. "That was such a good time." Gina said, smiling at Kobi "Yes, such fun." Kobi said looking down. "Who did you come here with?" "I came with my dad." "Me, too." Kobi replied.

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"And there he is!" Gina said pointing down to two guys sitting on the beach. "Sitting on the beach with my dad." Kobi said unbelieving. What where the odds? "That's your dad?" Gina said "That is such a weird coincidence…But your dad is hot!" "Not as hot as yours" Kobi said as both girls started giggling.

"Do you think we could…" Gina started saying and trailed of "Could what?" Kobi asked "There are no boys here. I really need it and your dad is soo hot. And if I fuck your dad, you could fuck my dad.

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So we both get fucked. Isn't that what you wanted?" Kobi nodded her head, looking up at Gina with her big brown eyes. "Dad!" Gina screamed out walking up to her dad holding hands with Kobi "I found a new friend." The fact that "friend" might be the wrong word for the girl she had just eaten out to two screaming orgasms only minutes earlier but there was no need for full honesty just now.

"So, what where you two up to?" Tom, Kobi's father asked. "Nothing much, just having some fun and now we wanted to work on our tans" Kobi said. Again, no need for complete honesty and, when everything was said and done, they did have fun. The girls spread out their blankets in front of their dads, each one taking up the spot in front of the father of the other one.

Marcos, Gina's father, turned to Tom and asked, pointing at Kobi "So this is your daughter?" Tom nodded in reply. "And this is your daughter?" He asked pointing at Gina. Marcos also nodded but already his eyes were trailing to Kobi who was lying down on her blanket. Instead of just flopping onto it she went to all fours, proudly pushing out her perfect round ass for Marcos. The soft teenage flesh jiggling.

Gina, not to be outdone, did the same thing in front of Kobi's father. Then both girls slowly lowered their chests to the ground, pushing their asses even higher into the air and slid forward into a lying position. Their asses sticking up from the ground in perfect roundness with the eyes of the two older men glued to them.

This time it was Gina who took the lead in the next step. She grabbed her cheeks with her hands and squeezed them as Tom stared at her. Then she pulled the sides of her bikini bottoms together and into her ass crack, turning her bikini bottoms into a thong. "Honey, what are you doing there?" Marcos asked. Tome quickly tore his eyes of the little brown butt in front of him so as not be caught staring by Gina's father.

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"I want a nice full tan, dad. Relax." Kobi looked over to see what they were talking about and said "Oh, that is such a good idea!" Marcos head immediately snapped around to watch as Kobi bulled her bikini bottoms together exposing the full glory of her shapely behind.

As Kobi's hands moved away from her behind she let her fingers play on the exposed skin, drawing attention to it and making Marcos think about how it would feel to let his fingers trace those lines, to pull those cheeks apart.

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"I wish I had your caramel skin" Kobi said to Gina. "You look so hot. Doesn't she, dad?" "Yes, her skin looks perfect honey." Tom replied. "But you are just as beautiful." "Thanks dad. Talking about tanning, I really should lotion up." "I can lotion your back, honey." Tom said to his daughter. "Yew, no. I don't want to be rubbed down by my dad.

Could you do it?" Kobi moved her big doe eyes to Gina's dad. "Yeah, sure, I'll help." It was all Marcos could do not to jump out of his chair at the prospect of rubbing lotion all over the sweet teenager in front of him. And just as he was standing up to get the lotion Kobi started opening her top, letting the strings fall down beside her and exposing the long seductive lines of her back.

Tom probably would have protested but he was too occupied with watching Gina who was just doing the same while looking at him over her shoulder. In no time the two men were kneeling over the girls, rubbing tanning lotion on the backs of the horny minxes. Kobi and Gina where smiling at each other, happy that their plan was working so well. "Don't forget my ass." Gina said to Tom, making sure that it was loud enough for her father to hear it, too.

Marcos looked over his shoulder and seeing how Tom immediately took to Gina's invitation, grabbed Kobi's butt. He squeezed the soft flesh between his fingers, ran his fingertips through the crack and lifted each butt cheek in turn. It was clear at this point that tanning was not the goal here. Kobi lifted her front of the ground. Her bikini top fell away exposing her chest and she turned to the side towards her father and Gina.

Her tits were now in full view. Marcos got scared thinking that he had crossed a line and she would tell her dad. Instead she said "Dad, I am sorry that I said 'yew' when you offered to rub lotion on me." She grabbed Marcos hand and put it back to her ass. "I really just want to have Marcos' hands on my body. I don't think you're gross." Marcos jaw dropped from that and for a moment it looked like Tom was about to get up and hit Marcos as he looked at his daughter, her tits exposed and Marcos' hand grabbing her butt.

But then Gina also turned to the side. She quickly grabbed Tom's hand and but it on her now exposed tit and said "And I wanted your hands all over my body." Tom was sitting there, torn between doing something about the man fondling his daughter and the desire to keep fondling that man's daughter.

The desire won out. His hands moved over Gina's tits, enjoying the way the teen's breasts moved under the pressure of his hands, the way the skin would press up between his fingers like waves on the sea. He reached a nipple and pulled on it. The tiny girl tit elongated, following the nipple and she bit her lip enjoying the sensation.

She turned further around, now sitting on her ass, leaning back and supporting her weight on her arms. Her chest was standing out, both tits pointing straight at Tom. "Dad," Gina said as Tom now put his hands on both of her tits while kneeling in front of the tiny teenager "there are no boys here and I want to get fucked.

So Kobi and me made a deal. I want Tom to fuck me and you fuck Kobi." Marcos hands had made their way under the fabric of Kobi's bikini bottoms while his eyes darted back and forth between his daughter being fondled and the exposed tits of her friend.

"Tom, what do you say? You looked like you wanted to beat the crap out of me a minute ago for grabbing your daughter's ass. You cool with this?" "As long as I get to nail this cute little princess, sure. Kobi is an adult and can make her own choices." He did not even really look at Marcos as he said it. He was too occupied with the body in front of him, leaning down and starting to kiss the pointy brown nipples as he finished the sentence. "But we do it in the same room. I want to make sure that you don't hurt my baby." Gina smiled at that.

The way her dad was looking at her tits being sucked she doubted that was the only reason. And looking down to Tom and seeing his head turn to take in his daughter's body she knew Tom would agree to it and for much the same reason her own dad had proposed it. She did not even bother to wait for the answer. Instead she pushed Tom of her chest and got up. He top was untied and hanging down her chest, instead of covering her boobs the loose fabric was only drawing attention to her nakedness.

Tom was surprised by being pushed of. He thought that they had lost their chance by insisting on fucking together. But Gina grabbed his hand and pulled him in. Their chest bumped into each other, her head only at chest height and her tits meshed against Tom's stomach.

She put his hand on her ass and pressed it to her skin. Looking up at him she said "So let's get going.

I want to make the most of this day." With that she turned around and started walking, still pressing his hand into her ass and pulling him along. Marcos offered Kobi his hand to help her up. She took it and he pulled the girl to her feet.

When she stood he let go of her hand and moved both his hands to her tits. He traced down her body, tits, ribs, waist, hips. Grabbing her hips he spun her around, then moved his hands lower to cup her ass and gently pushed her towards the hotel. "My daughter is right, let's go and make the most of this day." The girls had to close their tops to get through the hotel lobby so they were almost decent again when they reached the room.

Well, at least they were clothed decently. Gina jumped on the bed the moment they entered the room, Jumping on the mattress and purring like a cat, embracing her playful nature. After a couple of seconds she stopped playing around and kneeled on the mattress, inviting Tom to join her.

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Tom walked up to her and, tit man that he was, pulled her top loose while kissing her. Kobi also jumped on the bed. She got into doggy position and started twerking her ass at Marcos who walked up and slapped the big white butt making it jiggle. Slaps left, right and left again filled the room and made Tom look up. Tom saw what was done to his daughter and answered in kind.

He grabbed Gina's hair and pulled her of his lips then slapped Gina's exposed tits and roughly pulled on her nipples. Gina moaned at that, enjoying the sharp sting. Then let out a squealing sound and started moving against her pulled hair. But she did not want to run or get away, she just wanted to get her face down to Tom's dick. Tom let go of her hair and pulled down his shorts offering his hard prick to the Latin beauty. Marcos, still fascinated with Kobi's ass was down on his knees in front of the bed, playfully biting into the juicy behind.

Both his hands grabbing Kobi's hip bones to control her movement. He was lost in the pleasure of the teenage ass before him when he heard rough gagging and throat fucking noises from the other side of the bed.

He looked up to see Tom with his hands on the back of Gina's head fucking her mouth. Marcos let go of Kobi's ass and got up. "Hey, I don't know how I feel about that gagging and throat fucking." He said to Tom. Kobi had turned around in the meantime and pulled her top up over her tits. She slid of the bed and got to her knees in front of Marcos.


"I can show you how it feels" Kobi said to Marcos and pulled down his shorts. Her hands went back up to the backs of his thighs as her mouth found his cock and she pushed the hard organ into her mouth and down her throat. Marcos's head fell back in an instant of pure pleasure and he immediately forgot the concern for his daughter. Slurping, sucking and gagging noises filled the room as both girls used their mouths to pleasure their partners.

Gina, kneeling on the bed on all fours and Kobi kneeling on the floor besides her friend. Kobi let Marcos dick slip from her lips and turned to Gina. She grabbed the string on the side of Gina's bikini bottoms and pulled, opening the bikini.

Then Kobi pulled the fabric to the side and thrust her middle finger into Gina's pussy while Gina was blowing Tom. "You are so wet and ready." Kobi said Gina pulled her mouth of Tom's dick and smiled at him. Then she turned around and offered him her tight little pussy. This brought her face to Kobi. Gina grabbed Kobi's hair and pulled the blonde into her mouth for a passionate kiss.

Marcos looked down at the scene. Kobi was kneeling in front of him. After Gina had turned around and pulled away the pussy Kobi was fingering Kobi had put her hand back to his dick and was stroking him. Now, getting his dick stroked by the sweet 18 year old he watched as his daughter was passionately frenching the girl. The sight was too hot to describe. He realized that his erect cock was just inches away from the face of his girl and the thought send a shiver through him. At that moment Tom plunged into Gina's pussy and Gina gasped in surprise and pleasure tearing away from the kiss with Kobi and opening her mouth into a big "O".

For a moment Marcos though his daughter was about to take his cock into her mouth which aroused and scared him at the same time. But a moment later she closed the mouth again and then said "God, you are so big!" Not sure what to make of that Marcos just said "Thank you honey." "I meant Tom and his cock in my pussy." Kobi started giggling at the misunderstanding between father and daughter.

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Seeing how her father's self-esteem might suffer from having his partner laugh at him Gina quickly added "But yours is really big, too, Dad." To safe his pride. Then, turning to Kobi she said (or rather moaned) "And what the…oh god, yes…are you giggling about? You are going to have that monster in you in a minute." Kobi lasciviously licked the length of Marcos cock from the balls to the tip and said "I hope I won't have to wait that long." The she jumped up on the bed and lay on her back, her tits under Gina's head, and spread her legs for Marcos.

Gina immediately used to opportunity to start licking and kissing Kobi's tits as Tom fucked into her from behind.


At first she licked them from straight up and the she tilted her head to the side so that he face was turned towards her father as he stepped up to the bed to sink his dick balls deep into the pretty porcelain white teenage girl.

Marcos fucked into Kobi, looking down at his dick piercing into the tiny pussy. Then he let his eyes sweep up her nubile body and saw his daughter's face licking the tits of the girl he was pounding but only for a moment as Tom's hand quickly grabbed Gina's hair and pulled her of Kobi's breasts.

Tom enjoyed seeing Gina kiss his daughter's tits more than he would have thought but at this moment he wanted some tits in his hands. So he kept pulling Gina up until she was almost upright on her knees and then reached around to grab her tits.

He again started pulling at her nipples and firmly grabbing the firm young flesh. Marcos' eyes had followed his daughter's head as she was pulled up and he now watched her being fondled by the other guy. He needed to stop looking at his own daughter. He looked down at the girl he was fucking instead.

He looked at the pussy that was spreading and being pulled open by his dick as Kobi's and Gina's moans filled the room. He look at her thighs and grabbed a hand full of her legs with each of his hands. Her legs felt great in his hands, so soft and yet so firm. It made him think of her ass and he pulled out and turned her over.

She know lay on her stomach, her big ass jutting up invitingly. Marcos climbed on the bed and put one knee on each side of Kobi's body and thrust his dick into her pussy from above, slowly but firmly fucking into her tight wet cunt. At that moment he realized that his daughter was kneeling right beside him. He felt the hot breath of her moans on the side of his face and was keenly aware of her tits being handled right beside his shoulder.

He should get away! But he couldn't. Kobi's pussy felt to good to pull out now. "Oh fuck, yes, I want to ride that cock. Get on the bed!" Gina commanded and Tom followed. Tom lay flat down on the bed under Gina. Gina did not move an inch away from her father, she just lifted her leg to let Tom get under her and then sank down on his erect dick. Too late Tom realized that he was now lying directly next to his daughter.

In fact, he did not even have room to lay don fully as his daughter was getting fucked about where his shoulder would naturally be. He tried to twist his body into different positions as Gina rode him but could not find one that was really comfortable. Kobi saw what her father was going through but she could not really move away either as she was pinned between Marcos' knees and impaled on his dick.

So she did the only thing she could do. She lifted up her torso to make room for her father's shoulder. Tom gratefully took the offered space. Of course now that his daughter's torso was not pinned to the bed anymore but instead half lifted and supported on her arms over his body he could not help but notice how her breasts were jiggling in front of his face. It was hypnotic and he could not look away.

He looked up to his daughters face to check if she noticed that her dad was staring at her tits but she was looking up, her eyes almost rolled back in her head as she was getting fucked from behind.

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Gina bent down to Tom and put his hands on her tits. Then she grabbed Kobi's hair and bulled the girls face to her for a passionate kiss. She noticed that the turn also made Kobi's torso turn and pushed one of her tits on her father's shoulder. That made kissing her even more exciting. Both girls were moaning between their kisses and listening to their dad's moan as they fucked them. Tom lay on his back, keenly aware of his daughter's tits on his shoulder, Gina's tits in his hands and her tight pussy milking his dick.

"Gina, I need to come, get on your knees!" Gina jumped of Tom's cock and knelt in front of the bed next to her father's leg. Tom was in front of her in an instant stroking his cock. That was it for Marcos. Seeing his little girl on her knees with her mouth open, obediently waiting for a load of cum, he was ready, too. He pulled out of Kobi and Kobi understood and jumped of the bed. Kobi got down right next to Gina as Marcos took position in front of her and started stroking his dick.

Neither of the men was far away from their climax but as the girls looked at each other kneeling on the floor, naked, sweating and freshly fucked they did not care about that. They needed to kiss and so they did. Both girls started kissing as the men in front of them stroked their dicks. "Gina!" Tome screamed out and Gina broke the kiss and turned towards him just as Tom started shooting. Because Gina's face had just been on Kobi's face and only came around at the last moment.

Tom's shot went a bit to the side and his first burst splashed from Gina's face onto Kobi's tit. Not much but seeing that was enough to send Marcos over the edge who unloaded on Kobi's face. Gina took all of Tom's load on her face and chest and then went on to suck his cock clean. "Look dad, you got some on my chest" Kobi said looking up at her dad. But she said it without complain. "I'll help you with that!" Gina said and turned to Kobi. Gina bend over Kobi's body and started lapping up the cum from Kobi's chest.

Because her face was covered in Tom's seed she was smearing even more of Tom's cum on his daughter's chest in the process and Marcos' cum started to drip from Kobi's chin onto Gina's face, too. But none of the girls cared. Gina enjoyed licking and sucking Kobi's tits and Kobi enjoyed getting her tits sucked.

So they kept going as the exhausted fathers collapsed into nearby chairs and watched their daughters, spend and very happy.