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There I was standing in a dark cold room inside the main hall of the keep. There was a few other females there besides me. Some were prettier than myself and a few of them were about average. There was this blonde who had a larger chest then myself.

She was the prettiest out of all of us. A good while went by before anything happened, and the kings guards just stood like statues except for their eyes.


My arms still hurt from where they dragged me from my parents homestead. They tore my dress the bastards. Not like it matters they had me changed, bathed, and perfumed. The king had specific tastes and that did not included a young woman who looked like she was dragged through the countryside, even though that is exactly what happened.

Feel half naked with this small piece of silk draped around my neck yet covering just my front side. You know I bet this would be easier to tell you if I started in the beginning before I ended up in this situation. Since you do not know anything about me or even my name. I grew up on my families homestead in the country protected by the king.

The king was a bit off the deep end but he did protect us from problems. Taxes were high but the king needed an army, and he needed to pay for it to. My parents were all the family I had. Growing up I had a few friends from the surrounding areas but my parents were always around.

A few months back I turned seventeen and my parents were a bit upset, but not because I was getting older but the king had a once a year round up all the women from seventeen to twenty two and had them brought to the castle keep. When the king was a much younger man he had found his wife in bed with a stable boy. He had found out that she was bedding many of the castle men.

After finding all of this out he went off the deep end. Having executed her as a public spectacle for everyone to witness.

She was a proud queen and stood proud even when they put her head in the block and the blade came down on her neck. It was not a pretty sight. The man had to cut at her neck with the axe about four times before it fell off.

The next day there was a decree that all women of the ages seventeen to twenty two were to be gathered at the keep once a year for the kings inspection. I was just five then and did not understand what was going on. Not till the Kings soldiers knocking on our door did everything hit me. My father tried protecting me but four men came in and knocked my mother around and held back my father. A man walked up to me and told me to come with them or they were both dead. I was shackled to and led by horse to the castle with a few other young females.

At one point we were almost dragged along. By morning we were at the castle courtyard after being led through the city streets. No one looked at us because they knew where we were going.

We just kept our heads down as it was almost a show for the soldiers. They only slowed down in the city almost like they got enjoyment out of humiliation. We entered the inner walls of the castle where I had once witnessed the queens beheading and it was quite different empty and cold.

They led us to the stables which the stable girl met us who looked no less than fourteen. The leader of the soldiers got off his horse and patted the small girl and smiled at her. Nothing was said but the look on her face went from blank to almost horror. I can only imagine what will happen to her. The soldiers led us into the keep and down winding corridors and steps to the lower half of the keep where we were brought to an area filled with women of all ages.

No one said a word. They seemed to be in a trance like state. As if they already knew what had to be done and did it with no hesitation. The women stripped us after the soldiers left. Even as we protested they still stripped and then bathed our bodies. They washed everywhere. Afterwards an older woman came in and looked us over. She poked and prodded everywhere.

Some girls were taken away, but the majority stayed. After we dressed in nothing but a silk cloth that was draped over our necks and stopped just below our neither region. We were then taken to another part of the castle by another set of guards. This part was much warmer and finally entered into a room which was dimly lit and had no windows. The floor was covered in a soft cloth as well as the walls.


We just stood there. As the guards left one of them touched a girl. She just let out a small shrill, and one of the guards who was watching the door saw and walked over and abruptly trusted a dagger in to his chest. The other guard who was with the poor soldier drew his blade as the other guard guarding the door did the same.

Knowing he was outnumbered sheathed his weapon and just left. Moments later a few women in outfits that made ours look like robes came in and cleaned the mess up.

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No words were spoken. Everyone already knew their place and what they needed to do. Finally after some more waiting a group of men came into the room.

One looked very regal and I assumed it was the king. Being from the countryside I have never actually seen my king before.

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No one spoke the entire time. The king came in and looked us over for a few minutes then walked down the line and tapped a few of us on the shoulder.

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The other men that were with him grabbed those girls and had taken them away. One of whom was the blonde girl. It was just three of us left in the room with the king and two guards. The king again eyed us and this time he even grabbed our bodies. The first girl he grabbed her breast and she pulled back only to be met with a quick slap across the face. He grabbed her again and she just tensed up while he groped her.

He then took his hand between her legs. She just started crying as he molested her private areas. He took his hand away and smelled his fingers and just shook his head. The two guards at the door came and grabbed her and pushed her into another door. I was the next in line and he put his hand on my face as to console me in what he was going to do. Just as I was starting to settle he took his other hand and placed it onto my mound and pushed two fingers into my most treasured area.

I winced at the pain that came from the intrusion and he smiled as he brought his hand to his nose and smelled and with an almost lust filled grin he brought it to his mouth and tasted his fingers. He smiled and waved his hand at the third woman, who was the least looking females between the three of us, as if to shoo her away. The guards grabbed her and took her the same way as the other girl.

As for me I was left there as the king walked circles around me. He took his hand and traced my body gliding just above my attire as if not wanting to touch me, but rather to try and tease my body. For some reason his touch, or rather lack there of, was doing just that.

It was teasing me and making me want the touch, but not wanting it at the same time. As he walked around me he took his head and brought it to my neck and smelling the oils place upon my body not moments before. He stepped away from me and my body instinctively wanted to follow him but I did not move. My mind a fog I tried my best to be defiant as much as possible. He walked over to a desk that was in the darker part of the room and had one candle on lit on the desk.

Sitting down he looked at me. "Come here." he said quietly, Standing there I just looked at him with a blank look on my face not moving. "I won't say it again." he said with a more meaningful voice, I stood for a moment before taking the first step towards him.

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Making it to the desk she stood on one side as he sat on the other. "what is your name girl?", he spoke softly, "El.Ellenore, you highness", was all I could manage. He smiled, and looked me over. "You can't be more than eighteen girl, am I right?", he said with a grin, "No sir, I am seventeen.

I will be eighteen next month your highness", I managed once more, "Please call me William, and no more of that 'your highness' formalities" he said gently, "Yes your high. William", I said, "Seventeen you say.

Now that presents a problem. By law even as your king I can not take your chastity." he said with a puzzled look, "I have got it. If your birthday is next month then we will just have to wait til then. There is no law saying that you can't learn in the mean time," he said with a smile "Guards, bring me my previous play toy!" he Bellowed with an evil grin, A few moments later two guards carried in a beautiful woman who was in tears.

Her clothing was tattered and torn. She begged and pleaded that he had promised no more, that she had bought her fathers freedom with what she has done. He just slapped her and reminded her that he is the king and that she will do as he commands.

Just then he looked at me and with a new evil that has taken over his expression he command me to sit an watch.

He took her by the hair and led her to the couch in the middle of the room and bent her over the arm of the chair lifted her tattered clothing out of the way and grabbed his now throbbing cock from under his royal robe and placed it on the lips of her sex and looked at me.

He then forced his way into her and she let out a horrific scream as he pushed in and stopped. Never taking his eyes off me as if to say 'your time will come'. I couldn't take my eyes off of him not because I was ordered not to but I was entranced by his forceful nature.

I was turned on by how animalistic he was with her. He was dominating her in front of me and I was becoming turned on by it. I think he realized I was as he was now smiling at me and started to pump in and out of her. Starting off slowly but he quickly quickened the pace, and then he was driving into her before I realized it.

I was starting to get wet and it started to run down my inner thighs.

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I tried clenching them together but it was creating a pressure that was now starting to ache to be touched. Minutes had passed but seemed like hours and he was still rocking back and forth driving himself closer to a climax. She had stopped her screaming as no one came to her rescue and was just sobbing quietly at this point. As he was fucking her he mouthed to me 'touch yourself.' Without realizing at first my hands started to move toward my sensitive regions. One hand landed on my perky breasts and the other slipped under the silk outfit and fount its way to my sex.

Realizing what I was doing as soon as my fingers hit those spots I froze for a moment, but as I did it was as if he was behind me whispering for me to touch my self but his mouth was not moving. My body took control and my hands started to play.

My hand resting on by breast started to pinch and tweak my nipple a few times before cupping and fondling and switching breasts. My other hand massaged my sexual mound running up and down and touching my thighs, and teasing till the point of no control.

He was still looking at me, and still inside her still fucking her. The noises they were making was a turn on. She was crying and he was grunting and they both made a squishing sound as he drove into her, and he drove into her without yield. He had both hands on her hips and pulled her into him with every push he made.

Pulling her back off of him as he slid out just to do it again, and again, and again. My fingers were no longer under my control as they grew tired of just teasing and both hands now under the silk. One hand slipped into my sex and just opened as the other one took two fingers and slipped inside of my most sacred area. I have played with my self many times before but nothing felt like this. It was as if I had no control over my body and he was controlling it.

As my fingers slipped inside I came upon an obstacle which shot pain straight to my brain. I stopped pulling myself out of the haze I was in just moments ago an look at the situation. I quickly fixed myself and just looked onward. The king with a grin still looking at me kept on fucking her like she was just a toy.

I was amazed they could have lasted so long.

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Living in a small cottage with my parents you are unfortunately gifted with the sounds of your own parents not more than ten feet away. They usually do not last more than five minutes. The king though, even in my stupor I feel as if hours have passed but could not be more than twenty minutes. I noticed the sun peaking through the curtains.

Could it be morning already? It was but night moments ago. I look back over to her and she was slouched over the couch drooling looking half dead and half asleep. The king was still behind her but his eyes looked different black almost. It might just be the light playing tricks. I look a bit harder but as he blinked it seemed to change back to normal. After what seemed like ages the king was finally quickening his pace, and sounding more like an animal then a king.

He was pumping her with all of his might and a few times pushed the couch slightly with each thrust. With a few last pushes he let out a roar that scared me and woke up the woman beneath him. She just barred her head into the couch and sobbed. His face turned red and some of his veins stuck out which lasted a bit. He then backed off of her and let out a pleasing sigh. The king cleaned himself up and as he was doing so I caught a glimpse of what had defiled that woman.

What was between his legs and was just inside her was the size of am arm with the head of a fist. Although it was discolored and blackened from what I seen but the king quickly fixed himself. "Come my child lets vacate this room and go on to other matters. We have many things we must do before its your time." he said in a gentle voice, I walked over to the king and he put his arm around me and as we left the room I turned around to look at her back side and what I saw was horrific.

Where his hands were at there were claw marks which I did not see before and her love tunnel was wide open and dripping white and yellow liquid on to the floor where there was a pool of the same liquid. It was if someone had spilled a bucket of milk onto the floor. As I turned around I caught the glimpse of two maids coming in to clean up in the room. "Don't worry my child, all things will be taken care of." The king said to reassure me, and somehow with his arm around me and his words I felt the most safe I have ever been even after witnessing something that would completely terrify anyone else.

I was somehow turned on by watching that woman be defiled.