Bombshell Cali Carter Spicing Things Up

Bombshell Cali Carter Spicing Things Up
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Jason could hardly contain his excitement when he joined Michael on the 2nd night of the girls abduction.Since earlier that afternoon as Michael graphically told him how he had raped the sisters.Jason,had been lustful and moody looking for release.He inspected the assembled fearful looking women as if they were cattle.He nearly settled for the sisters but something about the tanned looking Rachel made him pick her out.She was the least attractive of the women.Not ugly but nothing to write home about.What drew him to her was the look of defiance on her face.Jason loved to tame the fiesty one's.

They commanded her to undress and get up on the steel operating table.Much to their chargin she spat at them and told them to fuck off.As he grabbed the scalpel.Jason felt his cock spring to life.He sliced her wickedly,from just below her left shoulder blade down onto her boob.The slash was about 2 inches and deep.She started bleeding profusely.In slow motion she looked down at her breast and the growing crimson patch.When she looked back up at them the change the cut had wreaked on her was evident on her face.Her defiance and arrogance had vanished.Her bottom lip twitched and tears filled her eyes.A cloud of fear overcame her and she wailed loudly.

Michael glanced at Jason.The guy was unstable,gripping the scalpel menacingly and visibly shaking.''Listen,kid.Be a good girl and get up on that table.Youn need stitches.'' Michael said softly.Rachel,obeyed.She had urinated in her pants from shock and fright.Her groin felt hot and she could feel her pee,running down her legs.Rachel feeling lightheaded let the guy help her onto the table.

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She gazed up at the ceiling as he injected her and started stitching her up.She hardly felt the pain as her mind reeled at what was happening to them. She just lay there as the man who had cut her removed her shoes and pants.


He whistled as he pulled her underwear down her legs.Rachel closed her eyes. ''Geeeezz!.Mike have a look at this.You ain't ever seen a more hairy puss!'' Michael tied the last of twelve stitches and glanced down between the woman's legs.Jason parted Rachel's limbs revealing her furry pubes.

Her bush of pubic hair stretched right down to her anus.Rachel cringed as the man dug his finger viciously into her vagina.Her tears ran freely the wind out of her sails.They could have her body but her mind was hers she thought to herself.Rachel had been with a number of guys in her teens.She had experimented with men but preferred girls.The truth was she had a major crush on Mellisa although her friend wasn't intrested.Jason moved the big built girl's ass to the edge of the table.Placing a foot on each of his shoulders.He was sweating heavily and flushed.He grasped his dick and forced it into the woman's dry cunt.Rachel moaned as he took her painfully.Lacking lubrication his thrusts made her yell in pain.''Ouch!

Please wet it you hurting me!''she gasped.It was over quickly.Rachel lifted her head and glanced down at the prick tormenting her bonedry vagina.As she did.Jason let out a moan of pent up frustration withdrawing and spurting copious amounts of semen over her bush.Rachel shut her eyes and placed her head back on the table.The picture of his heavy ejaculate between her legs played over and over in her mind. Jason sated.Michael muttered.''Ah why not!'' and took his turn.He lubed her cunny.


Wanting to make the dyke scream with his dong.Rachel felt the cool gel being spread liberally between her widespread legs.The guy had his hands firmly around each of her ankles.Lifting her butt from the table.When Rachel felt his crown rub against her labia she gritted her teeth and awaited his assault on her vagina.HE WAS BIG!!!

He stretched her wide and filled her.Michael pounded her.Humping violently with his hips.She squeeled and gasped as he did her.Her tits bounced and the sound of their coupling was audible.''Oh.OHHH.Ahhhhhhh''The obvious pressure he was putting her under made Michael empty his sac heavily against her uterus.Her inner walls spasmed against his shaft.

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''Get the bitch out of here.She fucking bores me'' Jason said as Micheal withdrew wetly from the Jewess. They polished off a bottle of brandy between them and were dead drunk.They fetched 19yr old Nusrat just before midnight.The girl screeched alarmingly and clung onto Rachel when she realized she was the subject of their attention.Rachel still recovering from what she had gone through earlier pushed the girl from her.Nusrat was a rear beauty and the men were horny to have her.They manhandled her to the main bedroom.Laughing as she begged them to leave her.The Indian girl started hollering loudly when they got to the bedroom.Jason became frenzied and shoved her onto the bed.Michael steadied himself against the closet as he undressed.Jason turned the hysterical girl onto her back.She was all arms and legs.Her limbs all over the place as she tried to get to her feet.Her skirt had ridden up to her knees and she had lost her sandles in her struggle.

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Nusrat was out of control.She desperately wanted out of this situation.She hated alcohol and these men reeked of the vile stuff. She kicked out with her barefoot aiming for the man who was removing his belt's groin.She missed and caught him on the inner thigh.Nusrat opened her eyes wide raising her hands to shield herself as he lashed out with his belt.The heavy leather caught her on the side of her hand and then snaked out. The tip connecting with her jaw.Nusrat shrieked at the top of her lungs.That was fucking sore she thought dully as her eyes watered from the blow.With sheer panic raging inside her she tried to get to get up.Jason rewarded the gorgeous Indian girl with a flathand that made her spin.Nusrat sobbed as darkness threatened dto overwhelm her and the man ripped off her skirt.

She lunged wildly with her feet and screamed ''Noooooooooooo!''Her scream was the most desperate Jason had ever heard anyone utter and heightened his excitement.The sight of her thong as she struggled made him swoon.He lashed out at her angrily thrice more with his belt.Beating her into submission and yelling for her to shut her mouth.

Nusrat clawed at the covers and whined as the belt snaked across her svelte body.The heavy thud of the leather filled her with pain.She cried for her Mom as she was cruelly stripped of her thong.The darker haired man was naked and turned her on her back as the man who had beat her drunkedly undressed.Nusrat was cold and her body shook violently.The man was matted with hair from chest to groin.They sickened her and her teeth chattered noisely as her body went into shock.

Naked they placed her under the covers between them.Their hands roamed over her body.She was perfect and they could'nt get enough of her.She stared unfocused as they touched her all over,discovering her.She felt a salty tear slip into her mouth.The hairy man had her right nipple in his mouth and was suckling greedily.She winced everytime he chewed on her tender bud and squeezed her breast with his hand.His other hand was warm against her taut tummy a finger mining in her navel.She felt his hair against her soft skin and the feel of him filled her with revulsion.Nusrat sobbed loudly as the other man got down under the covers and licked out at her innocent vagina.He pushed her legs apart and worked her labia.His stubble hurt her soft flesh as it dug at her shaven cunny.

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Nusrat had never been with a man.She rambled on at them.Begging,crying and pleading with them not to do this to her.They were dirty and stunk of booze and did unspeakable things to her. She yelled with disbelief when Jason moved his mouth from her saliva drenched cunt to her ass.He tongued her anus,sucking on it.When it was sodden he forced his thumb up her ass and pumelled her rectum with his digit.The finger fucking made the Indian bitch squirm her buttocks but he held her firmly in place.She screamed in excruciating pain and fear as Michael tore her nipple and sucked her blood.Jason got two of his fingers into her virgin cunt and finger fucked her briskly while his thumb continued to manipulate her rectum.Her body was alive with them.They licked,sucked,tasted and bit her from head to foot.Nusrat could feel the wet patches of their saliva all over her body.

Michael lay on his back and reached out for her.She was exquisite and he had never felt so hard and wanting.

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His enjoyment of the Indian girl was going to surpass the rape of the sisters.He manouvered her sweet body onto him as she again whined her pleas.He had her atop his stomach.He reached around her and forcefully took a tight buttock in each hand.He squeezed them harshly wanting to inflict pain.Her mouth opened wide and she sobbed chockingly.He pushed her down him untill he felt her wet gash resting against his burning cock.He looked into her defeated eyes and chortled .She was so light he lifted her body,digging his nails into her hips.She grabbed at his large hands to stop him hurting her.He reached under her and readied his bloated truncheon.

When he placed her tightlipped unchartered pussy above his organ and it rubbed against his glans.Michael grunted throatily and his precum flowed freely. Nusrat sobbed and her breasts heaved at the realization of what was about to befall her.She felt the man's hot knob open her tight petals.


He moaned with pleasure as his spout crushed her labia apart.Michael jerked with pure bliss as his crown popped inside her.Nusrat cringed as the cockhead entered her.Her tender skin seemed to be wrapped dangerously tight around the large plunger.Michael drew her down on him and slowly ate up her canal,filling her with his meat.

Under immense pressure,Nusrat's pussy started secreating vaginal juice to make the copulating bearable.The girl above him stiffened and screamed.''MOMMY!

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NOOOOOOOO.'' as he popped her cherry wide open.Michael felt her innocence torn apart by his fuckstick. Nusrat knew that the searing flash of pain she had just indured was the tearing of her hymen and she cried bitterly with shameMichael buried himself impossibly deep inside the girls body.He felt his dickhead mash against her hard uterus.Behind her Jason was intent on plugging her asshole.''Open the cunt's ass up Michael.Lets give it to her both ways'' Micheal spread her asscheeks wider with his hands.

Surrendering her anus to his partner.Jason smeared his head with saliva and forced himself into her crack.The went at her fullblast a hard alcohol fortified fucking that broke her in and she would never forget.

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She was bobbing under the hammering.Squealing for deliverance from the endless pumelling. Her gut was afire.Nusrat felt like she had a poker up her rectum.The man was humping her ass crazily resulting in her shrieking from pain.Her vagina felt swollen and impailed on the shlong below her.Her breasts were awash with persperation and their body odours were strong in the confined room.A mixture of sweat,cunt and ass.It made her want to gag.She felt their sowing in her body.Michael came after an age.He arched off the sheets and grunted squeezing her flesh and making her yelp.He fountained rooted inside her,smearing her uterus with his jism.He collapsed as Jason continued to have his way with her.Jason was loud as he orgasmed insulting the bitch andf cursing her.He yelled ''Whhhhhhooorrrrre!!!'' as he unleashed his torrent into the weeping girl's rectum.

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