Hot floozy gives steamy irrumation

Hot floozy gives steamy irrumation
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I was staying at a hotel out in Long Island for a few days. I had some work that needed to be done but nothing stressful or time consuming. The weather outside was cold and crappy. This winter was a little more than usual. Too bad I could not have scheduled my trip for a better time. But this was one of the nicer hotels so my luck was really not so bad.

I checked into my room and settled in a bit. Then I wanted to go get some cash for the night so I headed downstairs to the lobby to find the ATM. As I was going down on the elevator, two girls about 12yo got on. A liitle rotund, but cute. They were laughing and joking some as they texted on their phones.

The little bruenette giggled and said don't mind her friend, blondes always find things amusing. When we got off at the lobby, they wondered off and I went to the front desk to ask where the ATM was.

The desk clerk pointed me to the gift shop. As I walked in the girls were standing by the ATM and giggled some more when I walked up. The brunette made some joking comment about me stalking them and we laughed. I got my money and headed back upstairs to my room. I took a hot shower and relaxed by watching some news in the nude. I got dressed and headed to the bar. Looking for a scotch and some bar food.

I got on the elevator and when it stopped on the way down the two girls got on. They started joking again how I was stalking. I pointed out that they got on after me. Maybe I should be the one who is getting stalked. I got out on the second floor were the bar was and they got off too. Now I made a comment about my pretty stalkers and we all giggled some. As we stepped off, it seemed like the blonde's parents were standing there. I was careful, not knowing how they would react with the girls joking around with a stranger.

The mom started joking some along with us. She said they are a handful now, just wait until they become legal. The father commented how entertaining the girls are and we all headed toward the bar area.

They took a table as I headed up to the bar. I ordered my drink and sent a round over to the parents. As their drinks were delivered, the father waved me over to take an empty seat they had. I took my seat between the mom and the blonde.

The introductions were made. The mom, Judy, and father, Bill, were out here to visit her parents for a few days. The blonde daughter, Sally and her friend Amy were off from school.

They stayed at a hotel because Judy's parents had a small house and they went to bed early. The two cute girls laughed some more about sitting next to their stalker as we ordered some bar food. More drinks came and it seemed that ever so slightly, Judy inched closer to me. Bill made a few off hand comments about the young girls and their budding hormones.

The drinks made me feel a little warm. The food came along with some more drinks. Judy dropped some dip right on her breast and made a show wiping it off. She made a comment to Sally that someday she would have boobs to make a nice catch. I said that Sally and Amy could catch anything with their smiles. In the end the check came and Bill got it before I could. I told them that since we all would be here tomorrow night, it would by my treat to a nice Italian restaurant around the corner from the hotel.

Judy gave me a nice tight hug and kiss goodnight. I almost felt uncomfortable about it with Bill standing right there. Then Sally and Amy reached up and gave me an even nicer hug and kiss goodnight. Bill shook my hand and I said what a lucky guy he must be. We parted ways and I went to my room. I got naked into bed with the scent of all three girls. I rubbed one out just thinking of them. I exploded all over my belly. I then rolled over into the wetness and fell asleep.

I was up early the next morning to get off to do my work. I was certainly distracted just thinking about last night and tonight might be like.

The day was done early for me. I went back to the hotel and had a good workout. A nice long hot shower just relaxed me more. I went down to the bar to have a drink before dinner. Bill was there alone. He said he needed a drink waiting for the girls. They were all up in the room getting dolled up for the night. He said all three of them were excited about going out tonight and wanted to look their best. After a couple rounds the girls showed up.

They looked magnificent. Judy had a low cut bloose that showed a lot of cleavage. The young girls had their hair done up and were sporting some lipstick. It was nasty cold out, otherwise I am sure things would have been very revealing. They had a mini van and we took the short trip over to Cirillo's restaurant. Bill drove and had me sit up front with him. We got to the restaurant and the valet parked the van.

The young girls each hooked onto an arm as we walked in. There was no wait as we took our seats. This time I sat between the young girls This also put me right across from Judy -and a chance to peek down her bloose.

Sally and Amy pulled their chairs close to me. Bill was the designated driver and commented that Judy and I had the chance to have a few extra drinks and relax. The dinner and drinks came As usual for this place the food was great. Little Sally and Amy loved the treat out tonight. They were not busy texting on their phones. They were almost acting like ladies.

As the dinner wore on, Judy seemed to flash me more and more. Bill made some comments about the two young girls and I being on a date. He said he was glad to be chaperoning and making sure they knew what to do and how to treat me. The check came and I gladly picked up the tab tonight.

Just experiencing the sexual tension and having some company was well worth the expense for me. As we left the restaurant, my two young dates each held an arm as we went out for the van. Getting into the van, Bill directed me to sit in the back with my dates.

We crawled into the back and Bill told us to snuggle up since it was so cold out. The girls giggled, snuggled tight and put their arms around me. Judy was in the front and looked back at us. She told me to go ahead and put my arms around the girls to keep them warm. After all she added, dates are supposed to keep each other warm on any type of night.

As we made the short ride back, both girls started rubbing my thighs. With the drinks and the tension, I got maybe just a little stiff in the crotch. I was thinking I will have nothing but great thoughts when I jack off in a few minutes. We got out at the hotel and I was hoping no one would notice. But Judy had a few drinks and did not hold back. As the two young girls got on each arm again Judy asked if they were enjoying the evening.

They both laughed and said it was the most wonderful night. Judy then told them I was having a great night judging by the buldge in my crotch. Bill looked at my buldge and said want real man wouldn't have a buldge with two pretty and courious young ladies hanging on him. As we were walking in the lobby, Judy invited me up to their room to watch a movie. Instantly both girls pulled on my arms insisted I join them. I was feeling warm and with a few drinks in me I could not turn them down.

We got up to the room and they had two double beds in there. Bill took my coat and Judy took me over to one of the beds and had me sit down in the middle. She adjusted some of the pillows for my back as I leaned up against the headboard.

Judy took my shoes off for me and asked if I was comfortable. She then turned into a mom and told the girls they needed to get ready for bed before watching the movie. They were already on the remote flipping through the list of movies to pick one out. The girls let out a sigh and started to get ready. Bill was already in the bathroom and Judy told the girls to get in their pj's. Now I got a little uncomfortable wondering how this was going to work in such a small room. The girls were standing by their suitcase in the corner and Judy was over by the closet.

I just made it a point to look right at Judy. Out of the corner of my eye I could tell the girls were starting to get undressed.

Judy smiled at me as she told the girls to behave and move along. They seemed to be taking their time. Then this is where things started to get different. While looking straight into my eyes and talking, Judy walked over to where the girls were changing. They were both completely nude. Judy grabbed Sally by the shoulders and turned her towards me.

I think I almost died. This lovely woman was showing me her beautiful and stark naked daughter. Sally had that plump full smooth skin. Her breasts were just forming and trying to bud. Her pubic area was just showing some fuzz. Amy turned towards me to show herself. All three girls were looking right at me for my reaction as they smiled. Beyond any words I did not know what to do or say. The young girls were the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

There in their glory, showing me their soul. Judy could see the wonder in my face. She then told the girls that as much as their date would love to watch them run around naked, they needed to put on their nightgowns and go snuggle up with him.

They continued to change into their pj's under my full gaze.

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Bill was coming out of the bathroom now wearing a robe. He saw me looking at them and said that they are things of beauty. I looked over at him and agreed. Judy said she wanted to run down to the bar to get us some drinks before starting the movie. I agreed and made the comment that if they thought I had a buldge when getting out of the van, I was certainly in a worse condition now and was in no shape to run down and get drinks.

Judy left and Bill took up the role of the parent to get the girls ready for the movie. They had their very thin nightgowns on and Bill hustled them up on the bed next to me. One on each side. Bill told them to close in tight with me, and they had no hesitation to that. They said they loved their date and wanted to treat him right; just like any grown up lady would.

Bill got a blanket down from the closet and wrapped it around the three of us. He tucked us in and even pulled my arms once again around my two pretty 12yo dates. Bill sat down on the other bed and starting flipping through for a good movie. They girls chimed in and started making several choices.

They asked me what I wanted. I just said the only thing I want are two happy girls. They finally settled on some sappy love story just as Judy returned with our drinks. She said all of us look so cozy waiting for the show to start. She put my drink on the nightstand and asked if my hands were too busy to get my drink.

She then walked back over by the closet and got undressed. To be polite, I started to look away but she started talking at me like she did earlier.

Now a few of my inhibitions were leaving as I stared right at her. She got down to just her panties and bra. Then looking right into my eye she took off her bra. All of us were looking. I commented that she had such nice and well formed breasts. Bill agreed and the girls giggled.

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Judy then took her panties off and stood there for a minute to let me take it in. She had a nice bush that was well trimmed. What a nice feeling I was having. Two warm young girls holding me tight as I watched this hot woman disrobe for me. Bill said she looked like dessert and I agreed. Judy reached in the closet and pulled out a robe. She put it on and got on the bed next to Bill. Bill took a sip of his drink and started the movie. I reached up to take a sip of my drink.

The young girls got even tighter to me. Sally reached across me under the blanket, grabbed Amy's hand and pulled over to my thigh. Together, they started rubbing my legs.

I looked over at Judy and she smiled back at me. The blanket was thin and I am sure she could see the hands moving on my legs.

The girls moved up my legs and were getting close to my now raging buldge. Judy looked over again and told the girls that it looks like their date must be getting uncomfortable. She told them that I would need something loose fitting like a robe or a nightgown.

Sally called her silly and said there are none left. Judy stood up and came over to us. She reached under the blanket and started to undo my pants. She said there might not be anything to change into, but I sure as heck need to get out of these pants. She undid them and I lifted my butt up so she could pull them off. She then reached back under and just took my underpants off. Holy crap! She pulled the blanket up, but it never to expose me. My now raging hard on showed though the material.

Judy smiled as she handed me my drink and went back to her bed. Bill told the girls it looked like I had a nice cock and they should see how smooth it was. Jesus fucking Christ! The mom just pulled my pants off and dad just told his daughter and her friend to feel my cock. Our interest in the movie just faded away fast. The girls started to rub and touch my cock under the blanket. I looked over and could see Bill's cock was full with the head poking out from the robe.

The girls were laughing some as they touched me. They were a little rough and Amy hit it wrong and made me winch. Judy saw this and told the girls they needed to be gentle. Judy then got up came over and pulled the blanket back. Everyone in the room looked at my cock with two sets of young puddgy fingers playing with it. Mom started showing the girls how to play with it.

Although, I suspected they all have done this before. Judt directed Amy to caress my balls and had Sally stroking my shaft. I was in fucking heaven. Sally said something about my precum starting to come out. She then leaned forward and licked it. She stayed down there liking the shaft.

Her mom encouraged her and said she was doing a great job. I looked over at Bill and agreed. He had his cock out and was rubbing himself. He had a nice cock. Well formed, circumcised and a little bigger than mine. Amy was not to be outdone. She slid down and started to lick my ball sack. While the two young girls were doing this, Judy pulled their nightgowns off.

My hands started rubbing their warm smooth skin. A young nude preteen body is something to behold. Soft smooth. Judy was rubbing my hip. She then slide her hand under my butt cheek and her finger reached my bunghole. She rubbed it with great care and gentleness. This was beyond belief. And I thought I wad going to end up back in my room alone jerking off. Sally was now going deep on me. My cock was wet as hell from her slavia. How did she learn to do this? Amy was taking my balls in he sweet mouth.

Her nose kept pressing against my cockhairs. Her tongue coming out of her beautiful mouth and sliding across my balls. Judy's finger was pressing into my hole.

Judy could feel the pressure building and told the girls to switch. She was trying to get me to hold out just a little longer.

I was gently caressing and grabbing the buns of the two preteens. The pressure became too much. Judy pushed Amy aside and the mom swallowed down on my cock I exploded like never before. She seemed to catch most of it. She opened her mouth and looked around at each of us to show off my sperm on her tongue.

She then closed her mouth, swallowed; then opened again to show all of that she took it. Some milky white drops of cum continued to leak up out my cock tip.

Sally leaned down, licked it up and smiled. Judy, ever so gently, squeezed my cock to work out another drop for Amy to taste. I was in fucking heaven. I looked over and saw that Bill was coming towards me with a warm wash cloth. He had his robe on, but the front was open and his raging hard on stood out. He reached over and started to wipe my cock and balls. I think he even slid it down some and caught my bunghole.

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He told his girls they did a very good job in servicing their date he then said it was time for their date to service them some.

He had both girls lay down next to each other on their backs. He then signaled to me to go down on them. They both spread their legs open and raised their knees. I tended to Sally first. I got up in front of the young child and climbed up some.

I started to nibble on her tiny budding breasts. I worked down her belly and reached her young warm and now wet pussy. That preteen pussy opened up as I started lapping. Those soft and fresh just wisps of pubic hair. I heard some very load moans and groans from Judy. She was on the other bed and Bill was plowing away on top of her. They looked over at us. The parents are fucking while watching me eat out their little girl.

I was working on Sally's pussy as Amy was petting her head. What a nice friend. The juices were flowing and Sally was bucking her hips back up at me. She had the nice soft pussy of a young woman. Sweet and puffy. Small wisps of hair. After what seemed an eternity, I felt I needed to give my other date some attention. As I moved over to Amy, I saw that Bill was now taking Judy doggie style.


Infuckingcredible. I moved over on top of Amy. I gave her a kiss on the mouth. She took in my tounge- tasting some of the juices from her best friend.

I started working my way down Amy's neck and to her budding breasts. Little breasts so tender. Then down her belly to her young wanting pussy. She was now much wetter than her friend.

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The smell was wonderful. I dug right in licking and tasting. My hardon came back on. Bill screamed and moaned. We all stopped and looked over as he was still doggie style with Judy.

Pulling her hips back to him as he blew his load. Her nice boobs swingling to the rythum. I went back down between Amy's legs again. After awhile, Bill came over. Looking at my cock he said it was time to offer the girls some mutual pleasure. He grabbed my shoulders and guided me over to his wanting daughter.

I moved over her. The look of anticipation on her face was so adorable. Bill reached under me and took hold of my cock. He stroked it some then tipped it down to rub over his daughter's cuntlips.

He rubbed me on her then asked me if I was ready to take her. I nodded yes. He then guided my cock into little Sally. It slid right in. No protection and no worries.

And by the feel, no first time. I started pumping and Bill moved his hands back to rub my buns as we moved. Sally reached up around my neck and pulled me down to her for a kiss.

She opened her mouth and we swirled our tongues. Now she got to taste her friends cunt juices. Soon I just had a desire to do doggie like her parents. I flipped her over on all fours. This time young Amy helped slide my cock back into her friend. I was pumping away. Pulling on Sally's hips with a good motion.

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Having already exploded this evening, I was ready to go the distance now. Bill interupped me and nodded towards Amy. She was on her back and spread out. Bill said it was her turn now.

I pulled out of Sally. My cock all hard and wet with her fresh juice. This time mom Judy held Amy's head and caressed her brow. She called Amy a big girl now as I mounted her. Her pussy lips parted as I slid in. I started pumping away. Sally reached over and rubbed my buns like her daddy did before. But she went a little further and like her mom, started rubbing the bunghole.

Judy asked me to get on my back. I pulled out and rolled over. Amy swung her legs over on top of me and sat down on my cock. A smooth move. Amy started riding my cock. Judy helped Sally to go back to rubbing the bunghole. Now Judy produced some gel and put a dab down there. Then both girls worked a finger in there. Bill was sitting in a chair in his robe. Sipping his drink and taking it all in with a smile.


The mom and daughter worked my butthole as Amy rode me. My balls started to tighten. Sally pulled her finger out of my ass and got on all fours. She started to beg for me. Amy rolled off and I mounted Sally once again. She bucked and I pushed. A loud slap was heard each time our bodies came together.

Her tiny plump body had little shock waves. I could feel the gel still stuck in my ass cheeks. And now came that feeling to explode. I pushed in deeper. And now I felt Bill's hands on my buns. He quickly moved a finger inside me as I came deep into his daughter.

I almost thought I was hurting her with the load. I squeezed out what I could and Sally tightened her pussy to keep me inside. But soon my cock slid out but Bill still had his finger in my hole. I looked back and he was naked with a hardon. Now it seemed that his cock was a lot bigger then mine. Judy took hold of Bill's manhood and put some gel on it. Then she put more on my backside. Bill grabbed my hips and mounted ME. A feeling that I cannot describe. My bowels filling up as Bill's cock filled me.

The three girls gathered around to watch. Bill hugged my back and kissed my neck. Judy maneuvered Sally in front of me and opened up her legs. Then as Bill plowed away at me, mom pushed my head down into Sally's pussy that was leaking my seed. I moved my tongue up her slit catching my own cum. Like mom, I swallowed as they watched. And Bill pounded my ass as they watched. Soon Sally moved away and the girls stepped back to watch the show. Bill slamming my ass. I reached back and rubbed his balls.

He screamed as he filled me with his sperm. My limp dick swayed as Bill abused my butt. I collapsed as Bill fell on top of my back. The girls all came over and gave Bill and I lots of kisses and attention. I was now whipped. Judy said it was a wonderful evening and now it was tine for bed. I got under the covers and Sally and Amy moved their nude bodies against me. My ass dripped with Bill's gift. Bill and Amy turned off the lights and went to bed.

Holding these two, worn out and beautiful naked 12yo girls was heaven. The smells and the afterglow. I had the best nights sleep of my life. I awoke before the others in the morning. I lay there for a moment with the enjoyment of being wrapped up by these two soft and warm preteen beauties. I got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Not having my stuff there, I used their soap and shampoo, coming out smelling like a little girl. I dried off walked back into the room naked.

I love walking around naked in the morning. I gazed upon the two young girls curled up to each other sound asleep. Bill and Judy lay there looking sweet. I shared something with all of them but one. Judy was a prize. I do like young girls and have given myself to men, but a mature woman is the reward. She was under the covers with her husband.

I went over to her side of the bed and sat down. I started caressing her hair. She looked up at me in her slumber and smiled. God she was just beautiful.

She smelled so nice and had a sultry look. She sat up some and a breast became exposed. I moved to caressing her neck and then made my way down to her breast. So soft. I massaged both breasts, enjoying her warmth. A few kisses were exchanged.

I worked my hands lower and lower to her moistness. Bill started to stir and watch us. As I caressed his bride's pussy he held her hand. I was fully hard now and starting to show some precum. Bill got up and went to the bathroom. I got under the covers and laid on top of Judy. My cock on top of her pussy. She was moist and wanting. I slid inside her as I kissed her. I started rocking up and down and her hips moved to meet me.

She became to moan. Bil had come back and was sitting on the girl's bed. Sally and Amy awoke and were looking at us. I pushed the covers off so the family could see me mounting their mom/wife.

I exaggerated my movements to make a show. Judy did the same. She soon flipped me over and took top. She started really moving her hips and gyrating on my cock. Having cum twice the night before, I was ready to hold out for a long time this morning. Judy was in for a treat. Judy and I soon got lost in ourselves.

The heat was on and we moved through several positions. At one point she was on top and facing towards my feet. I looked over at an incredible sight.

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On the other bed, Sally was on all fours getting fucked by her father. Amy was spread out in front of Sally.

Sally had her face buried in Amy's young little pussy. I went back to giving this gorgeous woman the attention she deserved. I rubbed her buns as she moved up and down on me,still facing my feet. My thumb found her rosebud and circled. This family had a facination with butts and I would return the favor in some small way. As Judy moved up and down, my thumb rubbed around her anus. I then put my thumb up her pussy along side my cock. Getting it good and wet.

Judy knew what I was going to do and called over to Amy. She told Amy to get the gel fast. Amy unlocked her pussy from Sally's lips and got the gel off the nightstand. Amy put some gel on my thumb. Then her cute little pudgy fingers put some right on Judy's asshole. This all the while Judy is riding me. Once we got lubbed, I flipped Judy on her belly and lifted her hips.

I entered her pussy doggie style and spread her ass cheeks open. I then took my thumb and easily slid into her bung. Little Amy still a had a need and got in front of Judy. She then signaled Judy to suck on her pussy. Life is fucking GREAT! I am fucking the mom while she sucks on a little girls pussy.

Her husband is next to me fucking the crap out of their daughter. And my ass still feels the effects of his cock up there. Judy got on her back and lifted her legs up high. I mounted her and looked at her eyes.

We both could tell I was getting close. Amy went back to the other bed and started kissing Bill's ass as he pounded his daughter in the missionary. With Judy's legs over my shoulders I began a very slow and erotic movement in and out. This position offers deeper penetration and we both felt it.

Soon my balls pulled up and I was ready to blow a load. I held Judy's head and looked into her eyes as I shot a load. My whole soul went into it. My whole body felt like it was moving through my cock shaft and into her being. My eye were locked in Judy's as was shared the moment. I slowed as I jerked and squished the last drop I had in me.

I held Judy as I simply thought her the most beautiful and wonderful thing in the world. I pulled out and we both felt the ooze drip out of her warm and well worn pussy. I looked over at Bill as he held his cock that was dripping sperm.

He had shot a load on his daughter's belly. Amy was moving to lick it up. My life could end now and it would be complete. But I was late for work and work pays the bills. Life can suck. I kissed Judy and told her I had to leave. I got up and dressed in the same clothes I wore yesterday. I gave my two preteens a nice kiss goodbye. Even getting some of Bill's seed from Amy's lips.

Gave Bill a kiss on the check and rubbed his balls for a second. Giving Judy another kiss; a look right into her eyes, I left. I walked out of the hotel into the slushy snow of a Long Island winter