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White guy dicks down Rapper Tamra Millan until orgasm in cheerleader scene IG sheistamramillan
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Walking in the door I dropped my bag on the floor and walked over to his chair leaning on the back watching him play his game. "Where's the wife and kid?" I asked looking expecting her to come walking in with the baby any minute and catch me with my arms draped over him,my chin resting on his shoulder. "Out with her parents." He responded as he scrolled across the map in his game looking for a particular town he needed to get too.

"She wanted to go to lunch with them, then they were going to do some shopping. They will be back later." "Oh" I smiled this news just made my day, getting him to myself for the afternoon was something I needed and wanted for a while. "In that case I can give you this!" I said cheerfully as I tipped his computer chair back and planted a big kiss on his lips.

Having caught him off guard I felt him jump a little as his chair suddenly moved, but he realized what was going on he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into the chair with him our mouths never parting from one another I could feel his excitement under me as I sat in his lap, and it only made mine grow more. I placed a hand over his where it rested on my hip and slid it down to the hem of my skirt and gave a small encouragement for him to go exploring under, not that he seemed to need it because no sooner had I started him on the path his hand found what I wanted him to find.

"God I love you!" He said pulling away from my mouth his fingers pushing the lips of my pussy open, two of them sliding in and gently rubbing across the nub of my clit earning a soft excited whimper from me.

"You make me so fucking hard." He smiled giving me a quick kiss his fingers exploring more "And your always so wet for me." he said his tone almost boasting about how turned on he had me as he pushed a finger in, another one following soon after both staying long enough to get coated in my excitement before he went back to slowly almost lazily teasing my clit.

"Can't help it lover, you just have that affect on me." My hips slowly moving in unison with his fingers, my hand resting on your chest my fingers curling lightly as the need and excitement building. "So how long do you think we got before she comes home?" I smiled slipping a hand between us and undoing his pants giving his cock some room instead of keeping it confined. "Just time for a quickie or do ya think we could enjoy ourselves a little?" The grin growing a little as my fingers wrapped around his cock stroking it gently waiting for his response.

Scooping me up he started for the bedroom. "I think we can enjoy ourselves a little." he said just before his mouth found mine. Kicking his pants off as we entered the bedroom, he set me down on the floor making sure I had my balance before sitting himself on the bed. "You gave me that video of you stripping now I want to see it live." he smiled sitting back his hand stroking his cock as he waited for me to start.

Starting with my shirt I crossed my arms and grabbed a hold of the bottom hem and slowly started to slid it up, inching it up giving just small glimpses of the belly underneath. Once it as under my perky little breast I uncrossed my arms and slid my thumbs under the shirt inching the shirt ever higher until finally my chest bounced out, the pink bra covering them just barely doing it job of holding them. Smiling I tossed the shirt aside and stood toying with my breast in the bra watching him stroke his cock the excitement building, his eyes focused on my hands and what they were doing to my chest.

Stepping forward I pushed between his legs and stood so I was straddling one leg. Taking his free hand I cupped it to the right breast and squeezed gently encouraging him to do the same. "Enjoying lover?" I cooed leaning in and giving him a quick kiss before reaching back and unclasping the bra. "Very much." He smiled quickly flipping the cup of the bra down and pulling me forward his mouth wrapping around the rosy nub of my nipple sucking lightly before releasing it and giving it a gentle kiss.

He repeated the process with the other side before giving a gentle push to my hip encouraging me to continue his little show. "Now the rest." He encouraged pointing to the final piece of clothing hiding the last of the body he so wanted to see fully naked. "Get rid of that." "Oh this little thing?" I said very slowly unbuttoning and unzipping the skirt giving him a peek at what was hiding beneath that bit of cloth.

Leaving it just resting on my hips of its own accord my hands slid up my body and to my chest, each one cupping a breast and giving a firm squeeze a soft moan escaping my lips.

Turning so my side was facing him I slowly ran my hands back down my sides, two fingers catching the skirt and slowly pulling it down, keeping a slight arch to my back as I pushed it to the floor and giving him a wonderful view of the curve of my ass as I stepped out of the last bit of clothing.

"So now that you have me naked, what do you want to do to me my love?" I cooed with a flirty tone to my voice as I stepped back over his legs so I was once again straddling them my body arched in such a way that he could enjoy the full glory of it. Slipping one hand between my legs I ran my fingers over my soaked cunt getting them dripping wet with my fluids, and with a small push of my hands I moved his aside and took over the stroking of his cock the moisture from my pussy working as lube.

"I am at your whim my love?" I smiled slipping off of his lap and too my knees to softly kiss the head of his cock before taking it into my mouth and giving him a playful grin.

"For starters lover you can just keep doing what your doing." He smiled running his fingers through my hair as I ran my tongue around the portion of his cock in my mouth.


His hand gave a gentle push encouraging me to take a bit more, though not much encouragement was needed I already knew where this was headed. Resting one hand on his thigh I tried to relax enough to as much of his amazingly large cock in, my tongue pulsing and dancing along its length until I had a little over half of it in and couldn't go any farther. I took a few moments just to grind my tongue up and down the length of him taking in the taste of him mixed with the light taste my own wetness on him, I couldn't help but moan softly at the salty sweetness of it.

Feeling I had lingered long enough I slowly started to pull back, my free hand wrapping around the base of his shaft, with a firm but gentle grip, to follow my mouth back up as I released him from its hold. Once I neared the head of his cock I set the tip of my tongue to work and teased and gentle prodded along the length just below it, while the more broad part curled and caressed the under side of the head. Seeming to really being to enjoy himself he curled a hand around the back of my head, his fingers curling in my hair holding me steady, he started to buck his hips up lightly into my eager mouth.

Letting him have control I started focusing on grinding and teasing his shaft with my tongue, my hand stroking up and down the length not occupied by my mouth. I could feel his body tensing up and new he was about ready to blow soon, so my grip on his shaft tighten just a bit encouraging him to climax but he seemed to have other plans and pulled back and completely away leaving me with a slight pout to my lip after being denied being able to bring him to climax.

"I want to be inside you." He said his voice a little ragged, I could tell it had taken a bit of effort on his part to not just blow his load in my mouth so the pout was quickly replaced by a smile.

Taking me by my wrist he pulled me to my feet and started to push me onto the bed but stopped. "I have a better idea." He smiled and pulled me back toward the living room. Thinking we were headed toward the couch I veered in that direction only to have him tug on my arm and turn me toward the front door. "My idea is better than that silly girl." he said as he pulled the front door open, I started to get a little nervous at this point but it only added to my arousal thinking about what he might have planned.

"Uhh.we arn't going outside are we?" I asked little nervously my hand going to the handle of the screen door getting ready to push it open. I may have been nervous about the idea but I wasn't totally against it.

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"Not quiet." he smiled pulling my hand away from the door and pinning both wrists behind me. He pushed on foot between mine and pushed them apart so I was better balanced and bent me forward so I was facing the screen door and could look out and if any one happened to walk past the house and decided to look in they would get a surprising view when the looked in.

Keeping both hands pinned he reached up and pulled the hair tie that held my hair in a pony tail out. "I will be taking this" he chuckled using it to restrain my hands lightly so he didn't have to keep holding them together.

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He then let go of my wrists grabbing them only briefly to stop me from falling over. "You have to hold yourself up." He said leaning over me his hand sliding down over my ass and between my legs. "Fuck your dripping wet." He observed his fingers running over the outer lips of my pussy as he started to explore it once more.

A sharp gasp escaped me as his fingers parted those lips, the combination of his cool fingers and the slight breeze coming in through the open door sending shivers of pleasure up my spine. He dipped two fingers into my sex, he thrust them in and out a few times before adding another and spaying them out giving my hole a soft stretch. As if of their own accord my hips started to grind back a soft whimper slipping past my lips as I pushed against his fingers my body twitching and spasming around them.

"Your really want me to fuck you don't you?" He observed pulling the fingers out, and running one up the length of my pussy to ever so lightly run circles around my hard little clit. "I do." I said with a soft whimper in my voice, my hips rocking back toward him. "How badly do you want it?" he said shifting himself so that the head of his cock press against my entrance teasing as if he was going to push it but not giving me what I wanted, his hands catching my hips and forcing them still as I tried to rock them back so he would push into me.

"So very badly." I moaned rocking back and forth being tortured by the feeling of him just resting against my pussy. I had never wanted him just to push forward and impale me with his cock so badly in my life, my pussy ached and quivered with the need to have him in me.

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"Please Matthew, please fuck me." I whined softly trying to push my hips back. "All right I think you have earned this." He said thrusting in to the hilt rocking my body forward with the force of his thrust, had he not been holding my hips I would surely have fallen over from it. He stayed locked in place for a moment just feeling the wet tightness of my pussy around his cock, fitting him like a glove.

Then with little warning he released my hips and took a hold of my hands one more and used them to help pull me back each time he thrust deep into my body, the loud "thwap" of our bodies meeting ringing through the living room with each thrust.

Unable to do much other than just enjoy the feeling of his cock slamming in and out of my sex I let my self go to the pleasure of the sex and soon was thrusting back and grinding against him each time our bodies met, my pussy tensing and squeezing around his cock with each pull back of his hips. Only coming back to reality when his cock would thrust or grind against on of my g-spots. Glancing out the door I became more aroused and stepped up the pace of my hips thrusting against his, the excitement of the possibility of some one catching us or some already having caught us watching and enjoying the sight of watching us fuck pushing me closer and closer to climax.

"I love you Kassy." he said taking my wrists in one hand and using his now freed hand to caress my ass giving each cheek a firm squeeze. He then trailed his fingers up along my hip, watching a shiver run through my body as it made its way up my side to my breast.

"Keep your hands behind your back" He ordered, both of his hands moving to cup a breast as he pulled me up into a standing position his cock still buried deep in my soaking wet pussy. "Mmm.Yes Sir" I whimpered feeling his cock sink in as deep as it could possibly go in this new position. "I.I love you too Matthew." I shuttered as his cock throbbed against my g-spot. Pressing my hands against his stomach I balanced myself I started to grind my hips back against earning a low moan and soft tug of my nipples.

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"Does my lover like pleasing me, and giving the neighborhood a show?" He whispered his mouth within a breath of my ear. "Does she like when people watch her get fucked by her man?" He teased punctuating his question with a quick thrust upward making me rock forward just a little. "Y-yes! I do my love." I mewled my hips bucking and grinding wildly against his, my cheeks burning red with a mix of excitement and embarrassment for how excited I was getting from being fucked where people could watch if they wanted too.

I started to hope that some one would come by and see us fucking in the door way, the thought of it sending spasms through my body, my pussy starting to tighten with the need for an orgasm. Feeling my excitement and need he released my breast and let them bounce making small circles in time with his thrusts. Resting his hands on my hips he started to use them as an anchor to pull back against as he started to thrust faster and harder, his climax building.

"I'm gonna cum soon my love." He panted his thrust slowing just a bit but keeping the roughness to them.


"Let me cum in you?" He asked, though he wasn't sure that he really wanted to pull out even if she told him to. "I want you too my love" I whimpered my hips locking back against his not even giving him the option to pull out to cum any where but in me. Feeling his cock throb and twitch in in my pussy was the final nudge I needed to climax.

My whole body trembled with the pleasure of the orgasm, my breath coming in ragged gasps and pants. "Thank you love." He groaned holding my hips tight, his thrust becoming more short and jerking as his climax over too him his seed jetting into my excited pussy. It had been a while since he had had such an enjoyable bout of sex with some one so it was a heavier load that spilled into me.

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As his cock twitched out the last of its load he held me against his body, his hands moving from my hips up to my chest his hands loosely cupping each breast as he hugged me against his body. "I love you Kassy." He sighed contently shifting just enough to let my hands free from behind my back.

"I love you too Matthew." I smiled wrapping my arms around his giving a gentle squeeze. Shifting my weight lightly his cock slipped out to rest against my butt, the fluids of our love making slowly dripping down my inner thighs as we stood locked in each others arms. After enjoying the moment a bit longer I pulled away lightly, getting some resistance from him as he tried to pull me back into his arms.

I didn't go far though I just turned in his arms and wrapped mine back around his waist giving him a soft kiss. "I love you." I smiled up at him my fingers gently rubbing back and forth across his lower back. "And I am gonna love you for all of eternity." I smiled giving him another soft kiss.

"I love you too" He smiled pulling me close, my head resting against his shoulder. "I love you to infinity squared." He said placing a kiss on my cheek.


"I think we should get cleaned up now." He smiled slipping his fingers between my legs covering them in the mixture of the two of us. "Hehe I agree." I smiled taking a hold of his hand and slowly licking them clean.

"To the shower then lover?" I giggle taking him by the hand and pulling him towards the bathroom.