Stacy Martin alle geilen harten Sex Szenen

Stacy Martin alle geilen harten Sex Szenen
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All I can say is thank god that Becky and I didn't continue our relationship of love that night. I certainly wanted to but our parents ended up coming home at about 4 AM since my step mom got food poisoning. Imagine if they had come home to find us naked and lying together.

So it did work out for the best. The next 11 days were excruciating.

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All I wanted was another moment of passion with my love. But we couldn't get much time together as she was starting to gear up for the new school year and shopping and doing pre-readings as she was determined to clean up her grades this year. I wanted to get together at night and even hinted at it to Becky but she turned me down saying that was too risky.

What was worse, was she seemed to enjoy teasing me. But she did it in the most subtle of ways. She had been waking me up for work in the morning since I didn't have an alarm clock (no cell phones back then) and she would knock on my door and pop halfway in to wake me up.

She used to do it before she showered, no she did it after, a towel wrapped around her wet body, her hair wet and tangled from the shower. She looked halfway like a woman wet from sex sweat and she knew it. She also would smile extra long at me after telling a joke or making a comment, holding it for an extra second, just enough to make me want her again.

Plus she wore shorter and shorter skirts and shorts around the house, and t-shirts that hugged her teen frame. Needless to say, I was jacking off about 5 times a day just to keep control of myself. I am still amazed I was able to form so much cum to keep up with the demand. I had gotten to the point that not even jacking off thinking directly of Becky was satisfying the lust for her that sat in my testicles.

I had to be inside her again, and without anything in the god damn way this time. Becky could sense my animal lust and was careful to never be alone in the house with me, figuring I would be too afraid to get caught, and I was. But when I woke up that morning about a week and a half later, I had dreamed about her, and I HAD to have her before I left for work. She usually came and knocked on my door and woke me up after she took her shower, but that morning, I made my way to the bathroom before the water shut off.

Our bathroom was designed for multiple people, the sinks in the front room and the toilet and tub in another with a sliding door. I stood against the wall when I heard the water turn off. After a delay the door slid open and Becky walked out, holding the big white fluffy towel behind her as she always did, never bothering to tie it up.

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Her hair hung, wet and curling from the water, her tan skin reddened a bit by the hot water. She noticed me in the mirror as I approached her, my hard on sticking out of the piss hole in my boxers. "Marc, what are you.

. oof!" I pushed the door closed almost all the way and pressed Becky up against the bathroom counter right in front of one of the sinks.

I wanted to watch her as I fucked the ever loving shit out of her. I never bothered to respond to her statement but pushed hard on her back, pinning her to the counter. "Marc stop it!" She hissed quietly. "What do you think you are doing? Marc? Marc, no! Don't!

Don't!" She felt my penis graze her ass through the split in the towel, still held in place by her hand. I began to position my penis with my hand, trying to locate her opening, which wasn't easy in my beginner status. She was squirming like crazy and desperately trying to be quiet. She didn't want to get caught anymore than I did, the only difference was I wanted to fuck her more than I wanted not to get caught.


Pay dirt. Becky was looking at me with a look of panic, her eyes pleading me not to, her lip quivering when I found her opening. I wasted no time and mashed my dick at her, shoving her lips open to accept me and I dove right in. I saw her eye flutter and her shoulder shiver when I entered her vagina. She did want it, I knew she did, but she didn't want it like this.

It was a hard situation for her to render, as she was scared, but didn't want to miss out on the pleasure of the experience. I was amazed how much cooler she was than the first time. Her body had not prepped itself for copulation and I enjoyed feeling her heat up and more and more blood flowed to her reproductive organs. "Oh shit Marc. Oh Fuck!" She said in a terse whisper. "Marc, we don't have protection, please Marc, i will make it up to you later, ugh!

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I promise." She continued to pant, and I felt dominant, as I had only found my place, I hadn't even started to pump her yet. God the way her pussy clenched onto me, it was like a vice grip, and I loved it. I leaned forward and cupped Becky under her chin and forced her to look at me in the mirror.

I got close to her head and whispered, "You love to tease me you little tart, well this morning I get to take the memory of your sweet little pussy to work!" I pulled back and slammed back home quick, ramming her pelvis into the counter and conjuring a slight "eh!" out of Becky when I did.

God she was tight! I did another quick thrust and Becky whined again and dropped her grip on the towel and now both hands were on the counter, gripping.

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I loved watching the towel fall off her back. The constant tan from her shoulders to her feet. The line of her back, the curve of her hips, the jiggle of her ass cheeks when I pounded her with a thrust.

I began to kiss her shoulders and grabbed put a arm around her waist and got into a good coital rhythm. Becky's eyes were closed now as she just let the feeling of sex consume her, I could see by the way her head bobbed that she was lost in the fuck.

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She had been teasing me but in the end she was young as horny like I was, and she wasn't about to pass up a nice morning fuck. Every few thrusts one of her knees would bang into the cupboard below the sink. If anyone was near by our bedrooms we would be caught for sure, thank god our rooms were on top of the stairs. When Becky was finally opening her eyes again, I leaned in again, "I know you like my cock up in you, you little slut.

You tease and tease, but now you get what you have been pining for, hmm!!" I said the final word aggressively as I gave her my hardest thrust yet, picking her up onto her toes as my cock explored as deep into her as it could reach. "Fuck Marc. Oh god, we don't have much time!" "I will finish when I am god damn good and ready!" "Marc! Don't cum inside okay? Please? I don't want to worry about getting my period." She begged me in a hushed tone, starring at me, pleading with me in the mirror.

I looked down and grabbed her hips, I was already getting close and I wanted a good hard fuck to remember. I gripped hard and began to slam back and forth, faster and faster until my testicles were slapping up against her pussy where my cock was disappearing inside. I loved the sound of our bodies slapping together, and flipped on the bathroom fan to muffle the the noise a bit.

I also was mesmerized with the goo that was stringing from my genitals to hers. It wasn't my cum, so I wondered if it was hers. Speaking of which, my balls were starting to tingle, I was finally going to have a clear free cum inside my gorgeous little step sister, and I couldn't waitactually wanting to cum faster.

"Becky! Are you ready? We are gonna be late!" I heard my step mom holler from downstairs.

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Becky pulled the door open a bit. "Al-almost r-r-ready mom-mm!" Becky yelled back, trying to sound normal. I continued my pounding, watching Becky's breast flop around like crazy in the mirror, matching the crazy jiggle of her ass cheeks from the power of my thrusts.

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It was about a minute later when we heard. "Dammit Becky we need to go!" And we could hear her mom's steps coming up the stairs. Becky looked at me in the mirror with a look of horror and her hands went behind her trying to push me away. "Marc, Marc we have to stop!" She said as loud as she dared. Little did she know, when a man is that close, he is gonna finish.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned onto her and said into her ear. "Here is my cum baby, thank y-yuuuuuuu!" With that I snorted as my balls clenched and sent a torrid wave of cum up my shaft and into her waiting womb. Spurt after spurt as my penis clenched again and again over the next 10 seconds. I felt Becky's body spasming beneath me and knew she was experiencing an orgasm with me, together in love. I could hear the creak of the stairs, my step mother was almost to the top and then a few steps to the bathroom.

Even feeling that I had a little bit more cum to give I forced myself to push back from Becky and watched my cock bounce free of the lips between her hips. I was shiny from the slick of our juices and I saw a last little spurt of cum plop out onto Becky's ass cheek.

I stumbled to the toilet room and pulled the slider door closed, careful not to slam it and let her mom know I had just gone in. Becky in a rush, her face flushed, her clit engorged, and her womb full of my semen, bent over and grabbed the towel, pulling it around her just as her mother opened the door.

"Becky you aren't dressed yet!?!?!? Get in your room and throw something on, we are leaving in 3 minutes!" "Ok, ok." Becky said and went to her room. When I could tell her mother had gone, I crept out of the bathroom and stopped in front of Becky's door, a stain of cum on my sweat pants from our encounter. Becky was pulling on a tank top, pink to not match with her short blue skirt.

She saw me watching her and bent over to pick up the towel she had been wearing and stayed bent over for a minute, showing me the wet spot on her panties where my cum was leaking out of her.

She stood up, stepped into her platform wedge shoes and walked over to me.


She handed me the towel, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said, "You better hope to God I am not preggo, if I am, I will tell my Mom you raped me." With that she bounced down the stairs.

I watched her though my window and get into her mom's car in the driveway. It had been fast, hard, and great, and I couldn't wait for the next time.