Gay fucked til ass bleeds movies Blonde Michael enjoys smoke fucking

Gay fucked til ass bleeds movies Blonde Michael enjoys smoke fucking
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The following is a story I apparently wrote then never submitted. I probably wrote it in 2013. Critique it all you want, its old, I've moved past it, I'm submitting it so maybe someone will enjoy it. This story contains rape, so be warned. I don't condone it, but my imagination is fucked so. ******* My name is Martin. I am 24 years old and am currently attending college. I live with my aunt, uncle, and Amanda - their sexy 18 year old daughter.

I didn't want to at first but they let me stay here for cheaper rent than elsewhere so here I am. Amanda is a pretty 18 year old girl. She has long brown hair and nice tanned complexion. Her breasts are small B cups but her round bubble butt more than makes up for it. As a teen she has been experimenting with new friends, trends, and social experiences. Just last week she got drunk and her parents chewed her out on it.

The day had ended and diner was now cleaned up. My aunt and uncle decided to go to the movies as it had been a while.

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They put me in charge of the house and watching after Amanda. She went to watch tv while I retreated to 'my' bedroom. I quickly closed the door, which didn't close all the way, but paid it no attention. I dropped my pants and boxer-briefs and collapsed into my chair. It had been a while since I had had actual sex and I was horny as all hell. I pulled up several sites and began browsing. Tonight I was in the mood for Asian. After scrolling through several pages a video image of a young Chinese girl getting gang-banged intrigued me.

In the video a girl is pulled off a bus and dragged into a nearby warehouse. Nobody on the bus reacts. In the warehouse a gang of seven men bound her and proceed to tear into her clothes and rape her.

It got my 7" nice and hard. My cock was raging and close to cumming when a small shimmer caught my eye. Through the door, which was barely an inch open, I recognized Amanda's necklace.

She was standing in the doorway. I could make out one eye, which were intensely focused on my raging member. Perhaps a moral man would have stopped immediately and embarrassingly quit the session, I however did not have the highest morals. Being watched by the 18 year old teen pushed me into amazing highs.

My dick strained to its limit.


It was at this moment that my mind failed and my body took over. There was a fresh young pussy nearby and I HAD to get inside of it. Without hesitation I jumped up from my desk and strolled over to the door, my cock pointing out like a rigid divining rod. There was a squeal and scurry of feet in the hall as Amanda bolted. I tore through my door and down the hallway to her room. Without knocking I entered. Amanda shrieked at seeing me entirely naked, my throbbing 7" cock bouncing in the air.

"What exactly do you think you were doing?" I demanded. "Oh my god!.I.I was just.uh.oh my god." She stammered. Her eyes darted from my face and cock rapidly. "You invaded my privacy! I might just have to tell your parents." "No! Don't! I'm sorry. I.I.just." Amanda said sheepishly and turning red.

"Just what? Just curious?" I said demandingly. Amanda couldn't muster a response and just shifted nervously around on her bed trying desperately to break eye contact with my penis. "Curious about this?" I said grabbing my giant dick and shaking it at her menacingly. She only stared. "Have you ever even see one before?" "Yes.of course!" She replied timidly.

"So why so shy? this the biggest cock you've ever seen?" I asked pushing my luck. "Umm.well.yeah.its pretty big…I've seen bigger on the internet…" She trailed off.

"Well this is real and its right in front of you. Maybe you want to play with it?" "What? NO!


You're my cousin, gross! Get out or I'll.I'l." "You'll what? Scream? Nobody is home. Amanda, you are already very interested in it, you might as well learn a few things from me." "No, gross. I.I don't want to." She said weakly with a hint of doubt. "Well your eyes say otherwise." I said approaching her on the bed. She didn't move. "Have you ever been with a guy before?" "Yeah.a couple times." "Show me what you did then. Come on." I commanded. She didn't react so I reached out and pulled her hand over to my dick.

Instinctively she wrapped her fingers around my shaft and slowly began to pump. "So how does it feel?" "uhh. its big.and hot…and hard…" She replied timidly bringing her second hand into the action.

"Too tight! Hold it softer." I instructed.

"Now stroke my entire shaft. Don't be afraid of it." Amanda peered up at me innocently. "You're doing good. Its all about keeping a nice rhythm. Guys your age only get hard for a second before cumming, it takes skill and time to learn how to control a hard on." "My last boyfriend would have cum by now." She mentioned.

"Thats pretty premature. Most guys cum during a blowjob. How many have you given?" "I.uhh.maybe a few." "Do you think you did a good job?" "…they said it was fine.or that I was too rough…" "Hmm.

I bet you all those boys watched too many pornos and expected grade A sluts to be sucking their tiny dicks. Lets see if we can't help you out today. Open your mouth." Amanda looked shocked. I smiled and gently grabbed her head and guided it towards my dick. "Wha.wait.I." She stammered as I guided her head to my hard on. I mashed her face right into my dick on the first try, on the second she opened up and accepted it into her mouth.

"Good, now use your mouth, throat, and lungs, to suck on me. Not too hard either, were not blowing up balloons. Amanda glanced up at my face quizzically, almost asking for guidance. "Okay, bob up and down on my shaft, try to take as much of it in as possible. Use your tongue to lick." It was obviously one of of her first times. Most of it was too slow and repetitive even with proper instruction. Worst of all she would only get about halfway down my shaft before pulling all the way back.

It was time to show her something new. "Amanda, you're doing great, but I'm going to do something else now. Its called deepthroating. Basically you need to keep your mouth wide open while I put my dick all the way in. It gets pretty rough, so just stay strong. Most importantly, don't bite!" "Wait! Its too big, I've never had one this big!" Amanda looked up at me with fear in her eyes. I grinned and plunged into her pleading mouth. She gagged and struggled while I stood there. Just as she started to hit me was when I pulled out and let her catch her breath.

She was gasping and coughing hard. Tears had started to form in the corner of her eyes. A sliver of consciousness said to stop but my instincts said to fuck. And they were stronger. "Okay, here we go." I said as I grabbed two clumps of her long brown hair and dragged her head onto my dick. Slamming my dick down her throat caused her eyes to bulge crazily. Tears dropped onto the bed.

The sounds she made were what really drove me mad. The screaming, gasping, gagging, and choking. After roughly fucking her face for a few minutes I could feel myself getting close to climaxing, but I had other plans. I tossing her backwards onto the bed, she rolled over coughing up saliva and gasping for air. "Not bad. You just made it through your first face fuck. With a real dick too!" Amanda glared up at me. "You were too rough! I couldn't breath!" "I'm sorry about that.

You've just got a beautiful face and I lost control." Amanda turned away embarrassed. "Next time you've gotta use your nose more. Most guys will also want to cum down your throat, so expect that too. Now how about we get a look at the whole package." "What?" She cringed knowing full well what.

"Take off your clothes." I instructed. " think I'm done." "I showed you how how to deal with a guy, but now I want to make sure you are getting pleasure from one too. Have you even been eaten out?" Amanda hesitated. "…no…" "Well then, you are in for a real treat.

Come on the, off with it." She slowly brought herself back to the action standing up and pulling on her shirt. Clumsily she brought it over her, revealing her cliched bright pink 'sexy' teen bra. It was clearly a cup size too big. After dropping her shirt, she grabbed her waistband and unbuttoned her pants.

Unceremoniously she struggled out of her jeans, leaving her bubble butt in a dark blue pair of frilly panties. She stopped there and faced me. "You have very nice titties." " Everybody says they're small." She said sheepishly. "Well I love small breasts, and so do loads of guys." "Really?" "Yeah. Now lets see those nipples, thats what really matters." I joked. Amanda smiled and unhooked herself. Rigidly she let the bra slide off and with her arms locked like a soldier.

Her nipples were small, puffy and centered. "Beautiful. They're perfect sizes for you boobs." As I reached out and pinched her left nipple, she let out a large sigh. "Damn. How inexperienced are you?

Have you gone all the way with a guy?" I asked astonished at her sensitivity. "Umm.I have." "What have you done then?" "I've fooled around. Handjobs and a couple blowjobs. I've let a couple guys finger me." She trailed off.

"Okay, a green horn eh? I'll show you how a guy is supposed to do you then." "umm.I don't know.this feels wrong?." She nervously shied away.

"Maybe it is, but in a minute you won't care." I said rather viciously.

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Moving quickly I threw her down on the bed again and climbed up onto her legs. I hooked and ripped her panties down quickly. The tightest, cutest, cunt laid before my eyes. A small patch of hair crowned it neatly. "Holy shit." I whispered. "Do you shave down here or are you a late bloomer?" "I.I friends tell me to do it." "I love it. Now let me show you how a guy is supposed to treat a sexy girl like you." With that I moved my face right into her crotch.

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The smell was intoxicating. Young, fresh, unadulterated pussy. I went to work with my tongue, spreading her virgin lips. She twitched and placed her hands on my head.

I continued to explore her hole. Every sensation was new and intense for her. Every cranny I explored, every wall I pushed, especially her clit. Whenever I ran over it her body would jerk and arch. I had her right were I wanted. Suddenly I stopped and jumped up to get into her face.

"What do you want!? Tell me!" I yelled. "I.I want to cum!" She pleaded back. I smiled and fell back into her dripping cunt. It only took a few seconds more, before her whole body spasmed and I had to grab her legs to keep from kicking me.

Wave after wave rushed over her before slowly she relaxed. Amanda was breathing heavily. "You liked that huh? I told you you would learn something." I said stretching my mouth and licking my lips.

Amanda nodded hazily. With barely a breather, I climbed back up onto the bed, this time over Amanda. She stared at me as I came over her. Suddenly there was a realization and fear in her eyes. "No. Wait. No!" She said starting to struggle. I clasped down on her spread arms and used my legs to keep her spread open. "Do you still have your hymen?" "Please don't! This is wrong!." She pleaded. "Wrong? You really do need lessons. Your sucked my dick, I ate your pussy, now its time for sex.

Thats what happens." "NO!" She screamed out as I lined my throbbing head into her moist lips. "Amanda, I am going to fuck you. You can learn to enjoy it, or you can be miserable the whole time. I'll go slowly at first.

You are so fucking beautiful." With that I slid through hew lips and began to penetrate her. It was so tight I worried I might really rip her but I continued anyway.

"Nooo! Stop! STOP!" Amanda screamed out in pain and began crying.

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I caressed her face and wiped away her tears but she turned away from me. I was halfway in with no obstructions. "How'd you loose your hymen if your a virgin?" I grunted as I continued deeper.

She didn't respond so I yelled it again at her face. "I.(sob).I broke it playing with myself." She replied angrily through tears. "Naughty girl. Whadya use? Was it big as me?" I laughed and pushed in deeper causing her to squirm and fight more. "YOUR TOO BIG! IT HURTS! STOP!" She screamed at my face. "I'm gonna be the biggest dick you've ever had.

I'm going to break your pussy open and make it loose for other guys. Look at you! Imagine if you were with some guy, crying your ass out, scaring him off.

How embarrassing." Amanda didn't reply but turned away. She was still sobbing but stopped screaming. I pushed in one more inch before hitting some resistance.

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Amanda felt it too and looked at me fearfully. "That must be your womb and I still have at least an inch to go. But I'll leave that for now. Just try and relax." I said caressing her face and pulling out slowly.

God, she was so tight it actually hurt my dick a bit. I also decided to release her arms which she sprang up to push against me to no avail. Just as I was about to pull out I slid back in and started a slow rhythmic fucking.

Amanda started to cry again. Looking down I watched as my dick would slid in then almost pull her insides out and I pulled back out. The sight made me hornier and I started to go faster. "Slow! Slow down!" Amanda pushed harder on my shoulders. "Can't, its how it goes." I said grunting as I pushed and pulled through her crushingly small pussy. After only a few more minutes I noticed a change in Amanda. There was still an expression of pain on her face, but her crying had stopped.

Her breathing had also increased and she relaxed at pushing me away. "See.

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Your pussy is relaxing and getting used to it now." I gritted. Suddenly she stretched out and clawed at my eyes. "OW, YOU FUCKING BITCH!" I grabbed her arms and restrained them. "SO YOU WANT THE ROUGH STUFF!" I yelled angry and in pain.

"FUCK YOU. STOP RAPING ME!" She screamed back. "I have been gentle enough with you, but fuck it. I'm going to show you how I fuck whores.

I am going to tear your pussy apart!" I yelled. With my whole body I plunged deep into Amanda. I felt a small tear and knew I was inside her womb. The expression on her face was full of pain, bulging eyes and a wide shocked mouth. Her scream was the highest shrill I had ever heard. I moved in and kissed her deeply to keep her quiet. She continue to scream into my mouth as I mercilessly fucked her.

I loved it. "If you keep screaming like that, your gonna pass out." I tried yelling over her. She continued like a wild banshee. I was rapidly pumping in and out of her. It was getting easier. Looking down I noticed a little blood mixing with our juices. I pulled all the way out with a small plop. Her pussy sat wide open. Quickly, while she caught her breath, I dragged her around so she was on her side next to me.

Roughly I reentered her and received new volley of screaming and thrashing. I placed her in a head lock and hammered as quickly as I could.

Even the burning pain in my own dick had subsided. It was just a solid piece of meat pumping in and out of her now. With my focus intense on keeping rhythm it took me a moment to realize her screaming had stopped.

Rolling her head over I discovered that my headlock and her screaming must have caused her to pass out. She really was too inexperienced for such a rough fucking. My throbbing cock thought otherwise and only intensified. My muscles were beginning to ache so I pulled out and stretched. Amanda's cunt was bright red, bleeding, and gaping wide open.

I pulled her up and arranged her with her face down and ass up in the air. "This will wake you." I muttered before plunging deep into her. Into only took a couple pumps before she woke up wailing and clawing to escape.

I pushed her back down onto the bed and continued on my conquest. "You've got to try and not pass out dear. Imagine if you were with some shady creep. You'd wake up in a dungeon with your asshole torn open." I laughed at the thought. Amanda cried hysterically while I impaled her womb. It took almost forever, but I could feel my cock finally getting close. I pumped harder and faster to Amanda's dismay. She thrashed and cursed wildly. Finally, I knew it was time.

I quickly pulled out and flipped her over onto her back. I barely had time to get up to her face before exploding. Cum splattered right onto her face, splashing all over.

Wave after wave came out striking her eyes, nose, and mouth coating her in my nice sticky cum. I fell over on the bed spent. Both of us laid there gasping and recuperating. Amanda's breathes were interlaced with soft short weeps. "You just survived a brutal rape Amanda." I wheezed. "I pounded you to oblivion, really opened up that pussy.


Every guy should slide in now. Lets get you cleaned up" I rolled over and pulled her up by her arms. She put no effort into following or moving. I had to carry her to the bathroom while she limply remained in shock. "Don't worry, feeling in your legs will return in a few minutes and your pussy will heal in the next few days. Think of your pussy like a new pair of shoes, I just stretched it out for you." I smiled. Without much help from Amanda I proceeded to bath her and wash the cum off her face.

Her pussy was super sensitive and she recoiled when I went to clean it. I dried her off and brought her to bed where she promptly passed out. "That night went much differently than expected." I whispered.

"Now, I just need to keep her quiet about the whole thing."