Enche meu cuzinho com leitinho mmmm

Enche meu cuzinho com leitinho  mmmm
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DESIRE.better known as agony.Love is soft and hard at the same time. Like water, It is soothing and refreshing, But who can withstand the raging flood. I arrive home late, Marina is in bed asleep. She was so hot she slept in the nude. I turn a low light on and pull back the covers. She is on her stomach with her right knee bent and leg pulled up.

I have a nice view of her shaved pussy.


My cock starts getting hard as I lick my finger and reach out to caress it around her pussy lips.She wiggles a little in her sleep as I pull back and strip my clothes off. I carefully climb in bed so I don't wake her.not yet. I move up behind her and move her hair back then softly kiss her neck as I reach around and find her clit and very lightly, teasingly rub it until it starts to swell.I slowly move my finger down to her pussy lips and tenderly spread them.I dip my finger into her hot wetness and spread it around her pussy.

She moans, she is still asleep, she starts to rock her pelvis back and forth.

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I raise myself up and pull her over to her back. I bend her knees and spread her legs, opening her to me. I stare at her pussy lips glistening with the juice of her desire. I move myself between her legs and breathe in her aroma. Reaching up with my left hand I fondle her breasts, pulling her nipples while my right hand is pressing down on her thigh, making sure her pussy stays open to me.

I hungrily lower my face to her wetness and suck on her clit. I get so aroused as more juices start to seep out of her pussy; I know if she was awake she would love this.she wouldn't want me to stop. She starts to breathe harder causing me to suck her clit harder and faster. I tug at it with my teeth. It is this sensation that brings her fully awake and as she realizes what is happening, she reaches down to stop me but I pin her arms across her chest effectively holding her down while I continue feasting on her trembling pussy.

I'm sucking and licking her harder and faster now as her excitement builds. Her hips start rocking as her self consciousness fades as her greedy, hot desire takes over. At this sign of her arousal from her, I release her arms and slide my hand down so I can rub her clit while I tongue fuck her cunt.

Her hands are tangled in my hair, holding my face to her pussy. Just as she is about to explode I chuckle against her opening and move away, effectively withholding her climax from her. I move up her body, dragging my hard cock against her skin, leaving my own trail of wetness along her body. I grab her tits and greedily suckle a nipple while pinching the other one.

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She is holding my head to her tit and she can't speak to tell me how good it feels because her mind can't form any thoughts right now; She can only focus on what I'm doing to her.

She wants, needs to taste me, to have that monster cock filling her mouth.

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She pushes on my strong broad shoulders and I roll over to my back so she can love me. My cock is standing straight up, so hard and proud. There is a single glistening drop of precum right on the tip.

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She grasps my swollen balls gently and massage them lovingly. She grasps the shaft of my cock and I'm so engorged her hand barely closes around my thickness. She gives my shaft a squeeze as she leans forward to lick my wetness from my cock head, being careful so that only the tip of her tongue touches me.

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She savors the hot, salty fluid that is all me. At the feather light touch of her tongue, my cock jumps in her hand. She leans down and licks my cock from the base of my shaft up to the tip of my head and lets the tip of her tongue push into my opening just enough to make me buck my hips. I want more.She opens her mouth and relaxes her jaws and slowly, slowly sucks my cock into her hot mouth, further and further until my cock is in her throat and then she swallows, letting me feel her throat muscles squeeze me.

She backs off my cock slowly and squeezes the shaft as she pulls off my cock with a 'pop' sound. She let her hand squeeze me and pump it up and down a few times, twisting at the top. Then she leans back over and takes my cock head into her mouth and she suckles just the head, harder and harder until she feels my balls swell and she knows I'm about to cum, and she pulls back.

I pull her up over my body and she straddles my legs. I reach up and rub her pussy gently, spreading her juice all around the swollen lips. Her swollen clit is so sensitive as I reach out and give it a gentle tug and pinch, her pussy juice starts to run out over my fingers. Keeping my cock pressed up against me, she rubs her pussy up and down my length and she feels how badly I want her to let me in. Her pussy aches from all this teasing so she gives in.

She reaches down between us and places the head of my cock at her opening. She loves feeling my cock jump with need. She slowly lowers herself down.down.all the way until I'm deep inside her tightness as far as I can go and she starts to rock back and forth, grinding on me, rubbing her clit on me at the same time my cock is fucking her.back and forth.back and forth. We are breathing heavy and moaning as our hearts are beating so fast.

I move my hands from her tits and grab her hips and force her up and down on my cock harder and faster.I love watching her tits bounce. She lifts herself off and turns around and rides my cock backwards so I can grab her ass as we fuck.

She leans forward as she is riding me so I can watch my cock slide in and out of her pussy.


I turn her back around while keeping my cock buried in her and grab her tits so hard. She is bouncing on my big cock.up and down, around in a circle, rocking on my cock. I'm so hard and hot and she can feel me throbbing inside of her and she can't hold on anymore. Her cunt aches to come and she does, all she can feel is the spasms of her release as my cock continues to fill her.

I roughly, urgently lift her off and flip her over to her stomach, pulling her ass back towards me. I push her upper body down to the bed so her hips are up, giving me complete access to her pussy and ass. I bend down and cover her wet throbbing pussy with my mouth, using my thick tongue to lap up her juices at the same time I insert a finger into her ass, causing another explosion in her cunt.

I get back up and slam my cock into her pussy over and over, harder each time.

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I pinch her ass cheek and slap it and rub it as I fuck her like a little whore. She feels my cock swell even more and get even harder as I start to groan and frantically slam into her pussy. As I start to yell out, she feels jets of my hot cum shoot into her with such force it makes her cum again. I'm still hard, I whisper " Get on your hands and knees so I can mount you, Marina." Marina loves to be on the bottom with my weight on her back, it made her feel possessed and submissive.

Lowering myself down and forward my cock slides in deeper and deeper.

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She murmurs as she is filled again and my body warmth on her back. She moves a little, I push completely home, my hard nine inch cock slithers into her pussy, Marina gasps as my cock is sliding against her tender pussy walls causing friction. She feels my hot cock thrusting in and out of her pussy. She is dazed and still wanton, she opens her legs to allow more access as my knot forces it's way into her.

She fought for control of her body and as my cock pulses and fills her with cum, my knot pressing against her G spot. The combined feeling of hot cum, internal stimulation and me having mounted her, causes her to orgasm and clamp down on the invader.

Thrusting harder and harder I continue to pump load after load into her. Finally I collapse and we wait until my knot deflates and I slowly pull out of her. The cum dripped out of her, down her legs and on to the sheets.


" John, that was amazing," she smiled. " I think you will be fucking me more when I'm sleeping." She got up and got a towel to clean up the mess we had made.