Blond babes having sex while husband watches

Blond babes having sex while husband watches
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UNEXPECTED VISITOR PART SEVEN The barbeque was going well with about a dozen people, mostly men, now standing around chatting with others or starting to eat like Brett and my self. Jim and Mick returned to the picnic table with their meals and sat down where they had been before right opposite us. The swelling in the front of Mick's shorts had subsided somewhat by now and he just smiled at us both as he sat down.

Jim seemed to sense that we were either unsure about or uncomfortable with, what we had seen as they left the table a few minutes ago. I was a bit surprised when he said "I hope you guys don't mind, but Mick and I are a couple a gay couple. We are totally out and most people around here know and accept us." Brett and I both spoke at the same time "No, not at all". "It's quite ok with us" I said. Mick then said that he had seen us looking at him on the job site and noted our smile in return of his.

He also had a confession to make "I know this sounds bad, but last night I was riding my bike around the park fairly late and when I passed your cabin.

I stopped near the bedroom window as I thought I heard some noise. I couldn't help hearing the sounds of pleasure that you two were making. I tell you, it got me very excited." "Please don't feel embarrassed." Well, Brett and I were dumbfounded and we both went very red in the face.

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"I don't know what to say." I ventured. "I didn't think about such a possibility." "You are quite right though. What you heard was the sounds of our joint pleasure." I went on. "But we are not what you would class as a 'gay couple'. Maybe later we will explain what is going on between us." With that, we all got on with our meal in relative silence. By the time we had finished eating, the feeling of embarrassment had eased and we all felt more at ease. Jim broke the ice by suggesting that we go for a walk around the park to work off the food we had eaten then maybe go for a dip in the pool a bit later.

The evening was certainly warm and sounded like a good plan. As we walked, we chatted about various things. We learned that Jim and Mick had met about 2 years ago at the time Jim was working on another building job. He was talking to the caravan park owner about how he could be sending some contractors to stay at the park while in town working on his jobs.

It was at that time that the owner, Steve, had asked Jim to look out for any jobs going as his son Mick who was looking for work, maybe in the house painting trade. Mick gained some experience when they bought the park as there was a lot of paint work to be done and he, along with his parents, had repainted the insides of most of the cabins themselves. Mick seemed to have a talent in this area of work. Anyway, Jim was introduced to Mick and it wasn't long before Jim had found him a job with a painter that he used quite often.

That was also the time when they 'discovered' each other. Mick was twenty and openly gay but not effeminate. In fact, he was very straight acting and seemed to get along well with most people.

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Jim had felt a strong attraction towards Mick as he was also gay and also straight acting but he didn't know about Mick at the time. One day, on a job site, Jim went to a communal toilet for a piss and saw Mick there also. They were standing next to each other when Jim noticed that Mick had a good sized semi hard-on as he was trying to piss.

Mick saw Jim looking at his huge cock which made it get fully hard. There was no one else about then and Mick gave his cock a nice stroke and smiled at Jim who was now also sporting a boner.


They stood there each stroking their hard dicks. It was possible to hear if anyone was entering the toilet as it had a noisy metal door. Jim reached over with his right hand and wrapped it around the shaft of Mick's monster cock. It was so hot and smooth and although un-circumcised, the foreskin was pulled well back revealing a perfect, reddish head.

There was the first sign of pre-cum oozing from the tip. The shaft was thick and straight and seemed to be at least 8 maybe 9 inches in length, perhaps more.


Mick had pulled his fly down low enough to lift his heavy ball sack out, so everything was visible. Mick reached across and took hold of Jim's 7 1/2 inch boner and ran his fingers up to the tip and back down again. Jim trembled at the touch to his circumcised rod and was very soon close to blowing a big load as his own pre-cum was making the sensation even better.

Mick's fingers rolled around the slippery head as his own orgasm was building strongly due to the work of Jim's magic touch. The thrill of this first encounter was intense and within only a couple of minutes both men were shooting their loads of creamy juice into the urinals.

They looked at each other, both short of breath and smiled as they cleaned up quickly and prepared to leave. Before they left, Jim made time to wrap his arms around Mick and hug him warmly. They arranged to meet after work and plan there next meeting. After this story was related to Brett and me, we were both sporting strong erections that were crying out for attention. It was a fine warm evening and a nearly full moon as we were getting to the end of our walk around the caravan park.

With the added light from the park lights, we were unable to risk doing anything about our 'stiff problems' for the moment. When we did get back to the barbecue area, we found that everyone seemed to have finished eating and were sitting around at either the park's picnic tables or the edge of the swimming pool.

Mick suggested that we go into the community games room to have a game or two of snooker. Brett and I looked at each other and knew that we really felt like doing "something else".

Jim picked up on this and said quietly to me that he knew what was on our minds. "But," he said with a wink and a smile, "hold on for a while and we can go for a swim together as most of the others will have left." So we all tried to concentrate on the snooker for about an hour.

Then Jim went to the door and looked around. He came back and said that the coast was clear except for one couple in the pool. "We don't have to worry about them" he said. "It's just a friend of mine and his 'Shemale '." "You're kidding" I said. No, it's true. You will see for yourself when we go down there." This certainly was becoming an interesting night.

So we all headed down to the pool with the plan of skinny dipping.

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I asked Mick about the lights and his parents. He said "It's ok. I will turn the pool lights off and Mum and Dad are away for the night."This was all becoming quite amazing and as soon as we got to the pool.

Mick turned off the lights. The moon was mostly hidden by the trees so there was only just enough light to see by. Jim and Mick wasted no time in stripping off and bombing into the pool. Brett was a bit reluctant about stripping naked out here in the open.

This was something else he had never done before. However, when I took my shirt and shorts off and slid into the water, he plucked up the courage and did the same. The water was just at a nice temperature certainly not too cold. Brett jumped into the pool and succeeded in splashing us all with his bomb.

Meanwhile, Jim's friend and his "Shemale" were now preparing to join us.


The guy was about 30 and his 'friend' a bit younger. He/she stood on the edge of the pool and took her top off to reveal a really nice big pair of boobs. Next, the brief shorts were dropped and there it was for all to see. He/she also sported a very nice set of balls and a good sized penis which was semi erect. The legs were shapely and looked very smooth. He/she walked down the steps into the water and swam to her boyfriend who was now also naked.

They seemed quite friendly and certainly not self conscious. We were all fairly close to each other and Jim introduced us to his friend, Tom and his 'friend' Terry (or Terrie) I was never sure how it was spelt. They were here on holiday "for about the third time" Tom said. They liked coming here because they never felt awkward or threatened in any way.

I noticed that Brett was almost gaping at terry's big tits.

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He said afterwards that you would never know she had a dick as well without having actually seen it. He was quite captivated by this new experience. We all just swam and moved around in the water for a while as we chatted to each other. I was still feeling quite randy after hearing Jim and Mick's story. The water had cooled me off a little but when suddenly I felt someone come up behind me and I knew it wasn't Brett because I could see him talking to Jim - I stood transfixed for a moment as I felt a pair of hands slip over my shoulders and down to the top of my chest.

Then there was a head on my shoulder. I turned to look and it was Mick. He was looking at me in a way that told me he was very horny.

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The next thing I felt was something hard pushing at the back of my thighs and then sliding between them. I instantly knew what it was and looked down to see the head of Mick's cock sliding out from underneath my balls. The feeling was unreal and I thought 'my god, that thing must be over 10 inches'. I reached down and touched the tip of his dick and the whole thing between my legs pulsed strongly and pushed even further forward.

By now I could feel Mick's belly against my ass cheeks. He placed his right hand over mine and closed my fingers around the swollen head of his monster cock.

With his other hand, he reached around and took hold of my now raging hard-on and squeezed it gently. This was all happening in a corner of the pool where we were standing in water about up to our belly buttons. The feeling was like nothing I had experienced before. This was something new for me. Mick was slowly but firmly fucking the space between my legs. The head of his rock hard cock was stroking me between my asshole and my balls backwards and forwards over my perineum as we stood there.

As he was doing this, he was gently jerking me off under the water. After only a couple of minutes, I whispered to Mick, "Man…I will cum in a moment. What about the pool water?" He whispered back, "Don't worry about it. The filter will take care of it and I will be cleaning it in the morning." So I thought, 'well ok, let's go for it.' And so, the rhythm continued for the next couple of minutes until it all became too much for me. Suddenly I reached the point of no return and my whole body tensed up as the joint affect of Mick's underwater wonders worked.

The stroking between my legs and the stroking of my cock by his hand caused me the most amazing orgasm I can remember. As I blasted a stream of cum into the water, Mick did the same thing.

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Our twin loads swirled about in the water, twisting into each other and catching what little light there was shining into the water. It looked both awesome and a bit disgusting considering that it was a swimming pool.

We slowly disengaged from each other and lay back against the edge of the pool filling our lungs with air as we recovered from our panting.

Meanwhile, across the pool from us, I noticed that Jim and Brett were standing very close face to face. Something was going on under the water over there too. There was no way I was going to interrupt that. So, Mick and I stayed where we were, perving on them.

Brett told me later that he and Jim were just playing with each other and really edging up to the point of blowing then backing off. They were just enjoying the feel of each other and teasing each other. Brett had said to Jim that he didn't want to upset Mick by getting off with him. Jim said that he didn't have to worry about that as theirs was an open relationship but he appreciated Brett's consideration.

Jim had mentioned this to me earlier so I didn't feel bad with the event as it unfolded for me and Mick. By now time had advanced somewhat and we all agreed that we had better call it a night.

So, wet and spent, I pulled on my shorts as Brett did the same. In a few moments we were back in our cabin and heading for the shower together. Poor Brett was in real need of relief and as I was pretty much spent, I got him off in no time by gently washing and massaging him all over with the warm soapy water.

Brett sleepily told me again that I have magic hands as we dried off and fell into bed.


I said quietly to Brett that I hoped he wasn't upset at my experience with Mick and he said, "Not at all Dan, ours is not a relationship in the true sense of the word. That is not what either of us wants anyway. It is something different and maybe more special than that. After all, you're married and I think of us just as good buddies." As we fell asleep cuddled up in spoon position, I thought again how lucky I was to have Brett in my life.