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Sexy Redheaded MILF Oozes Sex
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K's Viewpoint: "Is this it?" "Yup. This is it." "it's smaller than I expected it to be." "Well size isn't everything you know." ".Can I?" You reached out your hand hesitantly, your fingers a mere inch from the round knob. S smiled indulgently and nodded once. You grasped it slowly, looking up into his eyes.

Your fingers tightened as his smile grew wider. "Ready?" "Ready." You twisted slowly and opened the door to yours and S's new house. The harsh sunlight flooded into the dark room, illuminating boxes and furniture hastily pushed against the walls in preparation for your reception.

Suddenly you was scooped up and found yourself in S's arms with a squeal of surprise and indignation. "Hey! Wh-what are you doing?" You were carried quickly across the threshold of the house as S kicked the door closed behind him, shutting out the light and leaving you both in absolute darkness.

Or not? There was a soft glow coming from around the corner. Your heart beat and rapidly in your chest. Your breath sounded unnaturally loud as you wrapped your arms around S's shoulders. "Well, I had to carry you through the doorway. After all. We are married now." Your cheeks flooded with color as you blushed deeply at his words.

You could feel the ring on your left hand, almost as if it were weighing you down. You tightened her grip, saying nothing as S strode purposefully down the hallway and through the doorway to your new room. Your new SHARED room. The source of the light were dozens upon dozens of candle everywhere; Some sitting upon the desk, others on the bedside table. Half of them seemed to be in proper holders, the other half in clear cars, making the light sparkle slightly. And the bed! It was made nicely and there were tons of rose petals scattered across it.

"You're so fucking corny, S," You whispered almost inaudibly. "You don't like it?" S walked into the room, nudging the door closed behind yourselves. ".I never said that." Your face felt hotter than it'd ever been before. You felt S brush his lips across your cheeks, and your skin felt even hotter where his lips had touched.

S walked up to the bed and sat you down gently. And then he bent down briefly and handed you the best thing of all: A new Maki plushy! You hugged it tight to your chest, looking up at S through your lashes.Jesus, he's so tall!You thought to yourself. Your eyes slid down to right below his belt for a moment, and you shut your eyes tight, staring down as you hugged the plushy tighter.

"I tried the best I could to make you like it. Sorry if it's pretty typical." You shook your head quickly, looking up at him again. "I. I love it, S," you whispered again. "Nobody has ever done anything like this for. Thank you." S smiled hugely and leaned down, kissing your forehead lightly.


You raised your head quickly and pressed your lips against his. He kissed you deeply, caressing your cheek softly, causing your heartbeat to flutter dangerously fast. You pushed him away quickly.

"Something wrong, my Luv?" He asked, using his pet name for you. You shook your head again. "N-no. I just. I wanted to thank you." You reached out and grabbed his knees, pulling his closer to you. He chuckled softly as your inexperienced fingers fumbled at his best, pulling it open after a moment of frustration.

You unzipped his pants, tugging them down slowly. You bit your bottom lip as you saw his bulge.Always ready to go, I see.

You looked up at caught his gaze with your own as you tugged his boxers down as well. Your eyes traveled down and widened as you saw S's hard cock, curving downward and slightly to your right.

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You were still kinda scared of it. Especially it being close up like this. Your hands reached out, almost as if on their own, and touched it lightly, causing it to jump. You wrapped your fingers around you, stroking it slowly, hearing his breathing quicken. You smiled, savoring the tiny triumph of being able to turn him on.

"K. Oh God." S groaned your name in a soft tone. You looked up at caught his gaze once more, leaning forward and using the tip of your tongue to lick slowly up the bottom of his hot shaft, all the way to the tip.

You tasted his pre, ignoring the slightly bitter taste. You slowly sucked the huge head into your mouth, feeling your lips stretched wide around it. His quick intake of breath, followed by his smile caused you to quicken your suction, pulling more of his shaft into your mouth in your excitement. You felt his knees pressing against your breasts softly. His smile widened as you took more in.

The excitement of sucking his cock and the look of pure bliss on his face as you pleasured him made you wet instantly. You sucked hard as you could, trying to keep as much in your mouth as you could. You stealthily moved the plushy between your legs and rubbing it against your clothed slit, grinding your hips as you bobbed your head slowly. You felt S's hand grab your hair, making you even more excited as he took control. You moved your head faster at his urging, humping against poor Maki as you did.

Then came his deep voice again, causing shivers to run down your spine. "K. I want more!" You pulled your mouth off his dick, nipping the tip slightly as you did so. "K, I need you. So badly." You reaches forward and caressed his heavy balls in your hand gently, causing him to close his eyes and groan softly again.

"You mean. Like this?" he shook his head slowly. You grinned suddenly, spreading your legs apart, Maki dropping unnoticed to the ground. "You mean. Here then?" S's Viewpoint: I smiled, looking down at K as she spread her legs apart, her plush dropping to the ground and rolling away.

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I twitched my mast as I felt her hand tighten gently around my balls. I move my hand up to press her hand harder to my heavy sack, stepping forward so my saliva soaked tip presses back against her lips.

She smiles and licks my head gently, causing me to shudder deliciously.

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"My turn to return the favor now." Suddenly I reached down and pushed her shoulders gently, causing her to gasp in shock as she fell back onto the bed. I quickly kicked off my shoes and pants, kneeling between her open legs and kissing her belly. I see when she pulls her hands across her chest, tensing up when my lips touch her bare skin.

I use this time to unbutton her shorts, slowly sliding them down her shapely legs. This causes her to kick off her sandals and hug herself in embarrassment. ".Are you thinking about it, my Luv?" I ask her teasingly. "Th-think about what?" "This." I kiss her panties gently, licking up her covered slit quickly. I can hear her gasp loudly, her legs closing suddenly on my head.That makes me so hot!I think silently to herself as I continually lick her panties.

I smile lasciviously, pulling her panties to the side and licking her bare lips directly. K gasps above me, closing her thighs tighter around my head. Suddenly she pushes me away, crossing her legs quickly. ".Can we do this later, S? I'm still sweaty and tired from earlier." Though I'm disappointed, I smile understandingly and quickly sit beside her, wrapping my arms around her shoulder comfortingly.

"Of course, my Luv. Anything for you." My smile grows even more genuine as she cuddles into my embrace, sniffing at my shirt slightly. "Thank you for Maki. I really love her!" Somehow she had gathered the plushy into her arms again, and the doll was hugged by both sides, between the two of us.

"Yeah, I know you do, K. I love making you happy and spoiling you. Because you deserve it!" I whispered softly as I hugged her even tighter, kissing her cheek lightly. "Are you okay, my Luv?" You nod at my words, hugging the plush closer to yourself. "You know. You can tell me anything. I won't be mad." You shake your head slowly. "I'm not upset. It's just a lot to take in. I mean." You sniffled slightly.

"I mean, I only graduated 6 months ago, so I still miss my friends. And I miss being social at school. And my parents. Are still mad that we're together." You sniffle again. And you won all that money, and bought this house for me and. It's all just so surreal.

And I don't. Fell like I deserve it.

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or that I'm worth it." You start crying slightly, and I quickly wipe your tears away and press my forehead against yours. You hasten to explain. "I'm not unhappy. I just feel so overwhelmed! And. And I'm happy that someone loves me. And wants me." You look up at me and kiss me gently on my lips, climbing into my lap sidesaddle, wrapping your arms around my shoulders.

"Thank you, S. I'm so happy that we're together!" You laugh, cheeks still wet with tears. "I just never thought I'd be here. And I just don't know what to do or how to feel.


It's all so confusing." You were repeating yourself now, but I smiles and kissed you deeper. "Shut up, Silly.

I'm happy to give you anything you want or need." I smiled against your lips before pulling back slightly. "On that note! I have another surprise for you! Wait here." I quickly sat you back on the bed and pulled up my pants, striding purposefully from the room. I came back a couple minutes later with a small box in my hands, setting it on the bed, smiling hugely.

"This is what ties us together in the house now. Open it up!" I sad on the bed beside you as you opened the box frowning.

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Once the lid was off, your frown changed into excitement. Because in the box say a tiny black fur ball with eyes, staring up at you. "Ohmigod it's so cute!" You squeal excitedly. You quickly scoop the tiny fluff ball into your arms and nuzzle it happily. "What would you like to name her?" I ask laughing at your reaction.

The puppy licks the cheek, nibbling at your chin, causing you to giggle. You fall back with the puppy, cuddling with her. I smile again as you ignore my question. This is what I lived for. Seeing that happy expression on your face. This made me truly happy. I snapped a picture of you playing with the puppy on my phone and sent the text to my mother. I've finally found my place. It's right here, with K Hedge. Making her smile. THE END