Bitchy teen girl shows off her excellent penis riding skills

Bitchy teen girl shows off her excellent penis riding skills
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My name is Jack. I'm a 16 year old teenager living in the great city of Orange County (California). Though I may say different to my friends, I am still a virgin sadly.

I only have one sibling, a bratty stepsister, named Catherine. My dad and mom divorced when I was seven, and I live with my mom and stepfather. I was sitting on our couch, my parents and sister away for a few hours. I was flipping threw the channels, when I landed on the Playboy channel. I watched a girl get her pussy fucked, and I wished I was that guy.

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My 8-inch cock slowly let itself grow, watching the porn. It was rock hard when I took it from it's eclastic prison. It was automatically up, and I slowly slid my hand over it. I stroked it slowly, then more vigorous. I could feel the cum rising, and it spewed out all over my hand, and on my stomach.

"How does it do that?" I heard a voice say. I looked over my side, to see my step-sister standing in to doorway, watching me. "Shit," I muttered, and turned off the TV. "How does it do that?" she repeated. She was a year younger than me, and it was clear that she'd never seen a cock before.

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"How long have you been there?" "A minute or so. It's alright. I know that guys do it." "Can you.umm.turn away?" "Alright, alright." she said, and turned the other way. I put my dick back in my pants. She turned back, and I asked her, "Please, don't tell mom or dad about this!!" "I'm not gonna tell them, don't worry." "Thanks.

I'm gonna go take a swim, clean myself off," I said, taking off my shirt. I headed out the sliding door, and dived into our pool. I thought about her face, and her body, and I slowly got hard again.

I shook my head, she was my sister. The next few days were the same, I did my chores, and Catherine ignored me, per usual. I was in bed that night, thinking about my girlfriend Caroline.

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I had been kissing her, and I had slipped my hand up her shirt, feeling her breast. She had tensed a little, but hadn't done anything about it.


I kissed her neck, and played with her nipple, and she'd groaned and moaned. I had slid my hand up her skirt, when she told me that her parents might be home soon, and that I should probably go. Thinking of this memory made me hard again, and I slid my hand down my pants, touching my cock. It was late at night, and everyone was asleep, so I took it out of my boxers.

"You just can't keep that thing inside your pants can you?" I heard Catherine say from the doorway of my room. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking Catherine?!" I said angrily. "Now leave!!" She didn't leave, but stayed in the doorway, staring at my penis. "Well, actually I came in here to talk to you.

About.the incident a few days ago." My expression softened.


"Well, come in then." I began putting my dick back in my pants, when she told me to stop. "Huh?" I asked, dumbfounded. "Can you do what you were doing a few days ago? I wanna see it again." She continued to stare at my dick. "OK." I slowly ran my hand up my already-hard dick. I could already feel the pleasure in it. Yet, it was more than usual.

I slowly began at the shaft, and worked upwards, until I reached the head, and began massaging it slowly. I was nearing climax in a shorter amount of time then usual, and I could feel the cum building up.

"Unnnn.Ughhhhh." I moaned with pleasure. "Jesus I'm gonna cum!!" No sooner had I said that, sperm erupted from my cock, spewing all over my stomach. "Wow." Catherine said sheeplessly. My flaccid penis fell limp to my side.

In my state of ecstacy, I said, "Catherine." unknowingly. She got up from the side of her bed, and said, "I've.I'm gonna" and she bolted from my room.

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I was unaware that she was gone for a moment, until I realized what I had did. "Oh, fuck!!" I quickly pulled my underwear into its proper place, and ran to Catherine's room, to find her door closed. I thought I could hear sobs, and I said, "Catherine!!

I'm sorry!!" I bolted into the room, and I saw her moving her hand over her pussy, it entrapped in her white cotton panties. What I had mistaken for sobs were really her panting and moaning.

Instinct took over and I walked next to her. She glanced in my direction and she began to rub faster. I took my cock out of my pants, and started massaging it unconsciously. I couldn't contain my cum for much longer, and it exploded onto her. At the same time, she stopped rubbing, and her body spasmed. I suddenly came back to reality and realized what I had done. I walked out of her room, and slipped into my bed.

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I was worried that I had done something wrong, and that she might hate me for doing it. ********* The next day was horrible. Catherine didn't talk to me at all. She barely threw a look at me. I went to bed that night, disgusted at myself.

I heard my door open, as soon as I had gotten in. I already knew who it was. "Catherine?" "Yeah it's me." "Listen, I'm so very sorry. I shouldn't have done that.I hope that we can still be friends." She did something I didn't expect.

She smiled. "Are you kidding me?? That was so cool!!" "Really?!" "Yeah.then you.sprayed it on me.and it was even cooler." " you want." "want to what?" "want to give it a try?" She seemed thrilled by the idea. Thank god the parents were away. She slowly undid my underwear, and my cock slipped out, already throbbing. "Wow.its so huge! How do it?" "Like this." I grabbed her hand, and made her hands wrap around the shaft.

She mimiced my movements, going up and down. She began fast, something I didn't do. Then she slowed down, but then sped up again. I started moaning with pleasure, loving the sensation of her hand on my dick.

My balls grumbled, ready to shoot there cum. "Ughhhhh.god I'm gonna shoot this load." After hearing this, she began to go faster. I reached the brink of orgasm, and shot my cum at her. It slowly rolled down her hand. "That felt.twenty times.better than when I do it." I managed to gasp out. She was ecstatic about it.

I finally asked her, "Do you want to do it again?" She was already reaching for it. ------ hope you liked it