Lesbian Power pussies fucking hardcore

Lesbian Power pussies fucking hardcore
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It was a cold, rainy Friday morning. I was at work already, driving to my first pickup. You see, I work for a company that picks up donated goods from peoples homes & business, something like The Salvation Army & Goodwill, however, I work for neither. Anyways it was about 7am when I reached my first stop, and I sluggishly got out of the truck and grabbed the items.

Fast forward a few hours, roughly around 9am. I arrived at an address and I did not see anything placed outside for us to grab and go. I parked the truck and got out to go knock on the door. I look up and see a woman place 2 bags outside her storm door before slamming it shut. I was roughly 10 feet away about to hand her a Tax Deduction receipt.

I was stunned, nothing like that had ever happened to me. I was about mutter a few words some might find as disrespectful until something caught my eye. In one of the bags was lingerie. A hot pink bra & a few others.

I loaded the bags into the truck and went back to the door and rang the bell. It felt like forever before she opened the door. "My God", I said to myself. She was beautiful, her soft-looking brown hair pulled up in a ponytail, wearing a t-shirt and sweat pants. I could see she had a decent sized bust. "Yes?", she said in an annoyed voice, "Good Morning, sorry to bother you, however here is your receipt", I said and handed her the piece of paper.

She reached out and took it, and I noticed she was wearing a wedding ring & band. "Well ma'am, I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable by picking up what you donated", I said and started to turn around to leave.


"Wait, what do you mean by that?", she asked. "Well, I couldn't help but notice your lingerie in one of the bags", I answered turning bright red. I felt the urge to stare at her bust, and so I did. "They must be perky as fuck", I thought, "They look lovely, I wish I could suck on them right now" I continued thinking.

I began to imagine doing so and felt a hard on coming. ". problem. sir?" I heard her say and snapped back to reality. "ermm, sorry I didn't hear what you just said, I wasn't paying attention" I muttered. Shit! I must look like a fucking idiot right now! "I was saying that it wasn't a problem, I just didn't feel fit to talk to someone right now", She repeated herself to me.

"Why," I asked, "You look sexy as hell", I slipped up, not censoring my words. "Excuse me!?" She exclaimed. She must be really pissed now. "Well, I didn't mean to say that out loud ma'am.

But it's true." I said back to her - her face wasn't an angry one but damn she looked young. "How old are you if I may ask?", I asked "How about you come inside out of the rain for a few minutes and we can discuss a few things," She said abruptly.

We went inside and I took my wet boots off so I didn't get her floors wet & muddy. I called dispatch and told them I was going to take my break now. I only get 30 minutes of break time. She told me to sit on the couch and that she'd be right back.

She came back with 2 cups of what smelled like delicious coffee and some pastry. She offered me to take some as she placed one of the cups in front of me. She then sat down next to me surprisingly. "So, you want to be a prick huh?" She scoffed at me. I took a good look at her, seizing her looks up, I guestimated that she had a C cup chest, and her ass was full and round in her sweats, perfectly shaped. Her face, I cannot describe, she was like an angel, fuckin perfect, so perfect a man couldn't have asked for anything better.

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"Well," I said, "do you want me to be honest with you? Like brutally honest with you?" I asked. "Yes, please" she answered with a smile. "First, what is your name?" I asked, "Stephanie", she replied "Well Stephanie, I thought you were a fucking asshole for slamming the door on me," I said, watching her smile disappear, "But, seeing you now, as you sit here, I would love to fuck the shit out of you" I finished off.

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I took a sip of the coffee, it was just perfect, light & sweet - my favorite! Before she could speak, I added: "Where is your husband? He is one lucky motherfucker to have you as a wife!" I said.

"First, I'm married, I would never cheat, and secondly, my husband is at work." She answered. "Clearly." I snorted. She slapped my face, it stung but damn it felt good.

I felt my cock jerk to life and looked for something to cover it before it was too noticeable. Too late, she saw the bulge. "Shit!

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Shit! Shit!," I thought to myself, "I'm going to get arrested for sexual harassment!" She grabbed my bulge and started stroking it. Our eyes met, and I saw the look of lust in her eyes, the look that begs you to fuck them into submission. I could see her nipples getting hard and I hesitated, then said fuck it.

I started touching her breasts on top of her shirt and she let out a soft moan. She then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants "So you won't cheat huh?" I said softly before locking her lips on mine for a long kiss. Her only response was to pull my cock out into the open.


She had a look of shock on her face when she looked down to see what she was getting into. "Oh my god, you are fucking huge!" She exclaimed, "Not really," I said, "I think it's pretty small". Her hand couldn't close around my shaft but that didn't mean anything. she was a small woman. She has small hands. "You're definitely bigger than my husband" She said as she put my cock into her mouth and started to suck.

"Damn!," I exclaimed, "you suck like a pro!" She continued to suck my cock, stroking the base as it didn't fit in her mouth. I was tempted to thrust upwards and make her deepthroat it, but I was nicer than that. "Try and take the whole thing baby", I said as I groaned. She took it deeper in her mouth and I could feel my tip hit the back of her throat.

I thrust up slowly as I pushed her head down. I could feel her gag around my cock, I pushed harder. She took the whole damn thing! I must be down her throat!

She pushed back and coughed and continued stroking my cock, the strands of her saliva hanging between my cock and her mouth. Damn that's fucking hot. She took my back in her mouth. I slid my hand between her legs and felt the wetness thru her sweats.

"Damn baby, you're fuckin soaking" I said. She nodded yes, never missing a beat while sucking me. I pushed her off me and pulled her shirt off. She had on the sexiest lace bra I ever saw. A Victoria's Secret wine colored bra with a design that looked like angels wings. It hugged her luscious looking breasts perfectly. I began to unhook it but she stopped me. "Un Uh," She said, "your turn." She pulled off my shirt & undershirt at the same time, uncovering my chest full of hair.

"Mmmm," she moaned as she ran her fingers thru it, "sexy. a man with a chest full of hair." She paused & pulled her sweats off to reveal a matching thong. I yanked it down quickly before she could stop me and exposed her womanhood. Beautiful, clit hard protruding from her pussy lips. I pushed her onto her back and spread her legs and started to eat her out. "Oooooh!" She gasped and moaned, pleasure running thru her small body. I kept licking & sucking on her clit until she let out one big loud moan and started to orgasm.

I could taste her sweet cum as it leaked out of her.

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I lapped it up not wanting to miss a drop. It tasted so fucking good. "Fuck me" she whispered and bit her lip, giving me the look that no man could resist.

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She took her bra off to reveal the perkiest tits I've ever seen. I was right. They were a 34C. I got eye level with her, kissed her passionately as I started to push my cock into her tight pussy. "Slowly," she exclaimed.

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I jammed it right into her, her pussy wrapped around my cock tightly, oh god does this feel good. I took her nipple into my mouth and started to suck on it "Unhhhhhhh!" She screamed and held me back. After a few minutes, she grabbed me and started to make the thrusting motions.

I took over and started to fuck her like I hadn't had sex in years. I pounded her like a bull. She came all over my cock.

She pushed me off and started sucking her juices off of my cock. Then she grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her & her husband's bed. She got on the bed in the doggystyle position. Shit, I didn't need any prodding! I mounted her and thrust into her pussy. I grabbed her small hips and started to destroy her. a few moments later my cock slipped out of her extremely wet pussy & jammed right into her ass.

She jumped & screamed. I pulled her hair and told her to relax so she could adjust, I fucked her ass for a few moments while she played with her clit. She started to shake, almost like a seizure. She moaned loudly and started to squirt all over my legs & on the bed. "Damn!" I said loudly, "I didn't know you were a squirter!" "Neither did I." She said weakly.

She laid down on her back and spread her legs. "Fuck my pussy please, I want you to cum for me" She said in a soft voice. She must be tired I thought, weak from the accidental ass invasion I just gave her. I just took her ass virginity. I slid into her pussy and started to fuck her as I played with her tits. I started off slowly and gradually went faster and harder.

Soon I felt my balls start to tighten, and before long I felt myself about to cum. "Fuck! I'm gonna cum baby!" I groaned. "Good! Cum inside me!" She responded. I continued to thrust until I could no longer hold back, I let loose what felt like a storm of cum, I shot rope after rope of cum, plastering her womb with my warm cum. I must have shot at least 10 ropes of cum before I felt my orgasm dwindling down.

"mmmmmmmmm" she moaned all the while I was cumming. I thrust the last few drops out and slowly pulled out. My cum gushed out of her pink gaping pussy. I couldn't stop staring. It was so hot. I felt my cock hardening again. She noticed my erection and was shocked. But didn't say a word. Just grabbed my shaft and started to suck & stroke.

After a few minutes, I felt myself getting ready to cum. "I'm gonna cum again baby!" And I let loose into her mouth as she played with my balls.

I dumped another 4 ropes of cum down her throat and she swallowed it all. I laid down and she went to the bathroom to clean up. A minute later I got up and joined her in the bathroom. "I'm not on the pill" she said as she wiped my cum off her legs. "Well shit, you're fucked then" I said. "If I do, I'll just say it's my husbands." She laughed. I kissed her again and smiled at her. I grabbed my clothes and checked my phone. Missed calls from dispatch! SHIT!!! I'm so fucked I thought.

I called them and reported that I was on my way to the next pickups. She entered her number into my phone and I went on my way feeling great! I continued my day thinking about her.

I finished my route and went home. That night I texted her "Good night sexy" and got a "GN handsome ;) :*" as a response. We still keep in touch to this day. We hang out regularly (on my days off) and chat late into the night. As of today, Stephanie is 5 months pregnant with my child. For me, I plan on being there as a father and being very active in the child's life every day. I may miss a few things due to the awkward situation, however, Stephanie is seeking a divorce, after which she will be moving in with me so hat we can be together as a couple.

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*Authors Note: This is a true story, and as I enjoy reading sex stories, I thought I'd share this with the community. Stephanie is NOT her real name, it has been changed due to privacy reasons* Thank you for reading! ENJOY!!