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Amatoriale ita brutal anal gangbang
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Ok so I will get this out of the way this is my first story posted here I wrote this story a few years ago and posted it on it got mixed reviews. That aside I am working on the second part and will post it if I get good reviews. Because of douchbags posting on stories trying to get laid and what not I will not allow comments.

If you like this you can give a + vote, I will post the second part when I finish it. But depending on the reviews will decide if I try to post another part. Please constructive criticism only and grammar and spelling critics I am sorry this isnt better but at this moment I am three sheets into the wind, that is when I get my best thoughts and can write without my ocd's kicking in and making it where I cant write anything. So now I say enjoy /tips hat and raises drink.

Oh btw I did correct some spelling issues and wording issues but I know I didn't get them all. Why Did She Hate Me He drove towards home he replayed the events over and over in his head. Trying to find fault in his actions and coming up empty.

He only wanted to protect her but it seemed that just enraged her even more, he gave his thoughts a mental shake and prepared him self for the next few weeks of being home.

It had been four years since he had left his childhood home. The next few weeks were going to be hell. Slowly he pulled into the drive way of his parent's house. A nice two story that looked to have recently been repainted, the porch had an old rocking chair that a creaked when you sit in it.

James opened the door on his beat up old truck the squeaking it made reminded him of the chair. James picked up his duffle bag and lugged it up to the house. He had managed to stay away for 4 years and now his best efforts couldn't keep him from having to come home. The thought of facing her was almost too much he just wanted to get back in his truck and go back to his apartment.

As he shut his door he shuddered not from the cold weather that seemed to be content on dumping snow on the ground. The snow storm having followed him seemed to be laughing at him wanting him to stay at his parent's house. The interstate had closed due to the storm. James shut his door at he saw the door to his parent's house open and his mom and rush out to greet him. As they closed the distance he saw that his mom had tears of joy and a relived look on her face and his dad was all smiles.

James forced a smile trying to hide the fact that this is the last place I wanted to be. His mom closed in to give him a hug he realized how long he had been gone he didn't remember towering over her. At 5"10 185 lbs he was the perfect picture of a college football player. His mom being 5"5 and 95 lbs looked just the same as she did the day he had left. His dad closer to height looked to have put on a few pounds. James made a mental note that he would have to crack a few jokes at his dad's expense.

As James embraced his mom his new habit got him in trouble. "I see you haven't changed much in the past 4 years Grace. Frank you seem to have enjoyed her cooking a lot more since I left." Grace looked up at her son with a scow on her face "James call me mom why did you ever start using our first names I never understood that." She fussed at him but didn't care he was home after four long years. "Sorry mom it's a habit I picked up at my job and it's hard to break." "Well you better break it right now mister if we have to listen to you calling us Frank and Grace for two weeks I swear that I just might have to contact your boss and give him a peace of my mind." James shuddered he hadn't been at home for more than 3 minuets and he was already being scolded like he was a little boy again.

James smiled and remembered that was how his mother was. As his mom released him from her embrace it was his dads turn to give him a fatherly hug. Not as long and with a few claps on his back. James was impressed even though Frank seemed to have put on a few more pounds he was as strong as he remembered. "We were worried about you the news said the interstate had been closed due to the number of accidents have been happing.

We hoped that you were ok and not one of those poor people stuck due to the snow." "No everything went fine the storm followed me. I stayed ahead of most of the snow." As Grace ushered him inside Frank followed behind, as they approached the door he saw her in the doorway.

Her face was almost unchanged since the last four years that he saw her. Her red hair cascaded off her shoulders; her face was a blank mask except a hint of a smile he wasn't sure why.

The last time he saw her she was so angry at him at he had stayed away from her for 4 years. He shuddered mentally at the thought of there last fight. As he walked to the door she just turned around and walked in the house without a word to him.

It seems she was still upset with him.

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He only hoped that she could wait till mom and dad were gone at work before she chose to pick a fight with him. As James turned to get his bag from his dad, frank told him to go try out some of mom's special rum cookies that he would take the bag to his room. James not wanting to get into another scolding just followed the directions. As James turned to the kitchen he saw her sitting in what was his favorite chair when he was there.

She had a smile on her face now but it wasn't directed at him. James entered the kitchen seeing that dinner was still being cooked. Grace offered him everything from rum cookies to home made peanut caramel crunch.

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James asked his mom if she had any eggnog and she said that there hadn't been time to pick it up that they would go tomorrow to get the ingredients for it. James wanting to eat more but decided that he couldn't have too many sweets or he would look like his father and would require him to have to spend more of his fleeting time at the gym. As it was being a senior in college he had tried to show that he wasn't a dumb jock riding out a foot ball scholarship and had taken as many extra courses as possible.

So what time wasn't spent practicing he had his nose buried in books. Finally his coach approached him worried about his performance on the field. When James explained the coach smiled and told him that he understood James way of thinking and encouraged James to not be afraid to ask for help from his professors that when he had approached them about grades they were all impressed with his commitment to his school work off the field.

What James didn't tell the coach was that he had a reason he was taking those extra curses was to prove a point to his cousin. Of course James couldn't admit that to himself he just held to that he didn't want to look like some dumb jock. As James entered the living room Frank came down and told him that his bag was sitting on his bed. Just then Grace entered the living room and announced that dinner was still atleast an hour away so she suggested that James unpack.

As James headed to go up the stairs to his room Frank told him that once he was unpacked and settled in to come out to the garage he wanted to show him some of the new improvements. Absently James said he would be there as soon as he unpacked. As James ascended the stairs he unconsciousnessley held his breath. After he reached the top of the stairs he realized that his lungs starting to tingle with the need of air.

Slowly he exhaled and continued to his room. He walked in and saw that things were the same as when he left the posters of his sports idols on the wall. As he looked at the floor he saw that his rug was never straightened.

He started to get tears in his eyes as the memory came flooding back. He was 18 and had graduated top 10 in his class. He was awarded a football scholarship to a university and had just finished packing to head to college and get checked in.

It was a 4 hour drive. He wanted to show up early to find his dorm that he was assigned to and then to get his class schedule. As he did a last check around his room James picked up the duffle bags and walked out of his room heading down stairs, when he reached the living room he remembered that he had left something he couldn't remember what it was now.

As James climbed the stairs he heard a muffled squeal coming from his cousin's room. He stopped dead in his tracks trying to make sure he did actually hear something. Due to a misfortune and just pain bad luck his cousin had lost her parents in a car crash.

When Grace heard of her sister's death she offered instantly to take her daughter in. Rachael was only 12 years old at the time of her parent's death and James was 14. James saw her as the sister that he wanted and Rachael saw him as a big brother. And like most they fought and made up like most kids while growing up James was protective of Rachael and Rachael just like most little girls seemed enjoy having her big brother look after her.

But soon the friendship became strained, James always was secretly attracted to Rachael but he knew nothing could come of them. He kept a respectful distance from her when she had brought home her first boyfriend. James didn't like the kid personally and didn't understand why Rachael did. Eventually James had a talk with the kid and soon after he had dumped Rachael.

At age 13 that started the tear in the friendship between the two of them. That fight lead to others and others, James hearing the squeal again coming from the other side of her door was worried.

He was supposed to leave to go to school but he was worried what was happing in his cousin's room. But he didn't want to barge in to her room to find that nothing was wrong. As he sit there for a moment trying to decide what to do he heard the voice of one of the high schools junior football players in her room. James breathe stopped dead he held his breath trying to place a name with the voice he just heard.

But James didn't have to wait but a few seconds before Rachael answered the question for him. "Rickey what are you doing, I told you I don't want to go that far please stop." At that point James lost it his vision started to turn red.

His hands clenched to make fist over and over again. He walked the short distance to Rachael's door and threw it open seeing Ricky on top of his cousin kissing her neck while trying to remove his pants at the same time. She was under him trying to push him off of her, her pants on the floor and her shirt in a wrinkled heap in the floor.

Rickey so caught up with trying to get his pants off didn't even hear her door being thrown open. James practically leaped to the bed covering the short distance in 2 strides. He grabbed Rickey by the hair on the back of his head and yanked him off of Rachael.

Rachael had a terrified look on her face that soon turned to shock. As she watched her older cousin pick up her would be lover by the throat and carried him out of her room. As James got to the stairwell he had to restrain himself to keep from throwing Rickey down the stairs.

As James carried Rickey by his throat down the stairs James started telling Rickey that his football life was over. And those if he even heard his name mentioned by his parents saying that Rachael was dateing him that he would be back and cut his dick and balls off and ram them down his throat. As James reached the door Rickey's face was turning a deep purple and his pants still down around his ankles just wanted to get the hell out of there.

James had a reputation about defending his cousin which he considered his little sister. And from what Rickey was seeing he knew the reputation was right. James threw open the door and tossed Rickey as hard as he could out the door onto the porch.

Rickey not waiting around to see what James might do got up and took off pulling his pants up and yelling at Rachael that it was through between them. Rickey heard the last and final word from James telling him not to comeback. James turned around and slammed the door. His cousin was at the base of the stairs just looking at him. She hadn't put on her pants or shirt she had followed them downstairs watching her cousin throw the boy she thought she wanted out of her life for good.

Rachael started crying and crying hard she wants upset by Rickey's persistence at trying to get into her pants hell she was planning on letting him in the next couple of days but she was so angry at her cousin all she could do was cry. "What the hell do you think you were doing?

Do you know what he dose to the girls he fucks? I can tell you he calls them a day or two later he puts them on speaker phone and tells them how he loved how they fucked but that he doesn't feel like its going anywhere and dumps them with the whole football team there listing. And as soon as he finishes they all laugh at her so she knows what has happened.

Do you want that to happen to you?" Rachael sit there and let him continue and let his verbal punishment fuel her rage. Finally she exploded she stormed up the stars with James hot on her tracks still yelling at her.

She didn't hear anything now all she knew was that she wanted him gone out of her life forever. At the top of the stairs she headed to the bathroom which was across from his room as he continued to follow her yelling she finally snapped. She turned on him with a look hate and anger that stopped his mouth dead in its tracks. The look in her eyes said it all to him she hated him and then she started yelling back at him telling him that she could have handled her self with Rickey that she felt something for him and then the big dumb jock James had to scare him away.

Her face transformed with a look that he had never seen before, one that scared him. "James I want you to get out of fucking life and never comeback. I know the only reason your going to college is because of your football scholarship and that if it wasn't for that you would be home. I don't even know why your university is going to take another big dumb jock like you. Just another scholarship that could have gone to someone that would actually study and work for it wasted on someone that only cares about the size of his muscles.

And don't think I don't know that's the truth I have heard mom and dad talking thanking god for this scholarship hoping that you don't blow it. Personally I think you should just stay home and let them accept someone that deserves it." With that he thought she was done but she had one more thing planned for him she looked him in the eye and yelled get out of my life and then slapped him. He recognized the look as one of finality one that she meant every word that she had said with 100% of her being.

So shocked was he that when she slapped him the stumbled back and slipped on his rug he kept at the entrance of his room. She turned went into the bathroom and slammed the door. James was crushed his cousin who he loved more than his life hated him and wanted him out of her life.

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And from what she said his parents didn't have a lot of faith in him as well. At that moment James made a mental vow he would show her he wasn't just some big dumb jock.

And that he wouldn't comeback unless he had to. He would stay out of her life and let her do whatever she wanted. James blinked a few times brought back to the present; he felt a few tears roll down his cheeks. He wiped them away; he had hoped he wouldn't remember everything his cousin had told him.

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But he did, he remembered how he left he didn't bye to his mom or dad and his entire 4 hour drive he cried most of the way. But hat was in the past, James just hoped the past wouldn't repeat it's self. As James finished unpacking he remembered that he told his dad he would go out to the garage.

As James descended the stairs he noticed that Rachel wasn't in his chair. She was most likely helping mom in the kitchen. As James headed for the door that lead to the garage he heard his dad out there swearing like a sailor he couldn't make out most of it but something about stumping his toe on the bench he didn't remember leaving there.

James got a big smile on his face as he walked out the door. "So I see not only are you starting to put on a few pounds but now you're starting to lose your memory." James smiled at the jab he had just sent to his dad and was sure it wouldn't be the last. Frank frowned as he looked at his son shaking his head and mumbling something about damn kids under his breath. "Just wait son I might not remember putting this bench here but I know where I can put it if you keep it up.

You might be a college football player but I can still take you any day of the week and don't you forget it either, or do I have to prove it again like last time you decided to give me a jab." "That was no fair I was only 15 at the time and you cheated I remember it I was doing pretty good till Rachael started tickling me." Frank stopped for a moment chucking at the memory "she could always sneak up on you and get you like that and all you could do was laugh." "So pops I see you got the garage insulated and heated like you always talked about.

I also see that you put in a new work bench, and is that a new welder I see?" As James got closer to his dad he started to inspect the work bench his dad had put in.

At one end however looked to have a small extension about the size of a light switch when James taped it he heard it was hollow. With a questioning glance at his father "dad whats this compartment you have here in the bench." "Noticed it did you well that didn't take you long. I added that in specifically for this reason." Frank reached up and ran one of his fingers down the center of the compartment. Noticing the exposed bottom of the compartment moving James saw something small drop into franks palm.

Frank brought the object from under the bench and held it out in his palm for James to take. James carefully picked up the object he now recognized as a jewelers box. With a questioning glance at his father in which Frank nodded James opened the box. As James opened the box he was astonished to see a diamond ring.

Not just any diamond ring this ring had a golden band it had a set of 4 diamonds. Two small diamonds set between two larger diamonds. The ring its self must have cost atleast $5000 if not more. "It's the ring your mother wanted when I proposed to her. At the time we couldn't afford it hell we could barely afford the single diamond ring I got her. It's taken me 6 years to save up for this ring. Baring the weather making it possible to go to work tomorrow we will have our annual Christmas party at work and I plan on asking her to marry me again to renew our vows.

It's been 20 years since the day we said I do. And I have never forgotten the look in your moms eyes when I gave her the ring I bought she was overjoyed but also a bit sad. The diamonds in the ring have a double meaning. The two big diamonds represent your mom and me and the smaller ones you and Rachael even though she isn't our daughter we think of her as one.

Now you need to keep quite about this I haven't told anyone about it especially that sister of yours if she was to find out then it won't stay a surprise." Won't be hard there James thought we haven't spoken in four years and it's not like that's going to change anytime soon.

James closed the little black box and handed it back to his father who returned it to its hiding spot. Just as Frank had closed the hidden compartment the garage door opened and Rachel stuck her head in telling them they had about 10 minuets till dinner was done. Frank said they would be right in as he started to push his son to the garage door.

James had a sneaking suspicion that something was going on but no one wanted to tell him just yet, but instead of trying to get his dad to tell him what was going on he just decided that he would let it be revealed when it was. James entered the kitchen and found that the table was still setup as he remembered with his mom and dad on one side and Rachael and himself on the other.

James moved his chair down a bit more to keep a healthy distance away from his cousin. They said grace and dished out the dinner that his mom had been cooking for a most of the day. Rachael would occasionally look over at him but was silent through most of the meal.

Most of the conversation came from Grace and Frank updating James on what was going on around town and with their jobs. As dinner was finish James started to clear the table and his mom told him to sit back down that she would get the dishes and asked Rachael to help.

When Grace collected all the plates from the table Rachel passed out smaller desert plates and Grace went to the icebox and pulled out the desert. As James and Frank was talking about football Grace brought the desert to the table. Grace sit at the table having placed the desert in the center where the ham had just been James noticed that it was his favorite. A pineapple upside down cake covered with pineapples on the top and a cherry in the center of each pineapple slice.

Just as James looked up at his mom to voice that this looked delicious he noticed that Rachael was standing behind Grace. James also noticed that her face had changed no longer did it have that small smirk or a small smile. Her facial features had a small hint of fear in them, James also noticed that to his discomfort that she was staring at him intendedley.

As Grace cut into the cake and cut a slice for every one James wondered why Rachael was still behind Grace. As James took his first fork full he thought he could see Rachael hold her breath, after he chewed and swallowed then he delivered his verdict that this was the best cake he has had in over four years.

"Well son I wish I could take credit for it but Rachael here slaved over that cake all day, obsessed over making it perfect.

I have never seen anyone place such care in making a cake but your right it's even better than mine." James spoke he saw Rachael features relax and she looked more relieved and then she went back to her normal that he had seen since he had arrived. A small smile on her face as she walked around the table and sit down and started to eat some of the cake as well. James decided that since his mom and now apparently his cousin made this meal they would get to rest while Frank and he washed the dishes.

James got a look of pain from his father when he voiced his opinion and his mom and cousin agreed. As he started the hot water in the sink. He gave his dad the job of drying the dishes they had just finished putting the last dish away. When both women entered the kitchen to review the work they had just finished.

Grace voiced her approval to Rachael and added that Frank should help in the kitchen more often instead of hiding out in the garage when dishes need to be done. Frank just chuckled and admitted "what can I say she's got my number." Now the dishes were done they all retired out to the living room Rachael taking James's chair and Frank and Grace on the couch James elected to sit in the chair opposite of Rachael.

There was some more small talk and jabs handed around. James sit and listened and watched Rachael out of the corner of his eye. The night went one everyone soon decided that it as getting late. James stood and said that his four hour drive took more out of him than he realized decided it was time to hit the shower and then get some sleep.

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As he headed to the stairs he heard his mom and dad agree that it was late and they should get some sleep. He walked up he noticed that Rachael was still sitting in the living room and had turned on the TV. James walked into the bathroom and picked a towel out of the stack as well as a wash cloth.

While showering James replayed the events over in his head over and over. And he found himself fixating on Rachael. He hadn't seen her in four years and she had filled into her figure very nicely from what little he was able to see her breast had filled out as well as her hips. She didn't have the full body hourglass figure but it wasn't far from it. From the talk at dinner he knew she was in college and was impressed that she didn't gain the freshman 20.

He noticed that her pretty red hair was still as dark red as he remembered. And that her brown eyes seemed to be as hypnotic as he also remembered. He figured her for atleast a c-cup maybe a d-cup and had grown another inch or two. As he finished he turned the water off and picked up the towel as he started to wrap it around his waste he realized that he had an erection. This disturbed him greatly, after he left so long ago he questioned his feelings about Rachael.

Even though they couldn't be he wondered if he could still feel that way even after what she had done to him. Well now he had his answer, but he couldn't decide if it was lust or love that he felt for her.

James cracked the bathroom door to see if anyone was in the hallway he didn't want anyone to see the erection he had. Seeing no one he turned to turn off the light and when he turned around and opened the door he almost ran smack into Rachael. Shocked he jumped back as did she. He felt his face turning red over the embarrassment of being caught with a hardon. James apologized saying that he didn't see her there. Rachael quickly returned the apology saying that she didn't know he was still in the bathroom she saw the light was off and wanted to get her shower.

As James walked passed Rachael she said his name and he stopped and turned towards her. "Did you really like that desert or were you just saying that you liked it." "No Rach I really liked it, it was very good." Rachael slowly started to smile and told him thank you. In his rush to get to his room James didn't realize that his towel wasn't secured to his waste as well as it should have been then when he jumped back that just helped loosen the towel now that he had turned which caused the towel to loosen more he felt the knot give and his towel start to fall exposing himself in front of Rachael.

Reaching for the towel was fruitless. Now he did it, due to his haste and not tying the towel as tight as he should earned him being nude in front of his cousin, with his erection straining. Embarrassed he grabbed the towel and dove into his room shutting the door. As he walked over to his dresser he pulled out his sleeping shorts and shirt.

As he put them on he couldn't believe how stupid he was. Not only did he ruin his chance of talking to Rachael but she had seen him with pole at full mask. What next was his dad going to come in and tell him that he found James old play boys and hid them in his closet?


James turned off the top light in his room and reached for his desk lamp. As he turned it on he noticed something on his bed that wasn't there when he had unpacked. It looked to be an envelope as he walked over to his bed he picked it up with nothing written on the front as he turned it over to open it he noticed that it had a single peace of tape holding the flap down. As James opened the letter he laid down on his bed taking the letter with him. As he held it in his hands he began to read the letter.

Dear James I think we should talk about what happened four years ago. Rachael p.s. look at your door James looked up at his door to see that Rachael had snuck into his room without him realizing it. James immediately begin to get apprehensive. Since his return home he hadn't spoken a dozen words to her and she is now in his room. He had hoped that any interaction between the two of them would have occurred when Grace and Frank were nearby.

But now here she was he setup in bend and set on the edge he offered her a spot but Rachael gently shook her head. "James can we talk.

I would really want to talk about what happened the last time we saw each other. I know I was wrong I was hurt and that I had said something's that had hurt you, but 4 years. I don't think that I deserve that, and mom and dad practically having to beg you to tell them what was going on in your life they defiantly don't deserve that." James listened to his cousin talk he couldn't believe it. Here she was asking why he hadn't contacted her and why he had kept his parents at arms length. He had thought about this moment for four years.

What he would say what he would do? He was hoping it wouldn't have been tonight he really was tired from his drive not to mention the stress he felt all night. Well now was the time he was going to tell her everything. His feelings for her and about how he felt after the last fight they had he was going to let it all out in the open and if she wasn't ready to accept it or didn't accept it he would be leaving and going home at 6:00 in the morning.

James started to speak he realized that she wasn't at the door where he had last seen her in all his mental preparation he hadn't notice that she had taken the spot next to him that he had offered.

James turned to look at her he realized that his face was just inches from his and that made him feel very uncomfortable. James stood up and faced Rachael, looking into her eyes and she looking into his. "Do you know how I felt when I left four years ago. How I felt when the little cousin I loved like a sister yelled at me calling me a big dumb jock for trying to keep her from being known as the sophomore slut to the foot ball team, or how I felt when I was told that mom and dad were worried that I might screw my scholarship up because of my grades.

How about this one when I was being told I shouldn't take the scholarship that I should let someone take it that I wasn't worth the time and effort. Here was another one that was also my favorite why I had to endure the looks my dorm mate gave me because I wouldn't tell him why I had a hand print on my face.

I only wanted to protect you and you slapped me." "When we were growing up I didn't mind you hanging around because I loved you. I always wanted a baby sister and you were that sister to me." Rachael listened she understood how much she had hurt him.


But he said something that surprised her and he had said it twice he loved her. How did he love her was it what she was hoping it would be? Her vision started to get watery as she listened to how badly she had hurt him in her fit of anger.

She felt she could just barley understand how he felt when he left those long 4 years ago and how he had felt up until this point. "And what really hurt Rachael was the look on your face. I knew what it was and it hurt the most. It was a look of total finality that you were done with me for the rest of your life. So when you told me to get out of your life and stay out I did. I didn't want to hurt you anymore. I knew you were hurt when I threw Rickey out. He never came back did he?

Did he even tell you I called his coach and told him that he was trying to force him self on some sophomore? I didn't say any names the coach removed him from the team. He was tired of how Rickey treated the girls he was with and didn't like what it was doing to the other players." At this point Rachael started crying. She was crying for all she was worth.

James couldn't believe that he had made her cry he was just trying to let her know how he felt. Rachael stood up and started moving for the door, as she reached for the handle she left James hand grab her wrist, as she looked up at him James did something surprised her. James pulled her into a hug, which she eagerly accepted. As James hugged Rachael he stroked her hair and rubbed his hand up and down on her back and whispering that he loved her and that he was sorry that he made her cry that he just wanted her to know how he felt.

And then he said it again "Rachael I love you. That's why I have stayed out of your life. I didn't want to hurt you again. I have missed you. I just hope you love me as much as I love you. I only wanted the best for you.

Please forgive me for hurting you." Rachael stood there with her cousin he was hugging her and telling her that he loved her and she wanted to know how he loved her. As she struggled to get ahold of her self to slow her crying she felt so touched at even while trying to express how he felt that he cared about how she felt. All she wanted to do was stay in his arms and be close to him but if she didn't make her move now she never would be able to.

Rachael looked up at her cousin and looked into his eyes and then she made her move she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a kiss. James was shocked at this point when his cousin looked up at him and looked into his eyes he couldn't understand what he was seeing in her eyes.

And then he felt her hands grab the back of his head and pull him into a kiss. It wasn't a short sisterly kiss. It was a kiss that he had seen but never felt.

It was soft and tender and in that one kiss she had opened her heart to him. James was over whelmed his mind was trying to comprehend what was happing. When Rachael pulled back from the kiss James looked into her eyes what he saw was fear. She was sacred how he would respond to her kiss. As Rachael looked into James eyes her only thought was he said he loves me show me how you love me.

She felt James hand that was rubbing her back stop when she pulled him into the kiss. His hand was at the small of her back. As Rachael looked up into James eyes trying to decipher what he was thinking she felt his hand begin to move up she felt James arms pull her closer to him and his hand go to the back of her had as he pulled her into a kiss.

This kiss like the one she had given him was gentle and answered her question of how he loved her. She felt his lips begin to part and his tongue tentively touch the front of her hips. She instantly responded by opening her lips and allowing his tongue to enter her mouth.

As their tongues danced with each other she felt his other hand slide slowly down her body until it reached the small of her back hesitant to go any lower. When James pulled back from the kiss he looked into her eyes the fear was gone replaced buy the same look he saw at dinner.

He looked her right in the eyes "Rachael I love you, I love you more than a cousin, I love you more than a sister. I have fallen in love with you. Just as Rachael starts to open her mouth to respond a loud beeping blocked out her words. James startles awake soaking in sweat he looks over at his alarm clock the digital display shows it being 7:30 am. He shuts the alarm off and lies back in bed.

As he lays there he thinks about the dream he just had. He has had this same dream for the past month ever since his parents called and begged him to come home. It was four years ago that he left to go to college. He has barley spoken to them since he left and he hasn't spoken to his cousin at all since she slapped him and told him to get out of her life. He tried his damnest to do as she wished.

Now he is going back home for the next two weeks. Of course Rachael will be there and he will have to face her now. James sits up in his bed and turns so he is sitting at the edge with feet on the floor. He realized for the second time in his life that he loved his cousin he wanted to be with her he last words he said in his dream ringing in his head.

Rachael I love you, I love you more than a cousin, I love you more than a sister. I have fallen in love with you. James walks out the door of his bed room and headed to the kitchen to get himself a cup of coffee he wonders how Rachael will feel and if she will even speak to him.

Rachael opened her mouth to respond to James declaration of love a loud buzzing blocked out what she was trying to say. Rachael startled awake as she looks over at her alarm clock 7:30 she had to get ready to leave soon. She had asked mom to show her how to make pineapple upside down cake James's favorite desert.

She had a two hour drive. Rachael slowly climbs out of bed she feels a unexpected chill from the air she realizes she is covered in sweat. When Rachael called Grace and told her she would be home for Christmas last month Grace told her that James would be there this year. Ever since then she has had the same dream over and over. It ends with him declaring his love her. His words echoed over and over again in her head "Rachael I love you, I love you more than a cousin, I love you more than a sister.

I was and still am in love with you" Rachael reaching for the door knob knows when James will be getting to their parents house even though it was only a dream every detail of the dream seemed real. Even though they aren't her real parents she calls them mom and dad and considers them as her parents. As Rachael heads to the shower she recalls 4 years ago when she said those terrible words to James "James I want you to get out of fucking life and never comeback." It was only after he had left did she realize that she loved him, missed him, and needed him.

After he had left things changed she couldn't find a reason to be happy she ditched her friends as they only wanted to know how James was doing. After James left she thought about what had happened over and over again.

And realized that her love wasn't that of a cousin, or a sister it was that of someone that wanted to be his lover. Rachael starts to shower she started crying again only thing she could keep on her mind was that she loved him and she had told him to get out of her life. She finished her shower she forced a new thought into her head one she heard every night in her dream, but this time instead of just thinking of the words she says the words. "Rachael I love you, I love you more than a cousin, I love you more than a sister.

I was and still am in love with you." To Be Continued.