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Beauties dont know who is fucking them
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Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires Chapter Thirty-Two Ancient History Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: ff, Mf, f-mast, ncon, cream pie, hp, grope, magic, spank, unif, voy Hermione Granger was lying on her bed all alone with the Spellbook of Desires under her sheets.

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She had been reading through a few of the more wicked spells, including one which had something to do with the golden coins she had taken off Malfoy after she and Ginny had attacked him.

Before she could get halfway through the description however, an incredible urge to slip her fingers into her panties and rub her horny clit came over her. The urge was so strong, she couldn't tear off her panties quick enough in order to slam two of her fingers into her sopping wet hole. Hermione couldn't help but tear off the rest of her clothes moments later and stuff two additional fingers into her own pussy.

Just as she was ready to explode in orgasmic relief however, the door handle to her unlocked door twisted open and Ginny walked in looking extremely embarrassed. 'OHHH FUCK… GINNY!' Hermione screamed, pulling her fingers out of her wet hole and trying to cover herself up.

'What do you want?' she said with sweat dripping down her reddening face. 'Just the book you took from Harry and Ron… I need it for something' Ginny responded, looking a little embarrassed from walking in on Hermione in the middle of her pleasuring herself.

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'Here… Take it… Just get out of here!' Hermione shouted, also quite embarrassed at the situation as she picked up the leather-bound book from under her thin silk sheets and threw it to Ginny. Ginny tried to apologize, but before she could get two words out, Hermione had used her wand to slam the door in her face.

'That fucking slut… I was so fucking close!' she moaned, before running the tip of her fingers up and down her moist slit.

She played with herself for a few more minutes before she began to slam her fingers back into her pussy at full force. She even went as far as using her own wand to further stimulate her sensitive pussy by setting off mild vibrations deep within her clutching teen twat. 'Fuck… I need to cum so badly!' she moaned as her fingers were driven harder, deeper and faster into her pussy. Nothing she did however was enough to push her over the orgasmic threshold.

She knew the best way to cum was to have someone like Ron's hard pulsing shaft driven into her twat. As she fantasized about Ron driving his rod into her, a sudden euphoric sensation ran through her spine and made her tremble in relief as her juices ran through her body and out her convulsing pussy.

'AHHHH! YESSSSS!' she screamed, going through a massive orgasm which was so powerful it overpowered her senses and caused her to black out in the process. Hermione remained unconscious for the following two hours, completely naked, exposing her wet pussy to the rest of fourth year girls' dormitory. Unbeknownst to Hermione, two fourth year Gryffindor girls entered the dormitory while she slept. Parvarti and Lavender had entered unheeded and had seen Hermione splayed out on her bed naked, with her wand buried in her pussy and a smile plastered on her face.

So turned on by Hermione's seemingly lack of discretion, Lavender and Parvarti ran over to Parvarti's bed and started undressing each other. While Hermione slept soundly for two very long and restful hours, Parvarti and Lavender licked, fingered and grinded each other the entire time.

After multiple orgasms and an unforgettable couple of hours, both girls let out one last howl of ecstasy. 'UNGHHH… AHHHHH… GOD YESSS!' they screamed in unison, waking a sleeping Hermione up in the process. 'What the fuck is going on!' Hermione screamed after opening her eyes to see her two roommates grinding their wet pussies up against each other. 'You're one to talk Hermione, you're the biggest whore here… You're probably just mad we didn't invite you to join in!' Parvarti said smartly as Hermione jumped off her bed and threw on some clothes.

In too much of a hurry to care what she looked like, Hermione threw on a short skirt, and a small undershirt, forgoing any panties, before leaving the dormitory in a haze of anger. Fueled and blinded by both embarrassment and rage, Hermione ran over to the third year girls' dormitory and stormed into Ginny's bedroom without even knocking.

No one was home, but Hermione wasn't there to talk with Ginny. She was looking for the Spellbook of Desires and to her dismay; the book was wide open sitting on Ginny's bed. Ginny hadn't even taken the care of closing the book, meaning anyone could have walked in and looked at it. Luckily for Hermione however, the book looked undamaged and although she was pissed that Ginny had left the book out in the open, she was glad that she didn't have to look for it.

Hermione picked it up and the coins she had hidden in her room before she ran out of the room and out of the Gryffindor common room towards the library. Hermione had once tried to find a defense against some of the spells in the book, but after Malfoy had assaulted her, fucked her silly and proceeded to steal all the books she had gathered for her defense she had checked back.

Hermione hadn't felt the urge to look up any other defenses since that event, owing to the fact that she had started enjoying some of the spells found in the Spellbook of Desires herself. Hermione knew that there must be something more to the book than the spells found within and the only way to break the sexual control it was somehow exerting over herself and the rest of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was to do some research in the library. Hermione ran down to the library and into the near-empty room.

Hermione knew that the library was set to close in a few moments and she also knew that the only way to stay after hours was to hide at the back of the Restricted Section. As a fourth year, Hermione didn't have permission to go into the Restricted Section, but because she knew it was the only way to discover the mysteries behind the Spellbook of Desires, she broke the rules and quietly snuck into the forbidden section and into hiding.

After only ten minutes of waiting in the dark, Madam Pince shooed the last few stragglers from the library and blew out the lights before she also left. This left Hermione seemingly all alone, with hours upon hours of time to burn away looking for some kind of reference to the Spellbook of Desires. It took Hermione only a couple of hours before she struck gold and found a small reference to the book in one of the more recent volumes of a dark magic encyclopedia.

The entry read: The fabled Spellbook of Desires has only one known copy in existence. Reputed to be the work of one Salazar Slytherin, the Spellbook of Desires employs a number of extremely powerful spells, potions and charms of a sexual nature. Because the only known copy has never been officially found, there is no record of the book's spells, potions or charms, or the alleged curse the book carries!

'That's it, that's fucking weak!' Hermione screamed, now even more enraged. 'Well… I guess there's only one thing left to do then… Destroy this book and these goddamn coins!' she said to herself as she stood up and pointed the tip of her wand at the leather-bound book. 'INCEN---!' Hermione started, trying to produce Incendio curse to burn the book to ashes.

Unfortunately, she was interrupted halfway through by a blur of red light. A mysterious and hidden individual hit Hermione with a silent stunning spell; knocking the curly haired brunette out before she could destroy the Spellbook of Desires. Hermione hit the ground with a thud, with her skirt flipping up and exposing her perfect teen ass to the mysterious spell caster.

The attacker picked up the golden Galleons Hermione had been carrying with her, looked at them and got ready to cast a spell on them.

'Imperio Prostitutus!' the mysterious attacker said, pointing his wand at the golden coin with Hermione's initials and casting a perfect spell on the coin. The attacker obviously had a familiarity with the Spellbook of Desires; he didn't even need to open the book to cast the spell. He slowly leaned over Hermione's unconscious form and pressed the Galleon with the initials 'HG' up against the small of her back for a few seconds, leaving a small tattoo which quickly faded.

'Obliviate!' whispered the mysterious individual, wiping Hermione's memory clean of the last few hours. Hermione's attacker got onto his knees, picked up the Spellbook of Desires, used the Incendio spell to burn the book with the reference to the Spellbook of Desires to ashes, and left Hermione unconscious and exposed on the library floor, without the Spellbook of Desires, Malfoy's altered Galleons, or any idea why she had gone to the library after hours.

'Who's there!' shouted another voice from across the library after Hermione's attacker had left the library stealthily. Argus Filch rounded the corner of the Restricted Section seconds later, wheezing and coughing to find a young Hermione lying on the library floor, face down, with her tight ass completely exposed to him. Filch had been waiting outside the library doorway when the sound of Hermione's petit body hitting the floor and a silent scuffling noise alerted him to the situation.

Filch had been waiting at the library door for Madam Pince. He had agreed to meet her at the entrance at twelve midnight, but because he was so eager, he had showed up over an hour early. Ever since the Yule Ball, Filch and Madam Pince had been seeing each other regularly, and tonight Filch had been planning on taking her to the Three Broomsticks for drinks.

His plans however, were quickly forgotten when the light from his candle encompassed Hermione's tiny form and showed him the hottest thing he had every seen in his life. The light from his candle illuminated Hermione's perfect little ass and immediately, Filch felt a small twinge in his cock.

For years and years, Filch had long dreamt about using his authority and position to take advantage of some of the more beautiful and sexy teenage students, but every time he had considered it, he had quickly thought about the consequences and had given up on his fantasy.

Now however, the urge to violate the tight assed Hermione Granger overcame his better judgment and instead of trying to wake up the unconscious girl, he got onto his knees and placed his hand on her inner thigh. 'Mmmmmmm!' moaned Filch as his calloused hand ran up her inner thigh and towards her finely trimmed pussy.

Filch was even more excited when he felt the heat and wetness of Hermione's pubescent pussy. He continued by slowly sliding two of his long fingers into her slit. Hermione let out a low moan of appreciation as Filch continued to slowly finger fuck her, only stopping every minute or so to pull out his fingers and taste her wonderful juices. After only a few minutes, Filch could feel the bulge in his pants nearly tearing through the thin material.

Knowing that he had only a few more minutes before his date with Madam Pince, Filch pulled his sticky fingers from Hermione's dripping wet pussy before unzipping his pants and getting ready to slide his hard shaft into her sweet snatch. Filch moved behind Hermione and slid down his pants before pulling out his extremely hard five inch cock and guiding it towards her sopping wet slit.

Filch smacked her ass once to make sure she was really unconscious before he slowly slammed his entire five inches into her. 'Unnn' Hermione groaned, as Filch's cock went balls deep into her. Filch slowly slid his cock all the way out of her before slamming it back in even harder.

He continued rutting his hard rod into her for another ten minutes before the tightness of her cunt, the hotness of the taboo act he was performing and the little time he had left before his date with Madam Pince all culminated together to result in a massive orgasm. Filch began to pant in anticipation as he slowly slid his hips back and forth into Hermione ass.

He looked down and watched in fascination as her ass jiggled with each impact and her pussy quivered around his rutting cock with each thrust. 'I've got to do this more often!' Filch laughed as he continued to pound into Hermione's spasm-stricken cunt. Before Filch had the chance to unload inside of Hermione tight teen twat, Hermione involuntarily began to go through her own orgasm.

She groaned in satisfaction as her pussy contracted and convulsed around Filch's pumping cock, coating his five inches with her sweet tasting juices.

'UNGHHHHHHH!' grunted Filch, taking hold of Hermione's hips before slamming his cock as deep into her quivering pussy as possible and dropping a massive load of hot sticky cum deep in her vulnerable womb. Filch remained firmly inside her for as long as he could as Hermione's pussy milked his cock for as much cum as it could.

With one last loud grunt, Filch fired the last of his potent seed into her cunt before slowly pulling out his cum-covered cock and zipping up his pants. 'Argus… Is that you back there?' Madam Pince shouted from the front of library, oblivious to what he was doing to a young girl in her own library.

'Yes, Irma dear! I thought I heard a noise, but it was nothing' Filch lied, making sure his fading boner was securely concealed before walking out of the restricted section and off to his date with Madam Pince. As Hermione lay unconscious in the library, Ginny was fast asleep in Snape's dungeon classroom with her pussy stuffed with Snape's deflating cock and several loads of his cum.


Unbeknownst to either Ginny or Snape, the same mysterious figure that had attacked Hermione, walked silently into Snape's classroom while they slept. The attacker pulled out the golden Galleon with the initials 'GW' on it, cast the Imperio Prostitutus spell on it and pressed it against the small of Ginny's back before silently slipping back into the shadows and out of the Potions classroom.

'Wha… Where… How did I get here?' Hermione groaned as she woke groggily. She looked up at a nearby clock just in time to see the small and large hands of the clock reach twelve midnight.

Hermione stood up and looked around to see where she was and why she had woken up without any memory of the past few hours. She looked down at her skirt and then her inner thighs and quickly realized that she had again been molested. 'Mother FUCKER! Not again!' she moaned as she ran out of the library and back towards the Gryffindor common room.

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For some reason, Hermione knew her sudden amnesia and molestation had something to do with the Spellbook of Desires. The last thing she could remember was lending Ginny the book, so the first thing she knew she had to do was to find Ginny and figure out how and why she had lost her memory. Before she could make it to the common room however, Hermione ran into an equally tired and worn out looking Ginny.

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'I see you've been busy!' Ginny said to Hermione, noticing a small stream of cum leaking down her inner thigh. 'It looks like you've been even busier' Hermione responded with a laugh, noticing an even larger stream of sticky cum rolling down Ginny's leg. Hermione followed Ginny up to her room to get the book she had so graciously lent to her devious little cunning friend. 'Where the fuck is it?' Ginny screamed upon entering her room with Hermione in tow.

'I left it right on my bed!' she screamed, waking up all four of her roommates in the process. 'You stupid bitch… You left the book sitting on your bed for anybody to see or steal!' Hermione shouted in exasperation.

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The other four girls in the room looked on in fascination as Ginny lifted her wand and fired off a hex at Hermione for calling her a bitch. Hermione dodged the attack and sent one of her own back at Ginny before they both hit each other at the same time with two different hexes.

Hermione's legs started to wobble and Ginny started to laugh uncontrollably.


Hermione pointed her own wand at her legs and proceeded to cast the counter curse. She then ran out of Ginny's room crying, with Ginny still laughing her head off. Hermione proceeded to run back to her room, where she gulped down one of her many pregnancy potions before crying herself to sleep. The following morning, Harry woke up to a most welcomed surprise; The Spellbook of Desires was laying open, right beside his pillow. Not only that, there was a small note attached to the opened pages and two coins with the initials 'GW' and 'HG' sitting on top of it.

The note read: I believe this book belongs to you Harry. The spell on the open pages relates to the two coins I've made for you. The coins are connected with Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley. Read these two pages, connect the dots and use the coins to gain whatever edge you can over the other Triwizard Champions! Good Luck Harry! The basic description for the pages read: A number of spells and enchantments, which if cast correctly, will render a wealth of Galleons. The first step is to alter a Galleon with a Protean Charm.

The second step is to enchant the coin with the spell 'Imperio Prostitutus', and then brand the intended victim with it on their lower back.

After this, the caster only needs to press on the coin which branded the victim and issue orders through it. Warning! Once a command is given, the controlled person will follow the command until it is completed.

Commands must be phrased correctly, or the controlled person will continue to blindly obey the unachievable for all time! 'Hmmmmmmm' Harry mumbled, both skeptical and pleased with his change of fortunes.

He wasn't sure how he would use his benefactor's coins or designated spells, but he did know he'd have some fun trying them out.