Divine Gay Guy With His Dildo

Divine Gay Guy With His Dildo
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it was a sunny Sunday morning and Carrie was out in the backyard tanning with a book in hand and iPod in her ear. the day was scorching hot outside as the sun started to rise to the peak of the sky and the rays were beating down creating drops of sweat across her perky breasts. she quickly turned over and undid her bikini top to avoid any tan lines and proceeded to bask in the freedom of summer! little did she realize i had snuck in the house with my spare key and was watching her from the basement window.

as she flipped over i could see her string bikini bottoms pushing hard against her labia making a deep impression on the fabric. i almost passed out from the sight and could only imagine the fragrance her pussy would permeate.

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the thermometer was hitting the mid 30s and i knew she had dozed off and was probably baking for a good hour or two. i proceeded to hide in the broom closet as i left her a little surprise on the counter that she would find when she entered the house.

as i heard the door unlock, she came in and i could see through the crack that she had a fairly deep burn. her back and bum area were scarlet as she had spent went from medium rare to well-done.

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she looked in a fair amount of pain as she shuffled through the foyer toward her bedroom. she laid her eyes on the table and saw that there was her favourite peach ice fizzy in the kitchen. her eyes lit up in relief as she picked up the ice cold beverage and ran it down her legs and between her thighs. she moaned in satisfaction as the heat between her legs won the battle against the hard ice.

i let out a soft groan, almost too loud as i thought she would hear me, but she was in her own world trying to cool off. in my head i was begging for her to drink it down; take a swig and pound back the ice fizz and quench her thirst.

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she slowly slid the drink up her thigh, leaving droplets of water from her thigh to her hip bone. she took a sip and quickly gulped every drop, trying to re-hydrate herself. great i thought to myself, now i wait. she slowly slinked towards her bedroom still smarting from her sunburn. from my vantage point, i could see off a reflection in her bedroom mirror and she carefully removed her bikini bottoms and top to assess the damage.

i almost ejaculated in the closet! her breasts are perfect.


she is about 5'1'' and 95lbs. just below shoulder length hair that just tickle the top of her breasts.

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she has an extremely thin and fit body, yet her breasts are perky and nipples are a dark chocolate brown that really contrast her normally paler complexion.

she.is.shaved!!! her legs are so toned and lean; smooth to the touch, but her pussy is fuckable.

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it's smooth above the clit as it looked freshly shaved and she has a mean labia. folds upon folds and her clit is the crown jewel that protrudes out, daring for a tongue lashing. she started to slather aloe vera in some sensitive areas when it started to work. her eyes glazed over a bit and she started to get a bit light headed. she fell back on the bed and tried to get her bearings but it was too late. she passed out and entered a deep slumber. i opened the closet and slid towards her bedroom door, peering in, she was in dreamland.

i've planned, i've dreamed and fantasized about this day. she was laying there all peaceful, not knowing that i was going to rape her.

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it's such a nerve racking moment.it almost overwhelmed me as i saw her beauty before me. her legs limp, pussy ready to be pounded but I wasn't ready.it was too much. i kissed her, i've always wanted to. i kissed her on her lips and slowly stuck my tongue in her mouth.

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i could feel the heat pulsating off her skin. i angled my body so my cock was just off her mouth as i played with her tits. they were amazing in my hands as i squeezed and slowly ran the tip of my cock just over her lips; ugh, im not ready yet.

spinning around, i position myself between her legs. smelling her soiled panties before, i knew her pussy and ass would smell amazing. i push my nose as hard as i can into her folds as i begin to lick her asshole.

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it tasted and smelled incredible.her juices overwhelmed me as i could now feel my cock raging. my tongue flicks back and forth between her ass and her clit and i was in ecstasy. my cock was bulging at this point and i force my tongue as hard as i can into her vagina before the main course.


her pussy was glistening as her juices and my saliva made for one wet cunt. i was breathing so hard, i couldn't believe what i was doing. dreaming of this day, fantasizing about her.this was one in a lifetime. i put her leg up on my shoulder and leveled my cock against the lips of her vagina. i shoved it in with a huge grunt. oh my god. it was soooo tight. my eyes rolled as i could feel her every muscle grab hold of my shaft. i didn't even move, my cock was pulsating against the walls of her vagina.

im not sure if it was painful, if she could feel me, but my cock hit the back wall of her pussy.i tried to push through, but did not want to hurt her. then i felt it.she was having an orgasm. i could feel a slight tremble inside of her. i was penetrating her, but it was so sensitive and felt so immense that i could not drill her with any authority. i felt the tight squeezes on my cock and realized that she was coming.i became engorged and started to stroke to the beat of her squeezes.


it was a rush of blood to the head as we both came at the same moment. trying to keep her leg perched, i blew a huge load deep into her pussy as it continued to squeeze the shaft of my cock. every stroke there was a squeeze and my balls were being drained of the cum. i almost passed out from the sensation, the moment took over. there was a thick amount of jizz that had oozed out and ran down her leg.

i grabbed a cloth to clean her up, but carefully used a finger to scoop up a tiny bit of white jizz and place it in her mouth. it was sexy. i went home, leaving her as she lay.i was in such guilt but she's so fucking gorgeous, how could i not?

as i entered the house after cutting the grass in the evening, Carrie was there and you could see that she had a pretty bad burn. i could barely make eye contact and was sweating either from my yard work or the nerves.you could feel the tension. I clumsily walked by to head to the washroom when i saw a 2 peach fizzies on the kitchen counter. i quickly spun around and gave her a stunned look and she just winked and said "bottoms up".