Straight male gay porn star movietures and straight military men

Straight male gay porn star movietures and straight military men
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"NURSE!" I was vaguely aware of a commotion around me. "NURSE.he's waking up!!" The voice sounded like it was coming through a long tunnel. It echoed. Perhaps it wasn't meant for me. Maybe I should just keep quiet. "Mr. Davidson. Mr. Davidson can you hear me? Do you know where you are Mr. Davidson." head. I'm never drinking again. Did I go out drinking? Shit.I didn't go out drinking. I was in bed. "Mr. Davidson, you have been assaulted and are currently in St Cyrus's hospital.

Can you open your eyes for me Mr. Davidson." Of course I can open my eyes.why the hell can't I open my eyes? Is that blood I can taste? I think I'll go back to sleep for a bit. "Micky wake up - wake up Dad, please." That voice. It sounds really familiar. Is that Emma? Emma what are you doing in my room?

Oh my hand is so sore.Jesus.that's really sore. Think I'll go back to sleep. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two days later I woke up properly.

It was about 11pm on a Friday, 18 days after I had stepped through my buildings front door. I had lain outside in a pool of blood for just over an hour. A fellow resident of the building had come home late and saw me.

He thought I was homeless at first as I was apparently curled up in the corner of the entrance. He had seen that I was bleeding and that my arm and fingers were hanging at very odd angles. He rolled me a little and recognized who I was, which considering how messed up my face was was quite an achievement. He called the police and ambulance and stayed with me until they arrived.

The sirens and flashing lights caused quite a stir in the building and soon a large crowd has appeared. I was being cradled in the sweet arms of a painless unconsciousness. I didn't hear the paramedics comment on my severely dislocated shoulder and elbow.

I didn't hear them expressing concern at the massive bulge in my belly where they feared I was bleeding internally. I didn't listen to them come up with strategy's on how to transport me from the ground to the back board in order to reduce the risk of further damage to my neck. I didn't hear Emma and Becky scream in horror when they realized it was me broken on the ground. I didn't know that Becky fainted when she saw the state of my face.

As I lay in the ambulance with the Paramedics working on my airway I didn't hear the gasp as they discovered an entire part of my scalp that had peeled away from my skull. I didn't know that surgeons had worked on me for over 6 hours. I didn't know that I had to be resuscitated twice on the table. But as I woke up and people in white coats talked directly to me I started to piece together the events.


All of my fingers had been broken and dislocated. 14 bones in my right hand had been smashed and 4 in my left hand (typical that I was right handed!). My left humerus was fractured, as was the ulna and radius in my right arm. I had a fractured eye socket, dislocated jaw, cracked C2, C3 and C4 vertebrae - but thank God my spinal cord was undamaged. I had 3 broken ribs, a shattered collar bone, broken nose, grade 4 tear of the scalp that measured 12 centimetres and a depressed skull injury.

The biggest concern was the internal bleeding in my belly and on my brain. Thankfully the bleeding on the brain was minor but that didn't stop me waking up 18 days after the assault with a powerful headache. The bleeding in my belly was another story. The numerous kicks to my groin and stomach had taken their toll.

My liver had been bruised. My kidneys had received such a pounding that I had been passing blood. I had had 2 operations to fix 7 internal impact wounds. I knew my brain was OK as I was sailing through the questions that the doctors were asking me.

I knew what year it was. I knew who was running the country. I knew my name and who was living with me. I also knew who did this to me. I remembered staring up at his face before blackness descended on me like a sheet. I remembered his rage contorted face. I remembered the 2 bulky eastern European sounding guys. I remembered the sight of the sole of his shoe slamming into my face, once, many times?

Trevor. The lowlife that violated Becky. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My recovery was slow. The numerous pins reconnecting broken bones ached inside me.

Emotionally I was destroyed. I was depressed.

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I hated lying down in a bed. I made two attempts at getting out of bed but both times ended up on the floor much to the annoyance of the nurses that had to put up with me. I was a terrible patient. The other problem was when I was on the pain killers. When I had a window of no pain I often became aroused with thoughts of Becky.

Usually these occurred at night when my pain meds were boosted so I could sleep. In the beginning when I felt able I wanked myself off into sheets with swirling thoughts of Becky and Sarah. I was careful for the first few nights. I kept an eye on the internal window of my room so I could see if any of the nurses were roaming about.

After a week or so I had grown bold (or I just didn't care). I started to wank myself when I could see a few of the night nurses. Most of them were average looking girls, but there was 1 who ticked my boxes. Mandee was of Indian decent. I had spoken to her the most out of all the nurses. Her father was from Mumbai in India and her Mother was from London.

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Her family had moved here about 25 years ago on the back of her Father's job as a Medical Researcher. She was late 40's, tall and slim with pert breasts and a stunning smile. She was friendly and had perfected the art of the professional nurse flirtation.

We spent quite a few nights chatting as my room was the closest to the nursing station. She was divorced (much to her Father's eternal shame) and was playing the dating game without much success. "To be honest Micky, I'm just looking for some physicality with someone.

I haven't had sex in almost 4 months." On one particular night shift she was sitting at the nurses station reading through notes of the day. I was wanking myself and stealing little glances over at her. I came quickly, spurting my cum over my sheets with an audible grunt. "You OK Micky?" she called out - she had asked if it was OK to call me by my first name.

I froze. "Um.yes. I just bumped my hand. I'm OK." How the hell did she that! I panicked as I saw her get up from her desk and walk over to my door. I quickly tucked my still hard cock under my gown and only had time to pull up the covers as she walked through the door.

"Well I might as well take some readings since you're up." She said. I glanced down quickly and was mortified to see that even in the low lights of a night time ward my cum was visible on the sheets. Mandee looked at machines and readings and charts and took my temperature.

"Oh - you're a bit warm Micky." I blushed. She took hold of my hand and put her fingers on the pulse in my wrist. "Wow - you pulse is racing. Do you feel OK?" "Ye-yeah I'm fine." I meekly offered. It was then that her free hand took hold of the covers where I had deposited my seed.

Her long fingers grasped the exact area where just 2 minutes ago my cock had spewed forth its juice while I had been staring at her. At first she didn't click. She felt the blanket again and made the lightening decision to remove it. "I'll get you a dry one of these." as she whipped it off me. Removing the sheet meant that she saw my soiled hospital issued gown.

A dark blue stain lingered over the bulge that my still half-mast cock had created. She let out a little gasp in surprise. "I'm so sorry Micky. I thought you had hurt yourself. I didn't know you were.well.doing that." I wanted to crawl into a box and never be seen again. "Let me get you a new gown and sheet." And with that she quickly exited the room to leave me alone with my shame and embarrassment.

Five minutes later she returned into the room with a new gown and sheets. "I'll need to get you out of that gown Mr. Davidson. Is that OK?" "That's fine - I'm so sorry about this." "No don't be sorry. I know it must be frustrating to be in here and not able know.

Would you like me to call someone else in or are you OK for me to do this myself?" "I think the less people to see me like this the better?" She laughed sympathetically. "Seriously don't feel bad. I've seen far worse than that in my time here." She reached across me and untied my gown. I could smell her hair. The closeness of her caused me to harden again. I willed it to stop but it wouldn't. "Um.I'm really sorry, I stammered, " to be getting excited again." She straightened up and took a step back.

" I leave?" "No, just put on my new gown." She leaned back over and carefully took the soiled gown over my head.

She made sure that all my wires and tubes weren't being tangled. She peeled the gown down until it was balled up over my crotch. My cock was rock hard now and my face was burning brightly. She handed me the sheet.

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"Maybe you want to cover yourself up." I quickly swapped the sheet for the gown. I think I got away with it.


She then started to put my new gown on. It was a bit of a struggle and I thought that I would help by lifting my arms a little.

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As I lifted them one of the tubes from my arm got caught on the robe. I let out a little cry of pain as it tugged against the raw opening in my arm. Mandee shot out a hand to unhook the tube but in her haste knocked the sheet off my lap. There stood my erection in all its glory. Both myself and Mandee stopped and stared. She quickly turned around and pulled the privacy curtain around. She turned back and walked around the other side of the bed and picked up the sheet.

I lay there watching her. I noticed that she had no issue staring at me. Her stares made me harder still. She bent down and picked up the sheet. I saw a colour in her cheeks as she continued to stare at my member. I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it. I felt the smooth skin of my shaft glide against the palm of my hand. My fingers gripped as hard as they could, which due to my injuries, was not very.

Mandee stared, licking her lips. "I can't touch you Micky. I'll lose my job." "I know. It's fine. Do you want to watch or do you want to leave?" I asked. I struggled to hear her reply, "I'll stay." I suddenly found my confidence.

I continued to stroke myself and watched Mandee's reactions. Her breathing was getting shallower and she kept glance around the privacy curtain too make sure no one would interrupt us. She bought her hand up to her chest and pressed up against her breasts. Her other hand lightly pushed up against her crotch. She made slow circular motions over the outline of her mound. With my confidence high I slowly moved my free hand behind her and moved my hand over her arse cheek.

She tensed a little and then moved closer to me so I could massage both of her cheeks. I felt the warmth radiating through her thin nurses scrubs. I wanted more. With my hand I pushed against her hip closest to me. This turned her around a little so she was standing straight on to me. I placed my hand between her thighs and pressed up against her pussy.

She gasped a little and parted her thighs. I was able to rub my fingers along her wet gusset. I could feel the contours of her pussy beneath the thin material. I could feel the outline of her panties, the soft, giving skin of her moistening lips. Mandee kept watch although mesmerized by my meaty cock being pumped for her and my pleasure. With my confidence sky high I removed my hand from her crotch and located the waist band of her scrubs.

I painfully worked my hand down the front of her trousers, managing to also slip inside her panties as well. With one of her hands she lowered her trousers at the back to allow the front of them to pull right down letting me have easier access to her.


I slipped my hand back into the same position as it was only this time I felt her wet pussy against my fingers. I could feel her fine pubic hair. It wasn't long but it wasn't shave or sculpted like Becky's. I used her moisture to lubricate my middle digit and traced it along her slit. I found her opening and with some gentle pressure penetrated her.

Once past the initial opening my finger slipped deep inside her. I hooked my finger so I was stimulating the spongy g-spot on the front wall of her cunt. She groaned in pleasure. She was no longer looking out for someone who could interrupt our tryst. Her head was back and her mouth was open letting out short sharp breaths.

I could feel her wetness coating the palm of my hand. Her hips grinding against my fingers labour. I felt her hand grab hold of my cock. She was now in the zone where her concerns of touching me were gone. Her hand pumped along my shaft.

With this new sensation of her hand I expelled a large ooze of clear pre-cum. She accepted it into her hand and smothered my cock with its slippery goodness. Free to concentrate on giving her pleasure my finger inside her continued to manipulate her g-spot. As her orgasm crept up on her her hand picked up pace.

The tingle within my crotch began. "I'm going to cum Mandee", I managed to get out. "Hold on for a bit longer", she panted, "I'm almost there". With her hand slipping over my coated cock I was powerless to hold on. I lifted my legs slightly as I felt the bubbling explosion begin at the base of my turgid member.

I felt Mandee shudder and momentarily lose control of her legs. I thought she was going to fall but instead she grabbed my hand that was working feverishly between her legs.

She pushed it hard up against her pussy and let out a strangled gasp. A few moments after her initial moan I grunted as my orgasm shot a thick rope of cum up into the air and down onto Mandee's arm. She quickly leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and allowed me to thrust my next two ejaculations into her oral cavity. My finger was now still and un-moving inside her. Just like Becky's tight cunt I could feel the walls contracting around me.

It was like she was trying to suck my finger with her insides. I stopped cumming, as did Mandee. We were still for a few seconds and then reality hit us. Mandee quickly sucked and licked me, cleaning me of all traces of cum. I slipped my finger out of her and allowed her pants to snap back into place, covering her downy pussy. I wiped my hand on the bed sheets as Mandee pulled my gown back into place.

Within a few minutes I was covered, as usual, in sheets.

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My cords, pipes and wires were all accounted for and doing their job. Mandee was fussing around with a grin on her face. "Well I feel like a naughty teenager, not a 47 year old professional nurse," she sniggered.

"So not feeling bad about it then?" I inquired. She let out a laugh, "Are you kidding. You'd be surprised how often this sort of things happens." "Wow - way to make a guy feel special," I joked. "Well if it's any consolation you were the first one I made cum." "There's been more.I'd like to hear about that." "Well maybe there'll be time for that on another night shift," she replied. "Your girlfriend wouldn't be too happy with it though." I smiled knowing that Becky would have not minded a bit that I had just been wanked off by a nurse.

"The only reason she would be unhappy is that she wasn't able to join in." Mandee shot me a surprised look, " hold on to her then." "I plan to," I said sleepily, "I plan to." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My body healed like bodies do, remarkable machines that they are.

Now I was awake and functioning like a human again I was more aware of what my treatment entailed. Apparently I was very lucky. I was the guinea pig for a new muscle repair drug called Musculusemendo.

Literally Latin for muscle mend. The drug, as I found out, entered the bloodstream and coated damaged muscles in a steroid type fluid that increased muscle repair by 4000%. The muscles in my fingers, arms and abdomen would usually have taken 6 or 7 months to heal properly. Now in my 26th day after the event my muscles were almost completely healed.

The best part about being on the mend was the visitors. Becky and Emma were daily treats for me. The nurses on a later shifts and night shift loved having them around so often after other visitors went home I was still happily chatting away to Becky, Emma or both. Whenever the chance presented itself I received subtle hand jobs or blowjobs from Becky.

I had told her about Mandee and the few times we had fooled around. One night when Mandee was on duty I introduced her to Becky. Becky, in her usual way, gave Mandee a huge hug and thanked her for taking care of me.

It was very cute seeing a 47 year old half Indian, half British rose blush at the admiration of a 19 year old. Mandee, like most people, formed a quick bond with Becky. I had to complain a few times as Becky sat out at the nurses station chatting to her, completely forgetting about the poor old man sitting in the hospital room who needed attention. It was also nice the way that Mandee turned a blind eye to Becky and my sexual contact.

On one particular night she wandered in as Becky was giving me one of her world famous blow jobs. As I looked around I was a little shocked to see her standing there. Becky was to engrossed in sucking my cock to notice. I put my finger up to my lips to let Mandee know to be quiet. Mandee stared at Becky deep throating me. I waved her over to me.

She stood near me still staring at the expert way Becky took me in her mouth and throat. I reached out and massaged Mandee's crotch again like I did on the first night we fooled around.

She instantly spread her legs and leaned forward so I could slip me hand down the front of her scrubs. Becky then noticed her and removed my cock from her mouth. "Hey Mandee.wanna taste?" Mandee immediately leant a little further forward so her mouth was hovering over my cock. She took a breath and engulf the head with her moistened mouth.

Becky scooted around the other side of the bed so she was standing behind her. She push Mandee's legs together and pulled her scrubs down. Becky got down on her knees facing away from her. Becky leaned back and put her head between Mandee's legs. This allowed her access to her pussy. I couldn't see what Becky was doing but I heard what Mandee thought of it.

While her face was impaled on my cock she let out a moan. Becky's tongue was working it's magic. Mandee released my cock. "Oh my god Becky.I'm going to cum," the sound of surprise in her voice was obvious.

After less than 30 seconds she was at the edge of her orgasm.

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Mandee grasped my cock and furiously sucked me. Her pace pushed me over the edge within 20 seconds. She released me as I was cumming. My cum shot up and onto her face and hair as she carried on stroking me. Becky's tongue action bought Mandee to her orgasm. She shoved her face into the mattress to muffle her scream as her body shook with pleasure. My heart was racing at the exertion. My orgasm had been so intense that my vision was blurring.

It was like I was staring down a long tunnel. Sounds began to echo. My heart raced even more. I thought I heard Mandee ask me if I was OK. Her voice seemed like it was being fed through a distortion unit. Sounded like a cool 90's grunge vocal.Micky.Micky.Micky are you OK? It was nice to be sleeping again. All the aches from my joints that were still healing were gone.

I really hope that Mandee and Becky remember to put my gown back over me - not sure how I'd explain that to the doctors.

"Micky.oh my God Micky!" Ah Becky - I love her voice. I love her. I think I'm dying. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The bleed in my brain was massive. In the space of 6 days I had 3 operations. I died during the 3rd operation. Apparently the surgeon was about to call it after 20 minutes of compression's and numerous hits from the defibrillator when I suddenly kicked back into life.

After being put in the HDU with a bleak outlook on my next few days, I woke up 5 minutes later feeling no effects from the anesthetic. The nurses and doctors were shocked. I felt no pain. Instead there was a palatable surge through my body. While I was being examined by numerous confused surgeons and doctors I looked down at my arms, legs and belly.

My arms were all sinew and bulk. My forearms looked like Popeye's.

My legs were tight with defined muscle. My thighs almost pulsed with power. My middle age belly, once so soft was now rippling with abs. The scars from my injuries were still there but the pain was not. I flexed my fingers and felt none of the dull ache that I had endured barely a week ago.

The nurse who was trying to put in my cannula couldn't pierce the skin to insert a needle. The heart monitor showed a good steady heart rate. My lungs showed no sign of the trauma that had been exacted on them during the assault. My kidneys no longer bruised. I was solid granite. I was iron. I felt better now than I had ever felt in my entire life. What the hell happened to me?