Wet Fetish Car Washing Solo

Wet Fetish Car Washing Solo
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I had a girlfriend once. For three years I slaved and I toiled, investing my time, my money, and most importantly my mental well-being just for the bitch to break up with me on MySpace, lacking the decency to even give me a call or a text.

We had our times, but they were few and far between, leaving me to wonder if she wasn't fucking anybody else. All of that's water under the bridge now, of course, but that left me with more than a little something lying dormant inside: my carnal lusts. Being denied my most basic of instincts for the better part of three years leaves a man yearning for the pleasures that have guided men's hands for millennia, re-writing not only history but the face of the earth as well with battles over the supremacy of a woman's heart.

Being denied this left me in such a sinful rage I could not but help but let my mind wander toward the more enticing members of her family… Cousins, aunts, sisters, all of them well-endowed and all of them with a passion for the darker pastimes of this world; how could they not, with their style of dress just happening to showcase their highly prominent breasts, breasts that make a man like me want to feed off of, breasts that were made to drip with semen, covered in sweat.

My desire to suck and fuck each pair of the delicious endowments has filled my heart and mind with such a terrible bewitchment that only a permanent breakup with my girlfriend could have spurred me to hop into my car and traverse the interstate toward the house of my first victim of my pent-up desires for a grotesque night of satisfaction, if only for me. The house I am hastily traveling toward houses one of her more luscious cousins. This girl of 18 has, since first my eyes sprang forth their gaze upon her, one of those bodies that you absolutely must, as a man, totally fucking destroy.

Recalling her image on my cellular, I trace over every inch of her bosom, perfectly accentuated with a shirt that reveals, ever so enticingly, the top of her spectacular cleavage. She is thick, but in a way that arouses such interests as sex can only alleviate.

Of an ass, there is not much to say. Her vagina must surely be serviceable, for she has a boyfriend, so I am none too concerned about that. Ah, her pussy… I would imagine, with the type of person her reputation makes her out to be, must be shaven, perfectly smooth and soft, begging for each slobbery bite that surely she must receive from each beckoning mouth that awaits her.

My own mouth now is growing rather moist, thinking of that dripping pussy, awaiting both the organ that rests within the confines of my mouth and loins. But it is her breasts that have me most in a state of cosmic disarray.

If forced to guess, I would have to say they are double-d sized tits, and by God if she does not like to show them off to any hungry eye that always finds a comfortable spot upon the soft, supple flesh. Many times had I pondered receiving her embrace, for the fires of temptation had ignited in me a passion that I have kept well-hidden for all these years.

I came close once, at Halloween night a year ago. She was single at the time, as was I (my girlfriend and I were on and off), and was flirting with me the whole night without ever so much a hint of discreetness, all the while with my once-thought of love in the next room! I rebuked her proposals, but looking back now, as I did then, I kick myself for not having taken her down to the garage, torn her shirt open, and make those fucking breasts mine!

Bending her over a garbage can, practically ripping the hair out of her skull as I relentlessly pound her vagina into submission, never relinquishing my hold on the bountiful fantasies of many sweaty nights.

But alas… Surely, even now, I may not have to kill her (surely I fear I may have a bloodlust as well, as the thought of sex before murder excites me all the more!), for she may wish me to come back, given her reputation as a whore. Not that her boyfriend knows, of course, for it is common knowledge among all except him that she aids in the sexual release of a 28 year old man, among how many others it is impossible to speculate; such are her sexual urges apparently. Can you place any blame squarely on her shoulders however, for surely, with as large of breasts as she has, does not everybody desire to enjoy them?

Quite, for I will be partaking of such crepuscular feastings this night! For this reason alone, I have long speculated on giving in to the temptation of tasting her chest if only for but a moment, even while I was bound to another, but have always saved her for nightly heaving and healing. I decided this night to finally act upon them, damn the consequences, because I can hold off my rage of lust no longer, so long have they been held down that I will finally release these urges onto her sweating, heaving, juicy, quivering, erect bosom… My hand tightens upon the steering wheel, and I can now feel the crotch of my pants cold with the wetness that has sprang forth from my pulsating shaft.

I apply more weight upon the pedal, so anxious am I to reach her house and end my quest of sexual satisfaction! Part 2 It is a cool night outside; my breath barely glistening in the open air. I zipper up my jacket as I gaze upon the shadowed place that houses my site of fornication.

There are barely any houses with their lights on; the neighborhood in which she resides is reserved for the upper-middle class of society, so naturally these fucks are curled up in their warm little beds thinking the specter of wealth keeps them secure.

My, what a little bit of well-applied crowbar can do to a door. She lives with her parents of course, and she has one brother, a boyfriend that lives in Columbus, and a maniac waiting to gobble her up sitting in a car outside.

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What a wonderful night to lay claim to those succulent breasts. I get out of my car, trying vainly to calm my nerves and beating heart, and walk around to the behind of my car.

Opening the trunk, I peer inside. Of course, the crowbar, to break in. I do not wish my identity to be known, so I grab the Halloween mask I had purchased a few days prior. I recall that I do not intend on letting anyone living inside the house, except maybe the brother, but he has seen me before and may be able to point me out. I shrug and figure I will simply make a decision on the matter if the occasion arises.

Next, my eyes fall across a magazine-fed, 9mm pistol. This will be great if the father should show his grimy face, or the boyfriend for that matter. My heart is pounding, but my penis is just as hard as ever; the mere thought of the coming excitement overwhelms me so. God, just thinking of those fucking breasts… I resolve myself and place the mask over my face; I know no one will be watching. With crowbar in hand and the pistol in the back of my pants, I make my way toward the door, suddenly deciding to detour toward her bedroom window: there was a slight part in the curtains.

Making my way to the window, I see my emerging form: a menace in a white mask, carrying a piece of rusting steel in his hand and dirty thoughts in his head. I used to be such an innocent child once. I peer in, seeing only shadows and moonbeams. Her bed, I find, is right below me, and I take in her covered form resting tranquilly in the light.

She is wearing nighties, of course, but the bulge of her chest is unmistakable, even in the dark. And…do I pray see an unfastened button, exposing a bit of cleavage? I bite my lip, nigh drawing blood, and the pulse coursing through me grows ever stronger; that is all the confidence I need in fulfilling my project.

I work my way toward the front door again, this time with no distractions, and I wedge the bar in between the door and the frame, giving a quick yank, and with a second's-worth cry of wood the door creaks open. I'm in… I realize I am at a threshold now: I can either proceed with my evil affair or go back the way I had come and suffer the long drive home. It takes all of a second to declare the latter as fucking ludicrous, as I had already traveled 35 miles for some fucking tits; I was not about to be denied by some last-second conscience attack.

I realize the ramifications of my actions here tonight, and I will deal with them boldly. I am owed this, I need this, and I will not have it any other way.

Her body will be mine, forever. Recalling her saved images on my cellular: her painted lips, her smiling face, and her Cyclopean breasts, I feel my body tense up one last time before I shut it off and set forth on what may be the last journey of my life. I reach for the knob of her door and hear something peculiar on the other side.

I strain my senses and before I know, the knob is turning!

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My blood turning to ice, my mind screams oh fuck!, oh fuck!, and I fear I may have been so stupid all along, thinking this would work. The door begins its slow process of being opened by a half-asleep body, and it is right at the last moment that I cease all thought and simply react to the situation, darting back into the darkness of the foyer. She shambles toward the bathroom, flicks the light on, and fastens the door. I clench my fists in anger at myself, but then ponder sneaking off into her room and taking her there.

Suddenly, a picture materializes in my brain, that of an image on my phone I had saved, one of my favorites of her, in which she is pressed up against that same bathroom door, malleable breasts giving way to the pressure of the wood, her ass jutting out in a sexy pose, all with a smile on her face.

I had always wanted, ever since gorging myself on that frame, of fucking her in just that position in the bathroom, breasts ramming the wall and all. My lust found new sustenance to dine on, and in-so-doing was able to center myself. The toilet flushed and the faucet began relinquishing its fluids into her hands, much as I would like to be doing. The knob turned and I was on the door in a second. The look in her eyes gave me all I ever could have wished for: pure, stark terror, plus a vague notion of what may or may not be in store for her body seeing that the aggressor was male.

It may have passed my mind at that moment if she didn't find that idea appealing as gaining entrance into the room was easier than expected. With the crowbar still in hand, I was quick to grasp both the door and her mouth in one fell motion.

Easily gaining the upper hand in such a physical contest, I forced myself inside and re-fastened the door. Leaning in close to her ear, I whispered, "Don't scream, and the rest of what is about to transpire will be easier and perhaps more delightful for the both of us." My blood was boiling now as I felt her body giving in, her flesh goosing up as I began reaching for her clothes to tear them off. I didn't want her to look into my eyes, so I turned her around and pressed her left cheek against the door so her head was facing the mirror; I wanted her to watch the savagery that was about to be committed upon her lithesome body.

Fearing any noise she might make, I procured a bath towel from the floor and made a rudimentary knot about her face so as to create a gag for her mouth, muffling her screams to mere grunts; oh, the thought of her grunting with every thrust of my dick. I had to clench my teeth. I began removing her top, a simple, yellow tank top, and slid it down her arms slowly, desiring to feel the smoothness of her chilled, bumpy skin.

I wondered if her breasts would feel the same way, and if perhaps my lips would be able to warm the nips up a bit.

Her tits aroused me further, causing me to tear the shirt off the rest of the way, revealing, much to my chagrin, a brassiere. Ripping this off too, I turned her around and finally gazed upon her hidden treasures. They were, to say the least for any rational description would be unheard-of, beyond words.

The enormity of them, the large areolas, pink flesh, and most of all, the engorged nipples. Taking one between my thumb and forefinger, I rolled it back and forth, urging more grunts, this of a more pleasurable variety, from her wet mouth.

I kept this up, alternating between the two enormous globes, before resigning to simply kneading them in my hands. Before long however, giving in to the urge, I found I had one of the breasts in my mouth, my tongue caressing the soft skin and the hard nipple. As a precaution, or maybe out of an instinct I had previously not known I had, I was forcing her head back against the shut door with the wrist of my arm, and it was at this time that I had noticed something else equally, if not more so, peculiar: she was not struggling.

In fact, one hand rested on my shoulder while the other grabbed at the artificial hair of my mask! Surely, she has lived up to the hype, and I could not help but wonder if this wasn't turning her on, or even if she had had as many fantasies about this as I had.

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Which begs the question: are we really all that dissimilar? Never minding the inquiry, I transfer from one meaty breast to the other, gorging myself on the feast that lay prey to my whimsical tongue, my biting teeth, and my succulent lips. I sucked in more of her breast, so much of it I wanted in my mouth, I wanted it all!

I was not satisfied until her entire chest lay entombed in saliva, red and heaving. Tears were in her eyes, but her body quivered in something else entirely.


I took her by the arms and turned her around, once again planting her face against the door with her head turned toward the door, allowing the whore a window into the defecation of her vivacious body. She was thick with meat, luscious meat, and I wanted to penetrate it with all of my body and soul. Unfastening her pants, I stripped her of them, revealing a pair of lingerie panties. Merely tearing these off, I unfastened my pants as well, reaching into my boxers and finally unsheathing my engorged staff.

I watched her eyes as I did this, and I will be damned if I did not see her eyes widen, her mouth grunt, and butt buck in excited anticipation. Oh, she wanted it bad it seemed. Taking my hand and reaching it between her legs, I found that this was true, pulling back a thick residue of her lubricant. I licked my fingers dry, looked her in the eyes, and we both knew what was about to happen, with perhaps her wanting it more than I.

Rubbing her pussy once more I lathered my penis up with her excretions and slid the bulging head of my shaft up and down the flowery pedals of her labia, hardening myself to a point I didn't think was possible and teasing her to a point in which her grunts became finally moans.

Lubricating myself once more with her pussy juice, I dug my penis slowly inside her yielding vagina. The feeling as I felt myself pulling my shaft slowly out of her body and then back in was indescribable, as all of my emotions surrounding this occasion were multiplied ten-fold. Never had I experienced anything like this with my ex-girlfriend, and the pleasure was taken even higher as I watched her breasts being rolled up against the door with each slow thrust of my hard cock.

To my immense delight, she threw her arms up against the door, exposing a far more fascinating view of her chest. Presently, I felt her legs pushing against mine at a pace that exceeded my own, indicating for me to go faster.

I slapped her leg, eliciting a red mark and a shriek of pain from her mouth. I turned toward the mirror and waved my finger "no," at her; I was the one who was in control, not her, and I wished to enjoy every moment of this ecstasy that I could. Reapplying her arms at each end of the doorframe, I gave her ass a good smack as I continued to slowly slide my dick in and out her pussy.

I took a step back, relinquishing my cock from the warm embraces of her vagina and into the cold, unforgiving air of the bathroom, and grabbed her hips so as to bring her toward me; no longer content with seeing the powerful tits crushed up against the doorway, I desired to see her breasts swing back and forth with the momentum exerted by my cock.

I paused at this juncture to take in her form again, and saw that it was slightly, albeit superficially, altered. Her tan body was now thick with sweat, and the slight redness of her skin meant that her blood pressure was rising, aiding in her arousal.

I could see she was fighting for what little air she could get through her nose, and, realizing it might be even harder when facing the brutality I was about to unleash upon her, I leant into her ear once again. "If I remove this gag, and you scream," I said, brandishing the crowbar from the heap that had once been my pants, "I will turn your skull into mush." She nodded her head that she understood, so I did as I had promised.

Slowly, I unfolded the knot, and gently brought it away from her gaping mouth which I suddenly felt I must thrust my penis into.

"Stick out your tongue," I commanded of her. The organ appeared, long and wet with saliva, and I knew by the fire it ignited within me that I wanted it wrapped around my pulsating shaft. I turned her around immediately, and she knew what she must now do. With a slight smile that I half-detested, yet which aroused in me further throes of passion, she descended upon her knees and took my penis, still hard and wet from the time spent in her vagina, in her mouth.

My ex never came close to the quality of head I was receiving. The sloppy wet slurping of her lips, the saliva she spat from her mouth to further lubricate it, and the tongue that traced every inch of quivering tissue all combined to take me to further heights of pleasure previously thought unattainable.

Arching my back, I let her take every inch of me in, giving her the thrill of moans as her tongue and lips paid special attention to the head of the penis before sucking the rest down.

She continued this pattern until I could take no more, forcing her to her feet again. I decided I wanted to taste of her sweet orifices as well, and commanded her to rest her foot atop the sink, exposing her pussy in a vulnerable little bulge between her creamy thighs. I felt a jolt through my body as I saw this, and found myself envious of the man that lay claim to this work of art. Bending down, and folding my mask up just below the nose, I at first sniffed at her sweet poison prior to sticking out my tongue and running it up her pussy, gently flicking the tip at her exposed clitoris.

I traced my tongue around this sensitive area, before running it around the whole of her vagina. Pulling it back in my mouth, I gently sucked at her pussy, taking it all in my mouth. She elicited cries of consent and profanity as I flicked my tongue in her juicy hole and lapped and sucked at her clit. I extended a finger and ran it around her hole as I continued the battering of her upper area, finally inserting a finger and feeling around for her G-spot.

It took a few minutes of erstwhile searching, but after nearly collapsing, a cry of "Fuck!" and a grasping of the hair on my mask's head, I figured I had found the spot.

I kept this routine up until the point of orgasm, before relinquishing my embraces and turning her toward the door again. It was time to end my suffering. She was begging for it now, begging for a release, and I intended on giving her one; giving us both one.

Arching her back and spreading her legs far apart, she looked in the mirror at me and bit her quivering lip, stifling the moans that I knew wanted to escape. I could have came right then, beholding a sight such as this, but it was her breasts I was most interested in. Through her pussy I could enact my savagery on those nightly tormentors, and I sheathed my penis with her vagina once again.

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I was relentless this time, my testicles making audible slapping noises with each thrust of my erect cock. I grabbed her hair and jerked her head back, converting her grunts into more throaty and deep moans.

I glanced at the mirror, and saw a maniac wearing only a shirt and white Halloween mask with his prick forcefully ramming a chubby bitch with an amazing pair of tits that were currently flopping back and forth, occasionally alighting against the wood of the door, making soft thuds to go along with the intoxicating slap of balls on flesh. Oh, the scene was almost too much to bear. She kept trying to reach behind me and clutch at my arms, which were shifting her hips to allow my penis to go deeper and harder into her soppy vagina.

Each time this happened I reapplied them to the frames of the door, along with a swat on the ass to teach her a lesson, a lesson I'm sure she was happy to learn over, and over, and over… Finally, I let one of her hands grope at my testicles, for the sensations it aroused in me were surely welcome; I placed my foot on the seat of the toilet so as to allow her hand more unsolicited access. After a few excruciating caresses, she remarked I was close to cumming, as she could feel how tight my balls were.

I assented to this idea, as I felt myself taking more and more note of the tight, moist ring of muscle that so thrillingly stroked my shaft with each thrust into her vagina. I arched my back so as to expose my penis even more to the delights of her pussy, and, combined with her soft hand unceasingly kneading my testicles, I agreed that my cumming was an issue coming soon at hand. She told me to cum inside her, but I digressed; it was her chest I unquestionably chose. She seemed pleased by the idea of having semen on her breasts like the nasty hoe that she was, and, in the same manner as she had when I wanted her to take me in her mouth, she assumed her position at the floor on her knees, pouting her lips, furrowing her brow, and using her hands to showcase her breasts.

I felt a new surge of blood to my loins, and instantly grasped my penis and began stroking it in earnest.

She started blinking her eyes and sensually licking her lips whilst pinching her nipples, remarking how much she enjoyed the feel of my penis pounding the deepest chasms of her vaginal orifices. She said we could do it all night, no questions asked, if only I accompany her to her room and remove the mask. She thought on this and took back her suggestion for the removal of the mask, as it heightened her arousal.

She gave my penis one final lick before the white, jolting stream of my lust for her rained down upon her hair, her lips, and most importantly, her heaving, sweaty, juicy breasts. Quivering, I saw her take me in her mouth again, sucking away the last of my semen and swallowing it down her throat, all the while applying my cum to her breasts as if it were a beauty cream or moisturizer.

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The quivering of my body did not stop as I ordered her to pick up our clothes and accompany me to her room. I had not planned on an extended stay, but then again, I had not counted on her receiving my penis so well either. Part 3 The wind from her overhead fan felt cool on my skin, but not even the chill wind could arouse the bumps on my flesh; the perpetrator of this effect belonged to the visage of a very horny girl laying outstretched on the bed before me, her legs high and wide, her pussy glistening in the twilight.

I knew I would eventually take her this way, but not yet. First, those tits; I wanted to claim them, again. I shook my head no, emitting an apologetic look from her, and motioned her to kneel before me.

I groped one of her breasts again, but harder this time; I wanted to squeeze them until they popped, just to see what would come out. A different kind of fire accompanied my lust, raising my pleasure to heights previously unnoted.

She sucked in a breath of air, and I sat down before her, leaning back against my elbows and never dismissing her gaze; she knew what must come next, how could she not. She told me to wait a moment, and turned toward her bedside table. Opening up a drawer, she withdrew a plastic bottle filled with a liquid of some kind, and I instantly knew it was oil, a lather for her soft flesh; my growl must have been audible for she turned to me and smiled in a manner akin to seduction.

Secreting a sizeable amount, she began to spread the material about her hands before finally raising them toward her chest.


Slowly, kneeling before me once again, she began to apply the oil to her massive breasts. Sticking her chest out to make her tits more prominent in the moonlight, she sensually rubbed her hands first up and then down, plucking a nipple with each pass. Concentrating on the center, she rubbed herself in a circular motion outward, then back, again pinching her nipples and eliciting a small sigh.

Leaning her head back, she began kneading her breasts and softly moaning in the dark room, her tongue surfacing every now and then to lick at her lips as she tortured herself with this erotic display. Biting my own lip to calm the calamity inside my own head, I clutched at her throat and motioned her toward my penis, now hard again in light of this showcase.

There was no fear in her eyes, only the same lust I felt, and I knew the only reason I retained any form of control over this situation was that she was emphatically enthralled with the strangeness of it; apparently it turned her on.

Leaning over my cock now, a long line of saliva slipped from her mouth and onto the tip of my cock, which she stroked until due lubrication. She leant now even further to slip my penis into her mouth for the second time that night, and I fell back onto the bed in pure ecstasy. Her tongue warmly caressed my shaft, with her lips doing the soft stroking.

Again, when reaching the head, she took great care to provide special attention to this area, encircling the tip with her tongue, whilst every so often taking the whole of my cock into her mouth and back out again with a soft pop of saliva, only to award my penis with more warm, earnest caresses of her tongue. I could take the tortuous process no more, and told her I wanted to fuck her breasts right now. Smiling in that seductive way once more, she cupped a breast in each hand and, with the tips of her fingers, slid my cock in between the two enormous mammories.

The feelings felt thereafter are impossible to accurately describe, so I will merely impart upon you the act itself, and maybe it will elicit in you the same feelings I felt then. Imagine the largest breasts you can reasonably imagine on a woman, and imagine those same breasts enfolding and stroking your erect penis, all the while smelling the alluring aromas of the oils she applied to her breasts so as to create less friction between her tits and your hardened shaft, your cock simply gliding through the chasm in between.

You can imagine I was breathing fire. Up and down they went, in and out my penis went, and every so often she would lick the tip of my cock as if it were a bit of ice cream. My eyes nearly rolled back into my head as I began pinching and rolling her erect nipples with the thumb and forefinger of my hands.

She began eliciting the same cries of excitement I myself now was crying, and my breathing became deeper as I felt a familiar stirring within my loins. Wishing to be swept away by this fantasy, I let her have full control of my body now as I outstretched my arms to each side of me and clutched at the covers, clutched at anything that would sustain my grasp.

She did not slow her stroking in the least, keeping pace if not going faster than she previously had, knowing I was in a vulnerable state. She became bolder with her actions, and began to lap and suck at my penis as it strode in and out of her breasts. Harder she applied the pressure to my cock through her tits, and combined with the embraces of her tongue and feel of her tits as my penis slid through them, I told her I was cumming.

Leaning her head back as she did before, she grasped her nipples and began shaking them, causing her breasts to bob up and down on my shaft as I erupted myself onto her pounding globes, with the least of it finding its way back onto me. It was everything that I had envisioned, and with my heart yet racing I barely managed to look down and glimpse her sucking at her own breasts to lap up my cum, even going so far as to lean in toward my stomach and swallow what had found its way there as well.

Oh, she was going to be a tough nut to crack, but if what I had been feeling inside of myself since I had got here was any indication, I felt reasonably sure that I would be able to break her yet.

Part 4 In my loosening daze, I felt a light pecking at my neck.


Emerging from the clouds of my climax, I smelt something sweet and found I could not get up. In a state of vertigo I realized that it had been her all along, straddling me whilst planting light kisses along my neck and around my shoulders.

She leant in close to my ear, confessing to me that she knew I was not her boyfriend. She thought it may have been at first, but as the reality slowly dawned upon her she couldn't help but feel a little excited at the possibility that now presented itself before her.

She had cheated on her boyfriend, plenty of times, but never like this. The love affairs she had been engaged in had always fizzled out from the start, with her instantly recognizing her mistake.

The enticement that I revealed to her tonight, she admitted, was beyond anything she imagined. She had had rape fantasies of course, as all girls do at some point, but to have them actually come true is another thing entirely. She doesn't want to stop fucking; the need to submit is enormous indeed.

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Her warm breath, her soft embraces, I could feel myself getting harder with every utterance. Arching her back so our torsos were barely caressing, she slid one of her hands to my crotch and sighed deeply as she felt that I was ready to take her once again. Clutching my penis in one hand, she hastily began directing it to her hole, missing a few times before finally finding her mark. She was still wet.