Warm milk on my toes

Warm milk on my toes
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1. Often it's the little things that change your life. Two lines of an old song, a trace of scent you all but forgot existed, a face in a crowd looking just like someone you knew and cared about… It sparks a thought, encourages a gesture, the little gears get in motion, the synapses start firing.

The change is just an idea, weak, barely noticeable and unlikely to survive, but it snowballs on until there it is a different life than the one you once knew. A new life, born of a small, insignificant seed. Then again, some lives take much more work to change.

In Susan's case it took anger, desperation, impatience, stubbornness, alcohol and frustration, all cemented together through a string of bad decisions and wrong choices. Looking back on unfortunate events, it is often easy to say they could have been avoided with just slightly more attention to detail. Susan will look back on the events of that night and what she will see is going to make her hate and despise herself.

The hurt will pass, the shame may be suppressed, perhaps even forgotten, but the guilt will stay. Some changes are irreversible and this is exactly what Susan inflicted upon herself. There will be scars, oh, yes, there will be scars. It didn't just happen, though, no. She brought it on. She was looking for it, she was asking for it. That much is clear to her.


Susan isn't stupid. It doesn't take a stupid woman to be frustrated with her life. It doesn't take a stupid woman to be angry at her husband. Hell, it doesn't take a stupid woman to imagine that one evening spent away from home, responsibility gauge turned off for the occasion, will somehow bring some colour into the grey.

Not that grey becomes any easier to bear tomorrow. No, the home, the kids, the church, the family weekends, the same commercials on every stupid TV channel, the same bed every night with the same words, gestures, foreplays, main courses, same moans and sighs, well rehearsed hundreds time over, they stay the same.

The same problems, the same solutions, the birth and care machine running within the advertised parameters… Surely, there is no reason to complain? Either way, your warranty period is over and has been for a long time. No money back, no free drinks. Sorry. Susan slammed the door behind her.

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Looking back on it, it makes so little sense. How childish is it to walk out of the family house, refusing to tell her husband where she will be or even when she will be back? Fuck him, she thought, let him wonder.

He deserves it. An evening with the girls, that's all he needs to know. Let him wonder whether those girls sport penises in their underwear. Let him wonder whether those 'girls' will just have a few drinks, a few laughs and the obligatory few rounds of gossip, or whether they will fuck his pretty suburban wife, make her swallow some cock, come onto and into places he could never think of and perhaps even call her some names he'd never dare let pass his lips.

But anyway. That was not the plan. That was a passing thought in Susan's head. A chuckle on a back seat of a taxi while riding to the café. My wife, a slut. Hahaha, now there's an idea. Let him wonder, let the bastard hurt a little, let him feel threatened, insecure and humiliated.

He knows that men like to look at his wife. Come on, he is not stupid, he can tell his wife is attractive, he can see men are attracted to her, despite her age, pregnancies, despite her suburban ennui, he can see the stares in restaurants, church, theatre… Let him fry a little tonight.

Let him wonder whether Susan's had enough and whether she's decided to accept one of those unspoken invitations. He could see the way she dressed, he could see the make up she put on. He could see the skirt she decided to wear was somewhat shorter than what usually passes for decency in soccer mom circles. He could see the cleavage that was suggesting more than just a friendly round of drinks with her female friends. He could see the high heels that will no doubt turn heads of men around Susan and produce comments about her legs and behind.

Let's give the man his due he is not stupid. And Susan knew he was not going to try to stop her go out dressed like that that would not be in his rational, mild nature but she also knew he would be worrying. Oh, yes, let him worry. Let him worry what happened to his wife so that she got dressed like a slut, refused to even speak to him respectfully on her way out and click-click-clicked on her high heels towards the taxi that awaited.

What her husband could not see was the face of a taxi driver in the rear view mirror. Nervous, quick glances framed by drops of sweat, glances hoping not to be noticed by the leggy passenger in the back seat and yet hoping to steal enough time so that the image of a tall, sexy woman riding towards her favourite café dressed like she is intending to make someone happy, remains firmly etched into the mind.

Susan chuckled again. Of course she noticed the driver was looking at her. He was young and not looking particularly clean. A few ideas and images passing through her head sent a pleasant impulse down her spine.

Remembering that those same ideas, albeit probably in a censored form should be forming in her husband's head at exactly the same time made her feel even better. Dressing like a slut to piss your husband off is hardly a sin, or even a crime. It's not even something one would call eminently stupid. Getting drunk is slightly higher on the list of stupid gestures but then again, sometimes we recognise despair only when we're halfway to the oblivion.

It's just something people do. Those who haven't been there may feel free to cast the first stone etc. So, yes, she got comments from her friends. Yes, all three of them commented on her legs, her skirt, her cleavage, her make up, this is just something girls do. It doesn't matter whether they are fourteen, sixteen, twenty five, or, as in this case, in their forties. This is a girl thing.

Susan laughed and sipped her cocktails as her friends used the words like 'foxy', 'minx' and felt the pleasant tremors in her lower belly when the words jokingly changed into 'slut' and 'fucktoy'. It's those moments when enjoying being sexy just because you are does wonders for one's self-esteem. This is your fuel, Susan, it'll keep you running for weeks, months, if you're lucky. Cross your legs again, look at how sexy they look in black stockings, feel the fabric slither, hear the sound your long, manicured fingernails produce absently scratching against your thigh.

Susan felt content. Being a woman, an attractive woman among other women who all acknowledged her looks and made very clear comments about her sex appeal is good. The only thing better is throwing some men in the mix, right?

Was it the third or fourth cocktail in when Mick and Shane joined the group of merry women at their table? Susan was not sure. The other thing she normally wouldn't be sure about was the logic behind having two men barely half her age join the group of female friends chatting about their husbands, sons, jobs, TV shows and sex. Normally, that wouldn't have happened at all. Susan was surprised it did happen.

Blame it on alcohol. Everybody would anyway. They did have quite a bit to drink, all of them, and they did channel their conversation into some kinky directions so far. Two young gentlemen approaching a bunch of ripe women (loud, somewhat indecent women, at that) politely asking whether they could join, pointing out at the crowded tables around them etc., well, that sounded logical at the moment.

If we are to throw any accusations at Susan, reliance on logic should be one of them. Dressing like a slut and getting drunk and somewhat foul-mouthed is one thing. Believing that there is an undercurrent pattern in the world that will protect people who fail to protect themselves is quite another.

Every day spent on Earth means you learn a difficult lesson. Susan will just pay for the lesson considerably more than the usual fee. Mick and Shane, both apparently of Irish origin (which may or may not account for the thin moustache of the former and the wild, curly hair of the latter) were apparently quick to assess the situation and adjust their tactics accordingly.

Susan smiled in her mind. They were young and horny. They probably knew that they had no chance with a bunch of married women in their forties. But they decided to give their best under the circumstances.

This is amusing, Susan thought, this is getting better and better. It did get better. Or worse, depending on the perspective. Susan could notice Mick's and Shane's gazes repeatedly skim over her breasts, legs and face, in quick feverish bursts. Boys will be boys, apparently, she thought. She smiled again, this time not only in her mind. Let them have some more, why not? Next time Mick's eyes went downwards to get another shot of her long, slender legs she looked straight at him to show him she knew what was going on.

Then she smiled (pre-emptying his possible reaction of panic and embarrassment) and crossed her legs, slowly, seductively, just for him. He noticed. He couldn't have not noticed.

Everybody noticed anyway. Shane noticed it, and her friends noticed it. That should have made her feel self-conscious in a less than positive way but it didn't. Instead, it made her feel sexier and sluttier than before.

The evening just got nastier than she had hoped for. And it felt good. Is there room for accusations here? Certainly, what Susan did crosses over into immoral territory? Then again, it just went on so naturally. As they say, one thing leads to another. And another. And another. How many drinks were there in the end? Susan will not be able to tell. Not tomorrow, not ever. Either way, there will be more serious matters to occupy her mind.

The things kept leading one to another with seamless ease worthy of a good pulp novel. The conversation at the table gradually found itself confined in a triangle between Mick, Shane and Susan.

The rest were locked out. Realistically, there wouldn't be room for one more as sexual innuendo, of a subtle and less subtle kind, got passed between the three of them. Susan was looking at the men's faces as they grew more and more aroused with her ambiguous suggestions, half-jokes and the way she kept changing the position in her seat.

They want to fuck me, she said to herself. They would like to strip me and fuck me right here if the circumstances allowed. They probably never hoped to find a woman my age here, looking the way I do, acting like a sex crazed whore, like I do.

I am sure they both have raging hard-ons in their baggy, faux-military style trousers. Susan crossed her legs once again, slowly, loving every second of it. Yes, just as they must have had erections, so were her panties wet with the excitement the evening provided.

It was better than she had hoped for. She'd hoped for quick glances from men around her, perhaps a name or two thrown at her in the street by youths acting bold in front of their friends. That would have been enough. What she got here was so much better, so much more arousing.

Two young men drooling over her, a verbal fuck session just barely disguised as a café conversation between almost strangers. Susan loved it. She will go home soon enough. She will go home and tease her husband until she admits it was just a proper night with the girls. She would fuck him too. But if he is not 'down' with it (as Mick and Shane would put it), she had her vibrator ready. Oh, yes, that will be a perfect punchline to a good evening.

An orgasm concluding hours of deeper and deeper arousal and shameless, hot flirting with strangers half her age. Let us discuss guilt now. It wouldn't exactly be true to say that Susan didn't feel any guilt. After all, some of the things she said would make her blush quickly in any other situation. Some of the looks she directed at Mick and Shane would make her husband very angry if he were there to witness them.

But, she thought, after all, this is just childish flirtation. There is no deeper meaning to any of this. I know that, they know that, there is no chapter two, no bad consequences.

There is no harm in this. If there is one thing that Susan takes away from this night, which she can use later in life, let's hope it is the knowledge of harm. Harm is always there. Harm is always around, infinitely patient, just awaiting an invitation.


Susan produced a king-size invitation, complete with golden print and calligraphic handwriting. No matter how drunk, horny and desperate one gets, accepting a ride home from a pair of total strangers usually sounds like a bad idea. Susan usually knew bad ideas when she saw them. And, it is fair to say that she knew Mick and Shane offering to give her a ride home was a barely disguised suggestion of sex. She did refuse at first.

Then they argued. More jokes. More innuendo. More pleasant tingling between her legs. These guys wanted her so bad. She could see the bulges in their trousers. Why not prolong the fantasy a bit longer?

As long as she is in control, it will be fine. Control. One thing Susan was not in control of was that pair of long, slender legs, dressed in those slutty stockings and those fuck-me shoes. She did accept Shane's help in getting up and leaned on him on their way out.

Her friends cheered. At least she thinks they did. 2. Which part of town was this anyway? Susan's head cleared a little. A tiny little bit. There are advantages to speeding after all, like the cool air that blew in her face through the window, making her less dizzy.

She wasn't sure how long the ride was taking though. Long enough to have to remove Mick's hand from her shoulder twice so far. He was in a back seat, behind her and, yes, they both laughed about it. But now that she looked around, she started to wonder. "What part of town is this anyway?" she asked, as if this was another in the line of jokes for tonight. All of them laughed.

"Where are you taking me boys?" "Wouldn't you like to know, eh?" Mick said from the back "Wouldn't she like to know, eh, Shane, eh? Shane laughed, nodding in approval. "No, seriously," started Susan.

"I have to get home… once." They all laughed at this but Susan thought the message she was sending might not be clear enough so she added "Seriously, my husband will be worried." That was the first time she ever mentioned her husband this evening even though it was obvious from the start that she was married. She just thought that mentioning him will make them aware of the generation gap the social gap and everything else that seems to have been erased in the last couple of hours.

"Relax, ma'am" Shane said, turning a corner. "The hubby won't have to worry for too long now." He looked into the rear view mirror and stopped the car. Once the engine was off, the silence in the car became strange. Neither Shane nor Mick said anything. Susan felt there was some kind of a change in the air. It couldn't just have been the engine going off. The radio was still on, the insect chatter and bursts of tiny white noise. "Where are we?" She didn't like this any more.

She didn't like the fact that she didn't even know what time it was. Perhaps drinking so much was not the brightest of ideas. There will be some headache tomorrow morning. Oh, yes. "No, just relax, ma'am, seriously." Shane spoke slowly, reassuringly. The street around the car looked rather deserted. "It's cool. We're at my place. I thought we could have another drink there, have a few more laughs and then we'll take you home to your hubby and kids." Her kids?

They knew about her kids? She did mention her kids then. Oh, God. What else did she mention and failed to remember or even register? Susan, you stupid bitch. You stupid bitch. When guilt kicks in, full volume, three dimensions, life size it's usually too late. Call it a glitch in the design of human beings. "No, no, no", Susan said, trying to give her voice a lightweight tone. "We had enough drinks and we had more than enough laughs." Not showing your fear is usually good survival tactic.

Isn't it? Not necessarily so. Not when you've already shown too much. The change has started. Susan's life went down the wrong path. No turning back now.

"Haha, we had more than enough laughs, haha, you hear that Mickey?" Mick approved laughing like a maniac from the back seat. His hand fell to Susan's shoulder once again. Susan jumped in her seat, trying to shake it off. She didn't. "I am serious! I have no time for this any more!" Susan's voice was meant to be firm, mature, authoritative but even to her it sounded decidedly frightened. Don't show them your fear, don't.

"You have no time for this? You have no time for this any more?" Shane sounded genuinely surprised. A whole new concept was just demonstrated to him it seemed. Susan tried putting all her age and dignity into her voice. "Please. Start the car now and take me home.

I have to be with my family now." Shane started laughing. Then he started laughing even louder. Then Mick started laughing in a high-pitched, annoying voice. His hand wouldn't let go of her shoulder. "Stupid bitch. You're such a stupid bitch." The words cut through Susan like shards of glass. "So you think this can just end whenever it's convenient for you, eh?" Suddenly, Shane's voice sounded a lot more mature.

"You think you just play with us and walk away when you've had enough?" Mick's hand started playing with Susan's hair. Susan started shivering. "Shane, listen…" She couldn't force herself to speak any louder than just an elevated whisper. "No, you listen, you bitch!" Shane snapped back at her. "I don't like bitches who think they are too good for us, you know?" Suddenly, Mick's hand was not playing with her hair any more.

Suddenly, his hand was holding a handful of her hair in a firm grip. "I. I…", the words were not there. Not at the moment. "No, really. You think you can just parade in front of us like that, eh? You dress like a slut, you speak like a slut, you act like a cock-hungry whore all evening and when the time comes to land a punch, suddenly Misses E.

remembers she has a husband, whoa!!! That's some bad attitude, ma'am, I don't fucking like it one bit." Susan wanted to protest. She didn't. "What hurts my sensitive heart the most, though, is that you don't care about our feelings at all!" Shane continued, unbuttoning his jacket.

"You think we are not hurt when you reject our polite invitation and act like we're trash? You think we don't have feelings?" Susan felt something roll down her cheek. The she realised it was a tear Then another one followed. Her lower jaw was vibrating without control.

"Pl… please… please, just let me go… please." He's just out to scare her. He's just out to make her feel frightened and he'll tell her that any time now. He's just trying to scare her. For fun. For a laugh. "Let you go? So you DO think our feelings towards you are without merit?" Shane turned to Mick. "Dude, does it strike you as unfair that this slut here basically begged us to fuck her brains out all evening and now she plays a faithful wife and a good mother?" Mick nodded several times, trying to control a laugh "Yeah, yeah, if there ever was a bad hard to get act, this is it!!

She deserves to have her shit sorted out. Good thing she ran into us, eh?" Shane nodded approvingly. He unbuttoned his jacket and reached into the inner pocket. Then he made a quick gesture and his hand produced a metallic sound. Susan was sober. Susan got sober in a mere second. Susan got sober instantly when the cold blade of Shane's butterfly knife touched her temple. Susan closed her eyes, suddenly able to think straight and quickly.

She was able to think quickly enough to know the list of her options just got very short. "Oh God, no, please, please God no…" She repeated the words in a whisper as a meaningless mantra. Her eyelids wouldn't keep the knife out of her eyes. They couldn't even keep the tears in. Mick's hand was pulling her hair backwards, making sure she is positioned nicely for Shane's blade.

"What do you mean 'no'?" Shane asked. "You think you have a choice here? You think what, that we are going to argue with you? Negotiate? Geee, you're dumber than I thought, lady." "And let me just add" Mick said enthusiastically, "that you looked like one dumb slut from the word go. I've never seen a bitch of your age act so shamelessly in public. Luckily, my good friend here and me agreed to teach you a lesson." "Please, please, please, no, please" Susan was shaking her head by mere millimetres, trying to avoid the blade entering her skin.

Shane started unbuttoning his trousers. "Please, God, please, I have kids slightly younger than you, please, have heart, I can't." "It's funny that you remembered them now that you're about to actually eat a cock, and that they apparently didn't exist back in the café while you were doing your whore act." Shane took his penis out of his trousers.

"Now get down to business, slut, if you feel like keeping both eyes in your head rather than in your pockets." "God, no… please… have mercy, please, I can't…" Susan looked at his erect penis and for some reason thought of her husband. "Oh, you can't?" Shane asked in mock surprise. "Let me encourage you a bit, slut!!!" He pressed the blade against her skin harder. Susan felt the sharp pain. She let out a scared cry. "No!!!

Please! I'll scream!!!" Shane and Mick burst into spontaneous laughter. "Aw, God, that was a good one", Mick said, wiping imaginary tears from his eyes.

"She'll scream! That's a great one!!!" "Look, Susan", Shane said in a reasonable voice. "I believe you'll find out that a woman screaming in the middle of the night in this neighbourhood attracts less attention than a fly on a horse's ass.

It's not like you're the first bitch I had to teach how to give head using my knife." He wasn't lying. She knew he wasn't. But… How did they think they'd get away with this? She asked the question between sobs. A pathetic little question of a victim trying to turn the tables on her captors. Again, she got roars of laughter as a response. "No, I am telling you, dude, this one just has it all. She keeps fit, she dresses for pleasure AND she is fucking dumb to boot.

A perfect woman!!!" Mick pulled her head back suddenly, violently. "Listen, dumb cunt, how many people do you think were there in that café, eh? How many of them saw you act like a total slut all evening?

How many of them said to their friends 'Look at that whore, she is trying to fuck both those good looking young man at once. She should be ashamed of herself'? How many of them saw you walk out with us, laughing like a skank, hanging on Shane's arm? Eh? What do you think, how will your story sound to those, shall I say, unwilling witnesses of your shameful behaviour?" This was too much. Too much for Susan.

She started crying uncontrollably, tears gushing forth, her throat hurting. "OK, I just lost my patience, Susan" announced Shane. "Either you start giving Mr. pecker down there some well deserved lovin', or I cut your eye out. Your choice, ma'am." He pressed the knife against her skin once more. Susan felt the cut. She didn't scream this time though. She let out a deep, painful moan.

"It's a no contest, really," said Mick. "You suck my friend's cock and go back to your husband practically undamaged, or Shane pokes that pretty eye out, you then suck his cock and go home a cripple. I know what I'd choose. And I am not even gay!!!" Both laughed and hi-fived each other. Shane increased the pressure. Roll the tape, defeat just entered the building.

Shane did remove the knife when Susan accepted his throbbing penis into her mouth. He didn't do it as a sign of good will, though. That was so he could put both his hands at the back of her head and push her down as far as she would go. Susan gagged when his cock's head brutally penetrated her throat. She never did it like this. Never like this. "Gee, you'd think the bitch this old would have developed a more sophisticated fellatio technique. This is a total fucking embarrassment, Susan, do you hear me?" Shane stopped pushing her down for a second, and pulled her head back so she could look into his eyes.

"Total embarrassment! Do you understand? Answer me!!" The last sentence was yelled at her but Susan couldn't quite cope with this. The only thoughts coming into her head were about how severely violated she was and how terribly frightening it felt.

So the word she uttered was ".no…" Thukk!! Her cheek went red-hot. Shane slapped her again, with the back of his hand, one of his fingers hitting her eye, blinding her temporarily. "That won't do. I asked you a question bitch!!

Do you understand?" He pulled her head up. Sometimes playing along IS the best option. Isn't it? "Yes… Yes, I do…" Thukk!! Slap! Slap! Slap! Shane obviously enjoyed slapping her.

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"Yes what? Eh? Yes what, bitch!" Yes what?? What was that about? It is hard to think when you are being hit repeatedly. "Yes… Yes… sir…" "Awwww, Shane, she finally recognises you for a gentleman you are!!!" Mick's voice was full of admiration. "You do have a way with ladies, that much I have to give you!!!" "OK, we're getting there slowly it seems." Shane sounded pleased and stopped hitting her.

"So let's see, you are a total fucking embarrassment. You can't suck cock to save your life. If you were sucking dick for money, you would be starving!!!

Copy that?" Susan learned. "Yes… yes, sir, I understand. I am a lousy blow." "Excellent. We're making progress!!" Shane adjusted his grip on her hair. "Now, see here, you're in luck because I am willing to teach you. Not many skanky bitches your age get that chance, so you should be grateful." He stopped there, apparently waiting for her reply.

"I. I am… grateful… sir…" Susan struggled. "for… for helping me learn…" Just as long as she doesn't hit her again, she can keep herself under control. "You should be!! You should be. Now, let us hear you ask me nicely to teach you how to suck cock properly." Both of them fell silent in expectation. Susan thought the time stood still too. This is not real. This is not happening. How could THIS be happening? Not to me. Not to me. No. How can he be serious?

He will hit me again. My God, he will hit me and hurt me. Oh God, he will hurt me, he will hurt me. "Please…" Shane hit her. More tears. God, no… "Please, sir…" "Yes?" said Shane encouragingly.

"Please sir, please, teach me to suck cock. Please, I need to learn to suck dick well, so I can give you the pleasure you deserve." Shane turned to Mick triumphantly. "See? See how it pays to be nice with women, my lad? We could have raped this bitch the old fashioned way, but isn't it nicer now that we've all reached the same conclusion and work towards the same goal?" "You know it is, big man!!!" Another hi-five slapped noisily. "So now I am gonna turn this sorry excuse for a wife and mother into a decent cocksucker because she knows it will come in useful in her future career.

Not to mention that her husband will be grateful." "You know, old boy, I wouldn't be surprised if you start getting thank you notes from Mister E., perhaps even a Christmas card once in a while." "Right, right, right." Shane decided to get down to business.

"Let's do it then. Since you asked so nicely, I should grant you your wish and show you what a good cocksucker you can be." It hurt. Susan gagged as Shane kept ramming his swollen cock down her throat.

Tears made her half blind as she was struggling for air. He would put it all in, pushing her head savagely down, then take it out, to rub her saliva and his precum all over her face. There was lots of it. The mixture of mucus was hanging from her face, staining his combat trousers and boxer shorts.

Susan moaned in pain as he brutally pushed his cock deeper and deeper, but her moans were almost inaudible, blocked by his flesh.

"She still has a lot to learn," said Shane, breathing heavily. "But we're getting there, we're definitely on our way. Open up. Open up wide, BITCH!!" He slammed it back in savagely. Susan gagged. But he kept it in. Mick then leaned forwards from his seat, deciding to join the fun and games. One Shane's hand was on her throat. Now Mick put his hand on the back of her head and pushed down. Shane grabbed her nostrils with his free hand and pressed them together. Suddenly, the small quantity of air available to Susan turned into none.

"This will increase everybody's pleasure, I believe!" explained Mick. Susan thrashed in her seat, blind panic, mortal fear, no sound save for terrified moaning, sound of an animal struggling for her life. "Awww, ahhh, agghhh, man, aww, you should try this yourself!!!" Shane was ecstatic, "Oh, GOD, this is incredible!!!" Susan's struggle for air ironically made her give him more pleasure than he was getting by merely fucking her throat.

Just when she thought she will pass out, he pulled out and let go of her nose. "Holy FUCK, man, I knew you'd be getting better, bitch, Old Shane's lessons are always a success." (Susan coughed uncontrollably) "Now let me see you do them balls." Susan complied. She kissed and sucked his hairy, swollen balls, listening to him moan from pleasure. Without warning, he grabbed her hair again and penetrated her throat.

He used both hands to pull her head up and down at first ('Awww, throatfucking slut, you love this, don't you?') and then pressed her nostrils together again. She knew roughly what to expect this time around but that didn't make it feel any better. The panic was back, the fear was back too. The humiliation never really left. The sounds of a man getting enormous pleasure from violating and humiliating her in front of his friend made her hate herself.

"You fucking cunt!!! You fucking, dirty slut!!! Awwwwww, man, she got me, she got me!!! I'm cumming!!!" Shane shouted like they were all alone in the whole world. "Aaargggh, take it, you whore, take it all you fucking bitch!!!" If he'd ejaculated into her throat, Susan would have probably gagged worse than ever, perhaps even thrown up. Luckily, Shane, possibly influenced by ages old porno tradition, pulled out just in time and instead started shooting his cum into her face. If there was any pride left in Susan, and there wasn't, she possibly could have felt proud about making a man cum so hard.

Not that it was really her deed. He just used her mouth as a fuckhole and now he sprayed her face and hair with his semen, shouting all the time, getting cum into her eyes, into her nostrils… Once he was done he again brutally shoved his cock into her mouth.

"Clean it!!! Clean that fucking cock, you fucking no good, cheap slut!!!" She complied. There wasn't much will left in her after all. All she could think of was that he was finished. His penis was going limp in her mouth. It will be over. Soon, it's all over. "That wasn't so bad, was it, eh? Miss E.?" Shane was sporting a wide grin on his face, the kind of a dumb smile men sometimes have after they have orgasmed.

"You will become a good cocksucker once, I can promise you that." Whatever. It's over now. Please. Let it be over. "Of course, my friend here would like to teach you a thing or two as well." God, oh God… She knew that was coming. She knew. "But, Susan, I still think we should go with my original suggestion go to my apartment and have that drink. How about it now?" He emphasised the last sentence by raising the butterfly knife once again.

An invitation you can't say no to. Mick opened his door. "Awww, I'm gonna love this!!" The building looked black and deserted. Mick opened Susan's door. 3. The common understanding is that once the stimulus overstays its welcome, it stops being effective.

The pain lasts until the numbness kicks in. For instance, try hitting yourself in the eye, repeatedly. Sure, at first, you're in agony but over time, the whole area turns numb and the hits don't really produce any result any more. Right? Well, it depends on how you define result. Keep hitting yourself, and you'll poke your eye out. Keep scratching that itch and you'll draw blood eventually, then strip the flesh off the bone.

The point is numbness itself doesn't really help. The damage keeps getting done. You can pretend you don't care, but you'll care in the end. You will. This was approximately what Susan was thinking about as they walked her across the sidewalk, through the door and up the stairs. With a lot less reliance on clumsy metaphors, of course. Her heels clicked and produced dull echoes that had something mean and ominous about them. She knew that the things were getting worse.

Being forced to orally satisfy a man in a car is humiliating, scary and horrible. But being taken into an ugly, decrepit building, her arm under Shane's, cold metal of his knife touching the small of her back, that promised a whole new area of ugliness. Susan was shivering. This could not be happening. Not to her. Not to her. What has she done? What has she done to deserve this? How could this be true? Every step up the stairs felt like a step on a descent to hell.

Her heart pounded so hard she could barely hear anything. In between bursts of panic, thoughts of hope ran through her head. After all, it is the hope that dies last, isn't it? Perhaps somebody will see them. Perhaps she can scream. Perhaps she can attract somebody's attention.

The only person they did see on the way to Shane's apartment was a black guy at the bottom of the stairs, apparently out of his head with something or other, his big eyes gleaming white in the dark.

Susan felt Shane pressing the blade deeper into her back, as a reminder of the special circumstances they were all in. She kept silent. To the black guy, or any other potential witness, she certainly looked like a drunken slut being helped upstairs by a duet of her lovers for tonight.

This time around her legs were shaky from mortal fear, not from alcohol, but this difference was hardly visible. If there was the good side to all this, it's the fact nobody could see Susan's face with her makeup smeared and mixed with her spit and Shane's cum.

Not much to be happy about, admittedly, but you take what you can. It wasn't about the things possibly going to get worse. The things were getting worse. Susan knew that. She could have sucked Mick in the car as well. It would have been terrible and humiliating but that would have been on the same level with what she did for Shane.

But now… The things were getting worse. Exhibit A: As soon as Shane unlocked the door and switched the light on, Mick grabbed Susan's hair and threw her to the floor, savagely.

The stakes are going up. Bring on the next round. "Boy, you are getting somewhat impatient, or the bitch just tripped?" asked Shane sarcastically. "Well, you know, old boy, I figure, now that we're home, let's relax and stop pretending we're model citizens. I say we give in to the passion and let our bodies do the talking." Susan knew a bad omen when she saw it. Getting up was probably not the best idea, but then again, it really made no difference after all. Slowly, she got back to her feet and stood in the middle of the room shivering.

She knew that this was it. Now there was no more hope. No unexpected last-minute saves. No accidental passers-by to rescue her before the beasts rape her.

A tall, scared figure in the middle of a scary room decorated with foul smell, dim light and alien sounds. A tall, shivering body getting ready for the battle it could never win.

There's only one thing to do. She knew they wanted it. She knew they will be thriving on it. But there's only one thing to do. "Please… Please… I am begging you, please," she whispered through her hurting throat. "I can't do this, please, I can give you money, just let me go, please…" Shane was flipping through his CD collection and laughed a heartfelt laugh.

"Ooo she's so nice. She'll give us money." He picked a CD with a satisfied look on his face and threw it into the tray. "Listen, bitch, what do you think is stopping us from taking all your money AND then raping your stupid brain out? Why do you think you're in any position to negotiate?" Good question. Susan couldn't say anything as her throat closed for a second. Music was a lot louder than the radio they had in the car. Heavy beats made the invisible glass objects in Shane's apartment rattle in sync.

The mood in the room became notably more evil in a kind of a jovial way. More begging. Nothing else there. No other weapon at her disposal, just the near infinite supply of self humiliation she could provide. "But… please… I can't… I can't do this… please, I am begging you, I'll give you everything I have, I can write you a check and I have more money at home, please…" Shane fished a can of beer out of the depths of the fridge.

"Please… please… I have kids… I… You… You have mothers don't you, please…" Emotions? Nice try. Mick was slowly getting undressed. "Mothers? Awww, you just broke my heart, woman. You hear that, Shane? She is appealing to our feelings towards our mothers." "Well, personally, I don't really recall my mother" Shane said looking nowhere in particular and trying to sound philosophical between sips of beer, "But I do recall my stepmother and let me tell you, I always wanted to fuck the bitch." "I wouldn't mind fucking my mother, to be honest," Mick said looking thoughtful.

"Hell, everybody else on the block did. Let's see if I can squeeze some oedipal kick out of fucking this bitch." Can this be real? Can this be real? God, why? Why? "God, please, don't you have any mercy?" Susan was breaking into tears, standing in the middle of the badly lit and badly maintained room, her clothes on, but her dignity being stripped with each passing second.

"Look, bitch," Mick cut in. "Your yakking is starting to annoy me. I figure you'd better start doing something amusing or we might be forced to cut some body parts off you just to keep ourselves entertained." "no." "You really need to get that word out of your dictionary, at least when we talk love and carnal pleasures." Mick was now naked from the waist up and Susan could see the tattoos on his arms.

"But seriously, you are becoming annoying. And, you know, annoy Shane enough and he'll do something nasty, like cut off your tits for example." He started undoing his shoelaces. "I'd hate to see that, at least this early into the evening, so to prevent Shane from being annoyed by the stream of bullshit coming from your mouth, I say we do something less radical." He looked into her eyes with an evil grin on his face.

"Take your panties off." Susan blinked. She knew this was coming sooner or later. That didn't help. She couldn't move. Not here. Not in front of them. No. "I said, take them OFF!" Mick repeated, irritated and angry. No, sweet Lord, now could she do it? How could she possibly do that? Shane put his beer can down with a sigh and reached for the knife. "Sometimes they do need some encouragement.

Perhaps I just hack of a nipple for starters. Hey, Susan, you ever seen Ichi the Killer? You know, zzzzzzp, ooops, no nipples here anymore, move along, nothing to see here." He made a few steps towards her, the light shining off menacingly from the blade in his hand. He will hurt her. He will mutilate her. Forever. No… No. nonononono "No, no, no, stop, please" screamed Susan backing off from him. She hit a wall after two steps. Think quickly. Think slowly. There's only one solution.

Really. "Stop, I'll do it, God, stop, I'll take them off." Quickly, she reached beneath her skirt and took the panties off. Not an easy task when you are on heels as high as the ones she had on, but nevertheless she was holding her black, tiny panties in her hand in a matter of seconds.

"See, I knew you would improve your behaviour with some appropriate encouragement" Mick was grinning even wider as he approached her. "Let me see that. Oh, a lace thong, what an excellent choice, madam!" He took the panties from her and brought them to his nose. Susan was shivering from fear and shame. "Wow, dude! You know what? These panties are SOAKED!!


And they smell of pussy like a motherfucker. The bitch got really wet somewhere down the line!" "You sure it's not just that she pissed herself from fright?" asked Shane ironically. "Aww, dude, have some faith, why be so negative all the time? The lady is wet because she ran into us. After all, two strapping young lads like us are a premium prize for an old skank like her. She was fishing for cock all evening, dude, and she got wet along the way." Susan trembled where she stood.

His words made her feel so guilty. It wasn't the derogatory tone he was using or the names he called her. It was that he was right. In part. He was right. How could she? How could she? "Right. Lovely." concluded Mick after inspecting her underwear. "Now, to ensure you stop talking for a while and have some time to meditate on the whole thing, let's see you open that filthy mouth of yours." He couldn't. He wouldn't. He was not going to do it.

No. No, no way. Susan made a step backwards but the wall was still there. It took two slaps. Mick hit her a lot harder than Shane did back in the car.

She would have fallen to the floor, but the wall behind her prevented even that escape route. In panic, she raised her arms, covered her face with her hands. Anything, just to protect her face. Anything. However, Mick was a lot stronger than his tiny frame (or rascally moustache) suggested. He removed both her arms easily and hit her again.

And again. He did it with passion, he did it with obvious pleasure. "Stop!! Please!!" Susan was screaming. "God, please stop, I'll do it, please just stop!!!" She'd do it.

She'll do it. Anything to make him stop hitting her. "Now that's a good whore. I knew you'd understand." Mick made a little ball out of her pants. "Not that I particularly mind hitting women, mind you." She forced herself to stand still and open her mouth. Mick stuffed the panties into her mouth, slowly, methodically.

He was pleased with himself when all of it was in. Susan could taste herself. Susan was extremely ashamed. She stood motionless, her arms at her sides, her head bowed down. Tears came gushing down. He had her do something awful, something indecent and ghastly. She did it to save herself from pain. That didn't make her feel much better. She had problems breathing because of the fabric in her mouth.

Mick walked around her, taking time exploring her figure. "Right, what we have here is an old whore. But still useful. Yeah, I figure we can still have some fun." He approached her from the back, forcing her to make a few steps forwards. She felt him reach from behind and place his hands on her breasts. She felt the urge to run, to scream, to hit him.

She did none of the above. She continued crying as his hands squeezed her breasts increasingly harder. The sensation of being helpess, of being totally at their mercy increased with every second, with every move his greedy fingers made on her breasts.

"That feels like a good pair you have there" said Mick. "Shane, man, why don't you break out the camera? We have some first class goods here it seems. Let's preserve the memory for the coming generations." "Good idea, my man, good idea." Shane found the camera and started playing with the controls as Mick continued playing cruelly with Susan's breasts.

"Oh, God, not so hard, you're hurting me, please…" she uttered as his hands became less exploratory and more torturously invasive. "No shit? Hurting you?" By the tone of his voice Mick was having the time of his life. "You're such a pussy, Susan. I haven't even STARTED hurting you. You'll know when that happens, don't worry." Susan felt her legs turning to lead on these words. She wanted to beg some more but her throat wouldn't make any sound.

"But be smart and you might get by without permanent damage, OK? Don't piss me off, do what I tell you and you may even like some of it, OK? After all, you were out to find some cock this evening and now you're getting some, OK? I said OK?" Susan was shivering so hard that she could barely control her body. But she did understand his question required a reaction.

She managed to nod. "Great. I knew you were a reasonable woman from start. We will have some fun!!" he sounded enthusiastic and happy.

Like 'fun' he was talking about didn't include humiliating and raping a woman guilty only of her fantasies. "Let there be light," said Shane flipping a switch and the ugly, dim light in the room turned into ugly bright light. "Awww, dude, you're ruining all the mood." Protested Mick. "I don't mind fucking this whore in bright light, but you know how ladies are they need to feel good to give their maximum!!!" "It's the camera, man." Explained Shane.

"If Missis E. here wants to be a good porn star for her hubby, we need some illumination." "Um… OK. If its for artistic reasons, I am sure she won't mind." Mick turned Susan's head towards him. "You don't mind the lights, do you, honey?" Susan shook her head. Violently. No. No. No. That was the only word she could think of. "Excellent.

I can see you're getting into it." "This is it, smile for our audience, whore" announced Shane as he pointed the camera towards Susan. "And let's finally see some of those tits" added Mick. In one swift gesture he ripped apart the fabric of her blouse and most of the black bra she was wearing underneath. The feel of being helpless and violated, the sound of tearing fabric, the fact that there was another man filming the whole proceeding, all this made Susan scream into her gag made of lace.

Not much of it came out but enough to have Mick laugh with satisfaction. It also apparently inspired him to take hold of her nipples and start twisting them cruelly, for his friend to film. Susan struggled in his arms but there was not much she could do. Not only that he was much stronger than her, she was now also very much aware that he was not afraid to hurt her.

"Right," Mick said, pushing Susan away suddenly. "This is fun, but let's be more creative." Creative? He placed himself on the sofa, in front of Susan and started explaining his plan. "First, take those panties out of your mouth. I am sure you loved the taste, but you got your lesson now. Throw them anywhere, you won't be needing them. Second, get your purse." Her purse? Perhaps… Perhaps he wanted her money after all and… "I want you to fix your make up.

I like my whores tidy and sexy. You made a mess of your face when you sucked Shane's cock in the car and I want you pretty again for me. Understood?" Susan thought just for a short second. She couldn't really do it. She nodded. "Good.

Let's see you do your magic. Also… you know, you don't want to look like a crack-whore coming home from work on the video, do you? You want to be pretty, don't you?" She felt his last question demanded an answer.

"yes… yes…" she whispered. "Good. Go on, petty yourself up then." She got her purse and struggled to open it. Her fingers wouldn't really listen.

Her make up wasn't really easy to find even in normal circumstances. This was absurd, wrong and humiliating. But there was no way she could do anything but what he wanted her to do. She had to try and fix her make up. She had to try and look pretty for her captor, for her tormentor, for her rapist.

Anything, just to avoid being hurt. Her hands were trembling so much that she thought he'd lose his patience halfway through. But, miraculously, he was patient. He was sitting on the sofa and slowly stroking his erect penis, apparently enjoying every slow second of Susan's humiliation. Of course it wouldn't work. She couldn't really fix her face. Not after what happened. Not kneeling on the dirty floor of Shane's apartment, shaking from fear, shock and humiliation.

But in the end it seemed to be good enough for Mick. "Are we there yet, Missis E.? My pet here is getting restless." She looked at him and he seemed to be pleased. "Yeah, that's going to do the trick. You're still an old, ugly skank, but you'll pass for a proper woman." He leaned back on the sofa.

"Now, I want you to take those clothes off for me. I want you to stay only in your stockings and shoes." Shane laughed approvingly. "My man, I admire your restraint and I approve of your good taste. Let's see this slut do some porn for us." Susan started taking the torn blouse off but Mick stopped her with a high pitched yell. "A, a, a, a, a, a! Now, you KNOW you can do better than that, Susan.

You know what I really want. I mean, do you really think that Shane is playing this lovely music just to annoy the neighbours? Let us see you do some nice, slow strip-tease for the audience here!!" How could he? How could he be so cruel? How… "Unless, of course you still want to see your tits hacked off and mailed to your husband and kids in a box. Do you? Eh? I am sure Shane would love to grant that wish." Susan regained the ability to speak. "No… No… I'll do it.

I'll do it." She started again. Slowly this time. The bright side? Well, if you insist, the slower she takes the clothes off, the later everything else happens. And Susan couldn't force herself to think what everything else might be. "This is not going to do, bitch, not at all. Stop right there" insisted Mick. Shane shrugged as if to say 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks'. "Listen, you're just doing this to piss me off, right?

Right?" What was he on about? "No. I." He jumped to his feet, made two swift paces towards her and hit her so hard she fell back, to the floor. He was above her in a second, grabbed her hair, pulled her up and yelled into her face. "Well, you ARE pissing me off! If I wanted to be pissed off by an old skank, I would have stayed in school! What you're doing is pathetic. You hear that? You hear me?" Susan nodded, again, again and again.

God, just don't hit me again, just don't hit me again. "Alright, let's try again." He got back to the sofa.

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"Now, I want you to really put yourself into it. I want you to seduce me. You remember how it's done, don't you? You seemed to be doing fine back in the café.

Listen to the music!! Let your body take over, damnit!!!" Over the next couple of minutes Susan received some approving shouts, some insults and some directions.

She danced to the music, she took her clothes off. She never did anything like this before but fear made her a quick learner. She waved her hips, she slowly circled, she caressed her thighs. When Mick told her to play with her breasts she did it gently, slowly, almost lovingly, in a complete contrast to the rough approach he himself demonstrated minutes ago.

The irony was not lost on her.

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She did a performance for them. She amused them and aroused them. She brought pleasure to her tormentors. Sometimes… On a very rare occasion, but sometimes, sometimes Susan fantasised of doing something like this.

Of being a stripper in a night club, of taking her clothes off to the music, of being watched, encouraged and lusted for by customers of Mick's and Shane's age or younger. Her fantasy become ugly, improbable, hurting reality. And this reality was laughing into Susan's face. Shane filmed all of it and gave additional instructions. He had her do vulgar things. He had her turn her back on them, bend forwards and use her hands to spread her ass-cheeks for them.

Exposed like that, aware that he was filming it all, Susan pressed her eyelids together tight to hold the tears in. "Now stick a finger up your cunt. That's it. Now let us see you suck on that finger." Susan put her finger in her mouth. The taste. That taste. "No, no, no, do it slow. Slow, dammit. I want you to show me you love being a dirty fucking slut.

Show me you love the taste of your own cunt!!!" Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. She did it. For the camera. For Mick and Shane. For the audience. And when Mick insisted she ask him to make love to her she tried. She really did. She hated herself deeply for allowing those words to pass her lips, but she tried. They were not satisfied. Not the first time, not the second time, not the third time. Realistically, who could blame her? It is difficult, if not impossible, to convincingly seduce a person you fear and loathe.

But they made her repeat it again and again. Shane helped her out. He hit her three times and threatened to mutilate her if she failed to get it right the next time. "One more time. With feel!!! Come on. I want to see you really want me to fuck your brains out." Mick was really enjoying himself. "Show me you're a whore totally in love of my cock." Again. With feel. Hate.

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I hate you. "Please, baby", it came out in a hoarse whisper, "Please, I am so horny, please fuck me like only you can, please." She knew what the great secret of acting was. You don't get to act. You get to become the person.

That exact moment her mind was blank. She was THAT person. For a brief moment. Perhaps that wasn't perfect either but Shane gave his approval.

"Very nice, very nice indeed," Mick was enthusiastic. "Let's expand on it a bit now, shall we?" He had her kneel. She felt vulnerable and cheap, kneeling in her stockings and high heels in front of a tattooed man who held her hair and shoved his penis into her mouth.

"You like that? Eh? You like how that cock tastes?" He pulled out to give her a chance to speak. She knew the right answer and she hated herself. "yes… I love it… I love your cock…" Her voice was weak, deep and dark but Mick seemed to get an extra bit of entertainment out of it.

"I knew you would. I knew you would. Where would you like it now? Eh?" Where? "In. in my mouth… Put it back in my mouth, baby please, I need your cock…" "Glad I can be of service ma'am" Mick said and rammed his penis into her throat. She gagged but he pulled out almost immediately. The he rammed it back in, all the way down, hitting her chin with his testicles. Out again, then down into her throat again. Susan struggled. Her hands were on his thighs and she was trying to push him away but he was so much stronger.

"Please…" she uttered as he took it out for a second. "not that hard…" "What's that?" Mick asked as he slammed his cock back in. Susan tried to pull away. He surprised her by actually following her gesture and pushing her further down to the ground. "You said you want it harder? Is that it? Happy to oblige, ma'am!!" He pinned her down to the floor and mounted her, his penis never leaving her mouth. Then he started thrusting really, really hard.

"Man, you'll choke her." Shane said, coming closer to film the action from a more convenient angle. "Nah, she can take it", Mick said between thrusts. Susan was gagging and fighting for air. Her head hit the floor with every of Mick's thrusts. Her eyes felt like they were pushing out of their sockets. She started seeing black. She started checking out. And then it was he who was out. "That was fun. But now I want to have some different fun".

Mick's weight was suddenly off. "You know, there is a school of thought that claims that it's a wonder men want to fuck women at all providing women agree with oral sex. This school of thought claims oral sex is so much better than proper humping." He got his trousers off finally.

"But I beg to differ. There is something profoundly pleasing in spreading slut's legs wide and sticking it up her cunt and it all feels so much better when you know she's not really up for it. And you now, if she catches some of that cum-virus and gets a bad swelling in her belly later on, so much better for it!!!" Shane gestured at Susan to get up. She obeyed, slowly. She knew hell just grew another chamber.

"God, she is stunning, isn't she?" Mick made a spontaneous comment that would, under other circumstances surely make Susan proud and perhaps a little wet. She stood in front of him, just in her heels and stockings, awaiting further instructions.

"Right. See that table over there?" Mick gestured as his erect penis obscenely pointed in the same direction. Susan nodded. "Get up on it. On your back. Spread your legs." She knew this was coming. Still, she could feel a completely fresh panic attack overtaking her from within. It wasn't just what he'd do to her body. It was her spirit. It was her soul. "please…" she whispered once again.

"please… please don't, I am begging you… please… I can't… please don't force me… have heart, please… I'll suck your cock, I'll make you feel good, just don't…" Her head snapped back violently as Mick backhanded her, grinning like a maniac. "I thought we reached an understanding, slut. No negotiations. I say, you obey, everyone's happy. Got it?" happy… "God… you animal, you vicious animal…" Shakk!! Thukk!!!

Two more violent slaps. Then he pushed her onto the table. Why did she do it? Why did she say those words? Susan was not a stupid woman. Susan was not stupid. Why did she say those words? No time to dwell on those thoughts. Perhaps later, when historical perspective allows for a calmer environment, a more rational stance. Not now, as she was brutally pushed onto the table. Susan fought back. She didn't mean to, it was just a reaction. Natural.

Survival impulse. But of course, our survival impulses sometimes bring us more harm than it was originally intended. Such is the nature of civilisation. Not that she ever had a chance. Mick was much stronger than her and her flailing arms getting in the way didn't make much difference. He had her on her back in a matter of seconds. He had her legs spread wide, obscenely wide in a matter of moments. He penetrated her as she wiggled on the table, trying to avoid the inevitable, he penetrated her as she screamed at the top of her voice.

She screamed, feeling the penis enter her, she screamed and kicked as he started thrusting onwards and pulling backwards and onwards again, getting deeper and deeper into her. And Shane was there all the time, filming the rape and commenting on it in the excited voice. "Alright, Mickey, the old-school rape finally. Show that bitch what you're made of.

Make her fucking scream, make her fucking womb bleed, man!!!" It wasn't the mere physical violation, the sense of his penis in her twitching vagina.

She was a mature, experienced woman. She wasn't a tight young girl. Besides, they were right, God, they were right, she was wet most of the evening, unforgettably, unforgivably wet. So it wasn't just the forced penetration that was making her scream and scream and scream. It was being helpless. Being raped and not being able to fight back, escape or do anything whatsoever about it.

He had her where he wanted her, he had her open, helpless, he had her receiving what he had for her. And he loved every second of it. "Awww, man, you can't beat this, you can't fucking beat this, man. I love it when they fight, I love it when they wiggle like a fucking eel. I love this shit man!!!" he was fucking her harder and harder as he explained his preferred scenario of a sexual encounter.

"And I fucking love how they scream!! I fucking love this!! Hey, Susan, you enjoying this as much as I do?" Just wordless screaming. "I asked you a question, BITCH!" She should have known by now. She knew, she did. But she couldn't. So he hit her. And he continued hitting her, slowly, with feel, but as hard as ever. "Are you? You like my cock in your dirty cunt? You love it, eh?" "NO NO NO NO, AAAAA, NO, PLEEEASE, NO NO!!!" "Yeah, I know you love it, I just need you to say it.

Don't be shy, there's just us here, and our future audience, of course." He mad a head gesture towards Shane who came in closer with his camera. The he grabbed her throat with both hands and started to squeeze brutally, never once slowing down the rhythm of his thrusts. Susan's twitching movements became even more erratic. He was choking her. He was chocking the life out of her as he kept brutally pumping her vagina with his swollen flesh.

He was going to strangle her. Here. Now. She was going to die. She clawed and kicked. She couldn't scream. She couldn't see. She was dying. "Aw, slow down, dude, you'll snuff the bitch." Shane's voice somehow made its way through the avalanche of noise Susan's blood was making in her ears. "Nah, dude, this one is a tough cookie. She can take it all. We're just enjoying some rough lovin'." Mick eased the pressure. "Isn't that right, love?

You love Uncle Mickey's cock in your dirty old cunt. You love Uncle Mickey's hands on your throat. Am I right?" Susan discovered she could speak as he eased up the pressure. Barely. "…no… n… no… please… no more… please… I'll do anything…" "What's that?

Can you speak up? You seem to be so overcome with emotion you can barely speak?" Mick was enjoying every painful second of his victim's fear, pain and shame. "… p-p-p-please… I'll do anything you want…" Mick looked up into the camera and smiled. "Hear that, old buddy? Music to my ears. They are all whores, no matter how strongly they deny it at first, They will all be happy to do whatever I want after we've had a reasonable conversation." He looked back down at Susan "Right, so, let's for starters hear you tell me how much you love my cock in your cunt.

Feel free to use as many words as you want." He continued his thrusts in a somewhat slower rhythm, making her head bounce off the table as she spoke.

As if speaking was not difficult enough to start with. OK. Go ahead. Go ahead, please. He will hit you again if you don't. He will put his hands on your throat again. He will strangle you. Go ahead, for God's sake!! "i… i… Oh God…" Slap. "That's NOT going to do, slut. Remember what I said back then? I want you to seduce me. I want you to convince people watching the tape that you mean it. I want your husband to break down in tears and rage when he sees this." Her.

husband? Slap. Slap. "No problem. We can go back to the simple stuff again. It's been a while since I chocked a whore to death while she was on my dick, but it's always been a pleasure." "stop.

stop. I'll do it properly this time. please…" He smiled at her. "I'm all ears, Susan. Impress me!!" Now. Do it now!!! "Mick… Please baby. Give me your cock." She lowered her voice, switched to a hoarse, raspy whisper she always associated with prostitutes and phone-sex professionals.

"I love how you fuck me, loverboy. I love your cock in my pussy." Mick accelerated his thrusts as her words became more coherent. "give it to me baby… fuck my pussy harder… I've never fucked such a young, handsome stud…" "You don't say?" Mick's mock surprise was almost convincing. "A whore like you?

I am shocked!!" "no, lover, it's true… no one fucked me like you do. no one was as big as you or as hard as you. I love it how you fuck me… fuck me like a slut… fuck me harder… AAAAWWWW!!" Susan's moan was less pleasure and more pain.

Much, much more pain, as Mick bowed down and started biting on her nipples. "Oh GOD, it hurts, PLEASE!!! Not so hard!!!" "Come on, slut!!" said Shane.

"First you tease the poor lad until he sees red and now you want him to go easy on you? Pffff, make your mind up, cunt!!!" Mick was again coming in at full force. Her body was pushed backwards as he was thrusting in, her head pushed over the edge of the table. "Take that, that and THAT, whore. You love this, I know you love this." Mick spat in Susan's face, continuing his assault. "That's very nice, dude. You just positioned her perfectly for some of the old porno tricks we have learned as young kids." Shane walked behind the table and grabbed Susan's hair with his free hand.

"You know, slut, all this whorish behaviour of yours is making me hard again. Bad for you, I'll agree, bad for your husband that you're such a whore, but good for me." He pushed his trousers down. Susan's head was hanging over the edge of the table and he pulled her hair up, so that her upside-down face was right where he needed it. "Come on, swallow it." He ordered dryly. Susan shook her head left, then right, trying to avoid him invading her mouth. "Look, it's cute that you're playing hard to get but it's really time to drop it.

You've made your point but there's no point in it. We have you on tape. We have you on tape telling us how much you love this shit and what you want us to do to you. Whoever might be wondering about what happened here this evening will see how much you were into it. Your husband, your slut friends, police, court, everyone. So just drop it." He was right. Of course he was right.

But she couldn't let him, no, no no no… "Then again, I don't mind knocking some of your teeth out so I can stick my dick in there. Hell, it's OK to get my cock bloody if it's for the right cause." He held her head firmly in place. He pushed at her lips. And they parted. Susan was choking in tears. The camera was mere inches from her face as Shane pushed his half-erect penis inside.

"Woooow, dude, look at us!!" Exclaimed Mick, spreading Susan's legs even wider and continuing his assault. "Dynamic duo from hell, eh?" "You know it, dude, you know it!!!" Shane started pushing deeper and harder as his penis grew bigger in Susan's mouth. Seconds later he was in her throat, gagging her, his testicles hitting her face just as his friends' were hitting her anus with every thrust of his.

They harmonised their movements and now she was penetrated deep from both ends in perfect sync. She was taken like a whore. Like the cheapest prostitute doing it for spare change, so she can afford another hit of crack.

She let them do this. She allowed them to do this. She lead them into this with her stupid behaviour and her weakness. And she was there on tape, begging them to fuck her. Susan, you stupid, stupid bitch… She was raped from both ends. Brutally, senselessly raped. She could barely breathe and move. She was completely taken and used. "Awww, awww, aww, man, this is too fucking good. This is too fucking good. I can't stop myself, man!!" Mick was shouting as his thrusts reached takeoff speed.

"Imma fill this bitch, aaaggghh, oooohhh, man here it comes, aawwww, I'm cumming!!!!" And he was. He shot it all into her, deep into her, deep into her vagina, his hot, dirty semen. Completely. Taken. Used. By both of them. You brought it onto yourself Susan. You brought it on. The music continued playing. Some things stay the same no matter what. Seconds passed. ".telling you man, she was TWITCHING as I came.

She was fucking twitching. That old cunt was twitching as I shot." God… Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps it can be over now? Seconds passed. "Look at it, man. "Shane was shoving his friend the tiny screen on his camera. "Look, her whole body was twitching.

I almost choked her because she was swallowing my cock so deep man." No. It was Mick who was pushing her onto it. I swear.

Seconds passed. She felt it. She could not ignore it. Seconds passed.

No. Speak. Seconds passed. Speak. Come on. Speak. They will listen. "please…" "And look at all that mucus!!

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Aww, man, her make-up is ruined all over again." "Doesn't matter! Doesn't matter now!! It's all on tape, everyone can see it's been ruined through passionate lovemaking. That's a justified cause, you know!!" "…please…" Shane turned his head to Susan.

"What's that? You want something bitch? You didn't have enough, eh?" "…please…" She swallowed. Her throat was dry and hurting. "please… I need to go to the bathroom…" "You what? " Asked Shane. "I need to… I need to pee… please…" Shane burst into laughter. "Why don't you do it there, bitch?

Eh? Not like you have to be shy in front of us. Not any more." Mick's behaviour wasn't significantly changed after he orgasmed in her vagina.

"Are you nuts, dude?" Shane took the camera back from Mick. "You want her to ruin my carpet, eh?" "You call this rag a carpet?" Said Mick in bewilderment. "I thought this was just cum and dirt held together by spit and spilled beer." "Hey, fuck you, this is not Hilton, but it's a home. I'm taking the bitch to the bathroom." And so he did.

It's needless to say how ashamed Susan felt having to urinate in front of a man who just raped her, twice, and who was taping the whole thing on video. It does, however pay to know that she wasn't allowed to do it in a normal, everyday way.

Shane had her squat on the floor, spread her thighs as wide as they would go. "Yeah, like that. That's so fucking sexy, Missis E. I love those shoes.

Let us have it now." Could she do it? She didn't think she could. Sometimes just hearing her husband in front of the door of their toilet at home prevented her from peeing. But then, these were different circumstances. The shock, the stimuli, the cold. She could do it. So help her God, she could do it. In front of her rapist. On the floor. Squatting in her stockings and slut shoes.

With him filming her. She could do it. She did it. She let her urine on the floor. And when she was done, when he grabbed her hair and forced her on all fours, when he forced her face into the puddle of urine, never stopping the camera for a second, that was when she knew it's not over. Dear God.

Not over yet. Back in the room. A mere minute later. Mick was naked on the sofa, smoking a joint, his penis, now limp hanging between his legs. "Dude, what happened back there, eh? I thought I heard the lady here complain about something or other.

She didn't like the colour of the tiles?" "Nah," Shane said, rewinding the tape in his camera. "it's more the taste she had problems with. But that was her choice. I told her that pissing on my bathroom floor is definitely NOT a sign of good manners and she was sweet enough to offer to clean all of it with her tongue.

Who am I to say no if that's what makes her tick?" "Most excellent, dude, most excellent. I applaud your, er, whatever… You're being a gentleman and I hope Susan here will remember that in coming years." He leaned back in the sofa. "Speaking of years, you know what I always dreamed of?" "Is this a trick question? You never struck me as a dreamy type." asked Shane. "Trick?

Nah, dude, no, seriously. You know what I always dreamed of? I always dreamed of having an old slut like Susan here eat my asshole, you know? None of my girlfriends seemed to be into it and anyway, none of them were as slutty as Susan is, so I didn't insist." "I applaud your, er, restraint, dude.

And I abhor your perverse nature in the same breath" Shane pressed a key on his camera. "But to each their own, I guess and I am sure Susan will be happy to indulge you.

Won't you, whore?" The direct question to Susan made her instantly aware of many things but now she knew what the priorities are.

She knew she never did it. She was disgusted. She was completely broken. She hated herself. Really hated herself. There was a ten ton truck full of guilt on her chest. Whore. Bitch. Slut. You fucking, disgusting excuse for a wife and mother. They were asking her to do something that was beyond disgusting.

Something so low and depraved she never even thought of it in her life. "yes…" God, no. No please. "I will…" Please, no. Please. "Then get down on your knees, bitch, less talk, more rock as they say." Shane grabbed her hair once again and forced Susan on all fours.

Mick made himself comfortable in the sofa, got his legs up and apart and took another shot from his joint. "My asshole welcomes your tongue, madam." He announced as if that was going to make her feel proud. Her head was guided by Shane's hand. Her face was pushed between Mick's ass-cheeks.

"Come on, come on, lets' put that tongue to good use." Disgusting and hateful. Disgusting and vile. And disgusting. The smell, the hairs under her tongue, Mick's sighs as he was slowly jerking his limp penis. Disgusting and vile. And cheap, like the cheapest whore as Shane cheered and pushed her face deeper and deeper. "Come on, come on, stick that tongue up his ass, don't be shy, I know you love it. Eat that fucking ass, you horny bitch!!!" It was disgusting and horrible and Susan never imagined something like this would happen to her.

But it was happening. And it was all recorded. And it produced results, as Mick's loud moans testified. "Awww, dude, the bitch has got me all hard again. She is incredible. She eats ass like it was fucking candy, man!!!" "You wish your ass was candy, man. It's not. It's her finally demonstrating her true nature. Simple as that." "Whatever man, whatever, get her up here.

I want her on my cock right fucking now!!!" Shane cruelly pulled Susan's hair, forcing her up. "Come on, slut!! I know you can't get enough of that asshole, but it's time to show us how you ride cock.

Get up there now!!!" He pulled her up to her feet and pushed her onto Mick. "Spread those fucking legs, bitch before I break them, come on!!!" She spread her legs and put her hands on the sofa left and right of Mick's shoulders.

"Now take that cock and put it inside. But slowly!!" She reached between her legs and felt Mick's throbbing penis on her palm. "That's it, slowly, get down slowly…" Slowly. "Awwww, man, aaah, that's great, ooooh." Mick was in heaven. "Ride it, baby, come on, ride that cock, aaaahhh, yeah, all the way down to the balls, baby…" Susan knew Shane was taping it all.

Susan knew that on tape it looked like she was riding him of her free will. She knew she couldn't be able to explain it to anyone. She knew she was as disgusting, as vile and as dirty as either of her two tormentors.

She rode him as hard as she could. Please. Make him come quickly. Please… "Shit, MAN, this is too fucking hot!!!! This is fucking incredible…" Mick was shouting in disbelief. Shane placed the camera on the sofa. "Man, this IS fantastic. So much, in fact that I am going to join the fun." He pressed himself against Susan and slapped her behind. "Hey, Susan, ever done DP?" What?

No. No. No! NO!!! "I. no, no&hellip." "No?" Shane asked. "No? You ever had it up the ass?" "No. NO. NO, NO, PLEASE!!!" "You're kidding me, right? A slut like you and still an anal virgin?? Man, this evening gets better every second.

Every fucking second." He turned himself to face the camera. "And now for my next trick, I am going to deflower an ass!!! A slut's ass, for that matter!!!" "NO, NO, NO, NO, PLEASE, NO, PLEASE, NO, I'M BEGGING YOU, NOT THAT, NO!!!" Susan struggled violently.

But she was hardly in a favourable position to do so. It merely took Mick to hold her arms firmly pinned to her back and Shane to grab her throat from behind to impose complete control onto her. "Awwww, shit, man, it's even better when she's trying to fight us. I can't believe this bitch!!!

I'd pay for shit like this!!!" "Yeah, man, yeah!! Hold her steady now!!" Shane increased the pressure on Susan's throat until she stopped struggling for long enough so he could aim. It took almost half a minute as Susan's screams, protests and pleading turned into barely audible squeals and squeaking gaps for breath.

Her vision was black. Her body was going limp. Then Shane spat down her ass-crack. Then came the pain. Susan was not lying. She had no experience with anal sex.

Her husband was never interested in it, considering it perverse and even though it was heavily featured in the porn magazines shed find under her son's bed, it just felt dirty to her. She DID occasionally fantasise of pleasuring a man this way, but these fantasies brought a strong sense of guilt along with arousal. There was a lot of guilt to go round this evening. But the fresh portion of pain managed to make its presence known.

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Shane was not what you'd call a gentle lover. Quite the contrary, you could say he took pleasure in inflicting pain on his partners, willing or, as in this case, less than willing. So it considerably enlarged his enjoyment to know that Susan was in so much pain from his backdoor intrusion.

"Awww, God, she's so fucking tight!!! Awww, shit MAN!!!" They could never reach perfect rhythm, of course. They were both pushing to get maximum satisfaction and had to struggle with Susan who was screaming and thrashing, yet completely unable to avoid any of the hurt sent her way. But it made the whole thing even better to both of them. "Dude, this is fucking incredible!!! I'm gonna cum again, man!!!" Mick was deep in Susan, deeper than ever before, as her body was crushed under Shane's weight and forced onto Mick's cock.

Mick ejaculated screaming like he was losing his mind. Mick's cock-head, pressed against Susan's cervix spat several thick gushes of cum straight into her womb. "Fuck! FUCK! FUCKFUCKFUCK!! I don't believe this shit, man, she sucked me dry, the bitch is fucking unbelievable…" Shane had no comment on this statement of his friend and comrade as he was very busy, pulling Susan's hair back.

He got her off Mick's penis, down on the sofa, as he forced his own penis into her mouth once again. "You can tell me about how you loved the taste of your bowels later, slut, now suck it!!!" In reality there was no sucking going on. He pushed it in and pushed and pushed and pushed until he himself screamed and shot his cum down Susan's throat.

She coughed and gagged and spat it out as he rubbed his penis against her face, breathing and swearing heavily.

"Aw, FUCK, man… Fuck man, this WAS SOMETHING. This was something, man…" 4. Much can be said about what happened afterwards.

Susan will certainly have time to think about it in months and years to come. She will have time to analyse the harm she invited upon herself, the shame scarifying her soul for good, the hate and guilt she gave birth to during the course of that evening. She will also have time to think about why they chose her. Or was it that she chose them? Was she just a victim? Was she encouraging them? Was she inviting them? Would they have raped any random woman like that, given the circumstances?

More importantly, would they have given any other woman a ride home? "Give her the clothes, man, I want her dressed." Shane was looking for his car keys. "Aww, man, don't be a pain in the ass… What does she needs clothes for?" Mick seemed reluctant to dress himself.

"Have you no shame, man? The lady needs a ride home and we wouldn't be much of the gentlemen we claim we are if we were to return her home just in her stockings and shoes. Not that her husband is not used to her coming home like that, I am sure he is, but we want to show we know where passion stops and where good manners start." Susan was handed what was left of her clothes and ordered to dress.

She put the torn clothes on in robotic, stiff manner. The hallway was even darker when they left the apartment. The walked down the stairs, Shane leading the way, Susan threading uncertainly behind him and Mick, still buttoning up behind them.

"Aww, crap. I need to piss" Mick announced. "That's fucking typical, man." Shane mumbled. "Remind me to never take you to the movies." He got the keys out of his pocket. "Here, hurry up!" Mick laughed aloud. "Man, sometimes you're, like, the brightest person I know. And sometimes you're so slow. Keep the keys." He turned to Susan. "Get down, bitch. One last drink for the road, OK?" It should have been over. It should have been over by now… It should have been over.

I hate you I hate you I hate you so much. "Open up. Open up, aahhhhhh, uuuhhh, that feels good, man!!" It didn't all go in. Some of his urine fell on her face, on her breasts (exposed through the torn blouse and bra), some of it ended up on her hair. And some of it, quite a lot of it, actually, went into her mouth. And as much of it as she could spit back and send it down her chin and neck, some of it made it down her hurting throat and into her stomach.

Not much, perhaps, not that much, but some of it definitely. I hate you so much. So much… "What a great slut, man… What a perfect whore!!! People pay big fucking bucks for something like this. Huge fucking bucks, man". The same car. The same smell. The same radio chatter. The same laughs and insults between Mick and Shane. The streets she started to recognise. The block she knew.

Home… "Well, it's been a pleasure, ma'am." Shane said when they opened her door and forced her out of the car. "Say hello to hubby for us and don't forget to show him some of the stuff we taught you. But, you know, keep some of it a secret. You know, kiss and tell, not good. Bad girls do that and we don't want anyone to think you've been a bad girl, OK? Hubby especially.

Right?" Susan nodded. Like a robot. Like a guignol. She nodded and stayed in the same spot as Shane started the car and drove down the street slowly. They left. And that brings Susan back home. She looks across the street.

She can see her house. All the lights are off, save for the one on the outside. That means her husband is asleep. What time is it anyway??? Doesn't matter. The time is later than it should be. She better hurry. She needs to have a shower. Then silently get into bed, without waking her husband up. A pill or two and she will sleep a dead, black sleep, sleep that will take her way beyond her hubby's time for work in the morning.

Then she will wake up. And then… Then it can all start. Good luck Susan. And I mean it. Best of luck to you and your sinful, broken soul. You made many mistakes. You made many wrong decisions. And your punishment will be many times the proportion of your sins. Good luck, Susan. I mean it.