Busty brunette Jenni Lee and Kortney Kane share cock

Busty brunette Jenni Lee and Kortney Kane share cock
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I have always had a fantasy about having sex with a schoolgirl. I am sure most men do, but they pretend not to because they don't want to be call perverts. I would try not to stare at them when I went on the bus, but sometimes my eyes (and mind) would wander just a bit.


I would get jealous when I would see these sexy schoolgirl making out with their boyfreinds in the park. I would wish it was me, and I was sure I would do it better. Lucky for me, I got my first teaching job at a local high school. And yes, they had to wear uniforms.

The best part was that a lot of the girls were slutty, and went out of their way to hike their skirts up to expose a nice part of their asscheeks, and if I were lucky, I would catch a glimpse of their panties. I even had a 'crush' on one. A few times while I was fucking my wife, my mind would drift off to Ashleys sexy body.

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She had pretty long legs, blond hair blue eyes, full red lips, and the best was her toned ass. She was very athletic. She was part of the cheerleading squad, and was on the schools running team.

She was also a troublemaker.

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She was always getting in trouble. She would get caught giving guys blowjobs (sometimes more than one guy), and would always be swearing at the teachers.

Lucky for me, I was the one who always stayed when students were in detention. She was always a pain in the ass, but the good part was I got to check her out after school as much as I wished.

Of course, I would try not to be to obvious. I would really only stare at her when she was busy with her work.

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I would stare at her breast. But i would mostly try to stare under her skirt. Somedays it was more than obvious she wasn't wearing panties. I could see her clean shaven clit begging for my attention. The school year was coming to a close, and I was sad because I wouldn't get to see Ashley anymore until the upcoming year.

It was just like any other day. Ashley was sent to detention for giving one of the football players a blowjob.


She got caught, becuase her homeroom teacher Ms. Jen walked in on them. She looked at me, as soon as she sat down, "Why dont you just fuck me already?, yout think I dont notice you staring at me?" "its not what you think" I calmly told her. She hiked her skirt up, showing her exposed clit, and rubbed it a little.

"oh really" by now she could see my cock getting hard because I was standing, and the crease was well exposed. She bent over, and pulled her skirt even higher. I could see her pussy, her juicy clit, and her tight little asshole all ready for me. She walked up to me, and started rubbing my hard cock. "you like what you see?" she whispered in my ear.

She reached into my pants, and pulled out my cock. She shoved it all the way down her throat and starting gagging on it., "ooohhh your so biggg" she smiled at me. I reached inside her shirt, and grabbed her tits.

I pinched her nippled really hard, ""ohhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned.

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She bent over, and grabbed my desk with both hand, and raised her skirt exposing her ass and pussy. I bent down, and licked her little asshole while fingering her soaking wet pussy. she loved it so much. she took one hand off the desk, and rubbed her clit while I fingered her. "ohhhhh fucckkk" she moaned. I started working my cock into her pussy. I grabbed her little blond pny tail, and thrusted deep into her."ooooooooohhh" she moaned, in her squeaky teenage voice.

I grunted hard, as my cock could barely handle it. She turned around. "let me taste my pussy juice!" she demanded. She sucked hard on my swollen cock, and she could taste my pre-cum. She was pretty good at giving head because after all it seemed like she was doing it everyday. "don't cum yet, I need you to fuck me in the ass" she said calmly.

"of course not" I said.

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I bent done and kissed her pretty lips. It was kind of wierd becuase she tasted like my dick. I got behind her and shoved my cock in her ass.

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Just as I did that, the class nerd, Stephanie burst into the room. "Mr dave sent me here.OH MY GOD!" she screamed dropping her books, and her schoolbag. I could see cum dripping down Ashleys leg, and my cock was about to explode. "Shit!" me and Ashley both said at the same time. Ashley didn't want to move she liked her teachers cock in her ass, and believe me I did not want to move either. Steph was a small asain girl, who was not all that sexy but still well toned and athletic.

Steph walked up to us. "wow look who has a big cock" she grabbed my balls hard. I was shocked becuase I was sure she was a virigin. "I will make you a deal?" "ok" I said. She was still gripping my balls. It felt so fucking good. "I wont tell anyone about this, but you have to fuck me, I have never been fucked, and I want to try it". She took my hand, and made me rub her soaking pussy. she was so tight I could barely finger her. "cum in me already!" Ashley demanded. I had a big dilemma.


Steph needed to get fucked, and Ashley needed my cum. So I did want a gentleman would do. I fingered Steph, and came right in Ashleys ass. Ashley and Steph fooled around with each other for a bit, and ten minutes later I was back fucking Steph nice and slow taking her virginity.just as I started fucking her, guess who walks in?