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It has been nearly a month now since Emma and I have consummated our relationship on our prom night. Of course we grew closer than ever as a result and I am sure those closest to us were able to notice a difference.

It didn't however hinder our interest to continue what we had always done and are currently doing. The interesting thing is we are nearly seventeen and our parents still have yet to really discuss sex with us as if not bringing it up will ensure it doesn't happen.

I have said it before, if they are afraid to talk about it, we may as well figure it out for ourselves and I think we are doing a pretty good job so far. The school day went fairly good but little did I know my day was going to go from good to just about as bad as I can get. I walked through the front door of our house and my mom was sitting on the couch in the living room. I wasn't sure where my brother and sister were at the time but my mom had called me in to sit with her for a while.

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She wasn't smiling nor did she seem upset so I couldn't tell what it was she wanted to talk to me about. "What's up mom?" "I had something I need to talk to you about." I was beginning to wonder if she knew things about Em and I or would perhaps steer the conversation into that direction.

I learned a long time ago that if I was maybe in trouble for something and was unsure what for, it was always best to stay cool and to keep my mouth shut until it was time. Now was not the time yet so I just listened to what she had to say first. "I'm not sure if you noticed but your dad has been awful busy these days with work." The truth was I did notice. Even between school and spending time with Em, dad seemed like he was always at work and when he was home he was eating then off to bed.

"Yeah, I noticed. We hardly ever see him anymore it seems." "Well. That is because they have been having him training for a promotion. A very good promotion." she emphasized. "Well that's a good thing, right?" That's a good way to look at it I suppose. Besides the extra pay and responsibility, it's also going to mean another change. A major change." Again she emphasized major change. "Like what kind of change?" I asked cautiously.

"Like a move." "A move where?" "Australia." Shit! The other shoe had finally dropped. "Australia!? I can't move to Australia and leave my life behind." "You don't really have much choice in the matter. The opportunity is too good to pass up and we aren't about to leave you behind." "But you will make important decisions regarding my life without asking what I thought first? I have school here.

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I have friends and most importantly I have Emma. You are just going to be content with yourself tearing us apart?" "I don't like it anymore than you do but if you two love each other as much as you say you do then you can wait for each other until you are both old enough to do something about it." "Not exactly the answer I was looking for mom." I walked to the closet and pulled out my jacket.

"Where are you going?" "For a walk." As I spoke those last words, I shut the door behind me, went around the house, to the back yard and over the fence. I hadn't been to Paradise for ages since sixteen year olds tend to outgrow childhood hideouts, but honestly everybody needs a good quiet sanctuary from time to time and Paradise will never outgrow me. Sitting in peaceful silence for quite a while feeling anything but at peace, I started to hear footsteps outside which was rather unusual until I heard my name being called.

It was Emma.

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I tried to respond but I was too broke down and overcome with emotion to get the words out. It was almost as if it hit me hearing her voice that very soon I might never hear it again. Suddenly the door opened with Emma standing there relieved to have found me. "I called your house looking for you.

Your mom told me that you were upset and went for a walk.I figured you probably came here. What is wrong? She wouldn't tell me." "We are being split up Em." Her brow wrinkled in concern as she came over and sat close to me. "What do you mean, split up?" I didn't even like saying the words. "I was just informed that dad got a promotion and we are moving. To Australia." Emma suddenly got the same look that I am pretty sure I gave when I was told the same thing earlier.

I couldn't fathom it and now she wasn't able to either. I could see a tear starting to stream down her face and I held her tighter to me hoping she wouldn't see me sharing her tears.

I truly felt as if my life was coming to an end and I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew I had to do something. Her head was buried into my shoulder while I stroked her soft hair. "What are we going to do Alex? I can't let you leave me." "I have been sitting here trying to figure it out.

Unfortunately the answers aren't coming to me as I had hoped. We could run away but where would we go?

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I could ask about staying with a relative but my closest relatives live in another state so that would be defeating the purpose. Do I suck it up and go, make the best of it and try to see if a long distance relationship could work for a little while until we finish school and I could make my way back? I don't like that option but it may be our only option." She was quiet for the longest time and even though I wasn't able to see her face, I knew her well enough to know that she was weighing each of the options I just gave.

Finally she spoke. "Do you think we could survive a long distance relationship? I hate the thought of being away from you but you know I would wait for you to come back to me." "And I certainly don't want anybody but you. I don't know Em. We do spend an amazing amount of time together and it's not like we are doing bad in school but we are at that age now. Maybe a little time is what we need to make sure we prepare ourselves for a future together." After a moment of silence, she finally raised her head and looked into my eyes." "I just want you to know that I love you and trust in you to do what you think you have to do.

As long as I am still in your future." This is why I love this girl so much. I am neither master nor slave in her eyes. We are equals with the same thoughts, respect, trust, and love for each other.

For several years, I have considered myself a spiritual being as opposed to a religious one. Our connection with each other has been so strong that I honestly believe that we are two souls who have lived many lives together and no matter what happens or where the heavens take us, we always and will always find our way back to each other. Hearing her utter those simple comforting words had been like an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders.

I held her face in my hand and kissed her deeply. With Emma's love and understanding, I reluctantly accepted what was to know that we found each other once in life, we can certainly find each other again.


Moving day was quickly approaching and we would be leaving a few days after Em's birthday so I wanted to make it as special as possible to help her with the departure. She had invited me over to her house for a private party to celebrate her and Anna turning seventeen.

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Our birthdays are a month apart so I had mine just before hers. Not only was her immediate family there but her grandma showed up as well. I had been around her several times and always enjoyed her since she reminded me a lot of Em's mom. It might have been my imagination but Em's dad didn't seem like he was his usual friendly self with me as he always was but I didn't sweat it any.

We celebrated with a BBQ and cake before watching her open her gifts. Between dinner and the presents, we were in her bedroom hanging out for a few minutes so it was nice to finally have a little alone time even if it was just a few minutes. We laid side by side on her bed and just shared some quiet time kissing and embracing. "I have your present back at my house. I want to give it to you later in private where it is just the two of us." Her curiosity was now piqued.

"Oh really? And what did you get me?" "You are just going to have to wait and see but I hope you like it babe." She said nothing but smiled and kissed me once again. The party was starting to wind down that evening. Gran had already left and her mom and dad were getting ready for bed. She told her mom that she was going to go to my house for a while because I still had my gift to give her.

Her mom agreed but I still couldn't shake the feeling that her dad would have probably had issues with it. As we got to my house we walked in the front door where my mom and dad were watching tv.

Mom was watching anyway. Dad had more or less fell asleep on the couch. We stepped in the doorway of the living room long enough to announce that I was home and had Em with me before we headed downstairs to my room. Because most of the house was now packed, my bed was disassembled and was replaced by an air mattress and most of my belongings were all boxed up. In the middle of the mattress sat a beautifully gift wrapped box with ornate bows and ribbons hanging from the top. I took her hand and led her to the mattress where we laid down to finish our evening.

The box certainly did not go unnoticed by Em who was now beaming from ear to ear. "Happy birthday beautiful." She gingerly undid the bows and ribbons obviously taking her time to enjoy the moment. When she finally got the wrapping off, she took off the lid and looked inside. The look on her face said she wasn't quite sure what was inside but rather an assortment of things. She pulled out two cassette tapes first.

"I wanted to give you something from my heart. The first is a compilation tape that I made of our favorite songs. The second tape is the tape that was playing the first time we made love to each other. The realization of what I had done and what was probably to come was starting to dawn on her as she looked like she might cry.

The second item she pulled out of the box was a huge book. As she set it on her lap and opened it, the tears were now beginning to flow. The pages were filled with photos and mementos of the two of us. As she turned more pages, she had found a lengthy story that I had wrote for her. "I can't believe it.

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This is incredible." she said as she clutched the book tight to her chest while removing the next item from the box. "A video tape." "Something for when I am not around." She pulled the final item out of the box which was a gallon sized zip lock bag with a garment inside.

As she removed it, she let out a gasp when she realized what it was. "Alex. This is your favorite shirt." "Now it is for you to wear." She held the shirt up to her face and breathed in deeply.

"It even smells like you babe." "Now you can sleep with me anytime you want." I said as I gave her another kiss. "Now I need you to close your eyes." Smiling in anticipation, she shut them tight to play along, not really sure what to expect at this point. She twitched a little when she felt me take her soft hand in mine and with her eyes still closed, her expression got very serious when she felt a ring sliding onto her finger.

Naturally her eyes shot open to inspect her hand." "This is my promise to you that I will be back to give you the real thing." The floodgates were now open and happy tears were raining down her face as she threw her arms tightly around my neck like she never wanted to let me go.

Through her tear choked voice, she whispered softly into my ear so close I was able to feel her hot breath. "Make love to me Alex. This is probably our last chance to be together before you leave and I want to make it count. I want as much of you as I can possibly have." I got up off of the air mattress and held my hand out to Em to help her up as well. As I turned on the bed side light and turned off the main light, I proceeded to help Emma undress as I was kissing her.

My hands took the bottom of her t-shirt and slid it slowly upwards and she responded by lifting her arms up for me to complete the process. There she stood before me in her shorts and a pink bra that pushed her breasts together beautifully. At that point, I didn't care if my mom or dad did come down downstairs to check on us. This is something that Em and I needed for each other no matter what anyone thought. What were they going to do?

Split us up? Refuse to let us see each other again? As far as I am concerned we were all ready being punished but that wasn't going to stop me from showing Em how much I truly loved her.

Once her shirt was off, Em did the same with my shirt, sliding it upwards until it was off completely and joining hers in a new heap on the floor.

Now shirtless, I held her close to me and proceeded to kiss her again. With one arm wrapped around her lower waist, my other hand was behind her unclasping her bra in a single motion until her breasts fell free of their confines. Our kiss was broke long enough for us to remove our shorts and underwear until we were both completely naked and more comfortable. I will always consider myself blessed to have such a beautiful vision standing before me where she will remain forever in my heart and mind.

The evening air was still a bit muggy but luckily the basement room was still nice and cool for the most part. Taking her hand in mine, I laid her down on the mattress before I settled in beside her. Side by side we laid wrapped in each others arms, her hand holding my face as she kissed me while my hand made smooth slow strokes up and down her back and sides, down her waist and across her soft ass and thigh.

Our hearts were beating faster and our body temperature was rising in that we were starting to heat up the room. In our naked embrace, my cock had hardened and had found its way between Em's legs. When she took notice, she parted herself slightly to allow my cock to slide further into the gap until her moist pussy was allowing me to slide back and forth between her wet lips with more ease.

Her hand suddenly reached down and took hold of my cock which stopped the sliding between her lips but rather sliding between her hand as she slowly jacked me before sliding down and laying herself across my lap with the back of her head facing me and my cock just inches in front of her face.

There was no teasing licks but a fiery need as she wrapped her lips around my length and slid seductively down until she wasn't able to swallow any further then worked herself back up to do it again. My God she knew what she was doing. The feel of her warm wet mouth was getting a bit overwhelming and with her beautiful ass facing me, it was almost more than I could take.

I reached down to interrupt her for a moment long enough to grab her hips and position herself on top of me with her luscious pussy now in my face and ready for my tasting. Not one to loose her pace, her mouth swallowed my shaft once again while my tongue found its way into her now very wet opening.

When I found a rhythm that matched what she was doing to me, I felt her moan against my cock which was sending some incredible vibrations. Not to be outdone, I reached up underneath Em and placed the pad of my thumb against her clit with my tongue still inside of her lapping up all of her juices on contact.

It was getting to be a contest but we both clearly had our sights set on pleasing each other. Noticeably I could tell when she was nearing the breaking point because the suction of her mouth became stronger and she would pause a little to enjoy what I was doing before she started back up.

Suddenly she shot up a little as she mashed her pussy into my face. Her body convulsed for a moment as she fought the urge to let out a loud squeal. Her orgasm was an intense yet beautiful one. When she regained composure, she resumed stroking my cock with a little more vigor than before and commenced to taking me back into her mouth. I could feel more power in her sucking and as hard as I tried, I couldn't last much longer nor did I have the ability to stop her even if I wanted to.

"Em. I am going to cum baby." She heard my warning but said nothing as she just looked over her shoulder at me with a wicked smile on her lips before turning back to what she was doing.

Her lips engulfed me, teasing the head with her tongue and I was ready to explode. The first spurt shot forth as Em kept still and caught every possible spurt after thick spurt, swallowing everything she could. I was stunned and surprised since she had never done that to me before but she managed to take every last drop until we were breathless and spent.

As she slid back up towards me, I took her into my arms where our naked bodies were pressed tightly together and I kissed her.

"Are you ok babe? That was a lot to take. You have never done that before. You didn't have to do that you know." "I know I didn't have to do it but I meant it when I said I wanted as much of you as possible tonight." As she said that, she was lightly stroking my hard shaft. Her gentle strokes and touches were doing a fine job keeping me erect and when I showed no signs of going flaccid, she raised herself up on her knees until she was on all fours leaning forward on the pillow next to me on her forearms and her luscious butt sticking up in the air ready and waiting.

As I got up, I couldn't help giving her butt a few kisses and light nibbles before taking my place directly behind her. Grasping my hard shaft firmly in one hand and holding her waist in the other, I rubbed the head up and down her moist slit until I found her wet opening causing it to slide slightly inside.

She was very tight so I had to work it in little by little until her juices had me completely lubricated and I was able to slide completely inside with ease while we found a nice rhythm between us. "Ohhhh baby. Your dick feels so good inside of me." "Your pussy feels so good.

I love the way you fit me like a glove. I never want to leave your body." When I said that, she gave her pussy muscles a squeeze of appreciation that seemed to pull me deeper into her. After several minutes of making love to her from behind, I took hold of her thigh and slowly dropped down beside her until we were lying very closely side by side spooning each other.

I wrapped my arm around her upper chest from behind so I could fondle her soft pert breasts while my other arm held her thigh up so I could continue fucking her sweet pussy. If our bodies were any closer we would be one single person and I was in just the perfect position to cover her neck in soft sensual kisses that had her purring with delight.

"I love you so much Emma." Her voice was a soft whisper. "I love you too Alex." Her pussy gave me another sensual squeeze and even from behind her, I saw a contented smile paint her face. I held her even tighter to me and came deep inside of her in a strong but peaceful torrent. It was then that I realized that we were going to be just fine. I am not sure how they would be just fine but I knew things would suddenly be different from now on. In the now peaceful silence, we drifted off in each others arms and me still inside of her.

There was no need for urgency when we were the only ones that seemed to exist at that moment. It felt like we had been sleeping a lifetime and the house seemed more eerily quiet than it did when we first drifted off together. Grabbing my watch off the nightstand, I groggily checked the time trying not to wake Em.

It was just a few minutes after 4 am. Em let out a contented sigh at my slight movement before she too woke up suddenly realizing where she was at. "What time is it handsome man of mine?" "Just after 4 am." I said while pulling her closer to me." "I should be heading home before my family starts to wake up.but before I do, I need you one more time." She positioned herself until she was now on top of me sitting in my lap.

I sat up against the wall so we were now facing each other. With her arms around my neck and mine around her waist, she pressed her lips to mine and raised herself just enough for the tip of my hard on to find her opening. She sat herself slowly down in the comfort of my lap until I was now fully inserted into the warm wet comfort of her woman hood.

Slowly we grinded into each other, enjoying the feeling of our hot naked flesh pressed against the other until I could no longer hold back. I came into her for the second time filling her womb with spurt after spurt of my hot creamy cum.

I was suddenly depressed to have both of us get up and have to put our clothes back on so that I could walk her back across the street like I had on prom night. Carrying her box for her, the house still seemed pretty dark and quiet which was good. I kissed her good night one last time before she slipped very quietly inside. Moving day had arrived. Not that I was happy or excited about it but. Em and I had taken every opportunity we could to spend with each other before Em and her mom offered to drive us to the airport.

In a little out of the way drink shop in the terminal, Em and I broke free by ourselves for a cold drink and as much privacy from our family as we could muster.

"I am going to miss you so much Alex." "I am going to miss you too beautiful. I am going to write you every day that I am gone and I promise you this. I will make my way back to you as soon as I possibly can. Our family can make all the life decisions they need but we are able to make them for ourselves too.


We aren't children anymore." "I know but life just seems so uncertain right now." "Life is what we make it babe. Nobody can ever take that away from us no matter how hard they try. Let's make a promise together Em." I took her soft hands in mine with all sincerity. "Whatever happens, wherever life takes us, if we ever find ourselves lost in this world, without each other, our town where we grew up together will be our beacon back." "I promise." Leaving Em that day was the hardest thing that I would ever do in my life.

Not knowing how long it would be before we saw each other again or what our future had in store for us. The hardest part of all were the tears in her eyes being the last vision I had of her as I walked down the tunnel and out of sight to board the plane. We had a fourteen hour flight and she was on my mind for every second of it.

Tried as I might, I couldn't sleep a wink so to pass the time, I took out a pen and a tablet from my carry on and wrote Em a long letter which would become the first of many and I hadn't even set foot on Aussie soil yet. Australia turned out to be a really nice place. A bit of a culture shock from what I was used to and the people were all very friendly and laid back.

I found them to be very competitive people who took their sports very seriously while no conflict was ever so great that it couldn't be resolved either on a footy field or over a cold beer. The scenery was absolutely beautiful with its course red sand, greenery, and nature. The wildlife was what I was looking forward to seeing the most. I was there for three days before I saw my first kangaroo and I had to drive to a reserve to see them.

As promised, I had written Emma a letter every day I was there. Things were going fine up until a couple of weeks or so being here. All the letters I had wrote were starting to be returned to me one by one. All now bearing the same stamp. "UNDELIVERABLE. NOT AT THIS ADDRESS." I was shocked and confused. I found myself re-reading the address of each one to see if I had wrote a street name, zip code, house number down wrong, anything to maybe justify my letters all being returned to me.

I could find nothing that made sense to me. Out of the blue after having more than a dozen letters returned, I had received one addressed to me in strange hand writing that I didn't recognize and with no forwarding address but it was obviously from the states according to the post mark. Curiously I opened it to see who it was from.

The more I read, the tighter my heart felt like it was being squeezed with full force. "Dear Alex. Since you have left, Emma has not been the same. She won't eat, sleep, talk or come out of her room. Her depression had worsened by your failed promise to write her everyday that she is finally stating to realize you weren't the person she thought you were.

I am writing to let you know that she has finally moved on with her life and that she has found someone new. He is a nice young man you went to school with named Steve. Please don't try to contact her as it would only upset her more." Oddly enough there was no signature so I wasn't sure who wrote the letter.

I had a couple of guesses but one thing I was very sure of. It wasn't written by Emma. Nevertheless, the words were like daggers to my chest. Each one killing me more so than the next until I felt like I had already died by the time I had finished it. Refusing to believe it, I kept writing letter after letter hoping it wasn't true but it was only a matter of time before those were returned to me as well. It was official. I had lost myself in a dark place where the only person I had ever needed no longer needed me like I had needed her.

You can only bang your head against the wall so many times before you just can't feel anymore pain.


I lost interest in many things, school, my family, home. I had finally graduated high school but realized because of the depression, I had no direction in life and left home when I found a mediocre, strenuous but reasonably well paying job that gave me a comfortable living for several years. I did eventually date a few girls with unsuccessful results, each one less impressive than the last. They did all have one single thing in common though.

None added up to a fraction of the girl Emma was. Several years later I finally met someone who I thought had a lot of potential.

She had a fun sense of humor; she liked to laugh and had a beautiful smile which was always a big turn on for me. We were seeing each other for ten months before we eloped with a couple of witnesses.

My family didn't like her from the word go which is why we settled for a very small and very quick wedding. Looking back, that should have been my first real flag. They say that when the ring is on the finger and the paper is signed, people have a real tendency to change. That was certainly the case with my wife. Once the ring was on, the sense of humor went as fast as the wedding cake.

With my marriage, I had nothing more than a mediocre friend with benefits at best. I certainly had no love involved.

When I got married, I told myself that that was it. I am going to do everything I could to make it work because I never wanted to hear the word divorce spoken. After five years together, I had finally had enough of her constant bullshit that by the time she had finally uttered the word divorce on one of our car rides home from work, I was instantly relieved like a heavy weight was lifted off my back.

I didn't want hate or resentment. The truth was, we just didn't love each other anymore if we ever did to begin with. We agreed on a friendly separation and we had neither assets nor children together so that made things a lot easier.

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She didn't want anything from me and I didn't want anything from her so it was a quick, painless divorce. Dumb as I was, I was quick to jump out of one bad relationship and into yet another looking for something I knew I would most likely never find with anyone else but felt good enough to give it a chance.

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I eventually found someone I cared a lot for and the sex was pretty good but as good as she was, it didn't take me long to realize that she was leading me to a very dark place. With her emotional issues, depression and low self esteem, she was very toxic to my well being and she was bringing me down to levels I had never been. It was very hard to try to have a relationship with someone when they had talked about suicide on a weekly basis.

The longer I was with her, the more I realized that her demons were her own and the only one that was going to get rid of them for her was she. God knows I tried until I could try no more. I had spent so many years putting Emma on such a high pedestal that nobody would ever compare to the unique balance that I had with her.

For many years I was depressed myself because I had thought that Emma rejected me. I had finally come out of it when I had realized that I should have known better all along. I had to get out as fast as I could and seek that happiness once again. After fifteen years, I was getting the hell out of Oz and going back to where I had always belonged.