Bigtitted sappho seduces her massage client

Bigtitted sappho seduces her massage client
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I never knew my father. Mom had gotten pregnant when she was fifteen. She decided against adopting me out. Took it on herself, with the help of my grandparents to raise me. She had finished high school, and thou my grandparents were well off "not millionaires " but financially stable" Mom was not one to take much charity. She worked nights at a small diner to keep the rent paid, and anything else we needed.

Thou at times she would except help from my grandparents," who thought working at a diner was below their standards." She believed one had to pay their own way in life, and the diner was fine with hershe had given into her sexual urges, and I was her responsibility.

I was twelve years old when tragedy struck. My grandparents were killed in an airplane crash returning from Las Vegas. Mom really took it hard, she was their only child, and getting the funeral arrangements all together, liked to have killed her.I remember hearing her cry for weeks after the funeral. and she would always say to me ,"Well Cody, it's just you and me honey, just you and me." I had my times too, but I didn't want Mom to see me cry, I had to be tough, I don't know why, I just had to be.

We moved out of the little apartment, and into the big house of my grandparents.Mom had been going to beauty schooland had been working at a beauty shop for the past two years, now she had enough money to open her own hair saloon. I remember how proud she was, standing in front of her shop, looking at her sign that read, "Kute & Kurl" Mom was in business. The customers she had groomed while working for Millie followed herand she hired Gracie, a crazy friend who worked with her at Millie's, Business was so good she hired two more girls to work.

Mom started wearing all kinds of different hair styles. She even bleached her hair blonde. Well Cody what do you think ? I always had to give her my opinion.Looks great Mom real good, I'd tell her. I started noticing just how beautiful my Mom was. She was fivefive. probable weighed a hundred and twenty five or so I always told her she was shaped like an hour glass. You think so, she would laugh.Yup I think so.She had started wearing real short skirts too, and I began noticeing just how sexxy she did look.

She had started dating some. nothing to serious, Gracie, who wanted me to call her auntie, had introduced Mom to this guy. He seemed ok, but Mom seemed to keep him at a distance.I was going on fifeteen now and I had got my permit to operate a motor bike.Mom helped me get one, with the understanding, that if my grades dropped in school it was automaticlly parked. Mom seemed to be getting more beautiful to me everyday, and I was beginning to get some terrible manly urges.

She would come out of the bathroom, dressed in her rose colored night gown, and when she stood just right in the light I could make out all her beautiful curves. Her tits would stand out and I could see her nipples pushing at the material of her gown. amd sometimes she would set on the couch and put her foot on the end table and paint her toe nails and I could see her creamy thighs clear to her panties .

I was masturbating in my room at night and fantasizing I was fucking my Mom. Damn was I some kind of pervert ? It almost seemed she was teasing me with her sexulality.If that was the case it was working .I was hot, damn sure hot for her. It was Friday night, Mom closed the shop and came home early, Cody she said, how about you and I going out to eat tonight, and catch a movie.

Or we could go bowling if you'd like, she added. What ever you want to do Mom is ok with me I replied. Well honey we haven't done anything together in a while, I've been so busy with the shop. I thought it would be good for the both of us to do something a little different tonight. I said fine with me, should be fun. Who gets the shower first I asked.She laughedI thought we'd take one together.No! just teasing she went on, you go first .I finished my shower and went to my room, and started getting dressed.

Mom had finished up and was coming out of the bathroom wrapped only in a large towl, has I came down the hallway she said I'll be ready in a minute.and walked by, her creamy skin on her shoulders made my cock jump.Damn !

I can't stand much more of this, I said to myself. They'll have me for raping my Mother, I thought.I sat down on the couch and clicked on the TV I could hear her humming some old country song to herself as she was getting ready.Why does time go by so slow when you're waiting on someone else.It seemed like an eternity, and then I heard her coming down the hallway.Cody shut your eyes baby, Ok Mom what's going on I replied.


I shut my eyes, I could hear her footsteps on the hardwood floor she was right in front of me I figured, when her footsteps stopped. Ok baby, open your eyes and tell me what do you think ? I opened my eyes to what could have been a movie star.

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Oh God Mom you're beautiful I exclaimed She was dressed in a red mini skirt with a jacket to match and the red high heel shoes, and nylons made her legs look so beautiful She had her hair upswept on top of her head and she had applied her make up so sensual.

Her eyes were high lighted and her lips looked moist and wantom. Wow this was my date tonight My Mom, she was knocked out.I offered her my arm in a teasing way, shall we go Darling I said. Mom grinned up at me and replied why yes sweetheart. We finished our dinner, Mom slipped me the money to pay for our meal and left a tip on the table you pay for the meal I'm gonna go to the restroom and freshen up she said.

She walked a head of me, and I could see guys eyeballing her every step lust on their faces. It almost made me jealous the way they were lusting over my date.I payed the cashier and walked over to the waiting room, Mom appeared, looking so beautiful.

She took my arm and walked to the car. I said Mom did you see all those guys looking at you, no baby, were they? she giggled.

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We got in the car and drove away, She said, Cody this is fun.Mom drove up broadway past the palace theater. lets check out the Cinema she said. Ok with me I replied, or we could go somewhere and park.I laughed.Later darling, later, she teased back.The movie was great, a comedy that kept both of us laughing.Mom was fun to be with I thought.

I was lucky to have her. You could almost say we had grown up together, and she had always seen to it that life was good for me.I wondered thou why she never dated more than she did ? but if she wanted me to know I figured someday she'd tell me. We got back home it was going on midnight. Mom went to her room and came back to the kitchen In one of her flimsy night gowns.

You want me to fix us a snack she asked. No I think I'll just have a glass of milk I replied and started to get up. Set still honey I'll get it she said. Mom reached up in the cupboard and got a glass, opened the fridge, and poured my milk, turned and leaned over the table to hand it to me her gown opened enough for me to see her beautiful tits.Mom !

I said You're gonna have to put on some different clothes around here at night My young hormones can't stand much more of this.She giggled, Mom turns you on. Is that what you're saying. I said you sure do! Well that's great! she laughed. My Cody is becoming a man. We'll have to see about doing something about that. She kissed me on the forehead and hugged me. Good night sweetheart, and walked to her room.

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I wanted to grab her and throw her on the bed and fuck her so bad. My cock was throbbing with desire.I had to have a release, my nuts were aching. I went to bed and layed there stroking my cock. I could see her beautiful face smiling at me in my mind. I shot my wad all over my stomach and chest, what a load. It was running down the sides of my stomach, the thick part of it laying in gobs looked like it was melting and turning into a thin clear fluid.

I cleaned my self off with the damp towl I had brought with me. I had let the thoughts of fucking my Mother, give me one hell of a climax What would the real thing feel like ? I wondered as I drifted off to sleep. Mom was running late getting home the following evening. The phone rang and when I answered it was her.

Honey I got a late appointment, she said. I'm almost finished I got her under the drier right now. It won't be much longer, she added. Pizza, ok for supper tonight, she asked ? Sure I replied.Well I'll be there just as quick as I can, Love you honey, bye.

Love you to Mom. I hung up the phone, and layed out my home work assignment. It didn't seem long Mom came thru the door a Pizza in her hand. She was fuss' in I don't know why they have to wait untill closing time to decide they need their hair fixed.She laid the Pizza on the table, get some plates I'm gonna wash up.she said.

I got the plates, and poured us both a coke. Mom came back and set down at the table. OOH I'm tired tonight, we were really busy today.How did your day go she asked ? Ok I replied.You got a birthday coming up next week she remembered.Yup, I said. Gonna be fifeteen I added. I know honey. I was fifeteen when you were born. Seems like yesterday she said, chewing on the pizza. What do you want for your birthday she asked ?

I don't know I replied. What ever you get me, I know will be great. I replied. Mom got up from the table and walked to her room. She came back with a package wrapped up in pretty paper, Here this one is early, she handed ti to me.

Thanks Mom I said. Well go on and open it she spoke, has she sat back down at the table.I opened the package, It was a large book. I read the cover out loud " What every man should know about Sex" She looked at me and said. Read it.

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I turned the pages slowly, and looked at the illustrations, it had drawings of different sex position, articles on how to seduce your lover, anything you needed to know about sex it was in here. I felt my cock getting hard.Mom I'm a little embarrassed, looking at a sex manual my Mom has giving me,, Well don't be she said.

I want you too read everything in the book. You're a man now, she added, I know you're a minor, and some folks might think this is wrong, but trust me honey, knowledge, is the key to sucess in everything you do in life.whether it's at work, or in your lovers arms.

Then she went on to say, this is no one else's business but ours. Mom got up from the table, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and walked into the living room. I sat there amazed, at what had just transpired.Mom had giving me a book, to teach me how to fuck.

Well my fifeteenth birthday arrived. Mom had a surprise party for me. She invited a lot of my school friends over, and some of her friends from the beauty shop. It was neat. Damn they brought me alot of gifts, and funny cards.Mom had a catering service fix a lot of good food and deliver it.And the cake it was beautiful, She lit all the candles, and they all started singing the birthday song.Make a wish honey, make a wish she said. I shut my eyes and made my wish.


Let me fuck Mom and soon, I thought to my self .And then I blew out the candles.It was getting late when the party ended, Gracie was helping Mom straighten up the kitchen, I was telling the rest of my friends that were leaving thanks.and that I'd see them tomorrow.Mom and Gracie finished up the kitchen and Gracie came over to me and wished me another happy birthday and gave me a birthday kiss.See you in the morning Glenda, she said going out the door.See you Mom replied.

Mom came into the living room. sat down on the couch.Happy birthday honey she said. I'm gonna take a shower. She got up and walked towards the bathroom.

Surprised you, didn't I she laughed.I replied yes you did. Mom finished her shower, and came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a pink neglegee she walked into the kitchen and stopped in front of the range. she turned her back to me. Cody she spoke.Seduce me. I said what did you say? She kept her back to me.Seduce me honey. I got up and slowly walked to her .she never said anything else. Just stood there waiting on me .When I got to her I put my arms around her and pulled her gently back to meher ass was pressing against my body, and I slowly started kissing the back of her neck running my tongue over her soft skin.

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slowly I began fondling her breast. My cock was throbbing and it was pressing against her ass thru my pants. I slowly moved my hand down and rubbed it over her stomach.

My fingers ran thru the slight patch of hair that covered the top of her pussy. she turned to me and ran her hand up the back of my head and our lips met. She pushed her hips forward against the lump in my pants, and our tongues came together. I pulled her tightly against me, Her breast felt soft against my chest thru my shirt.

I felt her hand on the lump in my pants, she was rubbing her hand over it in a round motion.Our lips still pressed together, our tongues locked in the heat of passion .I felt her fingers tugging on the zipper to my trousers, it came down and I felt her hand take hold of my cock She began stroking it slowly, my balls were burning with desire.

I couldn't hold back the feeling she was pulling out of me.AHHW OOHH OH Mom !!

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I said, has I broke from her kiss . Oh God I'm cumming.I blew my load all over the front of her neglegee.She kept on stroking my cock slowly and I was shooting a stream of hot jism again.OOOH Mom I love you. I love you to baby she said softly. she lead me to the bathroom.Lets get out of these clothes and let me wash you up she said.You've been studying your sex manual well, she laughed. I asked you to seduce me and you had me so hot.You were just

that was lesson one. she laughed has she started washing my cock up. I pulled her to me again and we kissed. The thrill of being there with her, and both of us naked was generating my lust to the fullest. I think you should sleep in my bed tonight, she giggled. By the looks of your cock we still got some unfinished business.We walked to her room are arms around each other.

Mom pulled the covers back on the bed. turned on her little night lite and clicked off the main one.It felt so sexy in her bed room.What else have you learned from your book she teased.

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I told her let me suprise you.Ok. she said, has we got into bed together. I started running my tongue along her neck, just below her chin and gentle began massageing her nipples that had started standing straight out with my fingers I slowly licked my way down her tight little tummy and kissed her belly button running my tongue down and into it. OOH she whispered. that feels good honey .I took my finger and gently inserted it into her pussy, while slowly running my tongue over her tummy I knew from the manual she had a spot in there that would give her one hell of an orgasam If I could just find it, I slowly began exploring her tight little slit.

Mom was pushing her hips upward to meet my probing finger and her juices were flowing Oh Cody she screamed, Oh God my precious baby. OH GOOOD GOD!!! HONEY.OOOH I'M CUMMING. I put my lips to her pussy and started sucking all her juices that was running from her cunt I licked around and around her clitoris it was standing up like a little prick and I was sucking it Mom was squirming all over the bed and I was chasing her pussy with my tongue running my tongue up and down her ass crack flicking it into her little rose bud looking ass hole.

she was totally orgasmic Oh stop baby stop I can't stand anymore her nerves were on endings.I pulled away and we layed beside each other. Oh baby that was so good, but I still want you to fuck me. I know you've wanted to for so long, she whispered I know I've been a real prick teaser I too have been waiting for this day baby she laughed.

Mom I have dreamed of this night since I can't remember.Take me honey she said so lovingly bury your cock deep inside my pussy. oh fuck me baby.I've wanted your cock for so long.She layed on her back with her legs opened. I crawled between her creamy thighs leaned over her and our tongues came together .She reached down and took my cock in her hand and I felt the warm moist lips of her pussy on it's head has Mom guided it to its home.I moved down with my ass and slid my cock slowly deep into her pussy.

We were in no hurry now, we had the rest of the night.I kept slowly shoving it in and out of her warm moist slit.feeling all the love Mom had held inside for me.

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She kept meeting me with ever stroke of love.Oh baby it feels so good. You know darlin we have to keep this quite. she said.I know I replied.Mom began thrusting her hips upward, and I kept up the rythum she was setting.She raised her legs up high, locking them around me.

Oh baby ma ma 's getting close again, I looked down up on her beautiful face, her eyes looked deep into mine I could see the love pouring out of her soul for me.I started riding her higher rubbing her clit with the shaft of my cock Hold back Mom I told her I'm close to let's try and reach it together I said.

Oh baby it's starting she whispered. I am too I replied Then all hell broke loose Oh GOOD GOD BABY !!!AHH I'M CUMMING DARLIN.She was screaming, at that time it felt like her pussy went up ten degrees, and I started flooding her ass with cum. Oh God Mom I'm with you, we were bucking against each other in a frenzy of passion She pulled my head down to her's and our lips came together, our tongues fucking each other's mouths Our saliva was running wet on our faces .I kept my cock buried deep in her pussy and she kept her legs locked around me Oh baby I love youlove you so very much.she was breathing hard and fast I love you to Mom.

I want to be with you like this forever, I said holding on to her tightly.We will be baby, she kissed me again.


We fell to sleep together wrapped in our passion for one another. I'll be twenty eight tomorrow.Guess what I'll be doing.