Boy gay sex image hollywood Santa is just sitting back observing the

Boy gay sex image hollywood Santa is just sitting back observing the
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I was always a sexually open individual. But in my world sexual expression wasn't really part of my routine. I'm a 35 year old married man. My wife and I met back in high school and have been together ever since. Our relationship has always been good. We love each other, and the life we have built. But lately our sex life and our life in general has become some what stagnant. We get up go to work, come home have dinner, then go to bed.

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It's the same thing you've heard from couples who have been married for ten years. The excitement level no longer exceeds sexual intercourse more then once a week. It becomes frustrating at times because I've always been the type who wants to try new things sexually. My wife is a great person and hot as hell, but she doesn't seem to mind the low our sex life has gotten into.

One night after finishing paying bills online I decided to check out some porn. It was something I was doing more and more because of the lack of sex between me and Carol. I had a few websites I liked and would frequent, but tonight seemed like a night for exploration. So I brought up a Google search. I sat there thinking what to type in. Minutes later with no ideas and the cursor just blinking away at me I decided it was time to research.

I typed in unique types of porn and hit enter. Within seconds I had tens of thousands of options. I clicked on the first link I saw and was off to the races. The page loaded and in front of me was all different types of porn I had never seen before.

After clicking around a bit I had found such categories as Teen Anal, Cougars, BBW, Ebony and Pissing. None of these seemed to grab my interest. Feeling I was doomed to jerk off to the same type of porn I had been using for years a pop-up appeared. It read "Hot Horny Shemales," with a picture of a beautiful women. Finding no luck with the other categories I had been looking up, I clicked on the ad.

The website opened and my eyes must have gotten as wide as the sun. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Gorgeous women or what appeared to be women with huge dicks. I never consider myself naïve to the world, and I knew about transgender people, but I never knew anything about this. The women where totally stunning. Feminine smooth curves, big ample breasts and sexy attractive faces. They looked like women expect for one major different, they had dicks.

Strangely this aroused me. I didn't consider myself gay, but seeing this gave me all sorts of new feelings. I wasn't so much into the fact that they where guys, I enjoyed that it was different. A sexy women but with something different, something real women didn't have. Some of them where even hotter then real women I knew. I kept clicking through different pictures getting more and more turned on as I did. I knew I had to jerk off.

I went over to the door closed it ever so slightly, as to not sneak suspicion from Carol and locked the door. I got totally naked, which is something I didn't normally do when I jerk off, but tonight seemed like a special night, and I began jerking off to these pictures of shemales. First I looked at a few with nice sized dicks then slowly gravitated to ones with real big ones.

These women had dicks way bigger then mine. The way the sexy lingerie would protrude and barely cover their dicks got me so hot, that I shot the biggest load of cum of my life. My body was shaking and I was completely out of breath. I had never experienced anything like this.

I was satisfied but a little ashamed as well. I just came looking at a guy, I told myself. I quickly cleaned myself up turned off my computer and took a shower. After a hot shower and some time to cool off, I was feeling better about the whole situation. I chalked it up to wanted to try something new and didn't give it another thought. I climbed into bed where Carol was already a sleep.

I wrapped my arms around her gave her a kiss on the forehead and went to sleep. The next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon. My favorite breakfast.

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Carol must have been making me breakfast because she knew I had a huge meeting today. I got out of bed got dressed and headed downstairs. Carol greeted me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I sat down as she served me. She told me about the day she had planned for herself, which consisted of sitting in front of the computer all day trying to finish a project she had a deadline on. I told her about my big meeting. Once breakfast was over I finished my coffee grabbed my briefcase and headed off to work.

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Once I got to the office I headed right to our conference room and set up for my meeting. I was ready I had this. The other executives filled in soon after. As I went through my proposal, I felt I had the room captivated. I was hitting on all my major points and they all seemed to agree with me. As I was about to make some closing remarks Charles the head of the firm and my boss suggested we take a coffee break and give ourselves some time to ingest everything I had just said.

Everyone filled out of the room as I stayed behind. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check for e-mails. As I unlocked my phone I noticed a text from Carol. I opened the texted and read it. "I'm using your computer and I found a very interesting website when I opened up the web browser. Talk more when you get home" I couldn't believe it. I forgot to exit the shemale website I was on last night. My face turned a terrified shade of blue.

I was looking at pictures of shemales and now Carol knew. I began to sweat and hyperventilate. Just as the shock of what I had done really started to set in my boss entered the room. He could see I was visible not looking well. He asked if I was ok.


My response was, I think I just came down with something. Being a compassionate boss he suggested I take the rest of the day off and he would finish the meeting for me. I grabbed my things and headed to my car.

The entire way home it felt like I couldn't breath. I even had to pull over several times to calm myself. As I pulled into the driveway I just sat in the car for a few minutes. I had to face Carol and I didn't know what I was going to say. Finally I turned the engine off got out of the car and walked to the front door.

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I turned the knob opened the door and walked in. I called for Carol. She responded she was in our office. I headed up the stairs to the office. Each step felt worse then the last because I knew I was getting closer to the office and Carol confronting me. I reached the top of the stairs and entered the office. This was it. I sat down on the couch, that was right next to the door. Carol was typing away on the computer and didn't even look up. She asked what I was doing home already and I quickly responded that the meeting had went so well that my boss gave me the rest of the day off.

She nodded her head but didn't say a word. This wasn't like Carol. She was never this quiet. I just sat there for a minute or two waiting for her to say something. Finally she spoke. So you like to look at shemales huh? I didn't have an answer for her so I remained quiet.

Do they turn you on? Once again I had no answer. She turned her chair around and looked me right in the eye. Tell me more about this interest of yours she said as she stared me dead in the face. I knew at this point I had to come clean, so I did. This isn't something I do all the time. I was horny last night and started searching for different types of porn.

I found this website with shemales and I don't know it kinda turned me on. Did you jerk off to this site? I responded yeah then put my head down like a scolded dog.

Well I have some questions for you then. She deserved answers. Are you gay?, Do dicks turn you on? I began to give her the same line of rationale I gave myself last night. No, I'm not gay and dicks don't turn me on. It's the fact that it was different and unique.

Something I had never seen before. As she sat their and looked at me I could see believed me. But I could see she also looked sad. What's wrong Carol? Well we have been married for ten years, and I think we should share everything with each other.

We shouldn't have secrets. I want to know about things you are into.

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I didn't know how to respond so I didn't say anything. I just let Carol do all the talking. Honey if you want to try new things and explore I'm fine with that. In fact I want to explore with you. I always liked trying new things but I thought you didn't. So i never pushed the issue. I couldn't believe this.

I quickly responded. I like trying new things but I didn't think you did. So I never pushed the issue. We both just looked at each other and started to laugh. After our laughter stopped Carol spoke up. So do you wanna show me how you jerk off to shemales? Instantly I became aroused. My only response was, you wanna see that? She shook her head yes. She stood up from her chair and instructed me to sit down. I moved closed to the computer and grabbed the mouse.

I opened the web browser and instantly the site I was on last night popped up. I looked at Carol with a puzzled look and asked You kept the site up? She shook her head yes once again.

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I was so horny and so happy that she was into exploring new things with me. I started clicking on a few different pictures and was enjoying what I was seeing. Carol could sense this and unzipped my pants and took my dick out.

Ok jerk off for me baby. I want you looking at those shemales when you do it not at me. I did ask she asked. I began jerking off looking at pictures of shemales as my wife looked on. I felt so liberating and I was so into it. As i began to jerk harder Carol stopped me.

Don't cum yet baby. I started to jerk off slower as to not cum yet. Tell me why your clicking on the pictures your clicking on I want to know what turns you on about this. I did as she commanded. I like this one because her dick pokes through the panties.

That's really hot. Hmmm you like when her dick pokes out? I also love this one because her cock looks so soft and smooth. Your right her cock is smooth. Would you suck on her cock for me? I would love to. Would you suck on her cock till she shot a big load down your throat baby?

I could hardly talk I was so engaged. I began to jerk off faster again. I begged Carol to let me cum. You want to cum already? Well ok but on two conditions. You keep looking at that shemale cock and you shoot your load all over my ass. She removed her pants and panties and bend over right in front of me. Do it baby give me your cum. All over my ass. Look at those shemale dicks and spray all over my ass. With one last jerk I came all over the place.

Most landing on her ass but some even getting on her back. I let out a moan and fell back into the chair. Mmmm very good baby. That was so hot. But now I need to get off.

I could barely stand and Carol knew this. Don't worry I will make it easy for you. She propped herself on the edge of the desk and spread her legs. Ok start licking my pussy. I moved my face closer to her and started eating her out. Slow at first but progressively faster. Oh baby that feels so good. You eat my pussy so good. After a minute I began to become aroused again. I stood up from the chair moved my hips closer to her and shoveled my dick deep into her pussy.

She let out a surprised moan. That's it fuck my pussy good. Stick it deep inside.


This was the hottest sex me and Carol ever had. She was never this vocal. The dirtier she talked the harder I fucked her. Tell me how you like those she dicks baby tell me what you would do to a shemale of she was here right now. I didn't know what to say at first but the wetter Carol got the more I learned to improvise. If a shemale was here right now I would grab her big dick and start kissing the head of her cock.

I would kiss it and make it nice and wet, then I would take her whole cock in my mouth. Carol started to moan loud enough that everyone on the block could probably hear, but I didn't care. I kept going. I would jerk her off as I sucked her cock. Then I would put my hands on her butt and squeeze her tight ass with her cock still in my mouth.

I would take my finger and stick it in her ass.

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You like that Carol? I'm finger fucking a shemale as I suck her cock. Carol was enjoying it because what followed was an earth shattering orgasm. Her whole body shook and her pussy was as wet as the ocean. Knowing she just came I pumped my dick into her harder and harder. I'm going to cum in your pussy. With one last thrust I shoot my entire load into her pussyhole. We both where out of breath and could hardly stand.

I sat back in the chair and she joined me.

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Her pussy started dripping my cum and her juices all over us, but we didn't care we where in complete ecstasy. That was so hot baby. I agreed. As we sat there just basking in the moment Carol looked over at me and whispered, it will be even hotter next time because your going to fuck a shemale for me. I just looked at her not knowing what to think. But I knew it would be hot. To be Continued. =