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Switching it up. After that sleep over things really cooled off with me and Amanda. We still kind of talked and were friendly but it wasn't the same. We were both cool with it.

A couple weeks later I was on facebook and started talking to two girls from my old school and how we really missed each other so I came up with the idea of hanging out this Saturday. The two girls were Kara and Mojo. Kara was about 5'5 Asian, flat in the front but had the cutest hart shaped ass.

Mojo was about 5'4, black, and had kind of a flat ass but she had DD easily but they weren't the saggy kind, they were nice and firm. They were also great to stare at. So they came over and as per tradition we went out back and jump on my trampoline for awhile.

As per another tradition, we also played "tag". Our version of tag was a little different.

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It started as just ass tag but it migrated to the front over time. We between really close at the end of the eight grade year so it didn't really matter that much. There was a really exploitative and raw sexual energy going around.


I wanted to see if I started it again. Kara was the one who initially suggested it. That didn't really surprise anyone because she was always the one who was most forward with things.

She started it off by tagging Mojo and then Mojo came up and grabbed my ass. So I went over and grabbed Kara's ass. I was so surprised because she had really filled out since eight grade in all the right places. I might of lingered a little bit but she did the same thing when she got me back so we were even. Then Kara took it to the next level went she went strait over to Mojo and grabbed her tits.


Mojo acted really offended but you could tell she liked it. In fact, she went right back to Kara and did the same exact thing although you could tell the difference between the two. Then Kara surprised everyone by walking over to me dropping to her knees and grabbing my dick right through my shorts.

Then Kara said "What? Mojo you know you want to do it too. Vie seen you staring at his cock the whole time, I just got the ball rolling." She said and got up like nothing had happened. So I just figured id go with it and I bounced over and grabbed Mojo tits for around a minute. I massaged them and she moaned a little bit. Mojo responded by saying "fuck it.

Liam I want to see what you got in your pants." Her and Kara both came up to me and pulled my pants and boxers down to revel my quivering cock. They both were shocked at how big it was and gasped, Mojo said " WOW I cant believe its that big." I said "Ok I showed you mine now you show me yours." Mojo started blowing me while Kara started stripping. Mojo had surprisingly good skills for a beginner, even using her tongue in new and creative ways. Kara was wearing a white shirt with purple booty shorts.

She slowly took them off to show off her matching purple bra and thong. Then she took those off to show her beautiful cherry tits, and her pussy with just a small landing strip. She then came over and switched with Mojo. Kara had a very different style of sucking dick in that she would take the head and go up and down on that extremely fast to give this amazing sensation that she is almost literally sucking your dick off your body.

Mojo was wearing a red shirt with jean booty shorts on.

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She gave a dance while pulling those off. She then modeled her red bra and matching thong. When she took those off my eyes popped at just how big her tits were. She came over and asked "Well what next?" Then Kara said the three best words a man can ever hear: "Were gonna fuck." With that she hopped on top of me and started bouncing up and down on my cock. She was super tight but It was all working out. It also helped that we were on top of a trampoline so she got that extra bounce.

She moaned "Oh GAWD Liam I've wanted this for so long.


Your fucking huge." Mojo was over in the corner feeling herself. I told Kara to get on her knees and bend over.

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She did just that. I took a second to admire her beautiful ass before going in on her. Within minutes she was moaning/screaming "Oh yah Liam hit it like that, yah daddy fuck my tight pussy." Which led to " OH GAWD IM COMING YES YES YES IM COMMMMING!" She hopped off my dick thoroughly satisfied.

Mojo knew it was her turn and said "get on top of me." So I obliged. She told me she was still a virgin and she wanted me to break her hymen as quick as possible. So with one swift thrust I broke it. She screamed out in pain so I waited there for a minute until she said she was ok. She then rolled me over so I was on bottom while she rode me cowgirl. I had the most glorious view of those beautiful view of those tits bouncing up and down so I grabbed them and started playing with them.

She moaned in ecstasy " You like playing with my big tits don't you daddy, you also like to fill me up with your big fat cock." After about ten minutes of fucking she was ready to come and vocalized it "OH YES DADDY IM GONNA CUM, YOUR BIG FAT COCK IS MAKING ME CUM, YES DADDY FUCK ME YESSSSSS!!!!" she was also tired so she got off and got on her knees facing me with Kara. By this time I was past the point of no return and I came all over both of there faces and tits. The most amazing thing was watching Kara lick Mojo's tits clean and swallow my load as did Mojo.

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After both got dress gave hugs and kisses and went home. I didn't realize how much I missed my middle school friends.

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