Baby Mütter auf mich spritzte

Baby Mütter auf mich spritzte
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This is the sequel to "Menage a quatre 1" Please read it first. I arrived home from my first weekend with Sandra, Reg and Maria pretty late on Sunday evening.

I really needed to process such an extraordinary series of experiences, and I hoped that telling my mum all about it would help me understand how I felt about it all. Unfortunately mum was sound asleep in front of the TV with an empty wine glass beside her. I turned the TV off and gently woke her. She was still pretty groggy so I abandoned any idea of discussing my experiences with her until the next day. I helped her to her bedroom and she asked me to undress her.

That was not as shocking to me as you might expect. We both slept naked and we saw each other naked nearly every day, either going to and from the bathroom, or in the bathroom that we shared.

It was not uncommon for me, naked, to be shaving in the bathroom while mum was getting in or out of the shower, or for me to be getting out of the shower while mum, naked, was sitting on the toilet, peeing. Neither of us was ever embarrassed by any of this. So I eased her clothes off and helped her into bed, then kissed her good-night on the cheek and went to my bedroom.

I feared that I would find it difficult to fall asleep after such an eventful weekend, but in fact I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Next morning at breakfast my mum wanted to hear all about my weekend, but I told her that there was way too much to tell her before I had to go to work, and we would have to wait till the evening. As soon as I was in my office, Sandra came in, shut the door and kissed me full on the lips. "That was nice.", I said, "Thank you." "So.


Are you going to come home with me again tonight? We'd all like that." "As much as I would like that, I can't tonight. I've promised my mum that I will tell her all about the weekend tonight." "Can't that wait? I missed your beautiful cock last night." "And I missed your magnificent body too. It's just that I haven't wrapped my mind around all that happened over the weekend.

I think that by telling mum all about it I'll come to terms with it." "I thought you enjoyed fucking my arsehole while Maria and I were in a 69 and Reg was fucking Maria's arsehole. Don't you want to do that again?" "Yes. I'm pretty sure that I will want to do that again.

It's just so different from anything that I've ever done before." "I do hope that we can all be together again soon. How come you want to tell your mum, anyway. If Maria and I told our parents about any of the things we do, they'd probably report us to the police, or the church, or something. They'd certainly disinherit us." "My mum and I are different.

We can talk about anything without being embarrassed. She wanted to serve you breakfast on Saturday morning if I took you home to my place on Friday night. I told her that I didn't think that that was likely because it was only a first date and she looked quite disappointed for me." "Maybe tomorrow night then?" "Probably. I'll see how I feel after I've talked to mum tonight." She was standing very close to me.

I gave in to temptation and slid my hand up her inner thigh, under her very short skirt. When I got to the top of her leg I discovered that she was not wearing panties. I finger fucked her and diddled her clit with my thumb, until she had a crashing orgasm and shot her ejaculate all over my hand and the carpet of my office. She managed not to scream by clamping her hands over her mouth, but her moans were still pretty loud. I half expected the door to fly open and someone come rushing in to see what was wrong.

I took my hand away and licked her juices off it. She slumped down onto my lap and started kissing me. "I think that you really want to come and spend the night with us tonight." "Listen Sandra. I'm still in a state of shock. But also I don't want to disappoint my mum; she seemed really excited when I told her that I had a great deal to tell her and that I thought that she would find it exciting, but she would have to wait until tonight because it would take me at least an hour to tell her everything." Sandra and I ate lunch together in my office.

She seemed to have accepted that I really wanted to spend the evening with my mother, but she couldn't help trying to tempt me to spend it with her Maria and Reg. "Do you know what we haven't done yet that would be fun?" I grinned and shook my head. "A daisy chain." "What's that?" "We all lie on the floor in a circle … well a square really because there are only four of us.

Then the girls suck the cock ahead of them while being eaten by the bloke behind. Wouldn't you like to try that? We could do that tonight if you wanted." "As much as I think that I would like that, it will have to wait for another night." She pouted. "Tomorrow night, then?" "Very probably." When I got home mum already had the dinner on the table and a glass of wine poured for each of us. "OK, Ron. Start talking. I hope that it really is as exciting as you led me to believe." "Well, I think that it's exciting.

You might be shocked, or even disgusted. I'm a bit shocked myself, which is why I want to tell you about it." I skipped quickly over the dinner in the restaurant, then told her about Sandra telling me to send the taxi away and come inside with her.

When I told mum how quickly Sandra was naked and how direct she was about wanting to fuck, she had a big grin on her face, which lasted right through my detailed description of every sex act that we had together that night, but when I told her about finding Reg and Maria naked in the kitchen in the morning, and about Sandra introducing them as her husband and his lover she looked very worried.

As well as I remembered it I gave her a detailed description of the conversation that eventually had me understand that the three of them wanted me to join them for the rest of the weekend, and possibly in the future, as a foursome. At that point I heard mum's zip go down and her hand disappeared under the table. I judged that she was fingering herself, right there in front of me. When we finished our meal, mum asked me to pour more wine, then stood up to take the dishes to the sink.

As she did her jeans fell down to her ankles, so she just stepped out of them and kicked them aside, leaving her dressed only in a T-shirt and pink panties. I was pretty sure that she was not wearing a bra because, as the details of my tale had turned her on, I had seen the shape of her nipples pressing against her shirt.

She finished at the sink and suggested that we take our wine to the family room.

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I continued my tale by describing watching Reg fuck Sandra, then them watching me fuck Maria. At that point my mum started moaning and pulled her T-shirt and panties off and started rubbing her clit, finger fucking herself and tugging at her own nipples. "After our day on the harbour, we ended up back at Reg and Sandra's place, and I was part of my first ever DP, with me fucking one of the girls in her cunt while Reg fucked her arsehole. The feeling of our cocks sliding over each other, separated only by the thin membrane between her cunt and her bowel, was very arousing.

The whole outrageous wantonness of what we were doing was also very arousing." Just telling mum about this had my cock rock hard as I relived the experience. By now mum's masturbation had become so frantic that she came with loud moans. There was now a puddle of her juices on the couch where we were sitting. I was now in real danger of cumming in my jeans, so I chose instead to pull my jeans and underpants off.

Then gave my cock a few strokes, and shot my load into my underpants. "That was beautiful, Ron. I've never watched you cum before." "I've never watched you cum before, either." "But why did you say 'one of the girls' rather than Sandra or Maria?" "Well because I've come to think of them as interchangeable.

They're both available to Reg and me to fuck anyway that we like. And I feel just as good fucking either one, or, as I'll tell you soon, fucking in combinations of three or four people." "So, you don't love Sandra?' "Yes.

I think that I love her, but I love her sister just as much, although I don't know Maria as well as I know Sandra." "And how do you feel about Reg?" "Reg has done everything that he could to make me feel welcome, He's generous and good company.

I think I like him too." "Is there much more to tell?" "Yes. There's lots more." "Come to bed with me and tell me there?" I knew that I should be shocked, but after all the shocking new experiences of the weekend I just went along with mum's suggestion. I took off my shirt and followed her to her bedroom and her bed.

We cuddled together and mum asked me to continue. "After dinner on Saturday night Reg and I DPed the other girl, then we all went to sleep in their enormous bed, cuddled up together. In the morning I was again woken with the exquisite feeling of my cock in a warm moist mouth and a cunt against my face and the weight of a body on top of me. I realised that I did not know if it was Sandra or Maria, and then I realised that I didn't care who it was. "After I filled her mouth with my cum she came too, squirting a little fluid, most of which I managed to catch in my mouth.

I wondered if I could learn to recognise Sandra and Maria by the smell of their arousal or the taste of their ejaculates." "So, who was it?" "It was Maria, this time. Sandra was waking Reg in the same way. We all showered together and had breakfast, then they suggested that I was ready for some serious fucking." "What does that mean?" "First up Sandra lay on the bed on her back with her legs spread wide.


Maria knelt between Sandra's legs and put her face into Sandra's crotch. I could see that Maria was licking up and down Sandra's slit, poking her tongue inside Sandra's fuck hole at the bottom, and licking her clit at the top. Reg positioned himself behind Maria and pushed his erect cock into Maria's cunt." "And what were you doing?" "I was just watching." "I bet your dick was stiff?" "Yes.

I was holding it, but I didn't dare stroke it. I didn't want to cum before it was my turn to fuck someone." "So. What happened next?" "Sandra came very quickly. Maria and Reg seemed to cum simultaneously. They collapsed in a heap for a bit, then Sandra smiled at me and asked, 'Ron, are you ready to fuck me while I eat Maria's pussy?' I grinned and answered 'You bet!'" "My god. I've never done anything so exciting.

I'm really jealous. I want to meet these people." Then mum took my hand and placed it in her crotch. Without thinking about how inappropriate this really was, I started to stroke up and down her slit, finger fucking her and diddling her clit. She then gripped my cock which was already fully erect, and started stroking it. "So Maria and Sandra swapped places and I pushed my dick into Sandra's cunt. I reached around her waist and played with her clit as I fucked into her.

I was really turned on by what I was doing, just like you appear to be now, listening to my story. Apparently Sandra and Maria were as turned on as I was, because very quickly the three of us were groaning and moaning through our orgasms." "I can't bear the tension any longer." Then my mum rolled over on top of me and guided my cock into her cunt.

She was lifting herself up and down, fucking herself while I lifted my lower body off the bed to meet each of her down strokes.

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When I felt her pussy muscles contract and squeeze my cock I couldn't hold off any longer. I pulled her down by her hips, so that I was as deep as possible inside her, and pumped my cum into my own mum. I didn't care; it still felt magnificent. Then she collapsed on top of me and whispered "Thank you." Soon after I fell asleep. I awoke in the middle of the night, went to the bathroom for a pee, then to the kitchen where I filled two glasses with water.

I drank half of mine, then took them back to her bedroom. I put the glasses on the bedside tables and crawled back into bed with mum. Yet again I awoke with something moist and warm around my cock the weight of another body on top of me and something that smelt of sexual arousal pressed against my face. I was pretty sure that this was my mum. I poked out my tongue and tried to give her the pleasure that she craved and deserved while I felt my cock disappearing into her mouth and emerging again.

After a few minutes of this we were both cumming. She took my load into her mouth and swallowed it. I managed to catch her juices dripping out of her cunt. When finally I got a look at the clock I realised that it was much earlier than I usually woke up. "Good morning mum. Thank you for waking me in such a great way. How come so early?" "I want to hear the rest of your weekend.

You may have noticed that I've enjoyed everything so far. What happened after your threesome with Sandra and Maria?" "After that Reg suggested a walk along the beach. Reg and I put on board shorts again, and Sandra and Maria wore their bikinis.

For the drive to the beach, Maria sat in front with Reg, and Sandra and I were in the back seat. Sandra sat in my lap, even though there was no sail bag to make it necessary. I spent the whole trip exploring her beautiful, young body with my hands and she gave me an occasional kiss to encourage me." "Did you explore her nipples or her pussy?" "No. I'd had so much sex up till then, that all I wanted was the great feeling of her skin under my hands, and the feeling of affection that I felt for her, and I hoped that she felt for me.

When we got to the beach we started walking from the south end toward the north. Maria and Reg were in front with their arms around each other, and Sandra and I had our arms around each other too. "It was pleasant in the late afternoon sun, just walking. Each wave that crashed onto the beach sent its wash around our feet.

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The sky was blue, the sea too, and I was holding a beautiful young woman against my side. When we reached the rocks at the north end, Maria kissed Reg and Sandra kissed me, then we all swapped partners. "On the way back along the beach Maria told me 'Ron, I think that you may be the man we all wanted.' 'What do you mean?' I asked. 'We all like you, I think that Sandra is falling in love with you, and I know that I am too. You've apparently enjoyed the great sex that we've been having with you, but do you know what the most important thing is?' 'No.

What?' 'You don't seem to show any jealousy. We want a foursome, but it wont work if there is any jealousy. Do you think that you would like to be a permanent part of our foursome?'" "So what did you answer?" "I stopped walking and stood so that we were face to face.

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Then I kissed her. 'Maria,' I said, 'I've had a most extraordinary weekend. I really need some time to think about it before I can answer that question.' Then we continued walking along the beach. 'At least tell me that you're not upset with us.

You're not, are you?' 'Hell no. I've had a ball. It's just that I've always thought of love and sex as things that two people give each other.

Your model with four people loving and fucking is pretty weird.' 'So you don't want to continue with us?' 'No. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that I want to go home tonight and sort out what I want.

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I told you that I've had a ball, and I have, so logically you can expect that I'll want to come back for more, but I need to think about it.' "We drove to their home, had a very enjoyable dinner, washed down with a chardonnay then Sandra asked me, 'Well Ron, are you up for one more fuck before you go home to mummy?' 'Hey, Sandra, don't be nasty to Ron.' Maria chipped in, 'He's overwhelmed by what we've put him through.' 'Sorry, Ron. I'm hoping that you'll do something with us that needs two men and two women.

I've been wanting to do this since we started talking about becoming a foursome.'" "So? What was it? Did you do it?" "Yes, we did it. Sandra lay on the bed face up, with a pillow under the small of her back to lift her arse off the bed.

Maria lay on top of her in a 69, and they started to eat each other out. Reg passed me some lube and kept some for himself. I lubed my cock and Sandra's arsehole and eased into her arse while Reg did the same to Maria. For the next few minutes Reg and I fucked Maria and Sandra while they were pleasuring each other. As a finale for the weekend it was incredible." "My god! I'd love to have been a fly on the wall, watching that.

Any more?" "No. After that I dressed and came home. You know the rest." "So didn't you want to go back last night? How come that you are here with me?" "It's what I told Maria on the beach. Their idea of a permanent foursome is so different from anything that I've experienced, or heard of, that I needed to process the idea, by thinking about it and also by talking to you. Thank you for listening to me by the way. Not many sons could be as open with his mum as I can." "Hey.

Last night was great. If I were you I'd be keen to go back. And I repeat that I'd love to meet these guys." "Yes. I think I'll spend tomorrow night there. Sandra has been asking me every time that I see her at work." "Good. I look forward to hearing all about it when next I see you.

Have you made up your mind about being a permanent member of their foursome?" "Hardly.


But I'm ready to spend more time there to see if I really belong with them." Please vote and comment. To be continued in "Menage a quatre 3"