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Wild Hardcore Bareback Sex Of Sexy Latinos
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genre: cocksucking, mouthfucking, throatfucking, swallowing, gay, independence, subterfuge, naivity - repost ================================ My dad was mad as soon as I told him I wanted to spend the Summer in Pine Flat.

But then, my dad was mad most of the time. He said, "You're not going to fucking spend the Summer away and you're not going to go stay with your fucking sister!" Wow!

How did he know that Olivia was fucking? But I said, "No, no. See, I can stay with Mark (my cousin) and Stan (my uncle). They want me to." But, he wouldn't budge. Mark was all disappointed but he always had ideas and he told his dad, my Uncle Stan, to talk to my dad so he and my uncle convinced my dad that everyone would get a break. And after all, he never had any problems with Mark so I might learn a thing or two.

My dad was a woose so he gave in. I was so happy. I would be free like Mark because Uncle Stan was a girl-chaser and hardly ever around.

I figured Mark and me were plenty old enough to know what to do with free time. He was a cocksucker who did it with his boyfriend. I was an almost-cocksucker because I only did it four times because I could never get out enough, same as my sister except she escaped to go to college where she went sorta wild even getting gang-banged to "fuck the rage" out of her.

Ha-ha. Like that was ever advertised as a treatment for anger! I wondered what doctor told her that! Maybe she learned it in college because they teach all kinds of things there. When we got to Pine Flat, Uncle Stan said he had to leave so me and Mark went to the back of the house and through the porch door and to Mark's bedroom on the left. Mark said, "Yeah, I bet he's going out chasing skirts" and I asked, "You mean someone's laundry got away?" I laughed. "It's dark out.

He'll never find anything." Between him and my sister, there sure were a lot of gullible people in my family. Uncle Stan was nice, so nice that he walled off the big back porch to make two bedrooms, one for Mark and one for his older brother Eddie who went off to Army. Then, he turned a back laundry room into a bathroom and a storage closet into a mini kitchen and he did it all for privacy so Mark and Eddie didn't have to come into the house when he had to "do his business".

He must have had an important job because the door to the house was locked most of the time. I hadn't seen Olivia since Mother's Day. She picked us up and drove to Huntsman's Restaurant. She was her same ragey self, sneering nose, smoking outside, a new tattoo--- on her arm, okay? She didn't show us on her privates. We're not like that. She was glad to be away from Allendale so she could fuck, fuck, fuck and gangbangs were revenge on our father and took her to explosions and then she could live in peace for awhile.

But, after doing it at campus parties, she figured that revenge sex would be better if she let creepy, sweaty, guys old as our father gangbang her. "It's like, 'In your face, daaaaady!' It's like him being tied up and having to watch while sweaty perves screw his daughter. Yeah, older guys. Best fucking ever!" Older guys were the best?

Wow, I really did learn a lot from my sister and I figured, if it was that good then, "I want to do it!" Her face twisted. "What the fuck?" "Yeah, exactly! And, like you said, older guys!" "Listen you freaky little cocksucker, it won't work for you." "Wh. . Why not?" I protested. "Because, you queer homo, you've never taken a dick down your throat. Those guys go deep and hard and you can't even deepthroat a toothpick!" "Yeah I can!" I reached for the toothpicks until Mark grabbed my hand.

"You fall for everything." "No I don't. Like, these girls were talking at the mall and one said she put Velveeta on her butt and a guy licked it off and then the other girl was all, 'Well that just goes to show you that there really is cheese on the moon'. I laughed at them and told them there's no such thing. See!" Her head shook. "Fucktard!" She began rummaging through her purse. "Dammit, no change for a tip!" She was going to leave?

Desperation set in and I asked her how I could do what she did and she said, "Look Brynn, you can't deepthroat so forget it." "I can learn!" "In that case, I have two pieces of advice. First, get Uncle Stan to buy you a dildo." I nodded, "Okay, okay.

Then what?" She put her face close to mine. "Then, go fuck yourself!" She went to the cashier. "See Mark? She went from saying 'forget it' to telling me how I could start. She's totally in!" Mark questioned me but I said if she said it was the best sex then she would know. After all, she was in college.

She returned with her keys in her hand and told us to walk back to Pine Flat. She turned to leave. "Wait!" Mark said. "I got an idea. Why should Brynn have to teach himself with a dildo? Why can't your older guy see if he knows someone, you know, to train him?" Olivia growled, "No fucking way!

I'm not going to have my stupid little brother fuck things up for me. Like I said, go fuck yourself." Well duh, I already agreed to that. "But Olivia," Mark persisted, "you know what it's like to live in Allendale and be grounded and restricted and yelled at. You got your escape so now, you gotta help Brynn get his. You have to." "I don't have to do anything!" She hissed.

"But. . I see your point. Okay, I'll think about it." "But also think about if you help Brynn, it's like double revenge." Her fingers tapped on dark Naugahyde and she said, "Well, I never thought about that.

Maybe. Maybe." "You can at least talk to your guy. You can at least do that much." She shrugged. "Double revenge?" She paused. "Okay look, I'll talk to Jeffers but whatever he says, that's that.

I'm not going to push it and fuck up my own fucking. I'll let you know." She called the next morning. "I explained things to Jeffers and he knows a guy who likes to work with newbies." "He's a farmer?" "What the hell?" "You said new beans." "Fucktard. 'Newbies'. It means he likes to work with queers who don't know shit. Anyway, he'll train your fucking throat. I told Jeffers to not have him call you until after 2pm.

His name is Tom." I was practically jumping and I thanked her a zillion times. "You'll thank me by not fucking this up. You better fucking do it right or I'll beat the shit out of you, you freaky little cocksucker!" And she COULD beat the shit out of me.

Fact, most girls could. I was about the size of an average girl only skinnier, less aggressive, and easily intimidated. And I heard about her beating a skinny boy after school. She pummeled his face and then sat on it while others watched and laughed. That was the last thing I wanted for my face, I mean getting all pummeled like that. Right at 2pm, my phone rang. "Is this Brynn?" a smooth voice asked. "Yeah. Who is this?" "Tom." Oh yeah. Like duh … what other older man had ever called me?

"I don't want to talk on the phone so just answer one question with 'yes' or 'no'. Okay? I'm told you're looking for some throat training.

Yes or no." "Yeah." "Ahhhh, good. So, let's meet and talk. When are you available?" "Now." He laughed. "Well, I'm a business man so I can't just drop everything right now. Take an hour or so to arrange things. How about at three." "'kay." "Where do you live?" "At home." "Yes, well I suppose we all live at home. I mean, where is home?" "Allendale." "Damn. Too far. I thought you were in Pine Flat." "I am." "But, you said Allendale." "I'm staying with my Uncle and cousin." "And where is that?" "Pine Flat." He sighed.

"Like you go past Colby's General Store and take a right on McLellan and---" "No Brynn. I don't want to pick you up there. I would be . uncomfortable . I mean because . it's a dirt road and I just got my car washed." Well, that sure made sense. "I'll meet you at the east end of Colby's boardwalk. I'll be driving a blue four-door." I got there early and boy was I glad I did because I realized that I didn't know which way was east. A big rancher kind of man was leaving the store and I ran to him and asked which end was east.

"It's that way." He pointed to the right hand side of the building. "Why?" "Well because I'm suppose to meet a man I never met and go with him in his car." The man's eyebrows tilted. "You're going to meet a man you don't know and go with him in his car? And do what?" "He's going to train my throat!" "What the hell?" He eye-balled me for a few seconds.

"Do you sing?" I said "Yeah" because, duh, don't everybody? "Anyway, he's a friend of the family." He shook his head and got in his pickup and left. Wow, what was HIS problem? Anyway, I was glad he was gone, but if he hadn't left, I had something else I could say that was sure to make him leave.

I would have told him, "He's like a friend of the man who helps my sister's anger with that new gang-bang treatment." Yeah, that would have done it! A few minutes before three, a blue car slowed, its right blinker flashed, and it pulled up while the passenger window was going down. "Brynn?" the driver asked while pushing the door open. As soon as I was in, he moved quickly to the highway. He said he was Tom and I felt a lot of relief because that told me I got into the right car.

"We'll go down the road here a little. There's a picnic area. You can relax because I'm . I'm very experienced with this kind of thing. I've trained five. . I mean fiftee. . what am I saying? I've trained nearly fifty newbies like you. And I'm patient." He liked that I smiled. Of course I smiled. I knew what "newbies" meant. "In fact Brynn, I'm licensed." "You are?" "Oh yeah. Studied with . the masters. Passed my exam on the first try. If you ask other trainers, they'll tell you there is no such exam but, well, that's only because they're too lazy to study." He drove.

I fidgeted. "Almost there. We can talk. Make sure we're on the same page." "What page?" "Well. . uh. . the manual. Yeah, the manual. It tells all the procedures to fuc … further the correct training, unlike other guys who don't know.

In fact, I . I have it memorized, so when I say something, you know it's from the manual." He pulled onto a dirt road that was a horseshoe back to the highway. He parked under some shady pine trees and rolled the windows down. "So you see Brynn, you're lucky that Jeffers talked me into this. It's work and it's taking time from my business, but I make sacrifices for newbies. You're also lucky because training like this, other instructors would charge you a hundred .

I mean . a thousand dollars, but I'm going to do it for free because, well, as a favor to Jeffers and because we all like your sister." "Like" my sister? More like they all fuck my sister. After a few seconds he said, "So Brynn. You haven't said much.

If you're afraid of all this, then tell me and we won't do it." Instantly I reacted. "No! I'm not afraid of . that. It's just. . .I've never been around older men. They never talk to me, well except unless they yell at me." "I'm not going to yell. A lot of trainers yell, but not me." "Whewww!" I breathed. "So, we still haven't talked about exactly what this is so why don't you tell me what you think throat training means." "It's you teaching me how to take your cock down my throat." He broke into laughter.

"Well damn, so much for shyness. Yes, that's what it is. And is that what you want, my cock down your throat, for training, I mean?" "Uh-huh. I want to learn." "Ahhhh very good.

So Brynn, have you ever sucked on a cock before?" I lifted four fingers. "Four times? And did all four of those cocks cum?" "Yeah." "You understand that these questions are . are from the manual … for better training. Did you like sucking those cocks.? Almost before he completed the question my head was nodding. He asked if I swallowed "their jiz . I mean semen, the formal words from the manual" and I answered "Yes". "What about the taste?" "I didn't taste anything but I liked that they really liked that I did it when they told me to." "Mmmm I like that.

It means you're good at following an instructor's direction. You might just be one helluva cocksucker." I smiled.

"Thank you." "For what?" "For calling me a cocksucker." "Ohhh, you like being called a cocksucker?" "Yeah and especially by you because you're a professional." "Yes.

I am. I am a professional and I will say it to your face: Brynn, you are a cocksucker." My body squirmed and I smiled because he made me feel so good and proud. Too bad our training was about throatfucking and not cocksucking.

"There is something you must know, from the manual I mean. Once we begin, we have to do the complete program. Stopping would be frustrating. . you know, frustrating because you would only be partly trained." Well, since I already agreed to do it, I couldn't back out now, not with a sister like Olivia.

He smiled and pulled the car back onto the highway. Ceste Lake Motel was just up the road. It was an old, western-style motel with drab brown paint and shutters engraved with cowboys lassoing nothing. What a waste of energy. "Hell, on Bachnal Weekend, you can't get a room.


But, this is Tuesday so there won't be hardly anyone there." "What's 'Bachnal Weekend'?" Tom explained that on the third weekend of every month, college students came to the lake and partied and fucked and carried on like a Bachnalia festival. "They mostly hang out at Foster's Dock where the rich kids bring houseboats they rent for $800. Off to the west is Sheckel Shore which is mostly older guys who camp and drink and watch the fucking and weirdness around the dock, then go back to the Sheckel where they wank and hope to get lucky with the few cocksuckers who go there." I saw the oversized wagon wheel that signaled the motel was near.

He angled the car onto the gravel motel parking lot, went to the office, and returned with a credit card key between his fingers. The layout of the motel was like the small letter "h". He drove down the longest stem nearly to the end. "Yeah, this will be good. Away from the highway. I don't need anyone seeing me going into a motel room with a coc.

. completely busy day back at the business." We entered and he stepped to the right and switched on a wall-mounted heater/air conditioner.

"Get rid of that musty smell. And I guess we don't need these." He pulled two thick outer drapes over a gossamer inner ones leaving the opposite ceiling-high rectangular window over the bathroom sink to shine sunlight. He seemed about six feet tall with a medium build and hair that mixed gray among blond. "Well Brynn, if it was up to me, I would go straight to throat training.

Most other trainers would. But, based on what you've said, I have to tell you about an option you have. It's an option to . to sense what your mouth is ready for. Yeah, because how can a trainer take you to the next step if he doesn't know where you are already? Like I said, I would rather go to training, but if you say you so, then the manual says to do it." "Do what?" "Well, if you want me to sense what your mouth can do, then you can tell me you want to suck on my cock.

I'm not going to tell you what to decide but it is something that is recommended." "Really? Then I want to suck your cock!" The man nodded and seemed pleased and began undressing. My eyes must have bulged because I never seen a grown-man's penis. I really liked the curly hair above his cock that was gray mixed with blond. That was really pretty. "Why don't you just go ahead and get down on your knees?

And, do it like you did those other four. Suck, but go slow." I was soon on my knees and his cock was before my face.

I gasped because it was so hard and suckable. I just slow-sucked on the end and then I started moving forward and back real slow. It had been soooo long! I looked up and his head was back and his eyes closed and he was breathing hard. Wow, he sure did concentrate on sensing. I loved-loved it and closed my eyes. Not only was my trainer a pro, but he was so nice.

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He was letting me suck his cock! I was in dreamland until I realized something bad. I wasn't just sucking my instructor. Instead for me, I was sucking Tom's cock and that was bad because it was suppose to be training and not personal.

If he found out, he might get upset and if he did, then Olivia would be mad. He pulled his cock out and I panicked that he had figured it out. Instead, he went to the window and peaked through the edge of the curtain after hearing a car on the gravel outside. Then my head showed me my situation. I was in an old motel with a naked man who was older than my father and I was on my knees and sucking on his cock. It felt like what I figured sleaze felt like. "Ah, just the maintenance man.

He's gone now." He came back to me and put his hard seven-inches to my lips and that's when I realized that I really liked the taste of sleaze.

Moments later he pulled away again and said that even though he was a professional trainer, he was also a man and he was close to cumming and if he did, we would never get to training. "Because it's personal you mean?" He looked confused. "I don't know what you're talking about." I was happy. "If you cum in my mouth, why do we have to stop?

You can always do it again." "Come again?" "Exactly!" "You mean, if I cum in your mouth, you'll stay and do it again?" "Yeah, however many." "Damn Brynn.

So. uh . now that I know that, then it's okay, according to the manual, for the student to suck off the instructor." I liked that he said student and instructor and not him and me personally.

"Like we said before, we don't want to stop before it's done which means if you do it, I have to cum . I mean, ejaculate . in your mouth. You know that don't you? Swallowing is recommended, but it's up to you. Do you want to swallow?" "If you tell me to." "Ahhh yeah. I want you to.

But wait until I tell you to so I can watch . I mean … to evaluate things." I started sucking real slow again and wow, he was sensing things even more this time. After awhile, he said, "Brynn, we can skip a few steps ahead in your training if you . if you let me fuck your mouth." Well, even though we weren't really training yet, I learned something important.

It's really hard to nod with a hard-hard cock in your mouth. "I go the extra mile, he said, "to make sure you get what you deserve." He was slow-fucking my mouth but not to my throat and he asked, "Is this what those other boys did?" I tried to nod again. Then, he went faster and he made noises and his eyes were closed and he went slower and then repeated the cycle several times and he held my head and then his cock jumped and it spurted over and over again while his body was all tense and I felt his jizz … I mean, his semen going inside of me.

And, when he was done, he fell to his back on the bed. It seemed like ten minutes before he rose and looked at me. His head tilted and then, he laughed. "Oh yeah, I forgot. You need to be told. Go ahead. Swallow, Brynn. Then, show me." So, I swallowed and then I showed him and he said I was good and I should come and suck on his cock again to make sure it was as clean and I soft-sucked it and I loved it when he patted my head.

After a few minutes, he asked if I was ready to start throat training and I was very excited. He told me to lean against the wall and then he put his cock back in my mouth and his hands on my head and he pushed against my throat and then again and again.

Then he pulled it out and asked if I felt like I was gagging and I said "No" and he asked, "Really?" and I said "No" again.

I felt sorry for him because older guys are hard of hearing. He poked and prodded at my throat a few more times and said he couldn't believe that I had no gag responses and I figured it must have been left out when I was assembled at the factory. He pushed his cock snug against the entrance of my throat and he held my head and he pushed and his cock was so hard that I knew it would win. He pushed and I felt it beginning to spread me and then, he was .

going in. He called it "penetration". I called it heaven! I felt a half-inch and then an inch and then two and then three and soon, his pubic hairs were tickling my nose. I had done it and I was proud!

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First time ever! That's what a professional throat trainer can do for you! He began slowly moving forward and back.

His hands were tighter on my head. His cock was touching nerves in my throat that I never knew I had. Sexual nerves. Like clits. He went in long strokes and then shorter and a little faster and then slower. He made man sounds. Then he stopped. "Brynn, I have to cum in you, otherwise, this training is incomplete and all we've done doesn't matter." He went at it with more energy and his hands were even tighter and his noises more animal-like and his cock kept hitting parts of my throat that made me crazy.

And that is when I learned that I have internal orgasms. Not normal orgasms but inside, like earthquakes that tremor or shake or full-on rock. And then, he pushed into me all the way and his cock jerked like before and I felt his cum, I mean his semen, going into me and I felt those tremors become shakers and then almost to rockers.

It was soooo awesome! I didn't want it to stop no matter. I just closed my eyes and took it all in. His body was shuddering and his cock only occasionally jerking. Then, he pulled it slowly out of me and he fell back to the bed again and lay with his left forearm over his forehead.

I didn't have to sit with semen in my mouth because he had done it down inside of me. I felt good about that and also because my throat seemed easy to train. After awhile, he moved back to the headboard. "Brynn, why don't you come up here and just suck on daddy's cock?" He said "daddy"? What? But wait. Yeah, instructor's and daddy's both were bosses so it was just another word for the same thing. I began sucking and it got mostly hard again.

Hm, those younger guys fucked me for two minutes then left but these older guys do it slow and they get hard again and again. No wonder Olivia liked them. I licked his stiffy from stem to stern and I looked at him and wondered if he had fallen asleep. Then, I took a chance. I put the head of his cock right in front of my face and I whispered to it, "I want to be your girlfriend." Tom didn't move so I figured I got away with it.

Then, he patted my head and said it was enough. "Did I pass?" I asked eagerly. "Pass? What? Oh, uh… Well Brynn, you remember we said we have to do the whole program? Well, there is much more to throat training than doing it one time." I know my face frowned. "You get an 'A' for today.

In fact, an 'A-plus', but there is more for you to learn; different positions, things like that. And, you need to do it over and over. Practice makes perfect." Well, that was understandable. "But, I get an 'A-plus' for my first time?" He laughed. "Oh yeah. You definitely are an 'A-plus' cocksucker." "Thannnnk you!" I was so happy.

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- - - - - - - - When I got back to Pine Flat, I told Mark all about it and he asked soooo many questions and I sorta figured maybe he was a little jealous. "And guess what! He said he will train me every week!" I met with Tom the next week and the next and he showed me different positions.

One I loved was on our sides because I could take it soooo easy and he said it was comfortable for him and he could "fuck . I mean, train" me for longer periods. But, my best-best favorite was when he put me on my back and got on top of me, like 69 but not exactly. He said I would feel like a girl and I would know what sexual intercourse was like.

I just loved it and when he came in me, it was like he was soooo deep and I could feel it all so much and, yeah, I hit the rocker-earthquake as soon as he started cumming . I mean, ejaculating inside of me. It was soooo dreamy! A couple of weeks later, he had another man join because I needed to prove I could do it with just more than him. Wow, did I ever get screwed! And the new man was nice because he gave Tom money to "help with the motel cost".

Then, one day Tom told me that he was going on vacation with his family. Hm, I never thought about him being married. Then he fucked me --- in the mouth I mean. I felt like a second wife when he was on top of me. I didn't like that he would be gone and I didn't know if I could make it without being fucked.

He was all nice though and said he didn't mind if I was with other men. It would be good for training. But, I told him I would wait. The first few days were okay, but then I started feeling the need for cock and I talked to Mark and he said if I got with another guy, I would prove to myself that it wasn't personal with Tom and, "If you never had a gag reflex and there are all of those horny guys out there then you owe it to them to let them do it. You can't keep it to yourself.

That would be so selfish." I didn't like the sound of that and I really did get how it was like my responsibility to let men do it. They needed a place to cum … I mean, ejaculate, and my throat was professionally trained.

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Two days later, I was climbing the walls because I needed it! And, it got worse when Mark and my uncle left for the weekend. I struggled so much through the weekend until the sun was nearly set on Sunday and I couldn't take it any longer. But, what would I do? Pine Flat had so few people? Then I remembered. Ceste Lake. Even when it wasn't Bachnal weekend, there were men there looking for cocksuckers. But, it was late on Sunday so maybe they all went home.

I had to find out. I pleaded with a neighbor to drive me to Ceste Lake even though it was less than two miles away. As the lake came into view, I could see two small campfires on Sheckel Shore and my hopes soared. My neighbor dropped me off at the dirt parking lot and I made my way down through thin, sparse trees, trying to be quiet.

I wasn't sure how I would go about asking men to fuck me in the mouth but I figured if my mouth wanted it badly enough, then it needed to come up with some words. There were two men beside the flickering fire on the left. A thin, white-haired man stood. The other man was beefier and about Tom's age. He remained seated. "Are you lost?" the white-haired man asked. "Uh. I . No. … I'm looking for my ball." "Your ball?" "Yeah. We was here today doing .

a picnic … and my sister threw the ball over my head into the trees and I couldn't find it so I came back to look for it." "In the dark?" Oops. "Um .

yeah because I thought it being a white ball it might show more in the dark." "Your sister can throw a ball from the picnic grounds all the way into those trees?" "Uhhhh &hellip.well she's really strong. If you're not careful, she'll sit on your face!" The men chuckled. The white-haired man's name was Art and he invited me closer.

'You know what I think? Maybe you came here for a different kind of ball and I'm hoping you tell me 'yes'." He seemed had a friendly smile and I felt comfortable and horny enough to admit that I had heard about men coming to Sheckel for cocksuckers. "Well I'll tell you, we come here a lot but we seldom get cocksuckers.

So, I would love to help you out. We'll let you suck our cocks all you want, won't we Gerry?" "Yeah," Gerry grunted. "Really!?!" I squealed and jumped and clasped my hands to my chest. The men smiled. "But . I mean . well . not just to suck," I added. "Oh? What else did you have in mind?" "I mean, I want to suck but I really want to get fucked in the mouth. For training I mean." "Damn!" Gerry stood and unzipped his shorts.

"I'll definitely help you out with that." "Brynn, I'll do it however you need," Art said. I couldn't believe there were so many helpful men around Pine Flat. "Why don't we start with you on your knees?" Art advised. He stood and unzipped his cotton shorts. He tugged and pulled and then his cock was before my eyes. It was much different from Tom's because it was whitish and tapered to a thinner head. I moved my mouth over it almost as if I had been starving. It felt sooo good. I moved and closed my eyes and just absorbed every ridge and nuance.

I pushed forward to my throat but since I hadn't had cock down my throat in so long, it didn't go in. Art's hands were gentle on my head and his hips pushed forward. He pushed and pushed again and asked, "Don't you have a gag reflex?" I told him "No" and Gerry groaned, "Ohhhh yeah!" "I'll be damned," Art said.

"Never heard of that before." He put his cock back into my mouth and pushed to my throat and then time and again, he pushed and my throat slowly gave way and he pulled my head forward and buried his bone in me.

Have I mentioned how much I get turned on just from penetration. Mmmmmmm. "Ahhhh yeah, Brynn. You're going to make me a very happy man!" Instantly, a rush of warmth and happiness came over me.

It seemed it was becoming less about me getting fucked in the mouth and more about satisfying a horny and nice man, just as Mark had said I should do. His hips moved slowly and his cock was as hard as could be and I felt good that this man who had not had action in a long time was getting it in me. "You like that?" he asked as his cock continued its slow fucking. I whimpered and he began fucking a little faster and then a little more until I pressed my palms to his thighs and he pulled away and asked if it was too much.

"No. No, it's just . Have you heard of 68? The position?" "There's a position called 68?" "Yeah. It's where I lay on my back and you get on top of me, like 69 except that it's one way." "Damn, that sounds sexy." "My trainer says it's like sexual intercourse." "You want me to fuck you that way? I'll do it however you want, but you'll have to show me." It was crazy. Me---a schoolboy---had to teach grown men how to screw me!

I lay on my back on a large towel and told him to get on top of me. He knelt beside me and moved until he was straddling my face. He lowered himself onto me and I felt the exciting rush of being pinned under a horny man. He guided his erect cock to my mouth and I circled it with my lips.

He pushed into me even though it was the second time, it was like that first rush of penetration. It pushed into my depths and I swooned under him and I pulled on his hips to tell him I liked it. He began fucking me slowly, like a man making love, and it was just soooo sexy.

He asked again if I liked it and I moaned. He went a little faster and asked if it was too much and I shook my head and he went harder and then harder, like he was breeding in me. "Damn, takes it like a whore," Gerry said. That made me proud because I knew whores could really take a lot of fucking. It was so sexy. He began huffing and thrusting and then he lunged four times in succession before burying his bone deep inside of me and releasing hard jets of jism, I mean sperm, each one taking me to shaker-level orgasms.

It was sooooo hot to feel him releasing inside of me but even more, I loved that I was the one who was relieving him.

Mark was right. It was selfish to not let horny and deprived men like Art cum in me. Art's spasms slowed and then stopped and he lay on top of me for several minutes. It was so crazy-good, getting fucked outside, looking up at the stars, and feeling a horny man ejaculating inside of me.

Gerry was a facefucker and I took it on my knees while he held my head and fucked and talked very dirty. I didn't feel like anything more than a whore to him yet that also stimulated me because he was horny and I had a mouth and that is what Mark said it was for.

Art asked how I was going to get back to Pine Flat and I told him I would walk but I didn't have to go yet. I could even stay all night because no one was home on McLellan Road anyway. "You can? So, can I fuck you again?" I nodded.

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"Much as you want." Ten minutes later, I was laying on my back in their big tent and Art was on top of me and his hard cock was inside of me and fifteen minutes after that, so was his semen. I remember how I clung to him all the time he was ejaculating in me. Gerry fucked me again. Like before. Enough said. Art and I slept in their tent while Gerry slept on his sleeping bag outside.

Art screwed me again before morning and once after waking up. They packed their things to return to their city and they dropped me off at McLlellan Road. "We'll be to Ceste next weekend, Brynn. I'll come pick you up.


I would love to spend more time with you," Art said. They picked me up many times that Summer. It was a busy Summer after that. I still had lessons with Tom and he was bringing two men to help with my training. I didn't know what I was learning from getting fucked by three men but Tom knows everything and I wanted to complete the training and have him put "A-plus Cocksucker" on my certificate so I just did what he said.

I told Tom about Art and Gerry and he said, "It's obviously paying off. It's getting easier and easier to fuck you." Paying off. Talk about getting it all wrong. What a riot! Tom thought they were paying me! What I didn't like was that Summer was ending and that meant I would have to go back to Allendale. I had learned so much about getting fucked in the mouth balls-deep and I loved it so much.

Once again, Mark had ideas. He got his dad to get my father to not only let me stay forever in Pine Flat, but that my father wouldn't have to pay my uncle very much to take me off his hands. I packed my stuff and with my uncle and cousin in the front seats, I sat alone in the back and smiled until I almost laughed. It was so crazy! My father was paying for me to move to Pine Flat which meant that he was paying me to get fucked in the mouth and to lay on my back and let horny men screw me.

And I was better than my sister because he never paid her to get gang-banged. She would be so jealous if she ever figured that one out! Even though I loved moving to Pine Flat, there was still something missing and it's sorta sad. When school started, everyone would have a chance to say what they did all Summer, but I wouldn't be there to tell them that I not only had a professional throat trainer, but he gave me a thousand dollars of lessons all for free!

I mean, I wasn't missing out on bragging, but I was sure going to miss out on how popular that all would make me. The good thing is that Tom and Jeffers started talking about having me and Olivia lay down side-by-side in the biggest gang-bang ever! Wow, being a part of Olivia's gang-bang.

Talk about rockin' earthquakes!