Sweetheart is surrending her virginity smalltits hardcore

Sweetheart is surrending her virginity smalltits hardcore
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Locked in a weekend retreat for people with a desire to meet all kinds of other singles, I headed to the lake and when I arrived, I was shown a nice wooden cabin I shared with 3 other co-ed singles, and being the first to arrive, I made some snacks, opened some wine, and picked the bed I felt the best on.


Lying on the king bed in the master bedroom, the greeter walked in and had a pair of sexy little girls that were smiling as we were all introduced. The leader of the weekends activities suggested all 3 of us share the master bedroom and build a bond that we can make meeting others easier with.

Agreeing, I invited them to make themselves comfortable and instantly I was surrounded by 2 scantily clad long legged asses wearing tight boy shorts, a tiny and tight matching set of tank tops, white tennis shoes, and nothing else.

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Feeling over dressed I asked if I needed to dress like them, and they only smiled as we enjoyed a bottle of good wine and the cheese and crackers I had made. Doing so we discussed our jobs and how they kept us all from meeting people, having a need for companionship, our animals, and the twins finally asked if I liked anal sex and cumming in a tight womans asshole and I answered that I definitely loved cumming in an asshole.

Sprawled across the bed, the head person knocked and inviting her inside, she gave us condoms, lubrication, pornos were on several TV channels, directiosn to food, drinks, clothing optional and no clothing allowed directions, and finally introducing another roommate named Dale who joined us as we decided the situation.

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After Rachel left, Lynn and Bell whispered a bit before Bell joned me on the bed and Lynn showed Dale where to put his stuff and fixed a drink. In the front room, we all decided to get naked, take a towel with us, grab our drinks, and find some other singles and just act like all 4 of us are the hottest party cocks around and we can have some fun.


Acting like each of us had just come to the adventure, met someone super fucking hot using our personality, and soon we were the life of the group.

Dale and Lynn found a hot tub full of hard cocks, wet pussy and lots of touching.

Menwhile, Bell and I had stories and comedy going as we had a group laughing and drinking and Rachel came up and met some of the others she hadn't yet, and told everyone that they needed to learn from Bell and I. Instantly, we were experts in dating and both of us felt overwhelmed and turned off by the qurestions and the tense actions everyone showed towards us.

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I spoke up and told the group that if they think so much about dating and meeting someone and making it right, they will never have a meaningful date. Noticing that some of the people were wearing their clothes, we headed to the NO CLOTHING area and told the wussies to get naked or get left behind. With some coaxing we had everyone naked and we returned to the pool and I made frinds with this skinny, small, drunk chick naked Brittney and she was all over my cock and lap as I asked Bell for her help.

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Flirting with 5 guys, she didn't want to help or didn't like that Brittney had her bald pussy on my skin. As Brittney drank a few shots in a matter of seconds, I grabbed Bell and asked her to help me put Brit's drunk ass in bed. Tugging her away from the perverts jerking off right in front of her, she silently thanked me and we put her in a room that Rachel told us to, and Bell and I found ourseles standing over Brittneys passed out naked ass body, hand in hand, and needing to let some sexual anxiety come out.

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Bell found her camera while I pissed and as we were standing above Brittney's bare naked body, Bell moved her around and positioned her as I took the photos. Bell had pussy juice dripping down her own leg and drenching Brittneys tight little ass and thighs.

Bell worked my cock to full erection and made me fuck Brittney so she could film it using her digital camera. WHile I was putting Britt on her side and burying my swollen meat deep inside of her twat, Bell found a large vibrator and lubed it so good that it fit into Brittney's asshole and as she turned it on, the vibration made Britt's pussy tremble and gush cum all over everything, and I fely my balls tighten and I told Bell I was gonna cum, so she dropped her camera, pulled on the head and slid it down her throat as I released the huge powerful load into her throat.

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AS Britt gained consciousness, she didn't stay awake for long and Bell made me carry her to our bed so she at leas knew whose cock she had been poked with in the morning. To be continued.this was just the first couple of hours of a 3 day 2 night fuck fest gathering in Dallas.