Tgirl with large ass gets banged

Tgirl with large ass gets banged
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She stood on the other side of the room, sparring against a practice dummy. The room still had a few other people in it, all focused intently on their own training, not even noticing my entrance.

As I approached, her eyes caught the movement, turning to face me with her usual smirk.

"Already? Well, when a girl's good at what she does, she's damn good at what she does." She raised her fists at me, not the slightest jest in her eyes as she prepared for the usual sparring match, springing forward even before my guard was raised. She knew what she was doing, but she was an important part of our lord's army. Her fist felt like a brick as it connected with my cheek. As I staggered back, out of habit, I quarter turned my head, glancing to the extreme arcs of my vision to check for other dangers.

The only one was the humiliation of the others watching me getting beaten as the spar drew their attention. I raised a firm guard, waiting before the next solid cross knocked an arm aside, only to be followed by a swift uppercut that sent me reeling backwards before shaking it off and holding firm, waiting for her to close to try and go on the offensive. Just as my muscles started to stretch and contract, time seemed to slow to a near standstill and I saw the smirk in her eyes before time caught up with her twisting to the side, throwing my arm past her as she left a trailing foot to send me sprawling to the ground, hard.

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I just heard the short laugh of someone who'd been watching before they returned to their practice. She stepped over to me, pushing me onto my back with one foot, sneering down at me.

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"Pathetic…Someone semi-competent might've lasted half a minute…" She pressed her foot down on my chest hard as she stepped off me to leave the training room. After I'd picked myself off the floor and headed back to my room to check I still looked mostly human, I took a deep breath, preparing myself for later by changing into the black shirt and matching pants that would be expected of me.

When the time approached, I headed to her room, knocking on the door quickly. When it opened she, already naked, held it open for me, gesturing me in and keeping close to me as she let the door shut. "I'd almost swear you lose deliberately…Just to get this close to me…" The shiver that ran down my spine at her voice told her that she was right.


Her hand pressed firmly on my shoulder and I bowed my head, kneeling as she stood behind me. "Say it.


I think you know it off by heart now…" "Yes ma'am. As agreed, as I have been beaten by you, I am now yours for the evening to do what you wish with." "Good boy.

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Now, stand. Strip and kneel where you are again. Thinking you could seriously challenge me? You need to learn your place." She slid a hand smoothly around my throat, placing me literally in her hands before stepping away. I knew better than to disobey, quickly standing and striping, laying my clothes down neatly before kneeling again a few seconds before she returned.

"Tut tut, nearly took too long…" She examined the clothes critically. "And not even a good enough job to warrant it.

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Seems I'm going to have much to teach you tonight…" She paused to run the end of her whip down my back, as I desperately tried not to shiver. "Are you ready to begin?" Before there was time to reply, I felt and heard the whip crack across my back. Arcing up, I hissed, knowing it was only the beginning as I felt that familiar stirring in my groin.

After two more strokes, she noticed too, chuckling and drawing the end of the whip up slowly against my manhood, before asking in a dangerous tone.

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"Clearly you seem to be enjoying this. Do you think that I do this for your enjoyment?" "No ma'am." "And why do I do it then?" "To punish me ma'am, for my untidiness and for not knowing my place." "Exactly." The whip flashed across my back once more, stinging as it left a thin red mark in it's place. She stepped away from me for a moment, returning to standing behind me.

"And where is your place?" "Below you ma'am, and my place is wherever you wish it to be." She moved in front of me, sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs slightly stretched, watching me intently as I dared to raise my eyes slowly. "Come here Pet, crawl." Silently I moved onto all fours, obeying her quickly.

She stroked my hair as I stopped in front of her, tilting my head up to watch her as she slid her other hand across to her breast, caressing it and squeezing her nipple gently until it stood firm, doing the same with the other, groaning softly before I sat further up, leaning towards her beautiful breasts and those perky nipple before I found myself on my side on the floor, her hand back by her side and a sharp stinging across my cheek.

"In front of me, now." Her voice wasn't going to tolerate any opposition. I made sure to scrabble back in front of her quickly, bowing my head. She reached down, leaning in front of me, probably hoping to provoke me into taking things into my own hands again, as she slid a hand over my balls, nails scratching at the skin before digging in. With my sharp gasp of breath, and pained look, she whispered to me.

"I am not doing this to please you. I have not told you to move, so you don't. When I want your tongue for something, I'll tell you…" "Yes…ma'am." I stuttered out my response before she let go, returning to teasing me by playing with those wonderful breasts. As I struggled to keep myself still, one hand slowly slid town to tease her lips, her eyes watching me with a smirk, knowing I'd break soon.

With a murmur and a lick of my lips as she ran her fingers across her lips, moaning softly as she started to tease her clit, I had to ask.

"Please, ma'am, may I?" The smirk remained as she moaned again before watching me appraisingly for a moment. "You think you could do a better job than me?" "I didn't mean that ma'am! I just want to help please you, to taste you…" I liked my lips, pleading with my eyes before she softened her look, sliding two fingers into herself as she continued to play with her breasts, loving the torture it was to have to watch as she moaned and pleasured herself mere inches from me.

As I watched her fingers thrusting in and out of her, her thumb running over her clit and her arousal the only thing I could smell, I became more and more convinced it was worth whatever punishment. Suddenly, she moaned louder, bucking against her fingers before withdrawing her glistening fingers and holding them out to me. "Thank you ma'am." I replied to the invitation before eagerly taking her fingers into my mouth, sucking at them softly at first, savouring the taste of her before continuing to try to lick at them as she withdrew them from me.

"Maybe if you're good, you'll get another taste again later…" She stood up and walked slowly behind me. "Up." she whispered, and I stood up before she pushed my neck down and with the other hand reached around to my hard cock, her moist fingers teasing it with slow strokes as the other hand ran slowly down my back. "Tell me what you want." "Please ma'am, I want relief…" She whispered her reply to me. "Be glad I'm in a kind mood this evening.

I'll give you your relief now, but later I'll make you work that debt off…" Her nail trailed lightly at my spine, working it's way lower to my tight passage, the stroking already a delight after the teasing taste of her.


"Thank you ma'am." She gently pushes her finger into me, my eyes closing at the feelings, breathing deepening as I slowly push back against her, delighting her as she smirks at me. "Bitch…" The blush that rose to my face just spurred me on, panting as I can feel my orgasm approach when suddenly her finger withdraws and I feel my cum shoot out. As it finishes, I wonder if there's something else planned as she calls me.

"Pet, open your eyes." As I do so, I'm greeted by the sight of her hand, cradling my cum in it, offered to me. Before she even needs to command me, I eagerly drink it down, savouring it all. "Slut…I'll make sure you know when your services are required…"