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Kanaya smiled as she watched her precious mother grub wriggle about in the cavern under can town they had made. It was just over a year old and ready to begin its job in producing new trolls. This would be difficult, though. They had more than just the trolls who survived the game thanks to jane.

Using her powers and the bodies of their slain friends, a begrudging thanks to gamzee for preserving them, they had all been revived.

Even nepeta, tavros, and equius, although they were a bit different since they had been merged with other things in their sprite forms. Tavros had the powers of a first guardian thanks to Gcat and even found a way past his allergies by using his teleportation abilities to clear all his dander off his body instantly so he was in full control.

Nepeta was still a fierce hunter, but now had dave's calm and ironic attitude along with the wings of the feathery asshole, making her even quieter when hunting and capable of taking down aerial enemies. Equius had simply calmed down since little hal's personality was far more logical and helped him be over his ridiculous obsession with the hemospectrum and allowed him to gain some level of control over his strength along with giving him a major boost to his already incredible intelligence.

Now kanaya needed to gather the appropriate materials from the others for her grub. That was where she'd have issues. None of the others had given her any genetics yet for breeding a new generation. Not only that, but the closest thing to a couple of any kind between them was sollux and feferi or karkat and terezi. The rest were all just friends and this meant no buckets and no breeding.

Kanaya, however, wouldn't let this stop her in her mission. She was a jade blood, which meant propagation of her species was her job by birth right. She had the means to do this. She'd just have to go out and collect the genetics herself. Kanaya went up to her dwelling she shared with rose and gathered several buckets. Rose saw her and knew her plan already. It was something they'd discussed in depth when the mother grub first hatched.

Rose was actually fine with it since she knew how seriously kanaya took her responsibility as the last jade blood and instead of being jealous began doing research on troll biology so kanaya would be better prepared for her mission of DNA collection. Rose sat down at her desk and pulled out her numerous notes on the matter." Who would you like first?" She asked as she separated her papers.

Kanaya thought a moment then sighed." Gamzee. I'd Rather Be Done With Him Immediately Rather Than Put It Off Until The Very End." Rose nodded as she took out her notes on purple bloods." My research says he'll be fairly benign physically. Average size of his bulge would be roughly 8 inches and the only unusual things you might need to deal with is that since he's third highest on the hemospectrum he'll cum quite a bit and being a purple blood he'll be extremely energetic and strong so be prepared for at least two rounds if not more." The very thought made kanaya shiver, knowing she'd not only have to have sex with gamzee, but fulfill him sexually at least twice.

He made her sick, but she needed his DNA for the mother grub. Kanaya gave rose a kiss goodbye and headed out on her first DNA run. Gamzee, since they couldn't leave him locked in a fridge forever, was locked in a prison like house they'd made just for him.

It was a decent sized home that was fully furnished with plenty of food and entertainment thanks to karkat buying him groceries once a week. The only thing that really made it a prison were the bars on the doors and windows.

These were just a precaution, though, since gamzee had been eating sopor again since The Victory and was once again his mellow self. Kanaya entered the dwelling through the entrance tunnel set up so gamzee couldn't break out when karkat brought him food. Each end had a door that only opened when the other was shut and monitors on each end made sure no one opened the doors when gamzee was in the tunnel and a biometric scanner made it so they couldn't be opened if he was in the tunnel anyway.

Kanaya entered the home part and saw gamzee watching tv on the couch with a couple pie tins lying on the floor at his feet. She approached slowly and gamzee looked back with a stoned smile." HeY, kAnAyA. hOw ThE mOtHeRfUcK aRe YoU?" "I'm Doing Well, Gamzee. I Just Needed To Speak With You For A Moment." "WhAt'S uP, gIrL?" She took a deep breath." As You Know, I Have Been Raising The Mother Grub Given To Me By Roxy And It Has Become Old Enough To Produce A New Generation Of Trolls.

As Such I Need To Feed Her Some Genetic Material And At This Time I have None." Gamzee chuckled knowing where this was going." YoU nEeD tO gEt My GeNeTiCs FoR tHe GrUb." Kanay swallowed her disgust." Yes. If You Don't Already Have Some Prepared." She said hoping he'd had something from a potential meeting with tavros.

"I dOn'T, bUt I'm HaPpY tO hElP yOu." She sighed and stood in front of him as she undressed. Gamzee did the same with a lustful gaze at Kanaya's large chest as her dress slipped away and her big breasts bounced out for him to see. He in turn dropped his baggy pants to reveal an eight inch bulge that was already half hard from Kanaya's body. She approached him tentatively and he smiled as she slowly gripped his bulge to stroke it slowly. She just wanted this to be over with considering how much disdain she held for this obnoxious clown, but knew the fastest way to leave would be to please him so he'd cum quickly.

Keeping this in mind she let her bra off her body so her breasts were free to be viewed by the steadily hardening gamzee. He gently rubbed and squeezed her breasts which kanaya met with pleased moans, some of which weren't faked simply for his pleasure. Her nipples were getting hard despite her hatred for gamzee and her nook was soon wet with her bodies pleasure over riding her negativity.

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Kanaya needed to speed this up so she dropped down to her knees and was going to begin licking his bulge when he suddenly grabbed her hair and pushed her on the ground. "Gamzee?! What Are You Doing?!" "HAVING SOME MOTHERFUCKING FUN! you obnoxious meddler." "Wh-what?!" He was Sober! How on earth was he," Aahh!" Kanaya cried out with a moan. Gamzee had begun fingering her with one hand while keeping her arms pinned with the other. Rose was right. His strength was nothing to laugh at.

Despite her best attempts he had her totally hopeless and was only giving half his attention to making her such. The other half was on her nook and how deep he could get those dirty fingers." G-gamzee!

I Th-thought You Had Begun Eating Y-your Pies Again…" "I DO WHEN KARKAT BRINGS ME MY MOTHERFUCKING GRUB FOR THE WEEK! but not when no one is around. I JUST LEAVE OLD TINS AROUND TO KEEP YOU MOTHERFUCKERS CALM! then dump the old pies back in my sopor supply." He'd been tricking them for so long and now kanaya was at his mercy.

Or lack thereof considering his rough treatment of her body. She could feel her arms bruising and her nook stretching as he forced a third finger in despite her body both denying entry by trying to tighten up and begging for more by dripping her jade juices all over the floor.

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When that greasy digit went in kanaya cried out in pained pleasure and relented as she gave in to his abuse. Seeing her submission made gamzee laugh and her ass was forced up with a tight grip as his bulge prodded her nook.

She bit her lip in anticipation, but nothing could prepare her virgin hole for the force behind him as he stuffed her with his full length in one swift motion that made her scream in pure pain, but with pleasure underneath that made her force herself back despite her cries of agony.

As he began fucking her with her head pinned to the ground she grunted loud with every hard thrust that she could feel throughout her body. Luckily trolls had bodies built for this kind of treatment and even as he was tearing apart her insides with his huge bulge she could feel herself healing from the inside.

His bulge was already pouring his cum inside her as a prelude of what was to come and it was being sucked in to keep her body functional even as his nails dug into her round ass. Despite all this pain, though, kanaya could feel the pleasure building deep inside her.

Preparing her for when he climaxed and their fluids would mix inside her. This rough and almost hateful fucking kept on until gamzee pulled her up by her hair so she was impaled upward on his bulge and with a loud moan emptied himself inside her. Kanaya's belly swelled as she was filled like a balloon and her own material filled her womb in response to the presence of the purple fluids.

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Gamzee kept her like that for some time, roughly groping and pinching her breasts as he held her, and now that he'd stopped mutilating her innards she could feel all the pleasure he'd delivered upon her fully and was actually close to orgasm.

This was pushed into full euphoria when gamzee began thrusting again, never having gone soft inside her, and kanaya cursed herself as she came for forgetting what rose said. Purple bloods need two rounds at the least." G-gamzee!" She struggled through her regretted pleasure." I-I'm Full!

I Need To Have A Bucket!" He chuckled evilly and Kanaya felt his dirty fingers investigating her ass." IF I GIVE UP THIS SWEET NOOK OF gotta give me a bit of motivation." "Damn it." She thought to herself." I Need To Get Him To Let Me Use The Bucket Or I'll Burst When He Cums Again." She moaned in defeat and pleasure as his finger, lubed with what was most likely her own fluids, slid in her ass." Fine!

Fuck My Ass, But You Have To Finish In My Nook!" Gamzee didn't hesitate to slip out of her and immediately slide his well lubed bulge up her other much tighter hole. With pleasure clouding her brain the pain was almost unnoticed until he began thrusting which made her hole stretch and tighten around him repeatedly.

She kept enough of her wits, though, to clench her nook until she could pull a bucket from her sylladex and get it under her. When it was in place she allowed the torrent of fluids to dump out of her into it, filling it to the brim as she deflated.

With that over kanaya, knowing she deserved something for all her troubles, put one of gamzee's hands on her nook and made him finger her." Come On, You Clown Bastard! Show Me What You've Got!" Hearing this seemed to flip a switch in gamzee because he immediately began fingering her with three fingers as his bulge doubled in speed as it pistoned in her ass. Kanaya laughed and moaned and screamed all at once as the numerous sensations of pleasure slammed into her body. It wasn't long before she was cumming endlessly from the usage of her body and when she was coming down from her second intense orgasm she could feel gamzee panting and his bulge swelling.

He was getting close to his second shot.

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Kanaya took the opportunity to switch him back to her nook before he could stop her and rode him like a hoof beast. Her nook clamped down on his bulge as she bounced and this sent the insane clown over the edge. Once again kanaya was pumped full of his seed and she produced a decent batch of jade fluid to go with it until she had a beach ball belly that she knew would make a decent meal for her precious grub.

She filled the second bucket quickly and was already feeling weary, but gamzee didn't care. He was standing up now and had kanaya's breasts in his hands with his bulge, still at full length, rubbing along her nook from behind." WE'RE NOT MOTHERFUCKING DONE YET!" Kanaya groaned as his thick bulge tried to enter her again." Gamzee, My Whole Body Is Weak. I Need A Rest. Please." She begged him. He rubbed her nook and chuckled as she squirmed under his fingers." what was that?" he teased as he pinched her clit.

She groaned in pleasured frustration." I Need A Break, Gamzee. Please! I'll Do Anything You Want If You Allow My Body A Moment To Recover!" Gamzee threw her on the couch and held his bulge towards her face. It was covered in their mixed fluids and he smiled wickedly at her. She opened her mouth obediently and he slid his bulge down her throat, making her gag as he slowly began fucking her only hole that wasn't throbbing in pained pleasure.


He slid his bulge back and forth, letting her tongue clean every inch of him and run their juices down her throat as she was given the break she asked for. Despite her growing hatred of the high blooded troll she had to admit to herself that he tasted oddly good even after thoroughly using both her lower holes.

The mix of what little sopor was in his system along with the gallons of faygo he sucked down daily made his sweat sugary sweet and after however long they'd been at it he was very sweaty and tasted delicious. She actually wanted some stimulation to her now empty nook and reached down to rub herself when gamzee grabbed her hand and shook his head." NO MOTHERFUCKING WAY!

you don't get anything til i say so." Kanaya looked up at him in shock and tried to use her other hand, but he had her hands both pinned to her stomach within seconds of her attempt at rebellion.

She growled angrily and sucked harder now to gain access to her own nook. Gamzee smiled and began thrusting faster now that he was clean and he had kanaya with no choice but to do anything he asked. She was gagging and choking on his bulge as it swelled bigger with every bit of pleasure he was given. When he was hard enough that pre cum was tantalizing kanaya's tongue he released her hands and her fingers were immediately deep in her aching nook. Aching now for pleasure rather than from gamzee's hard bulge stretching her mercilessly.

Gamzee went faster and faster the more sound kanaya made from him fucking her mouth and her fingering her nook. The wet sloshing of her fingers in her hole, the gagging of his bulge down her throat, the wet slapping as her lips sucked on his shaft, and her spitting on his bulge when he pulled out so she could breathe made her marvel at how big he was and how much of him she could choke down.

Her nose was pressing into his body with every thrust by the time he was dripping an endless stream of purple cum and she savored the sweet goo as she let it pour down into her stomach. When his bulge began pulsing on the brink of orgasm kananya sat up fast and spread her nook which gamzee filled fast and came instantly deep inside her.

With her deep fingering combined with gamzee steadily pulling out of her mouth to let her stare at his bulge she was as close as could be without cumming when he forced his bulge inside her and this made her cry out in pure pleasure as another intense orgasm swept over her.

When he was done this time gamzee lied against kanaya and rubbed her breasts slowly and gently with panting breaths that made kanaya smile. He was done. She rubbed his back to try and relax him and he didn't say thank you or even acknowledge what she was doing was enjoyable. He just sat there with his softening bulge inside her until he was limp enough he just slipped out and rolled over to sit on the couch. Kanaya grabbed another bucket and filled it over three quarters full with gamzee's last shot and her own flood of jade.

With the third bucket full kanaya noticed her belly was still slightly swollen and thought some was left in her, but didn't mind. The warmth was actually nice as she felt the material left in her sloshing about as it was absorbed to repair the damage gamzee did. She looked back at him to see why he was so quiet and to her surprise he was asleep and smiling." HONK!" snore." honk." She smiled briefly remembering the friend he once was and stored the three buckets as she made her way out.

She made sure to message karkat about gamzee's little trick he'd been pulling on the way back to her home and was surprised to find it was nearly night time. She'd gone to gamzee's at noon and he'd fucked her so senseless she hadn't realized he'd been using her like a toy for over six hours. The thought made her shiver in pleasure wondering if she'd passed out at some point and, if so, how much she'd cum while unconscious.

Back at her home she took the buckets to the mother grub who sucked down the genetic slurry greedily. That was one down and ten to go. Kanaya went upstairs and showered to remove the smell of that awful idiot from her body and went straight to bed with only a small towel. Not even wrapped around her, but being used to dry her body as she strode through the house. It wasn't until she reached the bedroom did she see she was still a bit swollen. Her normally flat stomach had a slight bulge to it now and when she pressed it barely gave.

It must have been a reaction to her coupling with gamzee. She crawled into bed, suddenly exhausted, and drifted off just as the sound of rose coming in from her day hit her ears. She received a kiss on her cheek from her human lover and was happy with her success in the first stage of her mission. The next day, kanaya got dressed as usual and as she was heading down to the mother grubs cavern she noticed her stomach seemed even more swollen than it had last night before she went to bed.

What on earth was going on? She rubbed the big belly she was sporting and groaned as a small pain traveled through her. Was she having a bad reaction to gamzee's sopor riddled fluids? Or maybe this was something jade bloods in general went through when collecting genetics for the mother grub.

Either way she needed to go check on her. Using caution as she descended the steps down into the cavern she found the mother grub wriggling about like normal with the empty buckets lying nearby totally licked clean.

Kanaya smiled at this and was about to leave when her stomach began aching and she groaned loud enough to get the mother grubs attention. She suddenly needed to down and she did so as quick as she could with the pain in her stomach building. The mother grub wriggled up to her and began nuzzling her lovingly as she rubbed at her guts to try and make the pain go away.

It almost felt like there was something.solid inside her that was making her hurt as she rubbed her body. The mother grub began pulling at the hem of her dress and kanaya was hurting too much to make her back off. Once her dress was up past her waist the mother grub began nuzzling her stomach and the way she was doing it, having her pointed little feet press certain parts of her body, made the pain subside slowly and even was turning kanaya on.

At least that was her thought based on the slowly building burn in her nook and the moisture she was feeling running down her butt that could only be coming from her now wet nook.

The mother grub climbed on her stomach more and the stomach ache she felt was now going faster as another pain began searing her nook. Something was.coming out of her?! She began panicking and trying to sit up to see what was going on, but the mother grub pushed her down on her back and kept pushing on her body. Something was definitely in her and the mother grub knew it. She was making it come out with her constant pressing on her body. Was this from her being with gamzee?

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Did he place something inside her when he was fingering her? What had that damned clown done to her?!


She nearly screamed as whatever it was in her body began forcing its way out past the tight lips of her nook. Worse than the pain she was feeling was the fact that it was making her feel incredibly good at the same time. She was being stretched wider than she'd even dreamed was possible and struggled between clawing at the ground in agony and enjoyment as her nook sent multiple mixed signals through her entire being. The mother grub gave her a hard jab in her belly and with stars flashing in her eyes kanaya came as something popped out of her with a clatter as it rolled across the floor of the cave.

Kanaya sat up to see what it was and marveled at the purple ball that had shot out of her. It egg? Kanaya grabbed the large sphere and couldn't believe this had come out of her. It was the size of a volleyball and the same color as gamzee's fluids. She had.given birth.was this something jade bloods could do exclusively?

Maybe rose knew. Kanaya set the egg on the floor and tried to stand, on her admittedly weak legs, but the mother grub knocked her on her back again and started prodding her belly once more." What Are You Doing?

I Already," Kanaya felt a stirring in her body and felt familiar pangs of small pain as she lied back down willingly." Oh, God, Not Again." Within minutes kanaya could see another bulge under her skin making its way toward her waist and she braced herself for the pain this time as it started easing its way out. She took deep breaths, spread herself wide, and relaxed her nook as the next giant ball forced its way out.

This time the mother grub didn't have to give her a hard jab in the gut to get it out, but continue her massage of her stomach until the egg just dropped out with an extremely pleased sigh from the aching rainbow drinker." Is It Over?" She asked panting from another orgasm having ripped through her. The mother grub, in response, began pushing at her stomach again and kananya lied back and just let her body go limp as pain and pleasure danced throughout her.

In the end she had a total of five eggs, all the size of volleyballs, lying in a small clutch beside her. The mother grub circled them protectively and finally let kanaya go once the fifth was safe beside her. Kanaya stumbled forward with jade fluids dripping down her legs and every ounce of strength she'd had for the day gone.

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It was only noon and she had been drained of everything. She reached the bedroom and plopped down on the bed beside rose, who was sitting there reading a troll biology book." Kanaya? Are you alright? You look quite tired." "Did Any Of Those Books.Say Anything About What Happens.When Jade Bloods Have To Harvest Genetics For The Mother Grub Themselves?" "There were several things on that subject, but they were missing.

Someone seems to have ripped the pages out of the books I have. Possibly censored by the condesce for some reason back on alternia." That would make sense. Knowing jades could reproduce without the mother grub could have caused issues back in their old home. Cause people to seek them out to breed when it wasn't time and try to raise the grubs without the condesce knowing.

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A secret army building without her knowledge that could have rebelled against her. So any information on how she'd just had a small clutch of high blood eggs was most likely gone for good. That simply meant she'd have to reacquire the information herself through trial and error and hope that this wouldn't happen too many more times or she'd be quite exhausted in the weeks to come.

With no strength in her to move a single muscle, kanaya shut her eyes and ran through the list of allies she needed to visit next for the mother grub. Maybe she'd go see equius next. With his former obsession with the hemospectrum it was very possible he'd happily hand over as much genetics as she wanted for the mother grub just so the chances of more blue bloods being born would be higher.

With a plan for the next day in mind kanaya drifted off into a well deserved sleep.