Gaping Tattooed Brunette Milf Cream pie

Gaping Tattooed Brunette Milf Cream pie
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Hi everyone! Gosh, its been a long time since I've finished a story. Now that I'm working I just can't keep my hands off myself! Ugh, I need some loving. Anyway, here is my latest story.


By the way, I appreciate the naughty letters, and I respond (sometimes a bit late) if you send them!!! So let me know if you enjoyed my story, and tell me what you'd like to do to me too!

__________________________________________________________________________________ Mai had been casually seeing Alan for about three months. Sometimes he'd just come over and she'd tease him, only giving him a handjob while they watched TV together.

Others times, they'd have amazing sex, especially when they knew one of her roommates would be back soon and they'd have to finish fast. Mostly they didn't talk outside of their sexual exploits, and Mai never called Alan, he had started dating someone, and she didn't really want to get involved in his personal life. One warm night in spring Mai looked out of her window across the expanse of trees that surrounded her building and enjoyed the light that glimmered into her room.

Her phone started to vibrate and she looked down, Lindsey was texting her again, seeing if she wanted to go out clubbing. She had lent out her sexiest dress to her roommate, and she definitely didn't want to go to the club wearing ratty old jeans, looking like an idiot.

She thought about staying in, perhaps just enjoying the view and calling it an early night. Her phone rang, she knew the name before she even looked down at her phone. "Alan, I'm not just some booty call, jeeze!" "uh… " "Come on, I'm just kidding!" "oh, hah hah… Jeeze, Sandy is mad at me, I thought you were pissed too." "Ugh, what'd I say about you spilling me your life story?" "I know, I know… I just don't feel too good." "oh really? …Are you already driving over?" "haha, how'd you know?" "Cause you mai bitch!" she said in a mock ghetto tone.

"ah whatever, I'll be there in 10, be ready." "okay, bye!" Mai hung up the phone and walked over to her mirror.


Her sweatpants and cammie would have to go, she thought, anyone looking would clearly see her nipples through the thin material. Then she felt a rush of mischievousness run through her. She kicked off her sweatpants and slid off her panties. She went over to the drawer and pulled out a thong and her cutoff jean skirt.


It had been a silly gift from her victoria's secret membership, but now she felt comfortable with the material rubbing against her crotch and ass. This time, the mirror showed her a much sexier girl.

She tousled her hair, the long black strands curled into her fingers as she moved it. Her body was more toned from all of the walking she was doing around campus, and the warm sun and smaller clothing had browned her a little. She massaged her breasts a little, feeling her skin prickle at the attention she was giving them. She bent over in front of the mirror and saw her buttcheeks poke out of the bottom of the skirt. "yeah, this is definitely going to work," she laughed. She heard her phone ring again, and she thought that Alan was outside.

"What, have trouble getting into the building?" she answered. "Nah, just your room." She ran over and opened the door, letting him in and giving him a big hug. He immediately looked her over and saw how skimpy her outfit was.

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She turned and walked to the bed, giving him a good look at her butt in the process. "Are you going somewhere Mai? You look hot." She appreciated the stare he was giving her, "I dunno, what'd you have in mind?" "want to go for a walk?" he asked.

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Mai answered by walking over to the door and stepping into her flip flops before grabbing her roomkey and stuffing it in her tight skirt pocket. She turned around to watch him walk out of the door and closed it behind them.

They walked around campus for a while before coming to the closed north end parking structure. "You want to go in?" Mai asked, feeling adventurous. "Yeah, there's a gap right there," Alan said, pointing at the place where two fences came together loosely with chains.

They slipped through the fence and walked around for a while, Alan looking into bins and playing with the metal leftovers of the construction.

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He started walking around the bottom level of the parking structure and found the staircase. "Hey, how high do you think this goes up?" he asked her. "Hmm," Mai walked past him up the stairs, no doubt flashing her little butt to him.

"Race you to the top!" she yelped before dashing up the stairs. It was hard going up the stairs in her flip flops, but Alan slipped on the first stair, so she thought she might beat him. Instead, he passed her after the second level. He turned around, looking at her tramp up the stairs heavily. "okay, okay, you beat me," she conceded. "first one to the top gets a blowjob," he said before bolting up the stairs. "Heeey, I didn't agree to that!!!" she giggled. Eight flights of stairs later Mai reached the top and saw Alan leaning on a parking banister, breathing heavily.

He was looking out across the school admiring the city lights. She slowly walked over to him, still panting a little from the run. The air was cold and perked up her nipples, which was easily evident through her thin cammie.

"I win," he said laughing, noticing her breasts. "yeah yeah. hoof. you run fast," she replied. She stopped to look out across the lights and felt a sudden desire in her. He might have been joking about the oral, but she wanted him now. She wanted to feel his warmth in her mouth. She grabbed his shirt and flipped it up over his face, then she kissed down his chest before pulling it off completely.

She threw the shirt down and kneeled in front of him, her eyes focused straight on his crotch. She had to have him in her mouth now, and she could feel his bulge through his pants. Alan looked down, watching as Mai savagely yanked open his jeans and pulled them down enough to bring his warm cock out.

She didn't pause before engulfing the entire length in her mouth, eagerly sucking him into her. She never knew she could deep throat before, but she really liked the fact she surprised him by fitting it all in.

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She pulled him out of her mouth, licking and swirling her tongue around the tip, sending spikes of pleasure through his body. She knew he wouldn't last long if she didn't slow down, so she again took him in her mouth and relaxed her throat. "Oh god." Alan moaned. "mmm," Mai responded, with him still in her mouth. "Mai, I'm gonna come," he whispered. "Not yet!" she yelped, pulling him out. He looked at her with pleading eyes, but she had already gotten up and was hiking up her skirt. She positioned herself on the railing and spread her legs open, moving her thong to the side, revealing her freshly shaved pussy.

She motioned for him to come closer, propping her foot up on the rail. Alan kicked off his pants and kneeled down in front of her, breathing in deep, feeling the warmth rise from her wet pussy.

Mai wrapped her fingers in Alan's hair and pulled him in, pressing his mouth into her soft lips. He immediately started lapping, going the full length of her pussy, and even slipping his tongue past her asshole. She would jump every time he passed it, spikes of pleasure forcing her to react and curl her toes. "Oh Alan. you're so naughty." she purred. Mai looked down at Alan, completely naked, and couldn't believe how turned on she was.

He was out in public, fully naked, going down on her. it was unbearably hot watching him lap at her pussy and pull her ass cheeks tight. She could feel her nipples poking through her cammie and the material suddenly felt rough, almost out of place, on her skin.

She reached down and yanked it from the bottom, revealing her pert little breasts.

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Alan looked up at her. seeing her body open to him. the curve of her breasts, her slim brown shoulders, and her long, flowing black hair filled him with desire. Almost immediately he jumped up and started kissing and sucking on her hard nipples. "Do you want to be inside me?" she asked coyly as she wrapped her arms around his head.

Alan didn't even answer before coming up and kissing her deeply, and undoing her skirt.

Mai let her flip flops slip off and lifted her butt off of the railing, letting her skirt and thong fall to the floor. Alan looked down at Mai's ass laying across the cold metal rail, her legs spread wide as she rubbed herself back and forth, enticing him to take her. He gently put his head at her entrance and slowly pushed the entire length of his cock inside her.

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Mai let herself down from the railing and made Alan lay on his back. He watched as she crawled on all fours up to his manhood and licked from the bottom all the way to the top, before sucking hard on the tip. "yeah baby, oh. just like that" he said. "I want it in my ass, Alan," she told him, each word full of lust, still licking his shaft. "oh. whatever you want baby," re replied. She straddled him and slowly picked herself up, feeling her butthole open and feeling the cool night air on it.

Alan placed the tip of his cock at her tight ass and started to push his hips upwards. She knew it would get inside her easily with all of the juices leaking out of her pussy. She felt the tip pop in with a slight sucking noise. She pushed down harder and slowly felt him fill her entirely. She felt a small orgasm hit deep insider when she settled on his hips.

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He could feel her body squeezing down on him, holding him deep in her anus. He reached up and licked her nipples while grabbing her ass and letting himself slide out of her. They slowly started to build a rhythm together, Mai's ass slapping hard down on Alan's crotch as the met together. The sucking noise was so loud that it echoed softly off the retaining walls around them.

It was so sexy for her, being in that situation. feeling Alan's cock slide in and out of her ass, knowing that anyone who saw would know exactly what they was doing, the night air chilling her skin, her fingernails digging into Alan's naked skin, the rough concrete under her toes.

It was getting to be too much for her to handle, and she knew that her orgasm would be huge. Her body started to convulse, and she stopped moving. Alan felt her contracting around him and quickened his pace, feeling his own orgasm build, his balls tightening and his cock getting even harder. "Oh god, Alan I'm cumming," Mai whispered, arching her back. "YES," was all that Alan could grunt. Mai felt Alan's cock twitching inside of her, spurting load after load of cum as Alan pressed his cock into her.

The feeling made her orgasm spill over, the waves of pleasure radiating out of her, and she even squirted a little. She collapsed on his chest, both of them too tired and pleased to even move. Normally Alan went soft right after coming, but this time he stayed hard inside of her, his cock was slick with her wetness and moved a little as he breathed. Eventually it started to soften and he slipped out of her. "Oh god, Alan." Mai said before kissing him deeply. "yeah. I." he started to say but then felt the words slip away.

Mai looked at him seductively, yet somewhat sleepily. "lets get back to the dorm,"

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