Bella gets tied up and tickled for cheating

Bella gets tied up and tickled for cheating
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This is part two to my story. It might help to read part one first but it isn't entirely necessary.

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Please leave compliments or constructive comments only. Don't bother writing "It sucks" or something, it's a waste of time. For those of you wondering where the male is. He comes into part three so hang tight. Enjoy! - - - - - - - - - - - Freya wasted little time situating herself on top of her sister, her pussy against her twins stomach as she kissed her passionately.

Her tongue probled her sister's willing mouth for moments on end as she slowly began to grind her still wet pussy all over Mariya's toned stomach, coating it with her juices. Her hands cleverly went up to her sisters hands, sliding along the smooth skin to the restraints that had been left open and reayd to use.

Swiftly, she slid the restraints on Mariya's wrists, effectively restraining her from moving her hands. She glanced at Mariya for a moment, spotting the surprised look. "You said it was my turn.

And I've decided to have my fun now." Freya said teasingly as she reached to Mariya's right nipple and pinched it gently before tugging it. She repeated the motion until the little nub was hardened and even a little red before she repeated the action to the left one until both soft brown/pink nipples were hard against her sisters skin. Freya smirked slightly before she turned her attention to Mariya's own soaked pussy, a tiny patch of hair over the clit.

"I think, you need to shave, Mariyannah. : She said as she stood and got the razor from the bedside table. "After all, only good girls get to decide how their pussy looks and I told you last time to make sure you had no hair down here." She nibbled the clit for a moment as she lowered herself down to her sisters pussy and began to run the razor over the sensitive flesh and remove the hair.

Slowly she removed it, dragging the razor over the flesh until the skin was smooth and hairless. "Much better." Mariya nodded faintly, as she felt the razor glide over her skin, causing her pussy to become wet just with the motions of her sister shaving the hair from her body.

It was humiliating, and she liked it. It made her pussy ache to be touched.

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Freya sat back and admired the work that she had done with the razor before putting it back on the table before going to her sisters closet and looking int he chest of toys.

She fished around until she found a collar with a leash attachment, a large dildo, nipple clamps and a small whip more like a crop really but she liked it.


She came back towards her sister smiling devilishly. "Roll over and get on your hands and knees." She ordered as she clasped the collar onto her sisters neck and tightened it after fastening the camps onto her sisters hardened nipples so that they gently squeezed the nubs and kept them hard and sensitive.

She liked the decoration. "Freya, what are you doing? Tha'ts Ang."Mariya's eyes widened as the collar was put in her line of vision and fastened around her neck. She felt Freya's fingers prod her pussy entrance and then something bigger, a large object being pushed into her entrance. She moaned a little as she felt the tip of the cock pop into her, only to be removed from her entrance a second later.

Mariya waited in anticipation for that thrust to make the toy enter her again and she got it a moment later as Freya pushed the entire toy deep into her cunt and attached it so it couldn't move out of her sisters pussy unless the attachment was loosened.

"Be quiet! I didn't say you could talk. Roll over and put your ass in the air.

That's five more strikes." Freya hissed as she watched Mariya roll over onto her hands and knees, her toned ass elevated in the air for her sister. "You will count every single strike, and beg me for another and when I'm done, you'll thank me." She ordered as she pulled the leash a little in her left hand as she prepared the whip. Not wasting a moment she solidly brought the whip down on Mariya's ass roughly, causing a long red mark across the softly tanned skin.

The purple toy was just visible from her position, the end sticking out a little from her sisters tight, dripping pussy. Mariya whimpered softly at the stinging pain as it ebbed painfully before slowly causing her pussy tingle from the sensation.

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Her voice was quiet as she spoke "One.please may I have another?" "I can't hear you." Freya snapped as she brought the whip down again onto her sisters skin. "T-Two. Can I have another?" Mariya spoke a little louder as the whip came down. The tingling of her ass was making her pussy wetter and she continued to count the strikes until the number ten.

"Thank you, Freya." "What was that?" Freya asked as she brought the tiny whip down, closer to her sisters pussy. "What did you call me?" "-Mistress. Thank you mistress." Mariya corrected herself as the tip of the whip just grazed the side of her clit. She felt her pussy juices drip a little as the whip was cast aside and Freya undid the restraints. She didn't know what was going to happen next but she felt Freya's bare hand slap her ass before the girl spoke.

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"People always say you're such a bitch Mariya.maybe its time you act like one. Get on the floor, on your hands and knees and crawl around the room. And once I tell you to stop, you're going to lick my pussy until I cum all over your face." Freya whispered in her sisters ear as she massaged her twins ass before moving to the bottom edge of the bed as Mariya got up and then moved to her hands and knees.

Freya motioned for the woman to start crawling as she spread her legs, exposing her shaven pussy so she could rub herself as she watched Mariya begin to crawl around on the floor.

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Her fingers rubbed over her clit in small circles and she moaned as she watched Mariya begin to circle the room on her hands and knees. The sight of her sisters breasts bouncing and her bare pussy and ass made her own pussy wet in no time and she pulled the leash a little as she saw Mariya slow down. "No one said slow down bitch.

Keep crawling." Freya reached for the dildo her sister had used on her and ran it up and down her own slit before thrusting the tip into her tight little pussy. She moaned softly as one hand held the leash and the other began to pump the toy into her soaking cunt. Her eyes barely moved from watching her sister crawl about and she left the girl to her crawling while she focused on pleasuring herself, noting Mariya's gaze to her pussy several time.

"Come over here and lick my pussy. Stay on your knees" She demanded as she tugged the leash a little bit. Watching Mariya crawl over to her Freya tugged the leash until her sisters head was in between her legs.


She moaned as she felt the warm tongue begin to slide over her pussy, and taste her juices. "Good girl Mariya, lick my pussy just like that." She moaned as she thrusted the toy in her pussy as her sister continued to lick her clit.

Mariya's eyes raised to look into her sisters lustful gaze as she suckled the clit gently and ran her tongue around the sensitive little bud. She licked the clit repeatedly as she heard Freya moan louder. "Oh fuck yes Mariya, lick it like that." Freya reached over and pulled her sisters head closer to her cunt. She ground her pussy against her sisters face, both hands on her twins head for the moment, leaving the toy deep in her cunt as she focused on Mariya's tongue all over her pussy lips and clit.

She moaned loudly as Mariya's nose rubbed her clit and then the tongue ran over it again. Her juices dripped and smeared over Mariya's face. She thrusted herself onto Mariya's face as her orgasm neared. "FUCK! Oh fuck yeah mmmmmm Mariya suck it like a good little bitch." She moaned as she felt her clit get even more sensitive and her orgasm approach. She thrusted faster before screaming loudly.

"Fuck yessss Mariya lick it." She screamed as a trembling hand began to thrust the toy deep into her pussy for a few strokes before it was pulled out and Mariya replaced the toy with her tongue. She lapped up all the juices as they streamed from her sisters cunt, the leftovers smearing onto her cheeks, nose and chin.

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When her orgasm was finished, Freya smiled faintly and tugged Mariya up and kissed her gently. "Good girl. Now its your turn." She undid the clamps, leaving them on the floor and motioned to the wall. "Stand there, facing the wall and spread your legs." She said as she followed Mariya to the wall and waited for her to get into the right position. Once she had she massaged the girls ass for a moment. "Are you horny, Mariya?" Feeling her sisters hands on her ass Mariya nodded, whimpering softly.

She was more than horny, her juices were smeared along her thighs, making them sticky with arousal. The toy in her pussy had stretched the entrance a little as it wrapped around the cock and held it inside of her. She ached to cum. "Yes mistress, very horny." She answered, her voice trembling with arousal.

"Tell me, Mariya, how horny are you? What do you want me to do to you?" Freya asked, her voice soft as she ran a finger over her sisters drenched pussy and rubbed the clit gently. She toyed with it, rolling it in between two fingers to tease her twin while she waited for a response. Mariya's voice broke the silence after a moment, her cheeks flushed pink as her sister played with her pussy, making her even wetter then before.

Her nipples were hard and sensitive and she could still feel the pressure of the clamps although they had been removed. "I.I want you to make me cum Freya, please. I'm so horny and I want to cum so bad." She whimpered, her blue eyes dark with lust.

"Good girl." Freya said simply as she removed the toy and replaced it with her tongue. She knelt on the floor her hands tugging her nipples to make the hard as she licked her sisters soaked cunt. She lapped up the juices before focusing the attention on the clit again, suckling it repeatedly as she heard Mariya moan loudly. "Oh Freya.fuck that's sooo good. Please don't stop. I want to cum so badly Freya." She moaned as she felt Freya nibble her sensitive clit for a moment.

She resisted the ruge to thrust herself on her sisters face and instead stood as still as possible, her hands on the wall and her legs spread wide for her sister to have easy access to her cunt. "Good. I want you to cum for me." Freya moaned as she rubbed her own pussy while licking her sisters. Her other hand reached for the dildo which she pushed deep into Mariya's pussy once again and pumped in and out of the tight entrance as she felt Mariya's pussy tighten a little more onto the toy.


"Cum Mariya, cum like a little whore all over your toy while I lick your cunt." She moaned as she thrusted the toy harder into her sister. "Oh GOD, Freyaaa, please I'm so close, don't stop." Mariya screamed as she felt her cunt tighten on the toy and her pussy tingled before exploding into an orgasm. It left her screaming as her sister sucked her clit repeatedly and kept the toy thrusting deep into her pussy.

Mariya leaned against the wall as her body shook violently from the tremors of orgasm. "Fuck fuck.fuck me freya please, harder" She whimpered as she felt the toy being thrusted harder and deeper into her pussy. "Good girl Mariya." Freya purred as she slowed the thrusting as her sisters climax slowed.

She removed the toy and gently, lovingly kissed her twins wet pussy gently before standing. She reached to turn the other girl around and kiss her when the silence int he room was broken by the door opening. Both twins turned together, only to spot Nisha closing the door. Both girls knew what was coming.

"Now that you're done fucking each other. I think its time I teach you a lesson about not asking big brother to supervise."