Una Buena Paja Pila De Leche Republica Dominicana

Una Buena Paja Pila De Leche Republica Dominicana
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Fuck me, I thought. No power for the whole freakin day! I'm going to die. I threw on my bathing suit and went out back to the pool to cool off taking some warm ice tea with me. As hot as it was, the water still felt cold and my nipples were showing it. I pulled myself out and lounged on the chair enjoying the sweet aroma of honeysuckle on the light summer breeze.

"Hello!".a voice called out. It was coming from the front screen door. I walked through the house, dripping water as I went. "Can I help you hun?" I said. I noticed my nipples were still hard as rocks and the gentleman at the door seemed to notice too because he couldn't keep his eyes off them. "Excuse me ma'am, we are workin' in the area an I was wonderin' if you would mind if I used your phone?" He held up his ID as he spoke.power company.

"Sure" I said and let him in. He was tall and kinda cute. His accent was different.not from around here. "What happened to your phone hun?" I asked because nobody nowadays goes without a cell. "I dropped it from the bucket" he pulled it from his pocket, the screen was smashed but you could still see a bit of the screen saver .naked heavy woman with black hair.

"Nice picture" I said with a smile. His face flushed around the cheeks."my girlfriend" he said. "I'm surprised your woman let's you put that on there like that.don't think I'd want my goods out there on display but to each his own they say." He ran his hand through his hair, seeming uncomfortable with the conversation.

"The phones' over there sugar, help yourself" I said. "You want something to drink?" "Some water be good, thank you ma'am".he said his eyes were on my perky tits. "The name is Dixie hun, my ma is ma'am.I aint quite there yet" I said with a smile. I came back in with his bottle of water and his eyes were all over me from my toes to my nose.

I enjoy flirtin so I made sure to drop my lighter so I could bend over and give him a proper view of my plump assets. I grabbed a doob from the drawer and lit up, letting that sweet smoke slip out my mouth and up my nose. "You want a little taste" I said playfully but he just said no and continued running his hands through his hair. I don't know if I was making him nervous or what but he just stood there.no fun in that.

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"When your done you can let yourself out, maybe get a move on with that pole cause I'm dyin in here without my air" I gave him a smile and headed back out to the pool. I laid back on the chair, sipping my warm, no ice, tea.

Within minutes the power guy was in the doorway staring at my tits again. "Somethin else you need hun?" I said. I ran my hand down my belly and pretended to adjust my bikini bottoms. He didn't say a word, but was still fidgeting. I took a look down at his drawers and could see a bulge forming in them jeans.

I stood up and walked to the patio door."If there's somethin else you want, you need to speak up. I aint no mind reader" I said. I let my tits brush his chest and I felt his bulge brush my belly as I went by. "I could sure go for a hit of that doob if you still got some" he said.

"I surely do" I said and took it from the ashtray, lighting it up and letting it's sweet smell fill the room. "You want me to give you a shotgun?" I said. "What's a shotgun?

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He said. I turned the doob around putting the light in my mouth and cupped my hands blowing the smoke right in his mouth. He breathed it in deep. "Damn that's a nice tit.I mean hit!.Sorry".his face flushed again as I handed him the doob.

"Thats alright sugar, I'm pretty proud of them" I said and I undid the strings and let the bikini top fall to the floor. "Not bad for a fifty year old.don't you think?" "Not bad at all!" He said and this time he was smiling from ear to ear. He took a couple more hits and passed it to me. I stood in the kitchen just puffin away, plump titties just waiting to be touched but he was a slow one.


"You want to touch them?" I said.I thought for sure I was gonna have to take his hands and show him how but he finally caught on. He was a shy one, he walked closer and reached out his hand to touch my nipple but pulled away quick. "I don't think I should.see I have a girlfriend and." His voice trailed off. "Is she here hun?" I asked, acting like I was searching the house for her. "She got cameras on you or somethin?" "Well no ma'am but it wouldn't be right".

"Who's to say what's right or wrong hun" I said, moving in real close to him.

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So close my tits were touching his chest. His eyes were a dark shade of grey, skin tanned and lined from the sun like leather. "What the little woman don't know won't hurt her now will it." I reached up and touched his face, "Let Miss Dixie show you how much she appreciates the blue collar workers of this fine land" I said and I kissed him.

He joined right in, his hands tight on my ass. He was squeezing my cheeks like he was making lemonade. His hands were strong and rough just like I like them.


He was kissing me so hard. He grabbed my ass and lifted me up onto the kitchen counter. I grabbed his shirt and lifted it over his head. What a fine sight to see! We kissed again and I fumbled with the zipper on his jeans. Finally, his jeans and boxers fell to the floor and I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer. I could feel his cock, rock hard against me, my juices flowing all over it getting it sloppy wet.

His mouth trailed down my neck to my tits and I leaned back, allowing him full access to my plump morsels and he ate them up.

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Grabbing them and slurping my hard nipples. My hands ran through his soft hair, pushing my tits out further and further. As he was working his way down my body, he grabbed both sides of my bikini bottoms and pulled them off!

Then he grabbed each leg and spread them wide. I felt his tongue on my pussy.oh my god I nearly came! He licked slowly between my lips,then it was moving inside me. My legs were shaking but he didn't stop.

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His wet tongue moved up and down my clit, flicking it, sucking it. I held onto the counter as he rubbed his face in my sloppy juices sending me into a powerful orgasm.

He lapped up every drop. My clit was tender but he didn't stop.he continued licking and sucking. Oh my god.my toes curled and I exploded again, this time the cum sprayed out like a fountain.he slurped it up like a mad man! Grabbing my ass he pulled me forward, my legs wrapping around him again. He grabbed my hair and kissed me hard. I could feel his cock enter me and it was so big it hurt a little but it was pain mixed with pleasure.

He plunged it in harder and harder. He held tight to my back and lifted me off the counter. The weight of my body pushed his cock in even further.

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He slammed me against the fridge and I held on. His hands were pulling my ass cheeks apart and he pounded me hard. I grabbed his hair.I could feel my clit throbbing.he whispered "give me that sweet pussy." Oh hell yes! "I'm going to fuck that pussy til it screams" . He pushed me hard against the fridge and grabbed the back of my shoulders pushing my sweet mound onto his swollen cock.

He was moaning, my back sliding up and down the fridge. My tits were bouncing and he wrapped his lips around my nipple and bit hard.I let out a moan. "I want to hear you scream" He bit me again and dug his fingers hard into my shoulders.


It felt like I was being split in half and with the next bite of my tit I screamed. He thrust hard one more time and my sweet nectar erupted like a volcano, sticky and sweet slopping all over his cock.

He held his cock inside me and I could feel it, spasms of warm cum dripping out of me, running down his legs. It took a few minutes to catch our breath and he held me against that fridge the whole time kissing my neck, my lips. He stopped and nudged his nose against mine like an Eskimo kiss and whispered .

"I'm not letting you go yet" I smiled and said. "Eventually I'll have to open the fridge darlin". He laughed and gently put me down on the floor. My legs was wobbly and so sticky and I think my back was a little raw from rubbing on the fridge.but I didn't care it felt so good. I handed him my little bong I had packed with some special nugs and he stood there, his pants around his ankles puffin. The sight of him made me laugh. I picked up my bikini and went to put it back on when he said "I got another hour or so before the other crew shows up" he gave me a wicked smile.

"Now ain't that something.seems I got all day" I said. I grabbed his cock and pulled him, he shuffled behind me obediently with them clothes still around his ankles. "I hope you can still work when I'm done cause I'm gonna ride you hard and put you away sloppy wet" I said as I pulled him in the bedroom.

He let out a big "Yes ma'am!!" Damn I love them shy countryboys!