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Mi novia me manda video masturbandose conductora de Tv Azteca)
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Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility. Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water Mut - Queen of the goddesses and lady of heaven Isis - Goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom (wife of Ra) Ephus was holding Bast without even realizing it.

That is 'til Bast gave a deep sighing moan of relief. "Was hoping, so long have waited." Bast was whispering in his ear.

Looking down he saw that Bast was leaning into him her eyes closed. A slight shiver ran through her body as he pulled her closer to him intensifying the feeling even more. As she started to tremble with joy, she never wanted to leave the embrace of the one she'd waited thousands of years for.

"You mean to tell me you have been waiting for me all this time?" Bast only looked up at him and nodded a smile creeping onto her lips. "You said my ancestor was a demi-god. Does that mean I have powers like he did?" Bast shook her head no. "Powers, some yes, but different. Power to save gods, new to all." Gripping him tighter Bast was glad that finally she could have someone touch her, it had been far too long.

The feeling was so wonderful she never wanted it to end though she knew he had to help them or they might perish.

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"If I have this power then I guess I need to gather more, no? Can you help me are you only out during the night?" Ephus asked. "For now, night only, but soon most of time. Soon husband!" Bast said a smile still on her face as she laid down and offered herself to him.

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"This time you love Bast. Need badly!" Ephus could only stare for a moment at the beautiful female that was offering her self to him. Sighing he thought finally after all these years! Starting on her lips, Ephus slowly worked his way across her face to the other side. Feeling her shiver Ephus smiled and started to kiss down her neck.

"I hope you know that I am taking my time Bast. I too have waited for years to finally touch you, now that I can I don't want to let you go!" Ephus said as he started to kiss lower on her chest. Bast hadn't felt this good in so long, he had to be the one! There had to be no doubt, in her mind he was the savior of the gods!

That would have to be dealt with later as she could hardly think from all the sensations that were coursing through her body! By the power of all! He was driving her to unbound passion she hadn't known in centuries! Ephus stopped at each nipple lavishing attention on each, watching them rise to his touch.

Kissing lower he was dipping in her navel smiling as he heard he gasp out in pleasure. Finally lower, he crossed the threshold of her pubic bone drawing his tongue through her slit. Squealing Bast nearly came off the bed from the overwhelming feelings!

"For so long you have given me so much now, it is my turn my lovely Bast!" Ephus said as his tongue flicked her clit as she nearly rose off the bed again! "Ephus!" She screamed as she tried to avoid his tongue her orgasm ripping through her.

Smiling even bigger at her pleasure Ephus dove down further into her sex. The gasps and panting he heard issuing from the throat of Bast let him know he was on the right track.

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Then he thrust his tongue into her eliciting another gasp as she started to convulse with her second orgasm. "Ephus!" Bast was screaming as her body was flopping around on the bed. Ephus was doing his best to hold her as she was far stronger than he thought. "Bast needs!" As she tried to lift him up from her exposed sex. "Take Bast now!" Ephus smiled more as Bast's voice was almost a roar as she was tugging as hard as she could.

Moving up Ephus started to kiss Bast's lips offering her a taste of herself. Ephus moved into position and suddenly thrust forward filling Bast's sex. "Yes!" Bast hissed as Ephus started to move within her. "Finally Bast be complete!" Trying his best to make the feeling last Ephus knew that wasn't going to be possible. Bast was moving far too much for him to last very long at all.

"I am sorry Bast," Ephus said as he began to thrust harder feeling the familiar feeling within his scrotum. "I can't hold back my lovely Bast." "No, do not. Please give Bast all!" She said between pants. Ephus could feel his seed as it started to flood Bast and her womb. Screaming again into her third orgasm She wrapped her legs around him and refused to let go. "Yes! My Ephus! Fill Bast!" Finally finished neither of them wanted to move.

The after glow far too wonderful to even think getting up let alone moving.


Finally Ephus looked at Bast the look he saw there made him do a double take. Was that what he thought it was etched on her face? Shaking his head he somehow managed to drag his self from her embrace, though barely! Sighing the man knew he was just imagining what he saw. She was after all a goddesses he was only the distant relative of a Greek demi-god.

True he had some power but nothing like she and her sisters had, he was far out of his league. "Bast be back soon husband, spread seed!" With that she was gone though he could swear that this time he could smell lilacs! He really needed to talk to the Doctor Markov again without her turning into a sex starved maniac again!

Picking up his cell he thought they could try again maybe this time she might have more information. "Ring! Click. This is Doctor Markov's office I'm not in at present leave a message and an number and I'll get back with you as soon as possible."" The recording at the other end said.

Taking a deep breath the man said, "Doctor we met yesterday. I had several things to show you. I am sorry that our meeting was cut short but." "I'm here, I thought you might never talk to me again." Came the voice of the Doctor.

"I am still in need of help but I am afraid that more has happened since we met. I assume that there is no one else?" The man asked. "No," the doctor replied, "this is my cell I fired my assistant this morning. Do we need to have another meeting like yesterday before I come to the university?" Not really sure the Doctor was trying to give out as little information as possible.

"As I said more has happened that you need to be apprised of. If we could meet where we did yesterday morning I could give you more of what you wanted." Ephus was hoping she was getting all the clues he was giving.

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He really didn't want to run into a hoard of sex crazed women. "I think that should be fine though I think more precautions should be taken this time don't you think?" The Doctor asked. "Yes I think that would help in the long run. Ok see you later." Hanging up Ephus knew he had maybe an hour before she would leave and another hour to head home.

It would be almost that an hour for him to get there. He was just about to leave when his back door opened and his neighbor walked in. "I am glad that you are here. I am in need of you bad!" With that she started to disrobe then moved to get him naked.

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Pushing him down she sank on him with a satisfied sigh. Within moments she was slamming her sex on him as hard and fast as she could go. "I was worried that you had forgotten the deal. You feel so damn good! Ugh! Please sir fill me with your seed!" Issuing an unladylike growl the man felt her tighten around him then his own orgasm start. Pumping her full she again sighed in satisfaction and got off him as he popped out of her. Looking into her eyes he told her, "I need to change the deal.

I will take you every other day each day is difficult now." Ephus told. "But." she started. "I mean it or do you wish to break the deal and not have me at all?" Ephus told her. "No, no sir! Every other day will do as long as I can have you still!" Came the woman's almost pleading voice.

"I won't forget and thank you sir for your consideration!" With that she left. Shaking his head he thought well at least that is more manageable. Ephus was about to get up when Maat appeared. "Hello mortal. I have come for another sharing. We all felt what you just sent, all of us thank you.

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I," here she waved her hand. "Need another time with you." Waving her arm again she was shocked when the man didn't move.

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Looking at her hand Maat was amazed when Ephus laid Maat down and began to kiss her all over her body. "I know not what magic you are using but what you are doing is exquisite! Oh mortal! Do not stop!" Ephus had already reached her wet sex and was lapping his way through her lips. "This time fair Maat you shall enjoy!" Ephus said as Maat began to shake with the onset of her orgasm. Quickly moving up Ephus drove into her in one thrust as Maat screamed out her pleasure. "Never have I had a mortal take me in this way!

It is more pleasurable than I remember. Do not stop!" Maat was yelling as her head began to thrash back and forth, her eyes rolling up, her breathing in short pants. The unmistakable feeling in his scrotum was building then he heard Maat scream again as he began to fill her with his seed. Moments later Maat lay there catching her breath.

"As I said mortal, I know not what magic you are using though I find it most appealing." Waving her hand over him, a questioning look came to her face. "I feel no magic, I feel no power! how were you able to., I must think on this more." then she too was gone. Quickly dressing the man tore out as fast as he could, no sense in being delayed longer by more of them. Again parking on the other side of the block the man was almost to her house when a young woman bumped into him.

"I'm sorry I wasn't watch." That's when the man realized that his thick dark shade had moved from his eyes. He also thought he heard Hathor's laugh. The woman started to take off her shirt but the man stopped her.

"No not here. Come with me, do not undress 'til I tell you to." Ephus told the entranced woman. "Yes sir," the young woman said. Walking to the Doctor's door it opened without him touching it.

Hmmm handy he thought. Telling the woman to sit they both waited for half an hour. Soon enough the Doctor walked in the turned with a look of concern on her face.

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"That's my next door neighbor why is she." The doctor started. "She ran into me I think on purpose, I heard Hathor right after it happened." He told her. "So I take it they are helping you?" The Doctor asked. "Oh yes, whether or not I want them to. I think you'll want to see the new marks then I am going to have to do something about her." Ephus told her. Nodding the Doctor looked at the new marks on his chest, first Maat, then Tefnut, then Serket on the left finally Hathor. "Oh yes I forgot," Ephus said as he turned and showed the marks of Mut on his back.

"My god!" The Doctor said as she touched each of the marks feeling them all pulsate as if they were alive. "You were even visited by Mut! The mother goddess!" "I'm glad you are so fascinated but that's not all I found out." Ephus told her "I'm all ears." The Doctor started then stopped mid sentence. That's when the man noticed that the Doctor had his shades in her hand and was staring right into his eyes.

"I will be ready in a moment sir!" The doctor said as she also started to undress. The young woman quiet all this time had also removed her clothes and had already started on Ephus.

The young woman climbed on him and drove her tight hole all the way down the shaft of the man. Screaming out in pleasure the young woman began to bounce at an ever increasing rate her breathing coming in shorter gasps.

Five minutes into it the man felt the familiar building in his scrotum then he was filling the willing woman 'til she was over flowing. Kissing the man she got off kissed the Doctor and watched as the Doctor climbed on. With an almost wicked smile the Doctor began to drive her sex down on him. Screaming out her first orgasm only a moment later but never slowing. Still going the Doctor had a second a few minutes later again not slowing in the least.

Finally what seemed like half an hour Ephus felt his own orgasm building, Roaring out he felt his seed as it pumped and filled the Doctor to overflowing. Bending low the Doctor again kissed him then the young woman. Both got up and dressed as the man did also (wouldn't do to be naked when the Doctor came out of it) Then sat. The young woman kissed Ephus one last time then left, the doctor sat in a far chair and a moment later shook her head.

Again as before the man saw that she realized that they had done the deed again and went running for her bathroom. Sighing Ephus just sat there, with all of them watching him like a hawk he was going to have to be on his guard.


It seemed as if at any moment they turned almost every woman near him into a raving sex fiend! The Doctor came out a while later to again find the man almost asleep. "I'm sorry I am not used to anyone seeing me without clothes.

I was embarrassed and felt unclean. I know they are only using you but I still feel used." Ephus nodded, "Doctor have you ever heard of someone named Epaphus?" "Why yes, he was a Greek demi-god. It was rumored he was the son of Zeus and a human. It was also rumored that he was a king in Egypt. Though it hasn't been completely confirmed. Any particular reason?" The Doctor asked confused. "Yes," Ephus replied. "According to Bast he was my ancestor."