Beautiful small teen anal xxx last night kaylee banks went to a party with a few men she

Beautiful small teen anal xxx last night kaylee banks went to a party with a few men she
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I love phone sex. I cant even remember the age it started, but I do know, I was really young on the partyline talking to grown ass men. They had to know I wasn't 30 years old like I said I was. I probably sounded no older than the young teenager I really was. I have been perverted and have enjoyed porn and phone sex since my early years and I still do.

Here is one story of my perversion! "Stick your fingers in it. Aaahhhh Yes watch me pound that puss. Imagine those fingers is my dick. Ride it bitch, ride t harder. ahhhhhh yes." "Stroke it slower baby. Use all four of your fingers on it. Wrap your hand around it. Slide your hand from top to bottom. Twirl it slowly around the head. ahhhhhhh. I'm riding that dick baby. " I purred as I pumped two fingers in my hole. Bucking my hips, I imagined riding this sexy stranger in the movie theatre.

Thats the scene we set up at the beginning of the call, his fantasy. To bang a random, big titty black girl in the back of a movie theatre. I can't lie, I called the sexline daily and indulged in all types of kinky phone sex fantasies, but this one had me soaked.

Most of the time, I didn't touch myself! I just talked and egged them on until they came and hung up on me. After about three or four, I would shower and play with myself before I got out. But nope, not this time. He was good. Almost as good as I was. He was very descriptive and he had stamina.

This call was already pushing 40 minutes and he was still going, occasionally banging his hard on against the phone so I could hear just how turned on he was at that moment.

"Put the phone down there, let me hear how wet you are. Sit the telephone right beside that pussy and push three fingers in and out. Let me hear what I'm doing to you. " His voice came out like a strained whisper. I placed the phone on speaker then placed it on the bed right in front of my steaming pussy. My vagina made gushing noises as I rammed three fingers in. "Uhhggggggg" a moan escaped my lips. "Oh yes, remove your fingers and put them in your mouth. Let me hear you suck the juices off of them." "Slurp.

Slurp Slurp. " I licked and slurped my sweet, sticky juices from my fingers. "Yes, baby, you like the way my mouth feel on your fingers. Take those wet fingers and pinch on them big nipples. Squeeze them both. ahhh yes, twirl them. Pull the right one up to your mouth. Can you suck them baby? Can you suck your own nipples?" "Yes" I purred. I was so ffuckin turned on.

"Put that nipple in my mouth baby. Let me suck on them. Bite them. FUCK YES, BLACK BITCH you are good" I sucked and nibbled on my nipples. I pulled and bit on it them. His verbal abuse was starting a fire between my legs. My nipples hardened under my tongue as the heat started to rise from my midsection. "Open your legs. Let me see that pussy. Let me touch it.

Open it up baby. Use two fingers and spread your lips apart. " "Ahhhhhh." I moaned as I pulled on my lips doing as I was told. "I'm gone get on my knees and finish you off before the movie ends.

Lean back and spread those lips wide. Use those two fingers and stroke your clit.

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Ohhhhh you taste so sweet. cum for me baby. Cum in my mouth. Pull on that clit. grind into my face. oh shit, I'm cumming. I'm cumming, cum with me! Ahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk!" he yelped. Damn! damn you are good" He was out of breath. "Meet me in person? please? A hotel, bar, restaurant, hell a gasstation? I just want to see you." He begged "Maybe we should hang up now, I'm not interested in meeting.

You are great on the phone, but I decline your offer. Matter of fact good night." I said, now getting creeped out. "Wait! What if I offer you money? You can bring a friend and I will pay them as well, although they won't havee to participate. What if I offered 500.00 to your friend and 1000.00 to you? We can meet at a bar, I will wear a red rose, Thats how you can identify me. If you get a case of nerves, you can leave with me never knowing you came.

Are you from Philadelphia? I am in town for the next week on business. I can meet you tommorrow night. What do you say?" "1000.00 sounds great and all but first of all, I don't sale my body and two, it was fun on the phone, its creepy oncee the call is over." "2000.00 and I will fuck you right there in the clubs bathroom.

Your friend can bring her gun." "What do you expect for 2000.00?" I asked becoming interested. He had me turned on and contemplating that money. I mean I could take Shelly, she was alwwas down to make a dollar, plus she was no stranger to tricking. The day she and I turned 18, her mom kicked her to the curb. She started tricking ad had a room across the street in no time.

She would definitely be down to make 500.00 bucks to watch my back. "I just want to meet you in a public place, take you in a alley or bathroom bend you over and bang your brains out. I wanna watch your hot pink insides wrap around my irory skin. I wanna pull your hair and bang you hard from the back. I will even give your friend an extra 200 bucks if she will watch." "What if my friend is a male." I asked just curious.

"Well I'm not into men, Ilove women, but if it were a couple watching, I probably wouldn't have a problem with it." "That doesn't make sense. So what is that some type of masochists shit? If He has a woman, we are not gay? What type of crap? " I askedwhile cuckling "Well kind of.

If he is engaged with her sexually, then he would not be watching me sexually, I guess." He stammered He's uncomfortable. "Well, my bestfriend is a male, so you would have to scratch that rule." I lied. I don't know why I had to push men to their boundaries.

I tested every boundary they would set. It turned me on to be able to break down their boundaries but turned me off because they allowed me to go so far.

Weird right? He remained quiet as he thought about what I said. "Ok, he can come, but the offer to watch for an extra 200.00 is off the table." He sounded unsure of himself "Why?


Homphophic are we? Are you afraid you would enjoy it?

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What if I said it was a fantasy of mine, to be watched by a male while having sex with another.? Is it not for my pleasure too?" I asked getting turned on again. I could feel my lips swelling.

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I also felt a breeze on them due to the moisture. I resisted the urge to touch myself while talking to the stranger. He sat breathing heavily into the phone, I could tell he was turned on again as well. "Not homophobic, very comfortable with myself. Just not interested in men." He whispered.


"Then its a deal right? I will meet you in Center City at the Parker.

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The club inside of The Lowes Hotel. You will wear a small red flower pinned to a black shirt. You will bring 2700.00 for me and my friend and you will pass that off as soon as we meet. Afterwards we can have some drinks and leave. deal?" I sounded way more sure than I actually was at the moment. I didn't haven't have a male friend I could trust to go and it was down right dangerous.

But it was something about this stranger. "Its a deal! Here is my telephone number, text me, once you see me and decide to come with me. Text me what you are wearing. 525-333-1861." I wrote down his number, and we had phone sex one more time before hanging up. I went to sleep that night so turned on, it didn't matter how many times I came, it wasn't enough, I had to find someone to go with me. I wanted to meet the kinky stranger and I needed the money.

Drifting off to sleep, I thought about my cousin Jeremy.

He was bi on the DL. He thought nobody knew, but I don't miss nothing. I read his text messages one day, he left his phone in my car. He sent a boy a picture of his dick. Straight boys don't do shit like that. I'm gone call him tommorrow and see if he down to make some money. Jeremy is a pretty boy, my crackhead mother's first nephew. Her jailbird sister son. My grandmother takes care of him, been raising him since he was three.


But she's old, she cant keep up with an 18 year old teenager. "Hey cousin, what are you doing today?" I held the phone between my shoulder and face as I lotioned my body. "Nothing planned, probably chill with my girl." He lied Why was he rying so hard. I didn't give a flying fishes ass if he had a girl or not. "Well I got a proposition for you. If you trying to get at a few bucks and you can kep your mouth shut, then you should roll with me today." I pleaded. I thought briefly if I should trust Jeremy with my business, but quickly dismissed any doubt.

Fuck it, if he told my business, who cares. "What's up? I'm always down to get a couple dollars." He said hyped "Get dressed to impress.

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Smell ood and wash your balls. Be ready at 7:45pm. We going to the Hard Rock and then to the Lowes." I directed "Wash my balls?" "Don't ask, but I'm serious. Listen for my horn, I will not be late. Oh by the way, its a few hundred in it for you." I smiled.

"A few hundred, Hell yes I will be ready." He hung up 7:45pm Beep. Beep Beep Beep Jeremy stepped out, wearing all white. The white looked nice against his lanky chocolate frame.

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He was about 6'1 slim built. Creamy chocolate skin and always fly as hell. He wore white jeans, a white button up and blue belt, blue prada sneaks and a blue sueda blazer. His waves flowed from all angles in his hear. He was sexy. If he wasn't my first cousin, I might have had to hit him off. He hopped in the car and looked me over. "You are killing that black leather." I wore a black leather mini skirt and a black leather bustier.

Black fishnets with silver studs down the back and Red pumps. I wore a red thong. My hair natural and big, afrostyle. "So what do I owe this pleasure Areyanna? What do I have to do to get "A few hundreds" as you put it?" He asked as we ate. "Well first, I must swear you to secrecy." "Money involved?

Shit your secret is safe with me. Now what do I have to do?" He asked "Let me see your dick" I went right for the kill. "What the fuck?

No! You're my cousin, why would you ask me some stuff like that?" His acted disgusted, but a small tent started rising in his pants. I reached over and grabbed him thru his pants, rubbing my finger on the underside. His throbbed against my touch.

"Areyanna, what are you doing?" He made no moves to stop me from removing his dick from his pants, unbeknownest to everyone around us. I slow rubbed him under the table while he sat and stared in a daze. I'm sure his mind was conflicted.

Pre-cum dripped from the head as it grew bigger in my hand. A few seconds later, Jeremy blew a huge load in my hand. I licked my hand clean and beagn eating. "You are just as nasty as I am, you enjoyed a handjob by your cousin. If you tell anyone my secret, I will tell about the nudes you sent to another boy. I showed him the screenshots and watched the color drain from his face. "Alright, now that I have your attention and secretcy, I met this guy online and I am supposed to meet him in person to have sex.

I know it's dangerous but thats where you come in. He will pay you to watch my back and to watch us have sex." I almost whispered the last part "This has got to be one of your worst ideas. What if its a team of killers or sex traffickers. What if they kill both of us?" He asked getting his things together to leave "Well we are meeting him at a club.

He doesn't know what I look like, he will be wearing a red rose and we get to pick where we go. Please don't leave Jeremy? Theres 700.00 bucks in it for you. I will give you two hundred now for the stunt I pulled a few minutes ago" "Yea and what did you say, I have to watch?

That is disgusting. You are my cousin." He stammered "Please miss me with the cousin bullsit, you just came in my hand, you didn't seem that disgusted." I smiled to myself, I knew I had him. He said nothing about watching another male and besides, I've caught him masturbating with my picture, so I know he didn't really care about that cousin shit. "700.00 bucks to look and don't touch? Easy money." I persuaded "When are we meeting him?" He asked like he wasn't interested but I could see the hard on he was attempting to gain control of.

"Right now.". Do you like part 1 so far? Well part 2 is even crazier.Please vote and leave comments!