Milf seduces and fucks her sons friend on the sofa

Milf seduces and fucks her sons friend on the sofa
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Let me in Izzy! I gotta get dressed!" Damn, the bitch locked the door. One day she was going to have to accept that this was my room too.

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"One minute!" She shouted, sounding out of breath. I wondered what she was doing. "Open the damn door!" No response from her again. "Fine. You wanna be a bitch then I'll just let myself in." I muttered to myself as I walked to the kitchen for a butter knife, the only thing that can force the door open without breaking it.

I went back to the bedroom door and stuck the knife in between the door and wall, prying it open. The door gently swung inward to reveal Izzy on her hands and knees, naked with her fingers stuffed in her little pussy and ass. She was squirting with her face biting into the pillows so I wouldn't hear her moans. My mouth dropped. "Izzy what the fuck are you doing?!" The words just slipped out before I could stop them. She scrambled for her blanket, covering herself.

I couldn't move. I was in shock. "Get out!!" She screamed, her face beat red. With only a little hesitation I grabbed the door knob and slammed it shut. I leaned against the door. What the fuck did I just see. I thought. I replayed the scene in my head. My dick twitched each time I watched her squirt in my mind. I was hard the moment I witnessed it. I had been fantasizing about my baby sister for a little over a year now.

Ever since she hit sixteen and those full plump C cup tits grew in and that firm thick ass developed, but I never knew she could do that. I've had plenty of chicks that squirted but never like that. Her pussy gushed like a waterfall and it was so fucking hot. My cock throbbed painfully in my boxers, poking out. I couldn't let her see this. She couldn't know that it turned me on. She'd hate me! She'd be disgusted! I had to settle my boy down before she came out, so I went to the living room, sat on the couch, and focused my mind on everything but that little scene I just witnessed.

Only a few minutes went by before I heard her exit the room and enter the bathroom. Cautiously I crept into the room, changed into a black T, some blue jeans and my shoes.

I grabbed my keys and wallet and exited the room closing the door. I heard the shower water running and I instantly began thinking about that wet pussy. I wanted to open the bathroom door, yank her out of the shower, pin her to the bathroom tile, and take her virginity. Ramming my ten inch thick cock deep, regardless if it hurt her. I snapped myself out of that day dream before I could get stiff again, practically sprinting out the front door and hopping in my jeep.

Before I knew it, I was on my way to Mike's house. Mike was originally supposed to come here but after what I just saw I needed to tell someone and it wasn't going to wait. I usually figured my problems out on my own but how would I ever be able to speak to my sister again without those images in my head.

It was easy when I didn't have a clue what was under her clothes. Now it was going to be unbearable. I never told anyone how much of a freak I am. I assumed everyone would flip if they found out I had the hots for my sister so I kept it secret. It was difficult. Every guy that looked at her made me want to scream and tell them that she was mine and only mine, and if they were to even peak at her again, I'd smash their face.

But I couldn't and that frustrated me. Frustrated me so much that I took it out on her by treating her like shit. I hated her for making me feel this way.

I called her names, put her down, and kept anything with a dick far, far away from her. She was isolated, depressed, and obviously in need of some loving. God I was such an asshole. If only I knew how she would have felt if she knew I wanted her. If only I could have told her the truth. I pulled into Mike's driveway. He had just locked his front door and was giving me a 'wtf' look.

"I thought I was coming over to your house?" he said as I slid out of my jeep and scurried my way over to him. "I'll explain inside." "Oookaaay then." He unlocked the door again and we went inside. "What's going on man? You seem.

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I don't know. flustered." I raised an eyebrow at him and he just shrugged like he didn't even know what flustered ment. "Why don't you get us some some rootbeers and meet me in the living room," I said before I walked off and sat on the couch. Mike always had cans of rootbeer in his fridge.

I was trying to figure out a way to confess this to him. He sat down in the recliner next to the couch and handed me my drink. I decided to start with walking in on Izzy. I blurted it out before he could ask what was wrong again.

"I walked in on Izzy masturbating in our room." His face slowly changed. He looked shocked, but a huge smile stretched from ear to ear. "No waaay! Oh my god are you okay? Fuck that must have been awkward! What did you do?" "I just fucking stood there like an idiot.

I didn't know what to do until she screamed at me to get out." "What did it look like? What position?

Tell me everything." His excitement about this disgusted me. I knew he wanted to bang my sister. He was trying to come off as curious and concerned but I know he wanted something to fantasize about later and that made me want to rip his adams apple out of his throat.

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I also knew that describing the whole scene would get me hard. Maybe it was better for him to find out this way. It was easier at least. "She was on her hands and knees." He looked puzzled for a second. "You know. On her belly with her ass up, legs spread like doggy style.

Her pussy was wide open and she had her fingers in both holes." The images floated before my eyes and I felt my dick twitch with a rush of blood. "Her ass too?!" He questioned incredulously. I just nodded, imagining how tight her pussy would be. I wanted to get hard and I wanted him to see it because I wanted him to find out.

My dick was rock hard as I imagined pounding away at my seventeen year old sister's tight ass. I felt my face redden when he noticed. He looked confused at first and did a double take to make sure he wasn't imagining my huge erection. He eyed me cautiously, peering at me through slitted eyes. "You want to bone your sister don't you?" He questioned still eyeing me. I kept my mouth shut and looked away. "Oh my god! You do, don't you!?" I decided to stay silent and let the truth sink in.

I watched his face go from shock, to surprise, to denial and then acceptance. He stayed surprisingly calm. A few minutes of silence flew by. "What are you going to do?" He asked.

"I don't know." Was all I said. "She doesn't know?" "No she doesn't." I was pleased he wasn't judging me. "You don't know if she feels the same way?" he asked and I shook my head no.

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We sat there in silence. I bowed my head contemplating what I was going to do. I heard Mike's Xbox 360 boot up and I turned my head to see a controller in Mike's hand and the other one was being handed to me. "Zombies?" I asked. He nodded. I grabbed the controller as the game started. "Lets fuck up some FUCKING ZOMBIES!!" He screamed and I laughed, all my tense muscles relaxing.

At least he could help me forget about this for awhile. It was good to get it off my chest. Time flew by. It was nearing sunset and we finished four rootbeers each and a giant bag of cheetos. "Fuck! Hell hounds!" I exclaimed. We were on the brink of being overrun. Mike and I were the only two left out of the four. "Damn there's too many! I could use some help you know.

You really gonna let a bro die?" Mike said vigorously thumbing the controller. "If you die on me I swear to god Mike!" In that instant, three zombies broke the barricades and killed him.

"Fuck!" I yelled jumping up. He was hysterically laughing so I punched him in the stomach. "Ow! Asshole!" He said trying to stop laughing. We eventually calmed down. "Well I better get home." I said finally. "Alright. My moms probably on her way here anyways. Help me clean up." We cleaned up the cans and chip bag. He stopped me before I could leave. "Hey I just want to say, I honestly don't support how you feel about your sister but you're my best friend and I wouldn't let your disturbing needs get in the way of our friendship.

So as your best friend, I'm telling you, you should probably tell her. What do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing? She's your sister. She will have to learn to accept it. She lives with you." I knew he was right. I was just afraid of rejection. I had to face her. "I guess you're right.

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Thanks Mike." "Let me know how it goes man." He called after me as I climbed in my jeep. "No problem." I called back and pulled out of the drive. I hurried home. I wasn't supposed to leave in the first place. I was relieved to have someone know about my desire for my sister and pleased that person didn't freak out. Now I just had to hope my baby sis was okay with this. She didn't have to feel the same.

I just needed her to know. My heart pounded as I pulled into the garage. I exited my jeep and slowly made my way inside. Izzy was sitting on the couch, a bowl of popcorn in her lap and a movie on. She turned to look up and her face turned red. She immediately got up and headed to our room. "Izzy wait! We need to talk!' I yelled after her. "I don't want to talk about anything." She said still walking towards our room.

"Izzy stop." I ran up to her and grabbed her by the arm halting her. She tried to pull away but I tightened my grip. Next thing I know I get punched in my mouth. It didn't hurt but pissed me off for a split second, and in that split second I grabbed her by both arms and threw her on the living room rug. "Fucking stop it and listen to me!" I shouted at her. "No.


I want to pretend it didn't happen. Is that so hard?" She said attempting to stand. I pushed her back down and pinned her by her wrists, sitting on top of her. "No we can't just pretend. We have to talk about this and you need to hear me out." The whole time I spoke she was repeating the word no and flailing around trying to get up. It was hard to hold her down without hurting her.

"Fuck it!" Was the last sentence to pass my lips before I smashed my body against hers and planted a passionate kiss on her mouth.

She went limp and parted her lips, letting my tongue glide against hers. She was kissing me back.

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I couldn't believe it. The kiss lasted long and we were breathing hard when we broke away. She looked up at me with her big doe eyes and whispered. "Why?" This wasn't going exactly how I imagined it but I told her anyways. "Because I want you Izzy. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. You turn me on like no other girl can and you don't even try. I know what you're thinking. You probably don't want to believe this because I'm your brother and yes I know I'm a jerk and I'm so sorry for that.

Please just let me explain." She stayed quiet but nodded. I was surprised she didn't flip out. I let her get up and we sat on the couch. "I just want you to know that I don't hate you even though I act like I do.

I only do that because I hate feeling this way about you but not being able to do anything about it because we're related. I know it's hard to understand how I can just accept wanting to bang my sister but it took me awhile. I've been feeling this way for a long time now. I understand if this disgusts you.

I'm not asking you to feel the same. Just please understand." She stayed silent. Debating in her head what she wanted to say. "I believe you Eric. To be honest, I had been fantasizing about you the past week. I feel like there's something wrong with me. This scares me. I guess it makes me feel better to know it's mutual and I'm not alone but.

what do we do? What does this mean?

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Should we tell mom and dad?" "NO!" I shouted, throwing my hands up like I could physically stop the thought. She looked startled at my outburst. "You know mom and dad would freak." I said and she nodded in agreement.

"You're right. They'd probably take us out of school to homeschool us and get us counseling." She laughed. "Not to mention baptize us and pray every night that we're forgiven for our sins." We both chuckled. The first time in a long time that we bonded. I grabbed her face and kissed her again.

She didn't stop me but I caught her off guard. "This doesn't bother you does it?" I asked after pulling away. She shook her head no so I kissed her again.

Her lips were so soft and her tongue was so smooth and slippery. God I just wanted her licking my cock so bad. I kissed her until we were gasping. "Tell me Izzy. What were you thinking about when you fucked yourself earlier?" I asked in between kisses, gently playing with her hair. She hesitated.


"You're making out with your brother but you can't tell him who you were thinking about?" I questioned. "That's just it. I was thinking about you.well you and Mike but when I squirted I was fantasizing about you." I stopped and pushed her back.

"Mike?!" I glared. Jealousy making me wish he wasn't alive. "Calm down Eric it's not a big deal." A big deal?! Fuck yes it was! "Prove to me you were thinking about me. Prove you want me like I want you." I whispered in her ear, nibbling on it. "How?" She asked. I flashed her a devious smile. "Suck my cock Izzy. Right here, right now." Her eyes widened. "But I-I've never-." "I know." I said interrupting her.

"It will be fine. Please just suck on it a little." I pleaded biting my bottom lip seductively, looking into her eyes. I saw her melt with lust and she gave in. I unbuttoned my pants and told her to get in between my legs on the floor.

She was trembling revealing how nervous she was. I squeezed her hand before pulling my cock from my jeans. My fully erect penis was now on display for my sister.

She hesitantly grabbed it. Once her hand was around it she squeezed, making me grunt a little. Knowing it was my sister and not some slut I called my girlfriend for a few weeks made me harder and bigger than I've ever been.

She started licking up the shaft of my dick, making me moan. Her tongue flicked over the head before wrapping her lips around it. Her mouth was so warm and moist. She began putting it farther in, wetting it immensely. "Oh god Izzy mmm." I gasped. She started sucking, creating loud slurping sounds. "Fuck!" I moaned. Watching my baby sister go down on me made me want to instantly cum but I held it back. I grabbed a fist full of her blonde hair and started slowly pushing my cock deeper.

She gagged and pulled away. "It's okay baby you can take it." I said bringing her mouth back down on my dick. She slowly got it deeper, moaning the whole time. I loved that she was enjoying herself. Without warning she shoved my ten inch cock all the way down her throat.

I gasped, bucking my hips and throwing my head back in ecstasy. She started sucking faster and faster and when she pulled away there were long strings of saliva connecting between her lips and my throbbing dick. She slurped it off before shoving it back in her mouth.

I began pushing her head until I was fucking her throat. She gave me complete control. My balls were slapping against her chin. She moaned causing a vibration to stimulate my dick.

"Oh Izzy FUCK YES!" I groaned as hot thick cum shot to the back of her throat. She clenched her fists into the couch cushions as I rammed away at her mouth. My load was bigger than its ever been. She couldn't swallow it all.

It dripped off her chin as she milked the last of it out of my cock. It had sprayed across her cheek and was dripping on the carpet. I laid my head back panting. My dick went limp. Izzy was still in between my legs wiping her mouth. I looked down at her once more. "That was amazing." I stated and she blushed.

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"Come here." I beckoned her, taking off my shirt. She stood and I pulled her to my lap. I used my shirt to wipe away my cum on her face and then gently kissed her. She laid her head on my shoulder while I rubbed her body making her shudder. "Thank you." I whispered to her squeezing her softly. We stayed like that until we heard our parents open the front door. I practically threw her off me. We had to act normal which ment I had to act like an asshole even when I really didn't want too.

At least until tonight when we retreat to our room.