Sheilla wangari nyali kenya licking innocent pussy

Sheilla wangari nyali kenya licking innocent pussy
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A few weeks had passed now and high school wasn't as bad as I initially thought. My hidden secret had not made me an outcast but rather a somewhat popular kid. Everyone knew me as the kid with the huge cock, and I didn't mind this at all. Girls always gave me strange sexual looks in every class and guys would just shake their head at me because they couldn't believe that someone like me could have such a large penis. I had settled in to the high school life and I actually enjoyed it.

Things had calmed down in gym class as the other students had adjusted to the abnormal size of my dick and had left me alone about it, except for the many glances while I was changing. My relationship with Layesha had blossomed a great deal in the past month. I wasn't sure if she was my girlfriend or not, but I went to her house every day after school and hung out with her a lot at school. Our sex life was crazy to say the least for two high school students.

We had sex at least twice every day, but it was alright as she was on birth control. It was a strange relationship that we had; as I didn't think she loved me at all and honestly I didn't think I loved her either. But our sexual attraction towards each other was intense and that kept us two opposite individuals together. It was a typical Friday school day.

I went to all my classes, and got a few hours of sleep throughout the process. After school I headed to Layesha's house, as I always did, to hang out with her. I walked to her door and rang the bell. I began to unbutton my jeans, as I knew Layesha always wanted to start as soon as I walked in the door, so I was getting ready. As the door began to open, I noticed to my surprise that Layesha was not the one opening it.

Rather a large, muscular black man was standing in the doorway. "What the fuck are you doing?" he said "Uhh…nothing." I said as I quickly rebuttoned my pants and stood with wobbly legs.

"You must be the little bitch that's fucking my sis." He said "Leave him alone Jamal! I like him!" Layesha shouted from behind him. "Shut the fuck bitch before I slap you.

Now sit the fuck down. I'm gonna handle this." Jamal told Layesha Layesha refused to sit down and continued to argue with her brother Jamal about me. Jamal apparently had had enough as he called to some of his friends that were in the background to grab Layesha and keep her sitting on the couch. I noticed that he had three other friends with him, all black and all gigantic individuals.

Once Layesha was settled down, Jamal turned back to me. I had thought about running away as I feared the situation, but thought better of it as I figured they would catch me and punish me more.

"Get the fuck in here mother fucker." Jamal ordered me "Sit the fuck down." Jamal said as he pushed me into a chair nearby facing him, Layesha, and all his friends. I soon realized that I was in an extreme interrogation room. "So…I've heard you've been fucking my sister. You think that's alright? To take advantage of my little sister like that you fucking bitch.

You're never gonna touch my sister again. Got it?" Jamal said "ok…I'll never touch her again. I promise." I said "I wish I could believe you, fucker. But there's no way I'm taking your word for it. Me and my boys are gonna teach you a lesson and then I know you'll never touch her again." Jamal said All of Jamal's friends stood up and joined Jamal in front of me.

They all proceeded to undo their zippers and remove their pants. Once their pants were removed they took off their shirts and now there were four large black men standing in front of me naked.

I couldn't help but stare at their cocks as they all had huge cocks. All of them hung at least 8 inches soft.

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I had never seen a black penis before and it truly fascinated me as its girth was enormous. They all began to slowly stroke their cocks as Jamal spoke to me. "Stand up and take your clothes off, bitch." He told me Without saying a word, I complied with his orders and stripped down my pants and removed my shirt. All four of the black men had a shocked expression on their face and I knew what it was about.

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"What the fuck is that Jamal?" one of his friends said "You didn't tell me this white kid had a nigger cock." "I didn't fucking know.

What the fuck's wrong with you kid. How the hell do you have such a big cock?" Jamal asked "I don't know. It's always been like that." I said I began to notice that all of the men had begun to grow hard erections from the sight of my penis, and as I looked down I noticed my own penis was growing hard quickly.

Soon enough we all had full erections and I couldn't believe their size. Jamal's friends' cocks were about the same size as me at 11 inches, but Jamal's cock was enormous. It was easily two inches larger than mine and much thicker.

"Well I don't care how big your cock is. We're still gonna teach you your lesson." Jamal said "What are you gonna do?" I asked "Well first you're gonna get down on your fucking knees and suck all of our cocks like the bitch that you are." He said I didn't wait for any more insults or threats.

I just immediately got down on my knees and grabbed Jamal's monster cock in my right hand. I couldn't even wrap my hand entirely around it. The girth really surprised me, so I took my other hand and began to jerk his cock with both hands wrapped around it.

I could tell he enjoyed it as he began to run his hand through my hair and had a subtle groan of pleasure. He slowly began to push my head closer to his cock and I took the hint.

I opened as wide as I could and attempted to place his dick in my mouth. It was so big that I could barely fit the tip in. But he enjoyed it so much that he continued to force his penis further down my throat until it was half way in my mouth. This was the day that I learned I had no gag reflex as I had 7 inches of massive cock shoved down my throat to the point I couldn't breathe.

I pulled away and gasped for air. The lack of oxygen and then sudden rush of oxygen made my eyes water. That drew Jamal's attention. "Stop crying bitch. You're actually doing a good job. Keep it up mother fucker." He said He proceeded to grab his monster cock with his right hand and slap me across the face with it. He slapped me a good 9 or 10 times with his huge dick and this just made me more horny.

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I went back to sucking his cock and this time I went at a quicker pace as I was sliding my mouth up and down his long shaft. I continued to suck his dick for a few more minutes until he pulled away and told his friends to get in on the action.

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His three friends stood in front of me and I got a great idea. I took the two outside guys' cocks in my two hands and began stroking them.

Then I began to suck the middle guy's dick. I was successfully pleasing three guys at once and couldn't believe it.

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After ten minutes of alternating whose dick I was sucking and whose I was stroking, Jamal said he had one last thing to do. "Alright. You passed your first lesson and you know, I think you pleased my friends and you definitely pleased me, so I'll make a deal with you.

If you pass this last thing, you can fuck Layesha all you want. Who cares about that bitch anyway." Jamal said "Okay. What is it?" I asked "The four niggers challenge." He said "What's that?" "Two of our cocks in your mouth and two in your ass. And we all have to cum before you're done." Jamal said I didn't say much after that.

I just nodded my head and waited for them to get in position. One of them laid down on his back and I immediately straddled his dick. I placed it in my ass and slowly slid down on his cock. There was a little pain at first, but it subsided and turned itself into pleasure.

My own 11 inch dick was rock hard and leaking a large stream of precum. The second guy walked up behind me and lined up the head of his penis with my already full asshole. I didn't think there was any way he could fit his huge cock into my ass with another nigger cock already in it.

He thrust his cock in my asshole region, just hoping it would go in. He failed his first few attempts because there wasn't enough room. To fix the problem, the first guy pulled out his cock from my ass. The two guys pressed the lengths of their cocks together to form some kind of a super thick penis.

Then they both simultaneously pushed their cocks into my ass and successfully fit them both in my ass. I screamed out in pain as I could feel my asshole stretching to an abnormal extent. After a while though, I got used to it and kind of enjoyed it. Once both monster dicks were in my ass, Jamal and his other friend walked up to me and placed their huge cocks in front of my mouth. I opened wide and they did the same as the others and placed their dicks in my mouth simultaneously.

Once all four dicks were in position, the four niggers began thrusting their cocks in and out of me. I could hardly breathe with the two cocks in my mouth as the other two were ramming in my ass. I began to use my free hands to explore the two men in front of me. I reached around and began to squeeze the firm muscular ass of Jamal, as my other hand was cupping the two giant hairy nuts of Jamal's friend.

He must of enjoyed me playing with his balls as soon after he began to unload his cum into my mouth. It all went right down my throat and with one difficult swallow, I had consumed all of his semen successfully.

He pulled out and now I was just sucking Jamal's dick while the other two fucked me in my ass. I continued to squeeze and rub Jamal's black ass as I sucked his monster cock.

The two in my ass had been fucking me for about fifteen minutes and were ready to blow their loads. The one standing up began to grunt loudly and quickened the pace at which he was fucking me. Shortly after, I felt him release his huge load inside my ass.

I think the guy laying down also felt the blast as he began to shoot his cum right after. With two guys cumming in my ass at the same time, I began to feel my own cock tense up.


I became overwhelmed with pleasure and began to blow my load all over the nigger I was laying on. I shot a huge amount of semen all the way up to his face. He was covered in my semen from his face all the way down to his belly button.

The nigger that was standing up fucking me pulled out of my ass and stepped away. I stood up slightly and allowed the guy I was laying on to slide out from under me and stand up. Now it was just me and Jamal. I had successfully made three out of the four black guys cum and now all I needed to do was to make Jamal cum and I could continue to fuck Layesha. I was on my knees blowing Jamal's monster cock and I knew it would be tough to make him cum.

I began taking his cock deep in my throat. I was getting nine inches before I had to come back for air. I did this with no hands as I decided to use my hands to feel around Jamal. I slapped his ass with my right hand and used my left hand to play with his huge hairy balls.

I was aggressively squeezing his nuts and rubbing all over his black ass. I knew I was close but not quite there. I needed to do something extreme and suddenly it came to me. I took both hands to his asscheeks and spread them open. I pulled on his ass cheeks to force his cock into my mouth as deep as possible.

I had practically the whole thing shoved down my throat and then took my middle finger on my right hand and shoved it into Jamal's asshole. He cried out in pleasure and I began to feel the semen pumping out along his shaft and out the tip. He unloaded his cum deep into my throat for about five seconds. I quickly pulled my mouth off his dick as I desperately needed air.

When I did, I fell back and collapsed to my back. Jamal also collapsed and was now sitting on the ground breathing heavily from the sexual experience.


"Shit! That was amazing. You're a good little bitch, cock sucker." Jamal said I hadn't realized, but the entire time this was going on, Layesha was sitting on the couch across the room masturbating.

She had squirted all over and a huge wet spot had formed on the couch from her pussy juice. She was smiling and I knew she enjoyed the scene before her and liked how I fought for our love. This was the day I found out that I did love Layesha.

I loved her to death as I took four huge nigger cocks for our love. I struggled to stand back up, but when I did, I went over to Layesha and gave her a passionate kiss and told her I loved her. She responded with a I love you too and I knew what our relationship was now. We were seriously in love and to be honest I didn't mind taking the four monster cocks. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it.