Quick squirt orgasm by big breast lady

Quick squirt orgasm by big breast lady
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___________________________________________________________ Blackmailed By My Teenaged Daughter Teen, Group, Mff, Incest by po469 I am a happily married man of 38. My wife, 18-year-old daughter and I live in Phoenix.

I fool around a little bit but what my wife Sue doesn't know won't hurt her. Sue was really into bridge so she is away playing cards several afternoons and evenings each week. This gives me time, when no one is going to be home, to go out and have some fun or bring someone home for a little romp.

Maybe I fooled around a couple times a month. Usually, but not always, with a different woman that I would meet through AFF internet ads.


I am attractive and have a pretty big cock so I have a pretty good response rate to the ads that I answer. I send two pictures. One of me in my swim trunks driving our little houseboat on Canyon Lake and one of my hard 7-1/2 inch cock and I usually hear back.

The boat is a great place to take my "dates" and that is the main reason I bought it even though I told Sue that it was for family relaxation.

I like younger women so I only write to the ads from women between 18 and 25 that don't say that they are only looking for guys about their same age. One day my daughter, Amber, told me that her mom had said it would be ok with her if she had a few girlfriends over for a slumber party that weekend if it was ok with me. I said "Sure" that her mom and I would be happy to have them and she could tell the other parents that we would be there to chaperone. Amber said she wanted to invite four girls.

They were all friends,18 year olds that she hung around with. We said that would be fine and she called them.

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A couple of the parents called to make sure what the plans were. The girls were to arrive after lunch on Saturday and go home before supper on Sunday. Like a lot of homes in Phoenix we have a pool so they were to bring their suits.

About 1pm, after the girls were all swimming, the phone rang. It was my wife and she said her sister was in a panic about the plans for her third wedding. Knowing how uptight Sue's sister can get over little things Sue agreed to go to her house and help straightened things out. Her sister lived about a three-hour drive away so Sue had to leave right away and would be gone overnight. During the phone call she had asked me if I thought the girls would drive me crazy if I had to keep them under control without her help.

I said I thought I could manage.


Within an hour Sue was on her way. I looked out back and the girls were swimming and splashing and laughing. They were having a great time. I went to the living room and started to read a book. Every once and a while I would go look in back to be sure everything as ok and it was.

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I admit that I enjoyed seeing these budding young girls in their swimsuits but my thoughts stayed fairly pure. It was my daughter and her friends. About 5pm I went out and told the girls that they had enough swimming for now and asked if pizza sounded good for supper. They all said yes so I went to the phone and ordered three. They came back in and went upstairs. Soon they were downstairs watching MTV in the family room. They were dancing and talking and giggling.

They had changed from their wet swimsuits into an assortment of shorts with tops that tied across the rib cage, one was in a sundress and one was in jeans and a tee shirt. I noticed that a couple of them were starting to get pretty nice figures. The pizza arrived and we ate it along with sodas. I dished up ice cream for desert and the girls headed back to the family room and started dancing again.

It seamed like only weeks ago that they would have been playing with dolls. About 8 o'clock Sue called and said that everything was under control at her sister's house and asked if they were at ours. I told her that everything was great that the girls were very well behaved. Sue said that she would be home a little after noon.

A while after I had hung up Amber called out "Daddy, can we have some popcorn?" I said that would be fine and she asked me if I would please pop it and bring it to the family room.

I popped a big bowl and walked with it into the room with it. One of the girls took it from me. The girls were all sitting very quietly on the floor. Amber looked at me and said "Daddy, show us your wiener." "WHAT?

What are you talking about. No way. Don't even think like that." I started to turn and leave the room when Amber said "Daddy, the other day Marcia's sister drove us down to the marina. We wanted to go to the clubhouse and hang out. When we got to the parking lot we saw your car so we figured we would go down to the boat and say Hi. When we got there we peeked in the window and saw you with Ms. Johnson, our substitute English teacher. You were both naked and you had your wiener in her.

Show us your wiener." I was had. I did not know what to do. "Daddy, show us your thing or I'll tell Mommy." I did not say anything. I unzipped my pants and started to reach in to take it out. "Not like that. Take your pants down. We want to see it good." The other girls did not say a word.

They just stared at my pants. I got up my courage and said "NO" and started to zip myself up again. "Where's the phone book. I have to call Mommy at Auntie Betty's." I gave up. They had me by the short hairs. I undid my belt and dropped my pants and underwear at the same time and stood there with my limp dick exposed to these five 18 year old girls. The girls looked at me then at each other and giggled.

"Thank you Daddy. From now on all of us are going to call you Daddy. We will all be your daughters." "HI Daddy !!!" all the girls chimed at once. One of the girls said "I want to touch it." I said no that letting them see it was all I could do and even this was wrong.

Amber said that I should remember about Mommy. I just stood there while the girl that had asked to touch it came forward and wrapped her hand around my limp cock. "It's not hard" another of the girls said.


"When I looked in the bedroom and saw my mom touching my dad he was hard and sticking up. Make it hard 'Daddy'." "Yes 'Daddy' make it hard. We want to see it hard." said all the girls together. "I can't. I'm too embarrassed. I couldn't even if I wanted to and I don't." Lisa, the oldest girl said "I saw part of one of my father's VCR movies and the girl in it made the guy hard by putting his thing in her mouth." Someone said "Put it in your mouth Lisa." Lisa come over and took it in her hand and put her lips to it and put just the tip in her mouth.

She backed off quickly. I think she was surprised by the taste. I am sure that it had sweat and pre-cum on it. But she did not stop. She came back and put a little more of it in her mouth. All the girls cheered. She didn't know what to do with it but my cock was betraying me.

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As much as I did not want it to it was getting hard. Finally I gave in and said "If you want it to get hard you have to put more of it in your mouth and put your lips tight around it and move your mouth up and down on it and when you talk about it call it a cock". Lisa tried and did pretty well.

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It worked and I got fully hard. Lisa took it out of her mouth so all could see it. They all giggled and moved to me so they could touch it also. "Daddy", one of them said, "It's so big. I saw my little brother and he was not even half that size." I'm not really big, being about an average six inches but to them I guess that was pretty good sized.

All of them calling me Daddy was exciting me although I knew it shouldn't. Each time one of them, including my real daughter Amber would touch it, it jumped and they all giggled more.

I knew there was nothing I could do now and just hoped that this was all that they wanted. I was wrong. Amber said that they had planned this ever since they had seen me with Ms.

Johnson on the boat. She said that now they all wanted to show me their bodies and they all started to undress. "But, your mother, how did you know that she would be gone?" "I told Auntie Betty that you and I were planning a surprise for Mommy and asked her to get her away. Surprise!" Now all the girls were naked.

Some looked like little girls and a couple looked like young women. The most mature one was probably about a 34-C. The smallest was still pretty flat chested. Most of them still had some baby fat and they had varying amounts of pubic hair. Amber was in the middle with a pretty slim body and about a 32-B top.

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The smallest girl said that she had seen her brother with his head between his girlfriend's legs and the girl was yelling how good it felt. "Daddy, make me feel good that way." I shook my head no.

The girl almost cried and said to Amber, "You said that he would do anything we told him to. I want him to make me feel good that way." Amber looked at me and picked up the phone book.

I told Jenny to get on the bed and spread her legs. I got on the bed with her and put my head gently to her crotch. I knew that this was very wrong but I could not help myself any longer. I kissed her almost hairless pussy mound and reached out with my tongue and parted her lips and started licking up and down her crack.

She jumped and moaned and said "Oh ya, that does feel great." The others all wanted to feel what it was like so they each took turns getting on the bed with my face between their legs.

My cock grew the most while I was licking Amber's pussy and I stayed on her the longest. After I had done all the girls they said "Thank you Daddy." and Amber said that next time I could teach them more. I said no but I was already planning to teach them about girl's orgasms. Amber told the girls to go to bed and told them that she was going to sleep with her Daddy.

She came with me to my room. Before we got into bed I went into the bathroom and jerked off. I was so full of cum that my balls ached terribly. Nothing happened that night. We just cuddled nude and fell to sleep. I knew I was their sex slave from then on, to do whatever they wanted with me, and I looked happily forward to it. The next day before they went home Amber gave them all my e-mail address and told them they could write any time they wanted and I would talk about anything that they wanted to talk about.

As each one left to go home she said "By By Daddy. See ya soon." I no longer answer internet sex ads looking for 'dates'. Now I have five little 18 and 19-year-old daughters with tight pussies that need my full attention. 906