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Cuckold sessions interracial hardcore erniedrigung porn 20
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Summer Solstice They'd been driving on the long winding road for what seemed like forever. This place was sure in the middle of nowhere, and Jana hoped it lived up to it's billing.

She was only here because she knew it was very important to her new boyfriend, Derek, who couldn't stop talking about what a great long weekend it was and how he couldn't wait to bond with her in the woods.

They were driving to an annual event celebrating the summer solstice, one with a back to nature feel to it. Jana had never heard about it but apparently Derek had attended for the last two years, and though they'd only known each other for a short time, he thought she'd really like it and fit right in.

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At a certain point, the road just ended and people parked their cars and walked the rest of the way, about two miles, carrying only a change of clothes, and sleeping bags.

They would be sleeping under the stars for two nights which Jana thought would be romantic. The price of their tickets covered food and beverages for the entire event. When they finally got there, they found the party had already begun. Derek handed their tickets over and they were given a map and an agenda outlining the special events planned for each day, culminating in the finale on Sunday afternoon held in a circle of tall redwoods located farther in.

They first went and got some food then found a place for sleeping later and left their things there and began exploring. Jana noticed that there were a lot of men and very few women, not that she minded, but she wondered why.

When she asked, Derek told her, rather vaguely, that there were more women, she just wasn't looking in the right places. They walked the entire event, stopping to watch singers, and dancers, and eventually found the circle of tall trees. Flags of various colors on long poles had been placed in the ground on the way into the grove.

Inside the grove, Jana saw that colorful, but scantily clad women were tied to stakes set in a circle around the perimeter. She looked at Derek and asked him why these women were tied to stakes and he told her they were part of the celebration. Jana noticed then a center stage with rustic logs for seating placed in a circle around three quarters of the stage.

The stage was some distance off but a crowd already surrounded it and Jana couldn't see exactly what was going on or hear anything because loud music was coming out of tall speakers placed in the trees. As they moved closer to the stage, a man waved at Derek and quickly walked over to him. Things were starting to swim around Jana, and she felt like she might faint.

Derek was holding her by the elbow and asking her if she was okay. She started to say she thought so then collapsed to her knees as Derek and the man stared at her as she fell further and lay on the ground looking up at them.

That's the last thing she remembered until she woke up sometime that afternoon tied to a stake surrounding a stage in a tall grove of trees somewhere deep in the middle of nowhere.

When she woke up, it took Jana a moment to remember where she was. There was something on her arm and when she pulled at it, she realized she was tied to one of the posts in the circle. Derek was not there, but she called out for him, over and over again, until a woman told her to shut up, that her boyfriend was long gone.

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Jana started crying and then screaming until a man slapped her hard and she fell onto the ground. She felt someone pull her head back, tugging her hair hard in the process, then a man poured something down her throat and forced her to swallow. Jana heard a few people talking about her, saying she'd be much quieter in a minute and then she'd be ready for the festivities.

What festivities, she wondered as she looked around. There were a lot more people walking around now. Most were still men but there were a few women. Jana looked on either side of her and saw that the women tied to the stakes were both being fucked by a couple of men.

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Looking around, she saw men lined up at almost every post, waiting to have a go at the woman tied there. She started to panic and shrank against the post, clinging to it, hoping no one would notice her, and finally realized that her clothes were gone and that brightly colored ribbons had been tied around her upper arms.

Her hopes were dashed when two men picked her up and placed her on her hands and knees and she felt a dick push into her cunt, then start fucking her hard. At the same time a big man in front of her stroked his dick and then thrust into her mouth while holding on hard to her head as he fucked in and out, hitting the back of her throat until she was gagging.

She felt the first man spit his cum in her cunt and right away there was another dick in her, fucking in furiously as he slapped her ass hard, and held her hips so that she couldn't move. Jana tried screaming but the dick in her mouth muffled the sound. Tears streamed down her face and after the man finally came in her mouth and pulled out, she simply asked, "Why?" The man slapped her face and told her because she was a slut, that's why.

Then he wiped his dick on her face and another man replaced him and she felt another dick pumping into her throat while the man in her cunt started groaning as he slammed into her then went still as his cum poured into her cunt. Jana felt the cum running out of her and start moving down her legs when he pulled out.

Another dick replaced his and the man fucked her hard and fast, coming in less than a minute. Men continued fucking Jana as mid-afternoon turned into late afternoon. And still the men kept coming, it seemed like there were hundreds around her now and she wondered vaguely where Derek was and how he could let this happen to her. Maybe they had done something to him. She hoped that was true because maybe he would save her. Jana's hopes were dashed when Derek stepped in front of her and after roughly shoving his dick in her mouth, started to tell her what was going on.

"Having fun, baby, yeah, looks like you're in your natural element here. I knew you loved dick, honey, so you might as well enjoy this while you can. You need to be a good slut because I have a shot here to win the whole thing, and I'll be pissed if I don't.

I knew you were perfect when I met you, and look at you with your mouth around my dick like that, taking me all the way in." When Derek came with a loud grunt and pulled out, Jana asked him why he was doing this and what was this place, and to please, please let her go. "Oh, baby, you're not going anywhere, don't you want to be the star of the show?

Sure you do, and if you win, there'll be a plaque to remember you by in future years. You'll be an eternal slut, baby, so like relax and enjoy. Gotta go, baby, someone wants your mouth. I'll be cheering you on later." Jana was left to wonder what he meant and while the next man in front of her stroked his dick hard, she asked him what she could win.

He laughed, told her to open wide, and shoved his dick in her mouth. Jana kept making noises and the guy laughed some more and said, "Slut, don't you know the winner is the ultimate solstice sacrifice, more than just another slut on a stick. You better hope you win bitch, otherwise you're goin' out long and slow while we keep on fuckin' you.

So be good to us and if you're lucky, you'll win." With that he thrust in harder, choking her as his hard dick hit the back of Jana's throat over and over again, until he groaned loudly and pulled her head in close to his groin and holding it there tightly as he forced his whole dick down her throat and filled her mouth with his salty cum.

When he pulled out, he wiped his dick across her lips and said to her, "Not bad, slut." Jana was scared now about what would happen later. It was impossible to talk to any of the other girls tied to the circle of posts, and the men she was able to ask just laughed at her and told her she'd just have to wait and see.

Hours passed as Jana was fucked over and over and finally she collapsed. She was put on her back and one after another men fucked her and squirted their cum in her. Once in a while someone employed by the festival would pour water laced with some sort of uppers down Jana's throat to keep her going.

She was starving but they wouldn't give her food and told her to shut up when she asked. The music blared louder than ever as night fell around her. Jana looked up at the night sky as another man fucked her hard.

She saw a million stars and a huge full moon. The solstice was the next day and whatever was going to happen would not happen until then. She saw another dick pushing into her mouth and then felt another dick in her cunt.

Her body rocked as they fucked her. The men around her were drinking heavily and many were obviously drunk, and became even rougher with her. She saw Derek one more time, sometime in the middle of the night. Another dick was fucking her hard and he told her to open her eyes, and when she did, she saw him leering at her as he fucked her roughly, slamming into her cunt over and over, obviously enjoying it as he pushed her legs impossibly far apart.

It went on forever but finally he pumped his cum in her as he groaned. He pulled out and wiped his dick on her legs which were now covered in both dry and wet cum and now Derek's cum dripped out of her cunt, sliding slowly down her ass to the pool of cum under her. Jana was in and out of sleep for the rest of the night as she lay flat on her back, legs spread, while dick after dick thrust into her cunt and ass before squirting their cum into her gaping holes.

She finally woke for good around dawn because the smell of cooking meat was so strong and Jana was so hungry. A man was fucking her in a leisurely way, thrusting deep over and over but slowly, and sucking on her tits as he fucked her. She tried to look around for the source of the barbeque but could see nothing. Still the smell was strong and all around her. Jana guessed that barbequing was a part of the festivities. When the man on top of her finally came, she asked him what was cooking and he just looked at her then told her she really didn't want to know.

"Why not," she screamed at him but he was already walking away and another dick was lined up and pushed into her sloppy cunt. Jana tried to sit up but the guy fucking her slapped her then held her shoulders down while he slammed into her. A festival worker brought her some water and more drugs but no food even though she begged him for something to eat.

When the man fucking her came, she quickly got up. The drugs had rejuvenated her and she clung to the pole she was tied to and looked around. The place was packed. Dancers and musicians moved around the crowd many of whom were now waiting for something to happen on the stage. New arrivals were having a fuck before they did anything else and Jana saw that all the poles were circled by a group of men cheering and laughing. She saw smoke rising from two locations on either side of the main stage and could just barely see a couple of spits turning but she was too far away to see what was roasting.

There was a huge structure in front of the stage. It looked like a giant sun made of wood with a huge pile of straw all around the base. Three poles had been installed on both sides of the giant sun but it didn't look like anyone was tied to them, at least not yet.

Jana wondered what they were for. Jana didn't get to look around for long. She felt hands on her hips then felt a dick slide into her ass as she was bent over, almost doubled over, as the man fucked hard down into her. Someone pulled her head up by the air and thrust a dick in her mouth and fucked her mouth while continuing to hold her head up.

The crowd around her was obviously new arrivals because they were in an out of Jana fast, fucking her quickly and leaving just as quickly once they'd pumped their cum into her.

At about noon, things changed for Jana. Two men cut her from the pole she'd been tied to. Her hands were tied behind her back and a leash and rope put around her neck. They then pulled her by the leash around the perimeter of the outdoor space. Men both cheered and jeered as she was led past them. They called her names and were placing bets as to the odds she'd make it to the top spot. When they were almost to the stage she was taken to one of the barbeque pits and was told that she had passed part one of the test and wouldn't be roasted just yet, unless she didn't behave, in which case, the spits awaited her.

Jana watched in horror as three spits turned slowly over red hot coals. A greased up girl was tied to each spit and the worst part was that they were still alive as they slowly cooked.

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The tables set up at the end of the pits were filled with mostly men eating their barbeque. Colorful banners were placed all around and the mood was very festive. The smell of roasting meat was very strong and Jana was so hungry that she almost wished she could have some.

Several men tended each pit, stoking the coals and poking at the roasting girls, laughing at them when they cried, and cutting off small slices to test for doneness in the legs, licking their lips as the girl watched the men eat a part of her.


Each girl had two, fairly long, very thick charred wood posts pounded into her ass and her cunt. As the girl turned on the spit the men would pound the posts in a little further using a rubber mallet.

The girls could only grunt their pain because their mouths were stuffed full with apple slices and a large apple wedged into the wide open mouth and securely tied around the head. They could only moan and cry more tears that sizzled as they hit the hot coals beneath them. Jana was beyond horrified as she was pulled away.


She turned her head one last time before being led away and caught the eyes of one of the girls being roasted. Her eyes told the story, the pain and horror evident as the girl stared at her pleadingly. She was led on to the stage and Jana saw that she was one of twenty of so girls standing there. When she looked out around the perimeter, she saw that all the poles had girls tied to them. She had been replaced by another unwitting participant, who was now being fucked by two men as others cheered them on.

An emcee, a man with long hair, and colorful clothing started the on stage proceedings. Jana looked out and saw there was a huge audience both sitting down and standing since there was not enough seating for everyone. She could see another huge stage off to one side where bands would play later. It was close to the main stage so people could watch the bands and the stage action at the same time. Twenty large men, six feet and taller, with huge, muscled bodies filed onto the stage, each stepping up behind one of the twenty girls.

Apparently there were tests that would be voted on and the eventual winner would have won most of the contests, at least Jana thought that was what was going on.

The emcee told the men to get into place and each man stepped next to his girl. The men were stroking their dicks while the men watching cheered and whistled. Jana's head was pulled up roughly by the hair and she saw a man smirking at her as he stroked his huge dick and rubbed it on her cheeks. The emcee yelled ready, set and go and the men shoved their dicks into the girls mouths at the same time as the crowd screamed it's pleasure as the men thrust their long, hard dicks in as far in as they could.

Jana's head was held immobile as the man in front of her pounded in and out, pistoning furiously, fucking her mercilessly, making her gag but not letting up even though she might choke on it. The second man on the stage, the one that had led her onto the stage, pinched her nose, forcing her mouth to stay open wide if she wanted to breath. These men had taken their own drugs to ensure maximum hardness and stamina and the show went on for ten minutes or so until the first girl could take no more and bit down on the dick in her mouth.

The punishment was swift and severe and not lost on the others still being fucked, crying and gagging, and praying for an end. The biter was slapped hard across the face several times then pulled up and punched in the stomach as the crowd cheered.

The man she had tried to bite got in back of her and started fucking into her cunt hard and fast until he came, pumping in deep as she screamed. He slapped her ass and a spit and thick wood posts were brought onto the stage. A man pounded a post into her cum filled cunt first, keeping it inside her forever. Another post was pounded into the girl's ass as she screamed, then the girl was tied to the spit as she continued screaming and crying. When she was immobile the men picked up the spit and carried her to one of the barbeques for immediate roasting.

There would be no plaque in her honor. As this happened, the man continued fucking Jana's mouth and after a good twenty minutes, groaned and slammed in hard a last time as he pumped his cum into her mouth. Her head was held back while he came so that she had no choice but to swallow, and he made sure that she did, slapping her cheeks lightly until it was done.

He told her to lick his dick off, to clean it, and finally it was over. The man turned to face the audience, still holding Jana's head by the hair as he took his bow. He stepped in back of her then, still holding her head, until all of the men were done and facing the crowd for the vote.

The cheers for each girl were tallied and three more were disqualified and prepared for roasting as the crowd cheered some more. Jana was forced to watch since the man continued to hold her head by the hair. When the three were gone, the contest continued. The final sixteen were then again put to the test, this time by being fucked by the men on stage.

The men rotated so that Jana had a new man in front of her. She could see he was hard again and huge. His dick looked to be nine or tent inches and thick as a beer can. In unison, the men picked up the girl in front of them, lined up, and started in when the signal was given.

The man's dick felt like a steel rod to Jana, as the man held her by the hips and fucked rapidly into her cunt. The men walked around the stage as they continued fucking their girl. They were large, strong men and had no trouble holding up the girls, fucking them as the girls held onto their arms and dug their feet into their backs because the girls felt like they would fall otherwise.

Even though Jana was digging in as hard as she could, she would sometimes slip backwards, her head almost touching the ground as the man fucked into her. She was nothing more than a fuck toy to him, easily maneuvered as his dick rammed into her sore cunt.

The mass fucking went on for at least half an hour as the crowd kept drinking and cheering them on, betting for their favorite girl. A couple of the girls had passed out and finally the men had to put them down on the stage. That done, they picked them up by the ass and held on tight as they continued fucking them, harder and deeper, relentlessly pounding into them over and over, knowing that after they pumped their cum into their gaping cunts, that the girls would be nothing more than roasting meat because they'd passed out.

It turned them on even more knowing that and they fucked the girls even harder, bruising their flesh as they held on tight to keep them immobile so their dicks could keep slamming in. As time passed, a few more girls lost it, some started screaming and became hysterical so that a couple more men had to step in and hold them down so they could be fucked. Eventually, all of the girls ended up flat on their backsasses held up as the men's huge dicks kept slamming in until finally, one after another, they groaned and pumped their cum in deep, welcoming the release.

The girls just lay there once the men were done, exhausted from such a painful and long fuck. The girls that passed out were trussed up and prepared for the spit. Some were awake and some weren't but not for long. The men made sure all the girls were awake and drugged up before they were actually put over the coals.

The girls who lost it were given the next worst punishment, and so six girls were prepared and placed on the thick posts on each side of the giant sun. Their arms were first bound at the wrists, then their legs tied at the ankles. The girl's bound arms were then tied to a tall pole in back of the shorter post so that they hung from the pole, and their ass was slightly lower than the top of the post. Two men picked up the girl by the ass and pushed her cunt onto the post, impaling her and pushing her down until it was all the way in.

They then secured her arms in just the right place to hold her there. Any downward pressure would result in the post going in deeper and eventually far into her body, but slowly so that she'd live for days like that.

One of the large, thick wooden posts used for the roasting sluts was then pounded into each girl's ass. The crowd was then invited to form a circle jerk and stream their cum on the girl's bodies and in her mouth.

It was a symbolic spreading of seed at the beginning of summer. The crowd was encouraged to spread as much seed as possible until the end of the day, and to fuck as many sluts as they could as an offering to the goddess of summer. The girls on the stakes were offerings to the goddess and would remain there, on the stakes, as they slowly died, and remain there after, when the goddess could do as she pleased with them.

There were now only four girls left in the running as this year's ultimate sacrifice, and one more test awaited them. Each girl would be fucked by a long line of men now forming. Each man would be given five minutes to fuck their girl and cum or move on and get back in line to try again.

The cum that dripped out of each girl would be caught in bowls placed beneath them and the girl with the most cum would be the winner unless she passed out or became hysterical. The process would take the rest of the day and most of the night but would end promptly at six in the morning, so as to have time to prepare for the final offering at ten that morning. Each girl was placed on her hands and knees and a small table placed under their stomachs to rest on while they were being fucked.

Jana was given a final drug enhanced drink but no food. In a short time she felt much revived and prayed she could make it through this. Surely they rewarded the winner for the ordeal, at least she hoped they did. She'd even be willing to try the roast at this point because she was so hungry.

And so Jana dug deep and took dick after dick for hours, and load after load of hot, salty cum that dripped slowly into a bowl under her spread legs. She noticed that the bowl was replaced several times and thought that was a good sign. Jana could also see the long lines waiting to fuck the finalists and wondered how it was possible to take so much dick. She also saw that the girls tied to the posts were still there and still being fucked.

She wondered what their fates would be, roasting probably, no matter how well they held up. As the night went on, Jana went in and out of consciousness, sleeping for a few minutes, but waking up if someone was fucking her particularly hard, rocking her body awake.

As first light started, and the lines grew thin, Jana had a moment of hope. She wanted so much for this ordeal to be over, to be the winner, to be let go and to go back to her life. Derek had been a traitor, an evil man who used her, brought her here to this fate to maybe win a bet.

She wondered how so many women could just disappear every year but then realized that they were probably chosen especially because no one would miss them. Who would miss Jana? Not many she realized. Even her job wouldn't wonder for long. The final time she woke up she saw that the other three girls were no longer being fucked and hoped that the dick slamming into her cunt might be the last.

She heard the man groan, felt him speed up, then stop abruptly as he groaned again while spurting his cum in Jana's cunt. When he pulled out, she felt a river of cum drip down her legs. Someone came and took the cum bowl away and it was over. She was pulled up roughly by the rope around her neck and made to stand as were the others. They stood there for a long time as the judges made their decision. The sunrise was stunning in it's beauty. It would be a gorgeous day and Jana so hoped to be a part of it.

She saw Derek with a group of men just below where she stood. He was leering at her and she could see that bets were still being made.

The emcee walked onto the stage at eight in the morning carrying a silver goblet filled with cum. It would be presented to the winner to drink as the victor. A large crowd had gathered at this early hour, the barbeque pits were cooking roast after roast for the hungry revelers. An additional pit had been added to handle more roasts. Jana noticed that only a few girls remained tied to the posts around the perimeter. They were being heartily fucked even as the finale was happening.

They'd soon be roasted too. The girls impaled on the posts next to the giant sun were in various stages of dying. They were all covered in layers of dried and drying cum. The men had started sucking their tits as they jerked off, and a couple of nipples had been bitten off.

One guy was pushing one of the girls up and down on the post as tears streamed down her face. Blood ran down all their legs to varying degrees. It would still takes hours and hours for them to die.

The emcee teased the girls and the crowd as he walked around with the silver goblet. He finally gave it up when he stopped in front of Jana and nodded and a man pulled Jana's head back and the emcee poured the cum down her throat as the crowd roared it's approval.

After Jana swallowed the cum she looked towards Derek and saw him celebrating with his friends while others kept handing him money. He'd done well apparently.

Jana hoped she would do well also. The other three girls on the stage started screaming as men bound their arms and legs tightly then took each to the giant sun where they were tied down, ass up at the base of the sculpture. Jana was pulled by the rope around her neck to the sun and walked up a temporary staircase to a place near the top where she noticed that spikes had been placed.

What were they going to do with her? Looking down she saw that the three other girls were placed face down with their arms tied down in front of them as if they were bowing to the sun. She soon realized that they were bowing to her.

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Jana was tied spread-eagled to the giant sun sculpture. She could feel cum still dripping out of her cunt right up until a huge post was pounded into her cunt, and then another was pounded into her ass. They pounded them in deeper than she could imagine possible, but still a few inches of each could not be rammed all the way into her glistening, cum filled holes. She started crying again when she saw a crown of flowers and brightly colored ribbons placed on her head. Metal clips were attached to her nipples from which a heaving metal chain covered in a flower garland hung.

Jana had large tits and they now hung quite low with the weight on them. More flowers were placed around her wrists and ankles to cover the ropes holding her onto the sun sculpture. Her lips were painted a dark crimson in a kewpie doll shape and her eyes were outlined in dark black eyeliner. Deep teal eyeshadow covered her eyelids up to her brows.

Two bright pink spots of blush were placed on her cheeks. When they were done with her, the men went down the staircase. A robed man, some sort of high priest moved to the front of the display and officially welcomed the start of the summer solstice for another year and thanked everyone for coming and contributing to the effort.

The prior winter had been tough for many people and so this year's offering was very important and they had done well. He told the crowd to behold the slut sacrifice to the summer goddess and to pray for a better winter because of her sacrifice.

He told the crowd then that the ritual would be completed at precisely 10:08 this morning, at the exact time the solstice started and that until then, for another hour and a half roughly they were to pay homage to those sacrificed, to partake in the final fucking of the chosen and to give their seed to the winning slut, the ultimate sacrifice to the goddess.

He then held up a hand carved plaque with the name Jana carved into it. It would be placed deep in the woods with all the other plaques honoring the chosen sluts from years past. For the next hour and a half the crowd went at it, fucking the bowing sluts, climbing the staircase to shoot their seed on the body of the sacrificial slut and shooting seed on the impaled sluts as they sunk lower and lower on the posts, their cunts slowly shredding. The girls still tied to the perimeter posts were spitted and prepared for roasting, screaming until their mouths were stuffed with apples.

The crowd was drinking heavily in honor of the culmination of another great solstice event in the redwoods. Most of the couple of thousand men there managed to cum, to sacrifice their seed on or in the sluts provided. At ten minutes before the solstice began, the staircase to the upper level of the sun where Jana hung was removed.

She was very much awake and now covered in tons more cum that was slowly dripping down her body in various places. If the ceremony was almost over, why were they dismantling the stairs? At 10:07 the robed priest walked to the sun sculpture with a lighted torch, carrying it high so that everyone could see it.

Jana looked out at the crowd and realized there were thousands there, and knew she'd been fucked by thousands and wondered why she was still alive. Below her the three girls were still being fucked and the girls on stakes were still being played with, and were sobbing loudly as their pain increased.

Smoke still rose from the barbeque pits which were still full of roasts slowly turning on the spits. She let out a little scream when she saw the torch. The priest said a short prayer of praise to the summer solstice and to the goddess as the crowd stood still and completely quiet.

Then he moved the torch to the straw bales piled high beneath the sun sculpture and lit one. It made a whooshing sound as a small flame went up, then crackled a little as the flames grew.

The girls tied down and bowing in front of the flames started to struggle even while they were still being fucked by men now laughing as they slammed their dicks into the gaping, wriggling cunts. As the flames spread and moved even closer to the girls the men kept on fucking them, filling their cunts with more cum as they groaned in satisfaction.

After a few minutes, the flames reached the girls hands and started burning them, spreading up their arms and to their hair which went up fast and fueled the spread of the fire over the girls bodies.

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The men finished quickly then, plunging in hard and fast, hot cum squirting into increasingly hot, wet cunts. Flames spread down their backs as they screamed in fear and agony, still bound and unable to move away from the fire. Men circled the burning bodies then, jacking themselves, squirting cum into the flames, laughing and cheering as ecstasy rocked their bodies.

The effort seemed very coordinated but wasn't really.

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It was easy because they were so turned on by the sight in front of them, sluts burning while they took load after load of cum. They died being useful like sluts should.

Jana watched in ever growing horror as the girls screamed and screamed and the flames burned hotter and higher. She saw them wriggle then struggle frantically and uselessly as their bodies burned and still the men around them found a use for them in their death throes and laughed at them as they struggled and squirted their cum on them in contempt. After a few minutes, the fire was roaring and started burning slowly up the sun sculpture.

The heat rose measurably and Jana started sweating, tears mixing in with sweat as the flames rose, and smoke filled her lungs. She saw that the girls had stopped moving and most of the crowd was now focused on her and the fire that was slowly getting closer to her. The fire had jumped onto one of the girls on a stick, getting into her hair then spreading quickly over her body until she was engulfed and screaming as she slowly died while cum landed in the flames overtaking her body.

Jana knew now what was intended and wondered how she could have been so stupid. Why had she ever trusted Derek? She couldn't have known though that he had chosen her for this.

She looked down and saw him smirking at her, gleeful as she suffered. The crowd had started chanting "Burn, slut," as instructed by the priest. It was an effort to please the goddess by delivering the slut as quickly as possible after the start of solstice. When the flames reached her feet, Jana started screaming in earnest. Men below her kept piling more straw bales onto the flames, higher and higher, close to her body to provide enough fuel to burn her.

Still the smoke and flames weren't enough to kill her, but slowly, the flames got a foothold on her body, moving up her widely spread legs. Cheers went up when that happened, although someone lamented that it was too bad she would be too charred to eat because she sure looked delicious. The fired burned deeper into the flesh on Jana's legs as it continued up her body, reaching first her spread, cunt, and sizzling a little as flames met copious amounts of cum still dripping out of her holes.


A couple of straw bales were thrown on the top of the pile and burst into a huge wall of flames that quickly engulfed her body, as she burned in earnest now, still very much alive as the fire went deep into her, charring her flesh, cooking her too quickly until she lost her eyesight, and then her heart blessedly stopped as she ceased breathing mid scream.

Eventually, the entire sun sculpture burned as was intended, and there was nothing left of Jana except some very small bone fragments and a plaque placed deep in the woods honoring her contribution for eternity. The celebration continued with a final dinner of roasted sluts. The fires were put out and the men slept under the stars on the last night of their weekend, on the first day of the summer solstice.

The girls on sticks were left where they were and men stopped by all night to jack off and squirt their cum at them while laughing gleefully. All the organizers knew was that every year, after the winter snows had melted, there was no sign of the previous year's impaled sluts, no trace remained. No one knew that it took days for most of them to die, slow agonizing days of too hot sun burning down on them as relentlessly as the flames that burned so many others.

The poles they were tied to were designed so that they'd slowly keep sinking down onto the posts digging into their cunts. Most died when the posts reached their hearts, stopping them from beating. Sometimes an animal would get one or two of them if they pulled hard enough on their bodies, or sometimes they ate them alive, as they sat helplessly impaled on the stake. Members of the secret society started their quest in the winter for the right slut to take to their annual long weekend celebration of the summer solstice.

It wasn't required but it was fun to compete. Picking the right one was always interesting and every year someone got lucky and won the whole thing.

Derek had gotten lucky last summer, and this winter he'd try again because one never knew when the right girl would turn up. He'd only been to three events so he still had time to find another great slut. With a little luck he could repeat his success. It was very rewarding even without winning though. He smiled to himself as he remembered the look on each slut's face while he fucked their filthy cunts and told them why they were there.

The realization, the shock, the terror on their faces was priceless. That look alone was enough to motivate a man for a lifetime.