Gay black men porn wit big dicks Justin and Mark pick up another

Gay black men porn wit big dicks Justin and Mark pick up another
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PART 1 (may be a part two later, depends on if you guys give me a good enough rating) I was 16, a sophomore in high school, (Growing up on a farm town in southern Illinois) when I actually became very interested in girls.

I had a girl friend but I never actually thought of having sex with her, but as I soon would learn, she had thought about it a lot, while I had not. My parents owned a ranch in southern Illinois and we owned 1 male pony 1 stallion and a mare. My parents were visiting my aunt Helen in California and I was there to baby sit my little sister who was 13. I must admit that she was very good looking for a 13 year old.

About 5 feet tall, a nice round ass, and large A cups possibly B. It was Friday night, and, Lynn was over and we were watching a movie on HBO. Ok, so, we were watching Meet the Fockers and it ended at 10:30.

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After the movie was over we sat there and talked for a while. Then, while I wasn't paying attention a pornographic movie turned on. I was still talking to Lynn and she was staring at the television screen with the look of desire on her face. It took me a couple minutes to realize she wasn't paying attention, and when I did, I was shocked.

We sat there watching it for a wile; it was turning me on a lot, especially since I have never seen a movie like that. Then for the first time in my life, I looked at Lynn with desire.

We locked lips in a passionate kiss. This was all new to me, my tongue swirling around in her mouth, and her in mine. One of my hands, with a mind of its own, went directly to one of her boobs. I felt it and squeezed slightly through her shirt. We broke our kiss and I stared directly into her eyes, as she stared directly back into mine. Just then I realized where my hand was and I retracted it. She said, "no, don't stop, that feels good". And at that, I took her shirt and bra off and started rubbing her boobs.

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I pinched each nipple lightly and she moaned slightly in pleasure. I then, started licking her nipples and sucking on them a bit. Moving down, slowly, with short little kisses I opened up her pants, and took them off slowly.


I found out that she was wearing a pink thong, which turned me on EVEN MORE! I took that thong off and started licking her vagina in short strokes up and down.

I then stuck my tongue in and tasted her juices for the first time. They were so sweet and delicious. Lynn, who was moaning in pleasure, started fondling her breasts while I worked on her pussy. We weren't paying attention to the movie but then we saw that the girl was sucking on the man's dick. Lynn said, "I would like to try that" so while she unbuttoned my pants I fondled her breasts for a while.

She motioned for me to sit down so I did. She started to suck on my dick I almost came instantly, but I held it off for a while.

This was a sensation that I had never felt before. She was licking the shaft of my dick (which was 7 inches long, not too big, not too small) then she put an inch or two into her mouth and sucked on it while she was licking the head of it. I then started cumming in her mouth. She swallowed most of it but a little bit leaked out onto her chin which she licked up afterward.

Then she asked me to take her virginity from her. So I motioned for her to lie down on the couch. She complied. I maneuvered to get on top of her and I started moving my dick into her pussy, I pushed in hard and broke her hymen and blood got all over our pubic areas.

We didn't care, we were in the heat of passion. I kept pumping in and out of her for a while then she went into a heavy orgasm. Moaning loudly and yelling, "Yes DON'T STOP!" so I didn't stop. For a while we kept going in that position, until I told her I was going to cum soon. She told me she wanted to taste her pussy juices on my dick and my cum at the same time.

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So I quickly pulled out of her sat down and she came down on my dick with her head and started sucking again. It took less than a minute to make me cum, and cum I did.

This time she managed to swallow all of it. My little sister, Kristen, must have heard the commotion because she was standing at the bottom of the stairs watching us.

I didn't notice till about 10 minutes after she got there. She was actually rubbing herself down there when I looked over. She walked over to us after she noticed she saw us.

I asked her, "How much did you see?" She replied, "Enough to know that I want some" I was taken aback by that statement.

I always was somewhat attracted to my sister, but I never thought I'd ever get a chance to do anything with her that she would agree too. I knew it was wrong but I didn't care. I quickly talked it over with Lynn, while Kristen was undressing herself.

Lynn finally agreed to it because she was curious about having sex with a girl, because of all the things she had heard about on the internet. I asked my sister if she has ever had sex before or has masturbated. She replied that she had masturbated and popped her cherry. I was taken aback, once again.

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I never thought that my own sister would have been into any of that kind of thing. She saw the movie that was playing, for the first time, and noticed lesbians performing sex.

So she decided that she would try it too, she went straight for Lynn's pussy. She was licking and sticking her tongue in it. I stood there and watched for a minute while Lynn climaxed again.

I then decided to see what my sister tasted like and I went straight for her pussy.

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I licked around the edges of her pussy lips and stuck my tongue into it. She moaned in pleasure right when I suck my tongue in. I found her clit and started flicking my tongue across it for a while her orgasm built up. I then, sat on the couch and lifter her up onto my dick. I bounced her up and down on my dick while I fondled her boobs for a while. Lynn meanwhile was licking and flicking her tongue across Kristen's clit.

I then came in my sister's pussy, while she came at the exact same time. I felt remorse for doing that. But she reassured me that she already had her period and would be fine. Then after that we did a kind of triangle 69 position, Kristen sucking my dick like a pro, Lynn eating out Kristen, and me eating Lynn. I kept licking and flicking my tongue across Lynn's clit over and over again and she quickly had another orgasm.

Meanwhile, Kristen was sucking my dick like she knew what she was doing. Then the thought hit my mind that she might actually know what she's doing.

I came not long after Kristen started.


After that, we all were extremely tired. Kristen went to her bedroom, I went to mine, and Lynn stayed in my bed with me. The next morning we had breakfast, like nothing had even happened the day before, but we all knew exactly what happened.

After breakfast we all decided on what we were going to do.


EXPERIMENT PART TWO CUMING SOON (granted a good rating on this story)