Anna Faris hot Threesome and Lesbian Sex in I Give It a Year

Anna Faris hot Threesome and Lesbian Sex in I Give It a Year
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Three By Blueheatt &hellip.I had a great boyfriend. We liked to get in bed and read porn stories out loud to each other from our lap top at night.

It was kind of a game to see who would close the lid on the lap top first, and attack the other one and have to have great sex. … We had our favorites. Him reading it one time then maybe me reading the same store the next time. It was like being told from a mans and then a woman's point of view. &hellip.He told it with a masculine arousal when he got excited over a female in the story. I told it as I would get turned on by a male. I told him that some females turned me on too, as I was a little bi curious.

He said he too, was a little bi curious. &hellip.My girlfriend was so cool. We did this 'lap top' thing where we both got hot, and then when we couldn't hold off any more…we shut the computer off and fucked like crazy. We went thru stories and we would find a new one that got us going.

Sometimes one from the past that always aroused us was used again and again. &hellip.Tonight was different as we looked for a hot story.


She stopped at a story about a 'Shared'. She smiled and I said let's read that one. We agreed and snuggled in to get hot reading it. . We talked and the girlfriend said that the story idea excited her to be shared with another person they both liked. …The seed had now been planted as we both liked the idea of a story like that.

&hellip.She turned out the lights and we talked in the dark. She said: ".just for fun,…who would be the perfect person you would share me with?" I thought about that…she said 'person', not guy. I reminded her I got aroused about two women getting it on, depending on the women.

"You mean you might share me with another woman?" she said. I told her there are several ways to go for the 'ideal person' we're 'fantasizing' about here. A 3some would be exciting. As you already know, watching you having sex with a guy you and I approve of would be hot for both us. Finding a 'hermie' who had a pussy and a dick would be pretty hard to find. &hellip.A female in every way girl, but was born with a dick might be ideal. Watching you with her would be exciting and you could have sex with her using her dick.

…It got quiet. She pulled our naked bodies together and whispered: ("I know just such a girl.") I was a little shocked and said: "Really? You know a woman with 'extras'?" She said she sure did. She grew up with this girl named Sally and never knew it until school. She was friends with the girl and they did a sleep over. They got into her dads wine and got plastered that night. … Her folks had gone out and wouldn't be home until late. As Sally got drunk and they talked about sex, Sally ended up telling her, her most private secret.

The wife didn't believe her, so Sally showed her. &hellip.She began to fondle this big looking clit of hers, and it grew into a full hardon. Of course the wife went into shock but was also turned on by it. Sally said: "Wow…it usually takes a long time to get hard, but by you watching me, it got hard the fastest it ever has." &hellip.

Now the wife pondered about telling me what happen next that night. I waited and let her sort it out in her mind for a while. I did ask her if she still knew Sally. She said: "Oh yes, I know right where Sally lives and she is single, last time I talked to her, and that was last month." &hellip. She was breathing hard as she fondled me. She was very excited, I could tell. More quiet time and finally, out of breath, she talked.

"…Ok…this is very personal… but you MUST keep this to yourself&hellip. …That night…I ask Sally a lot of questions…I was aroused by Sally. I stared at her hardon." &hellip.She told this while breathing hard. "Sally asked me&hellip.if…I wanted to touch it"&hellip.I just reached out and gently held it&hellip.I had never touched a cock on a woman before…and I got a real good feeling in my pussy, for the first time ever.

. Sally ask me to stroke it up and down. I gladly did. The feeling in my pussy just stayed there.

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Sally began to moan as she said to go faster. I did. There was more moaning and she began to twitch. She said to turn around &hellip.and…I did as we now faced each other in a 69 position. She pulled my nightie up, lifted my one leg and she started feeling my now wet pussy. She started rubbing my clit as I stroked her. Now I was really turned on and I began to moan and twitch. Sally started using both her hands to feel my pussy. One from behind through my legs, and the other one in front rubbing my clit.

I kept stroking her faster&hellip.until…she jumped, moaned and cum came squirting out of her cock. She moaned more as it did and it caused me to have an orgasm for the first time.

I had never seen cum before and it excited me to actually watch it squirt out. Sally and I both moaned quietly with the new thrill&hellip. &hellip. I said: "So you and Sally have masturbated already together, and you both felt comfortable with it. Have you gotten together with her since then?" She said:…"Well…we…a. 'kinda' did a few times until you came along. Then it ended." I said: "Tell me about… 'kinda'.

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" She giggled and said: "No,… &hellip. I'll do better than that. Let's invite her over here to join us in bed for some 3some sex and you can see for yourself, what we like to do." …Her heart was pounding away as she turned to me and said: "Well?"&hellip. &hellip.


I smiled and said: "Call her, and we'll see how it goes." She filled me in on 'kinda' and got real excited telling me all the details. … It seems Sally's big wish, was to have a guy to play with, and a girl to fuck.

No guy so far she had met, wanted an 'all girl' with no pussy and instead… a dick. &hellip.For me… I figured I would get to watch Sally play and fuck and I could join in the fun.that sounded hot to me.

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The wife was jumping up and down with excitement. She called and set it up for this weekend. &hellip.Sally was a hot and beautiful girl. She dressed down as to not attract men, feeling what's the point. For tonight though, she was dressed up real sexy. She came over and I finally got to meet her. We hugged and I felt some real nice big tits under her coat. I helped her off with her coat and&…she had on a bikini and she filled it out beautiful. Sense she knew I had already accepted her, she was already aroused by me.

She already went back to their early teens and hugged and fondled each other right away. It was hot to watch the girlfriend hot for another woman, which I had never seen.

I just enjoyed watching them talk about old times and touch each other very sensually. Sally was very excited and turned and began kissing me while panting and giving me a hot feel up. I didn't hold back and we started making out as the girlfriend smiled and felt her own pussy. Feeling Sally's tits with the bikini on was hot. We all moved to our bedroom. She already had the lights set and it was very erotic in there.

The two girls began undressing me as Sally felt me up. She and the girlfriend stroked my hardon. They laid me on the bed as the wife said: "Show sally how you make out with a girl, while I play with both of you. Sally was very excited and aroused as we laid sideways and fondled each other. …It was just like I had a new girlfriend not only said 'ok' to&hellip. but also joined with both of us to feel us and make us all even hotter.

…It was different to feel a beautiful girl with a hardon of her own. She loved to suck on Sally and kept her hardon rock hard.

Sally kept feeling my hardon and soon began to get down and play with it. Kissing, licking and sucking it so smooth. I was the first guy that had accepted Sally as is.

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She just let her have her enjoyment with me. I was her first lover and she was really turned on about it. We took our time kissing and letting our tongues get us hot.

She had a wonderful body to feel. The fact I could feel her hardon between my legs was awesome. We fucked this way as we both got so hot, I wished she did have a pussy. It was arousal at it's peak for us. Like any guy with a hot girl I wanted to fuck her real bad.

She knew it too and turned her back to me. She reached between her legs and held my hardon. She began to stroke it and her own. …Her sweet butt bounced back on me as we fucked like doggie style. She jacked us both and began to moan. I held her big tits and shoved my hardon deep between her legs.

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I wrapped my arm around her lower tummy as we fucked this way. I then put my hand on hers as she jacked herself. I felt her gasp with the new thrill. All this was new to her as she squirmed with the new pleasures.

She started jacking us faster and moaning…soon she thrust her dick out, gave out loud moan and shot a shot of cum clear across the bed. She shook and shot more as she moaned. I followed with a shot of my own as we fucked our hips together. …I held her as her breath panicked and she trembled in my arms. She just kept moaning as she kept jacking us both…Here came the girlfriend to suck on us both. Sally and I both reached out to feel her. Sally then pulled her on top of her and stuck her dick in her.

I watch as the wife fucked Sally and moaned a hard climax. I felt them both as we all gave out a continuing moans of intense pleasure&hellip. …I was still rock hard and got up and mounted the girlfriend while she was on top of Sally. I pushed my hardon in with Sally's.

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Her eyes went wide open and she began to fuck wildly. Sally and I were going for seconds with our hardons in her.

We three were going for a new high for all of us. I felt their four tits and we began to fuck hard and fast. I felt Sally's dick on the underside of mine, stroking as she moaned and held on tight for our second cum. …We all lost it as Sally and I shot hard in the girlfriends pussy. She squirmed and shook as Sally and I held her tight and shot continuously in her. &hellip.We slowly all collapsed with the pleasure feelings&hellip.…&hellip.

------- &hellip.We have a new room mate now, and a new bed that holds&hellip.three&hellip.