Lisa ann spying on shower

Lisa ann spying on shower
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Did it actually Happen???

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WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I woke up with my dream, or so I thought in my head. Its memory was so vivid I rewound it in my head and played it from the beginning. Lori walked with me from the bus stop and we ran from the rain into my house to complete our project.

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My parents worked late and went straight from work to night classes so the house was mine from 3 to 10. Which was great if I was the partying type.

But I was a "nerd/jock". The one that did lots of sports but was smart as hell.

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Lori had a crush on me which I knew about but never acted on until this project. We had been to her house before but this time it would be full of people at one of her mom's many parties. So my house was next. Lori is no super hot chick, but you wouldn't kill yourself for fucking her.

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She had D cups on a petite 5' 2" frame and a tight ass. Her face was nothing special but she wasn't skinny.

She could have dropped the extra 5 pounds really easily if she did sports but she didn't. Her white tank top was wet and it showed off the lace of the bra she had decided to wear that morning.

She looked at my gaze and gave a "what the hell" look and took it off to dry it. Her boobs were trying to escape and I could tell it was too small. Lori looked at me and then looked down to see that part of the fabric had ripped. It made a small hole that left lots to the imagination.


She asked for an old shirt and when I returned with one of mine she was completely topless. I stood and stared at the frankness and gazed at those wonderful breasts. Both were identical and sagged a little from the weight. Each had small aerole and were covered with goosebumps. I threw her the shirt and she slipped it on. Her nipples showed and I had picked a ripped one that showed a lot of cleavage as well as being tight on her. We started to look and I noticed her taking glances at the bulge in my pants which had been there for awhile.

I started to stammer and made a quick excuse to go and find relief.


The door of the bathroom I went to was broken but I had forgotten and Lori burst in right in the middle of me jerking off.

I grew red and tried to conceal it but she grabbed and started to give me a hand job. Her hand was soft and cool as she pumped me faster and faster. I started to groan as I was preparing to explode when she stopped and took off her shirt.

Her boobs wrapped around my dick and she rubbed them up and down while sucking on the head of my cock.

I started to groan again but she kept going and I came into her mouth.

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She sucked every drop up and got up looking a little embarrassed. "Wha- Where did you learn to do that?" I asked "Um.

My older sister and brother told me all about it." I started. Her older sister was the definition of hot and I knew that her brother had no trouble getting a hot date.

"They just told you about it. Wow." "Well. They showed me, but just between themselves. I was only a spectator." "And they weren't worried that you would tell on them." "No. I am the trusted one in the family and they fingered me to keep me from spilling.

They still fuck when they get home from college and I get to watch. But they keep telling me that they will not take my virginity." This explained why she was good at the blow job and hand job. Man I could not wait to visit her house when her sister was home.

She had been teasing me by grabbing my cock and rubbing her breasts. Not to mention going topless in-front of me. Her sister was going to get payback from me. "Let's get back to the project." Lori's words broke my train of thought.

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We got up and she did not put my shirt on so she was topless the entire time. I was so distracted that it wasn't even funny. She kept massaging them and jiggling them from side to side. I knew it was on purpose because she kept giving me sly smiles. We finished what was meant to be done and it was around 9. My parents wouldn't be home for an hour at least. We decided to pop in a movie to watch. Lori kept her shirt off but near in case she needed to put it on quickly.

She kept grabbing at her boobs and I wanted to fondle them so badly. I was pitching a tent and needed to get it off when Lori grabbed and began to give me another hand job. She didn't do a tit job but still sucked me to the finish and licked everything clean. I was tired from soccer and all the running around so I started to doze when I looked at the clock. 11:00 PM it said.


I called my parents to find out they got free tickets to a concert and were smashed so coming back was not going to happen until morning. Lori called her mom but she was drunk too and couldn't drive either.

She was going to spend the night. We both got into my bed and it is a twin so there isn't much room but we managed. She pressed her large tits into my back and my iPod put us both to sleep. I remember the dream ending with both of us just falling asleep. It felt really real and when I turned, there was Lori smiling at me and slowly fingering herself. I smiled and knew that school and projects were going to be much more interesting.