Hot ass brunette plays with a toy on cam

Hot ass brunette plays with a toy on cam
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Bartholomew was a private school for perverts. I grew up in a small city, in an apartment complex next to a strip club. Many of the people who lived there were prostitutes, strippers, or sluts.

As a child, it was completely ordinary for me to see perfectly naked women running around. I was their little boy.

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They all loved me and treated me special. When I was eleven, I lost my virginity to another eleven-year-old girl in the complex, Anna.

We'd been trying to do it for years but I could never actually spurt; I guess I was too young. Anna and I kept fucking for years, and became accustomed to people walking through during our love-making sessions.

We'd fuck anywhere, as soon as we got horny I would lift up her skirt and put my little cock in her pussy. I kept getting in trouble at school for fucking Anna, and eventually the principal called my Dad into a meeting. My Dad, being the owner of the strip club and apartments, was very wealthy. The principal talked to him about how I wasn't focusing in school, and how I'd whipped out my cock all the time during class.

My Dad laughed. The principal suggested sending me and Anna to St. Bartholomew, where we would be free to express our feelings without breaking school policy. So, during the following summer, My Dad took me to see the campus with Anna. It was beautiful; the campus was very green, with grass and trees everywhere. As visitors, the no-clothing policy of the school was optional, but we stripped anyways.

There were naked people everywhere. I immediately got a stiffy at the sight of so much tits and ass. There was a young girl being fucked over a bench by a guy that must have been years older. Her little tits shook with every thrust into her hairless pussy. I heard the tour guide say, "At St. Bartholomew, we encourage every student to share their body.

It is in everyone's best interests to foster an active learning atmosphere by relieving the sexual tensions that can build up." After a few more minutes ogling the panting girl, the guide moved us on.

We came upon a row of trees which had naked girls and guys tied to them. What struck me the most is that they were all wearing blindfolds. "This is our detention area." Said the Guide, "Here students are tied until their time is up. Anyone may fuck them, but no one is allowed to let them come." There were several people getting fucked in the detention area.

All of them were begging to let them cum, but the students were being very careful. I saw one girl get cum inside by a boy in detention. The guide said, "excuse me please." And he went over and tied the girl up beside the boy she'd fucked.

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"She'll only be there until his time is up." The guide said upon returning. "Shall we continue?" The next sight that we came upon was a great hedge wall. "This is the Maze. It is a part of our exercise routine. Sometimes we release boys to chase girls, sometimes dogs specially trained to fuck girls, sometimes we release girls to chase boys. It is great fun." He pointed over to a larger stone building reminding me of an English manor, "That is our slave training facility; the finest in the country.

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Every girl or guy who graduates from that place has a home within months." I could see several girls on the lawn being whipped. I had never seen anything like it. They screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Deep inside me I felt something stir. When I looked up, the guide had moved on with my family.

I caught up quickly. "…and of course we offer all of the same courses one might take at a more conventional school." "How's the nearby village?" asked my Dad. "St. Bartholomew is the source of most of their income, so they are rather complacent to spill-over from the campus. Many of the girls here go on "tease trips" to the local bar, completely naked.

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Because we offer significantly discounted tuition for people from the town, the local public school has allowed nudity on their property.

There were just too many parents complaining that their child was being stifled. Our first field trips are usually to the town so that the girls can become accustomed to being nude in public. They are encouraged to fuck any townspeople with an erection that they can find." "Wow, if everywhere was like this, I'd be out of business." Said Dad.


"What do you think, kids?" Both Anna and I couldn't wait to get started. "How old are you, children?" asked the guide. "We're not children, we've been fucking for two years!" replied Anna indignantly. "That's good enough for me. Are you two a couple? Would fucking other people be a problem?" I looked at Anna, and the look on her face told me that she agreed.


"No. We'll always love each other but we don't need to be the only ones." "Perfect, then I don't think you'll have any problems fitting in here." The Guide showed us the rest of the campus.

Nearly everywhere we went there were people fucking. Anna went up and started sucking the guide's cock when she was getting too horny. My Dad picked up her little 13 year old body from behind and they double-teamed her. I quickly looked around for a girl to take out my raging erection on and saw an older girl walking down the hall frigging herself. I stood in front of her so she had to stop. "Hi, I'm Carmine." I greeted her. "Niobi. You want to help me out?" She pointed at her swollen pussy lips.


I got down on my knees and shoved my tongue up her pussy. It tasted so good.

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I explored her for a little while as she shook with pleasure on top of me. I had gotten good at eating pussy, lots of practice from the ladies in my father's employ. I sensed that she was just about to come so I stood up, bent her against a wall and shoved my cock in her slick pussy.

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It only took a few thrusts before she was writhing. Good thing too, because there was no way I was going to last any longer. I pulled out and turned her around, coming all over her face and hair.

She smiled. "I am gonna wear this like a badge of honour. Thank you, Carmine." I was somewhat hypnotized by this school. It was like it was made for me.

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When I eventually turned around my dad, Anna, and the guide were all looking at me proudly. Anna was lying on the ground, cum dripping from her cunt and a smile on her face. "He's going to fit in around here real well, and Anna too." Said the guide.