Horny gay doxies in act

Horny gay doxies in act
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Alexa had been in Andrew Jones' bedroom for almost twenty minutes, and he hadn't even tried to cop a feel of her tits yet - did this guy really ask her over his place to study? Most of the other guys hadn't even tried to pretend that was what they were interested in.

They all knew she was the High School Hand Job Princess. But not Andrew, he just wanted to study for a stupid Math test.

Well, she supposed she couldn't just start grabbing at his cock. She liked it when the guys made the first move.


But if Andrew wouldn't start things she would have to. She looked up at him over the desk they were sharing and smiled. He smiled back, then went back to whatever he was looking at. Trigonometry or something. She could see some triangles in the book he was looking at. Alexa sighed and leaned back in her chair.

She undid a button on her school shirt, giving Andrew a good look at her cleavage as she leaned forwards and pretended to show some interest in the work he was doing.

Andrew looked up. "Alexa, can you remember what." his voice slowed to a mumble as he saw her leaning over the desk towards him, her 38-DD tits almost completely exposed. Alexa smiled. A reaction at last! "Wha. I. why." Andrew stuttered. Alexa kicked off one of her shoes and slid her foot up to his groin, giving his dick a quick rub with her toes.

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She could feel it stiffening nicely in his pants. As she stroked his cock with her foot, she unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, shoving her tits out towards him. "I'm bored with studying," she said, "let's do something more exciting.Okay?" "O-o-kay."he mumbled. She could feel he was rock hard now. She slowed down her rubbing. She didn't want him to cum in his pants - that would be a waste of good sperm. "What do you want to do? I'll do anything you want." Andrew muttered something under his breath.

"What was that? You'll have to speak up." she slid one hand under the table and up her skirt, rubbing her cunt through her panties, getting her self warmed up for him.

"I'm a virgin!" he said quietly, his face was flushing bright red. "Ahhh. Well, you're in for a treat then. I bet you jack off, don't you? In the bathroom, in here.

Do you like to grab your cock and jerk off?" "Um, yes." He said. Not knowing where this conversation was going. "I bet you've got some titty magazines in here too.don't you. Let's see." Alexa stood, and walked over to Andrew's bed.

She slid a hand under the mattress and pulled out three ratty looking magazines. She sat on the bed and started flicking through them, smiling as she came across some pages that were stuck together. "These must have been good, Andrew. Come over here and sit down with me.

Let's see if I can do something about that stiff cock you've got there." He stood up and obediently walked over to the bed. She could see the outline of his cock through the fabric of his pants.

He was quite a big boy, she thought. She reached out and pulled him down onto the bed with her, starting to stroke his cock over his pants with her hands while he sat next to her. "How do you get yourself off?" she asked.

"How do you like it? Fast? Slow? Rough? Gentle? Like this?" she played with him as she talked, using her free hand to unbuckle his belt and open his zipper, pulling out his dick. She moved off the bed to kneel in front of him, taking off her shirt and bra letting her huge tits fly free.

Her nipples were hard. She liked virgins - they were so much fun to play with. She had to be careful though, or they might cum too soon. Usually she played with them for a while before making them cum, then she would get them hard again. They'd last a bit longer the second time around. "I like it slow." he moaned. Alexa felt his hot cock twitch in her hand. "You're ready to cum, aren't you? You'd like to hoot your load all over a girls face and tits wouldn't you?

Most girls don't like that, but I love it. I love the feel when a guy spurts hot cum all over me." He twitched again, and Alexa gently pinched the tip of his cock. "Not yet! Let's see what we can do." She picked up one of his girly magazines, and started flicking through the pages that weren't stuck together. Some of the people in the pictures were tied up while they were being fucked.

On two of the pages that had been stuck together with Andrew's cum and then torn open again, she saw a guy with a stocking tied around the base of his cock while a blonde woman jerked him off. "You like this one, don't you?" she asked. "It made you cum all over her picture. I bet it'll make you cum all over me, too." He twitched again and grunted. Alexa pulled his belt out of his pants and slipped it around the base of his cock, sliding the end of the belt through the loop after the buckle.

She slowly pulled it tight, watching the black leather encircle his hard prick. He moaned again as the cool leather touched his skin. "Do you want it tight? Does that feel good? It makes your dick swell up, and it'll feel really good as I jack you off." "Yes!" he managed. "Do it." She pulled the belt tighter, watching it squash the base of his dick so that the rest stuck out over the belt.

His dick trembled a little and started to swell up. It was slow but sure, and Alexa just knelt in front of him and watched it grow. She didn't even need to touch him, he swelled and twitched all on his own. Andrew groaned and slumped back against the wall - his dick felt so fucking hard it hurt. He moaned again as he felt Alexa's hand start jacking him off slowly. The veins on his cock were like large ribs all down the length of his cock.


He'd fantasized about this for months - his dick tied while some hot girl jerked him off until he came. He felt his dick convulse, he knew he would come soon. Alexa felt it too, but she didn't want him to cum yet.

She was enjoying this, playing with the virgin. "He'll do anything I want." she thought. "Absolutely anything". His dick jerked in her hand again, and she saw dribbles of clear liquid coming from the tip of his dick.

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She felt his cock grow a little more in her hand as Andrew groaned again. His dick was twitching all the time now, and she didn't know if she could stop him cumming. She could try though, and stopped stroking his shaft to pinch his head again. Another moan and the twitching subsided. She resumed her stroking, feeling the heat of his cock as he got nearer to his orgasm, he was moaning constantly now.

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His dick was an angry red color now, probably because she'd pulled the belt so tight around it. He started twitching again, more violently this time. "Andrew!" she said. "Look at me." he opened his eyes. He looked down at her kneeling between his legs, his prick in her hand.

"I want you to see yourself cum! I want you to see your cum go all over me, just like the sluts in your porno book!" Her hand was moving faster now, and he was twitching more violently. "Cum all over me baby! Shoot your hot jizz on my face and tits!


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Cum on me you sexy fucker!" she moaned loudly. She didn't care who heard her. His cock gave another twitch, then jerked violently in her hand.

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A huge jet of white cum shot out of it, splattering onto her big tits, and almost immediately another load shot straight into her face, splashing across her cheek and into her hair. A couple more spurts splattered her neck and chin, and final thick glob dripped off the tip of his cock and landed onto the front of her skirt. The white sperm was everywhere. Alexa opened her mouth wide and took his engorged cock in her mouth, licking and sucking the last of his cum off.

She slid her mouth off his softening cock, and loosened the belt around it. "Mmmm - that was awesome Andrew." she murmured. He moaned in agreement. "Andrew?! Is everything alright up there?" The shout came from downstairs It was his mother. Alexa grabbed her bra and pulled it on, slipping it over the cum on her tits.

She reached for her blouse and struggled into it, hurriedly scooping Andrew's cum off her chest and sucking it off her fingers. Somewhat satisfied, she sat back down at the desk, pretending to study. Andrew sat back down opposite her, fumbling with his belt and stuffing his porno magazines into his book bag. Alexa watched as a glob of sperm dripped from her cheek onto her book. She grabbed a tissue her book bag and wiped her face to clean off the cum.

She looked up at Andrew.

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"How's that?" she hissed as his mother's footsteps were coming up the stairs. "Hair!" he whispered, pointing to the streak of cum tangled in her dark hair by her ear. She rubbed frantically, wiping the spunk out of her hair. She stuffed the cum-soaked tissue into her bag and sat back up as the door opened.

Andrew's mother looked in on the two of them hard at work. "Is everything alright up here? I thought I heard a noise." Said Mrs. Jones. "We're fine, mom." Andrew said. "I'm just getting ready to leave, it's been a real pleasure Mrs. Jones." Alexa said, stuffing her books into her bag and making for the door. That cum-stain on her math homework was going to be a bitch to explain.