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Kostenlose amateur sexfilme
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My name is Sarah and I live in northern Winnipeg, with my two overprotective parents.

It was Friday night, and they drove me to my friend's house for a birthday sleepover. They watched me set my bags down on the front porch to ring the doorbell, and left only when someone had greeted me, and I had entered the house. I had lots of fun at the sleepover and, late in the night, we all eventually tired and decided to sleep.

I headed over to where everyone's bags are, only to find that mine isn't there. "Hey Jess," I said to the hostess of the small get-together, " I think I left my bag outside, I'll be right back." I opened the front door and stepped onto the front porch, gasping as the cool night air make my nipples harden.

I reached down to get my trendy purple bag, but as I tried to stand up again, something white and damp smacked onto my face. I took a deep breath, but before I can let out a scream, I felt myself quickly lose consciousness, and when the white cloth was removed, everything around me turned black. I woke up alone in a cold, empty room. I was on a bed, with slightly dirty sheets around me and no clothes on.

I felt scared and alone and I had to take deep breath to keep myself from panicking. I reached down to scratch my suddenly itchy mound, only to find it had been shaved completely.

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To my horror, I realized what is probably going to happen to me and wondered whether or not I was going to live past tonight. I discovered that the cold air on my nipples, and scratchy blankets rubbing against my naked body has made me wet.

I was really embarrassed by this, but relieved that nobody was there to see how moist I was. That relief was short lived.

The door in front of my bed opened to reveal an incredibly handsome, yet still very scary man. He was relatively tall, with large, defined muscles, and a flat stomach. He has messy brown hair. His thick eyebrows framed the bluest of eyes, which were deep and so very beautiful.

He walked towards me, and I sat up and pulled the blanket around me. "It's a little late for modesty, considering the fact that I am the one who took off your clothes and shaved your lovely, cock-loving cunt," he said, using his strong arm to pull the blanket off of me and send it flying to the other side of the room. "This is how it's going to work, bitch.

I'm going to fuck you hard, and you'll be begging me not to stop. If you be good, I might let you cum, and maybe even let you go," he said with an authority that shocked me. Despite how scared I was, I said in my suddenly weak voice, "I won't be begging you for anything, you horrible jerk." I mentally kicked myself for not being able to think of an actual swear word. He just laughed and came over to sit beside me on the bed.

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He pulled out a handcuff and put it on my wrist. Before he could tie it to the bedpost, I used my other hand to punch him in the face, but my hand never made contact, because he grabbed it swiftly.

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"Don't fuck with me," he said as he picked up my leg, and pulled it toward my chest until it hurt. "Please! Stop! I swear I'll be good," I said, and he dropped my leg, letting it hit the bed with a thump. He finished securing both of my hands, and headed over to my feet, tying them with rope.

At first I tried to move out of the way of his hands, but when he slapped my thigh hard, I decided to let him do what he wanted, so that I might be able to survive and go home. Once he finished my legs, which were spread as wide as they could go, he sat between them and began playing with my mound.


He rubbed his fingers on my lips and showed them to me. "Look how wet you are, I know that you're turned on by the thought of me raping you." He smiled, "lick them," he whispered, reaching over to put his hand in front of my face.

"And if you bite them, I'll bite every inch of your body." He pushed his fingers against my lips, and I, too scared to do anything else, opened my mouth. I tasted my juices, not expecting so much of my love nectar to be on his fingers.

My mound must have been soaking up the bed. He pulled his fingers from my mouth and continued touching me. He rubbed everywhere but my clit, and to my embarrassment, I found myself moving my hips in an attempt to get his fingers on it. Finally, he rubbed his fingers all over my clit, making me squirm and shiver.

Then, without warning, he shoved a finger into my dripping, hot slit, and I screamed and moaned. He began finger-fucking me, first with one finger and then two. It felt amazing, his rough fingers rubbing my g-spot and my clit simultaneously. It was the first time I had ever been penetrated.


I could feel myself about to climax, but he pulled out his fingers. I pushed my hips up, as far as I could with the ropes holding me down, but it was no use, his fingers were too far away.

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"I knew that you would get this hot for me," he said, with a huge grin on his face. "Tell me what you want me to do with my cock, and if you don't be descriptive, I'll jump on your stomach," he said calmly. I stared at him, a look of horror on my face. Finally, I gave in and said in a whisper-like, lustful voice, "I want you to fuck my little pussy hard with that enormous, rock hard cock of yours." "Well then, it would be awful of me to deny such a request from a pretty lady.

But first, you will suck my cock," he said as he pulled off all of his clothes, and squatted next to my head. His enormous cock was right at my face, the head poking at my mouth. I opened my mouth to take it in.

I licked all over his shaft, teasing him with light licks, but soon I licked all over his head. Next, I took him into my mouth, moving in and out as fast as I could. He groaned, moving his hips back and forth, so that he could fuck my face. He came in my mouth, his hot cum spurting out quickly.

"Swallow," he commanded, and I swallowed it all, which shocked me because there was just so much of it.

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I had to admit, it tasted really sweet and I wished he would let me suck him off again. Then, he shifted so that he was lying down on top of me, and I was very ashamed that I felt excited that he was going to finally fuck me, but more than anything I was scared, because I was still a virgin.

"Wait, I'm scared, please don't do this," I said quietly. He just grinned and shoved his cock, which seemed to be too big to fit, maybe 8 inches and very, very fat, into my virgin hole.

I yelped with both pain and pleasure. He fucked me slowly but purposefully at first, and I was moaning uncontrollably. He grunted, as he continued dominating me with his thick, amazing cock. He sped up, thrusting powerfully, and it was then that I experienced my very first orgasm.

It felt like I was on fire, my knees shaking, and my pussy quivering. I screamed as loud as I could, feeling so much pleasure that I could barely contain myself. "Oh, don't stop! Don't ever stop!" I yelled.

He continued to thrust into me, his balls smacking my clit, and his dick filling me up more than I thought was possible. Finally, he came in my sore pussy, his hot cum filling me and making me cum one more time.


He pulled out of me, and I felt his cum spill out of my cunt, dripping onto the mattress, to mix with my own love juice. "I told you that you would be begging for more," he whispered as he flopped down on the bed beside me. I fell asleep with a sore but happy pussy. When I awoke, I was back in my friend's house, and despite the fact that I had been gone for at least three hours, my idiotic friends didn't even know that I was gone, or that a mysterious, unknown man had come into the house and left me there as if nothing had happened.

That I will never understand. Did they really not notice me? Did the man who had raped me drug them?

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When I got home the next morning, I found a note on my bed, along with a box. I opened the note and read it. This is what it said: "I had fun fucking you, and I know that you loved me dominating you with my cock.

If you know what's good for you, you will wear these for the next week, I will check when you least expect it." The box contained a big black dildo, a butt plug with a horse tail attached to it, and a pair of lacy black panties.

The panties had a hole in them where the tail of the butt plug would go. The thought of him checking turned me on, and not only did I immediately put all of the stuff in and on, but I decided to go on a walk, hoping he would be around to check me soon.