Group jerk off tgp gay I walked into the dining room and into a

Group jerk off tgp gay I walked into the dining room and into a
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When I went to stay at my friend Kyle's farm to look after his dogs and horses, I never said anything to my girlfriend Jen. I really like her and we have great sex and all but I have never let her know about my thing FOR bestiality, I got hooked on that during my college years, which is where I met Jen. She is a beautiful 30 yr-old brunette, about 5-7, 125 lbs.

and has a great body.


I love fucking her and eating her sweet pussy. Anyway after I stayed the week at Kyle's farm where I got fucked by his 3 dogs and his pony, I called Jen. She came over that night and I was hornier than usual. When she walked into the house I was all over her. "Whoa slow down stud. What's gotten into you"? "I missed you and I'm sorry I didn't tell you I had to go away for a week.

I didn't have sex and you look so beautiful I just want to make love to you now". Jen sat down on the couch and I quickly sat next to her and started kissing her neck, She had on a mini skirt so I ran my hand up her leg under her skirt and cupped her pussy. Jen spread her legs and I kept kissing her easing her down on the couch.

I kissed her hard on the mouth and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She got up suddenly saying, "hey let me at least take my clothes off". She got up and took her clothes off. I did the same. Damn she looked great. As she sat back down on the couch I eased her into a lAying down position and got started making out with her again shoving my tongue into her mouth.

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She kissed me back hard as I slid a finger into her cunt. It was wet and I finger-fucked her as we kept kissing. I then broke the kiss and started to kiss my way down her body still finger-fucking her. I sucked on each nipple like a little kid sucking a lollipop.

I kissed my way down her belly til I got to her pussy then started to eat her out all the while still finger-fucking her. As I chewed on her clit, she went into the throes of an orgasm, wetting my fingers even more.

I kept eating her pussy and running my tongue all over her clit. In a matter of a couple minutes she was cumming again. I got up and laid between her legs and without warning shoved my cock hard into her cunt.

"OMG, you are making me cum so much". I began to fuck her fast and hard not wanting her to come down from her climax.

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I was plowing hard in and out when she yelled out "I'm cumming again". This triggered my orgasm and I shoved my cock as deep as I could get it and pumped my load deep into her cunt and stayed there til my cock quit squirting.

As I lay on her, spent, she said "wow you should go away more often". We both laughed. But her saying that actually led to my telling her I had to go away again next month but that I wanted her to come with me. I told her about my friend Kyle's farm and that I was watching over it and his dogs and horses while he and his family were away.

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I told her she could help me take care of the animals. She said she happened to be off that week and she could go. "Ok that will be great". Jen spent the night and we made love again then drifted off to sleep. During the couple of weeks leading to my staying at Kyle's again, I told her about the 3 dogs, the pony, the horse, and the mare he had. I told her the dogs were always horny and that they might try to hump her leg.

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I laughed so it would sound like a joke. She laughed also which I took as a good sign. I told her that the mare was in heat so she might see the pony and/or the horse trying to mount her. "Oh wow. That should be some show". I was pleasantly surprised how easy she took all this. When the day came I picked Jen up at her house and we drove to Kyle's farm.

I introduced Jen to him. He was with his wife and 2 kids and he introduced us to them. They left an hour later and it was just me and Jen and the animals now.

The dogs had come up to me wagging their tails. "They remember me from when I took care of them last month". I quickly took Jen into the house since the dogs were looking horny. We watched some TV awhile and then I made love to her making her cum about 4 times while cumming twice myself. Thinking about the dogs and the pony had me horny as hell. We then went to bed.

The next morning I made breakfast for the both of us. After eating I said "let me show you around the farm". We went outside and the 3 dogs were on the porch. The Doberman quickly came over to me and sniffed at my crotch. The German Shepherd was sniffing at Jen while the Great Dane was walking behind me nudging at my ass. "I told you they were some horny dogs". We both laughed. I saw the mare being followed by the stallion and the pony and pointed them out to Jen.

Just as she saw them the stallion was able to mount the mare and began fucking her. "Wow that is some cock on that stallion", Jen said.

"Yeah. It's a monster". I got an instant hard-on.

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I noticed Jen had taken a hand to her pussy and it looked like she was stroking it. "Gosh that is making me horny as hell Joe". This was it.

I took Jen in my arms and eased her down to the ground. I knew the dogs were here and expected they were going to try to get into the action. I had to pretend I didn't know that. We took our clothes off and I put my mouth on Jen's mouth and kissed her hard. As I did this and slid a finger into her pussy I suddenly felt something on my hand as Jen jumped.

The Shepherd started to lick Jen's pussy. "Let it happen". I kissed her again and pushed her back down. Jen's legs were thrashing so I knew the dog was getting her off.

I started to suck on Jen's tits. Jen was moaning now. "OMG, how can a dog know how to eat pussy? I'm ready to cum - aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh". Jen started cumming. Suddenly the Doberman attacked her pussy. Now there were 2 dogs eating her out. I got on my hands and knees and kept stroking her tits.

I noticed the Dane walked behind me. I saw his cock was out. I knew what was coming. The Dane mounted me and started humping. After a few humps he hit the mark and drove his cock into me and started a fast paced furious fuck.

I sucked on Jen's tits. The Doberman and the Shepherd were lapping away at Jen's pussy and she kept moaning and cumming. "Jen, get on your hands and knees and one of the dogs will mount you".

Jen got up which didn't please the dogs until they saw her on her hands and knees. The Shepherd was quick and mounted her. He found the mark like he has been fucking her all the time.

"OMG - I can't believe a dog is fucking me. He is fucking me so fast. He is filling my cunt up with so much cock. Fuck meeeeeeee.yessssssssssss.uuuh.uuuh". Jen was facing me now as I was being knotted by the Dane. From the expression on her face I could tell the Shepherd was knotting her also. I leaned forward and kissed Jen. I sloshed my tongue around in her mouth. Just as I felt the Dane shoot his cum deep inside my ass, I came squirting my cum on Jen's legs.

The Shepherd was shooting his load into Jen's cunt and I could see her pushing back on his cock. "OMG Joe. This is fantastic. Look at the poor Doberman. He has his cock out and no one to fuck". "You can stay in position and he will mount you as soon as the Shepherd pulls out". Five minutes later the Dane and the Shepherd pulled out of us. Sure enough the Doberman quickly mounted Jen and started humping. Once he found the mark he started fucking her at a furious pace.

He looked like he had something to prove. Jen began to moan again. "uuuhhhh.uuuhhhhh.fuuuuccckkk meeeee". I stood up and stOod in front of Jen and pushed my cock into her mouth. She started sucking away and pushing back on the Doberman's cock. When I saw the Doberman grip Jen tighter I knew he was gong to shove his knot inside her.

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Once he locked with her he shot his load. That made me cum as I shot my load down Jen's throat. I pulled out of Jen and when the Doberman was finished I told her to get up quickly before one of the other dogs mounted her.

We quickly got dressed and went back to the house. "Did you get fucked by these dogs last month"? "Yep - all week. All 3 of them". Even the pOny fucked me". "Whhhaaaaaaaaatt? Are you serious"? "I was afraid to at first but I let the Dane fuck me before I tried it since the Dane has a big knot and got my ass wide open for the pony. It was fantastic.

I came twice while he was fucking me. The first load came just from the first penetration I was so excited". "I was too scared to let the stallion fuck me.


Maybe you should try him". "Oh shit I don't know. I saw how big his cock was when he put it in that mare. I sure got wet watching though and imagining it was me being fucked". "If you let the Dane take you first he will prepare you for that monster cock". "Damn Joe. I'm wet just talking about it. I'll try it if you think I will be ok". "It will all be ok Jen. I promise.

Let's get some rest, watch some TV, fuck around a bit and then go to bed. In the morning we will feed the animals and then set things up for the afternoon. I will put the horses in their stalls so they can see you get fucked by the Dane.

This will get them excited when they smell sex in the air". The next morning I made love to Jen to get her ready for what was coming. I ate her pussy and finger-fucked her til she came 3 times. Then I fucked her and shot my load in her. I told her to wash up and I went out to feed the animals.

The dogs were all excited but this wasn't their day although I am sure they would all get lucky anyway. I let the horses out for awhile. The stallion and pony were following the mare around with their cocks hanging down. She didn't let either of them have her which was good. I went in and washed up then went back later in the afternoon to round up the horses. I put them in their stalls. With the dogs following me, I then went to get Jen.

"It's time honey". We went to the stalls with the dogs following us. I had the horses tied up so I had Jen go into the stall where the stallion was and let the Dane in with her. I told her to masturbate and let the Dane and the stallion smell her sex. Soon the Dane and the Stallion had their cocks hanging out as the Dane walked over to Jen and licked her pussy.

Jen spread her legs and let the dog go at her and 30 seconds later she was cumming. The Dane kept licking the juice leaking from her pussy and Jen came again. After that she got down on her hands and knees. The Dane walked around behind her and after licking her pussy a few more times mounted her. Jen made sure she faced the stallion so he could see her get fucked. As the Dane penetrated her she moaned. The Dane gave her a hard furious fucking. I saw his knot slip inside Jen's pussy so he would soon lock and shoot his load.

Jen had already cum again as the Dane started shooting his cum in her. Jen came again as she felt the Dane fill her pussy with more cum than she has ever had inside her. When the Dane untied, cum leaked out of Jen's pussy and fell to the floor. The stallion was snorting with his cock hanging out. I went in the stall and told Jen to put her hands on the table so the stallion could put his legs on it amd be able to fuck her. I let the Doberman and the Shepherd in also figuring I may as well let them fuck me.

I led the stallion to Jen. His nostrils were flaring and he was snorting. His cock was huge, Get ready Jen. The stallion sniffed Jen then stood up on two legs. His front legs fell on the table and he positioned himself as he started humping trying to find a hole for his cock.

I guided his cock to Jen's entrance. The stallion lunged forward. "Aaaaaarrgg. He's too big Joe". After a few quick thrusts the stallion pulled back and shot precum all over Jen's legs. She got up and away from the table. "Honey you can do this. Jen looked at the monster cock that was in her knowing that probably not even halF of it had been inside her yet.

Jen positioned herself again as the stallion quickly got up on his hind legs and mounted her. He started humping his cock again and was able to find Jen's pussy on his own and quickly started thrusting. "Uuuuuhhhh.oohhhhhhhhh.uuunnnhhh". The stallion thrust again a few more times than pulled back again and shot more precum on Jen's legs. This time she stayed in position.

The stallion snorted then walked back behind Jen and mounted her for a 3rd time. The stallion was in her quickly and was humping harder now. I couldn't believe I saw Jen push back. She obviously wanted all his cock in her.

The stallion thrust and got at least 3/4 of his cock in her. "OMG I can feel him growing bigger inside me. Is he gonna tie with me?

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Oh shit fuuucccckkk meeeeeeee you stud". The stallion gave some more heaves and apparently was shooting his cum into Jen as I heard her cry out "I'm cumming.he's cumming in me.OMG". As the stallion pulled back I couldn't believe how much cum came out of Jen's cunt. As I was looking on in disbelief the doberman quickly mounted Jen and since her pussy was so stretched he found the mark right away and started to fuck her. I was suddenly knocked down by the Shepherd so I pulled my shorts down and gOt on my hands and knees.

The Shepherd quickly mounted me and fucked me hard. I came as soon as he penetrated me. I was already hard from watching Jen get fucked by the stallion. Jen and I watched each other get fucked and smiled. Both dogs shot their load into us. I saw the Dane heading my way but got up quickly and pulled my shorts up. Jen looked spent but satisfied. "Maybe you can do the pony tomorrow". "Tomorrow????? Hell bring him in. I can't get enough cock"!