Gay group russia porn video Taking the dick into his straight stud

Gay group russia porn video Taking the dick into his straight stud
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i was sitting at my cousins house when she walked in. it was the first real party i have gone to. her name was kandice and she was a knockout. a little chubby but it was all in the right places. she was 17 at the time. i had admired her from afar for a long time.

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i have had a crush on her but thought she was a prude. i grabbed a beer for her and i and walked over to her to talk. she acceped the beer and we talked about our teachers. i went for another beer and she followed me to the fridge. thats when it started she kissed me on the neck and i got harder then ever.

she told me that she had liked me for awhile also. i turned and gave her the beer and i looked into her eyes and told her that she was beautiful.

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i saw my cousin looking in and he pointed up as if saying take her upstairs. i grabbed her hand and told her to follow me and she did. we went up to the spare room and i closed the door. we sat on the bed and started to kiss.

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at the time she had a boyfriend and i knew it was wrong but it felt so right. as we continued to kiss i moved my hand up her blouse to her "c" cup tits and tweeked her nipple. i felt her moan in to my mouth as i continued to make out with her. i slowly unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off and pulled away from her mouth to get a look at her great tits. i kissed her on the neck and moved up to kiss and bite her earlobe then slowly started to kiss down to her nipples and pull one in to my mouth and suck on it.

she squirmed a little and i moved to the other nipple and felt her move more. i started to kiss down to that precious box and she told me she had never had let a guy get this far before and i asked her if she wanted to stop she told me NO HELL NO KEEP GOING. i moved her skirt down her legs and kissed every part it had been. as i got it off i spread her legs and kissed the inside of her legs as i moved back up her legs and as i reached her pussy i saw her soaked thong.

i moved it to the side as i licked the outer lips of her pussy. she moaned as i hit her clit with the tip of my tongue. i stuck the tip of my tongue inside her soaked cunt as i did i felt her grab it with her pussy muscles.

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it felt wierd but it felt good at the same time. she started to squirm like a worm and she wrapped her thighs around my head and pulled me in as she came hard i felt like i was under a faucet as she came in my mouth. i grabbed my soaked shirt and pulled it over my head and dropped my pants and boxers in one motion.

my 7inch cock was out in all its glory and she pulled me in and i asked about protection. she told me to forget it she wanted me to be her first and did not want to use a condom. it was my first time too so i was going by what i saw in my pornos. i slipped in to her hot steamy box and felt like i was gonna blow right there but i slipped in a little farther and felt her cherry sitting there at the tip of my cock.

i pulled out about an inch and rammed my cock home and felt it rip as she let out a scream. then i got into a nice easy pace and felt ok.

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she was moaning like crazy. i was at it for about 3 minutes and she yelled FUCK ME HARDER FUCK ME FUCK. i reached up and grabbed her nipples as she came all over my cock i told her i was cumming and she told me to cum inside her she wanted to feel me fill her up with my juice.

at that i came and it felt like the biggest load of my life. i collapsed on top of her and felt her squeeze my cock with her pussy.

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i started to pull out when she told me no she wanted it there for a while. i left it there and after about 3 minutes i was hard again. i started to pump again and she told me she wanted me to fuck her from behind.

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she rolled over and as she did i saw my cousin in the doorway. i just smiled and he gave me a thumbs up and a smile. i entered her from the back and it felt better then the other way. it felt tighter and we were fucking again.


i was at a nice pace and she told me to play with her ass so i used my thumb to put pressure on her brown eye. as i touched her ass she pushed back and my thumb was gone. so i pulled out of her cunt and pressed my slick dick on her ass-hole and she eased back and i popped in no problem. i rammed her ass for a good twenty minutes and felt her cum twice in the process.

i told her i was cumming and she pulled me out and started to suck my cock as i came in tourents into her mouth as she swollowed every drop. when she was done she looked at me and told me that was what she needed from me.


i looked up to see my cousin with his cock out she followed my gaze and told him to come in. he came in and she told him to cum in her mouth as she sucked him off. i was playing with her clit as she sucked him off and she came one more time as he shot his load in her sucking mouth.

we all got dressed and went back to the party.

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that was the only time i ever got to be with kandice but god it was a night i will always remember. she went back to her boyfriend and told him that it was over and she moved to iowa as far as i know she is still there. those lucky bastards in iowa have one hell of a girl out there now. if you like this i have many more experiances i will share with positive feedback thanks for reading