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Gay Videos vintage Lee Ryder
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The succubus wrapped an arm around the young man's naked body. They lay together in the dark cave, her firm breasts pressed against the man's back as she made small circles over his nipples with her fingers.


Red lightning tore through the green sky over the vast wasteland outside, but, in the protective arms of the succubus, the young man was safe. The man took the succubus's fingers and slowly began licking them before putting them in his mouth.

He sucked on her soft skin, moaning slightly as her soft tail reached around and slid up and down the underside of his erect cock. Feeling this new sensation, the man bit down on the succubus's fingers. This caused her to grin and slide her tongue along the man's neck until she pressed her lips to his ear.

"Take me." Those words were enough to cause the man to part his lips as he gasped with anticipation. The succubus took this opportunity to remove her fingers and slide them to the tip of the man's cock. She stroked his head with her thumb, which now leaked a small amount of cum already.

Her velvet wings wrapped around both of them as she pulled the man on top of her. As he hovered over her tight body, losing himself in the euphoria that was her violet eyes, he felt no fear. Unlike most succubae, this one gave life instead of taking it away. This man too, although weak and fragile as he was, was filled with a special magic. Only the succubus could harness such power, and only through love-making could the man's power seep into her.

Together they kept each other alive through the hellish wasteland of this dying world. The man pressed the tip of his cock against her clit, gentle rubbing it as her breasted heaved with desire. She reached out and touched his face with one long finger. It drew a line down his cheek and rested under his chin. With her free hand, she slid it around to the man's ass and squeezed him, urging him with her body to claim her.

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The man slowly slid inside his lover as his mouth opened letting out a silent moan. The succubus arched her back as her body was completed by her partner. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed him closer to her burning lower body.

The young man felt hot friction pour through his cock and down to his balls as he picked up speed. Her body tightened around him, squeezing his cock from inside her moist pussy. This sent the man over the edge has he released his cum deep into her, filling her up with his magic.


The succubus in return bit down on her bottom lip as her own orgasm took her, filling the man with life. The man lay over her, still pulsing inside her body as he rested his head on her breasts. It was not long before sleep took them both. In the darkest part of the night, two creatures quietly entered the cave. Without warning, one of the creature grabbed the man and ripped him from the arms of the sleeping succubus. The man screamed before he was struck hard by one of the creatures, knocking him out.

This was enough to stir the succubus from her slumber. Before she had time to react, the second creature shot a wave of blue energy from his hand, it paralyzed the succubus as she watched her lover being taken from her.

She saw the creatures sprouting scaly wings and fly towards the high mountain, which was where most of the red lighting was being drawn towards. Many hours had passed until the paralyzing spell worn off.

Once it was undone, the succubus quickly got to her feet and grabbed her sword that lay against the cave wall. It was a rainbow coloured blade with a dark red sheath that she slung over her back. Her once velvet wings turned into a tough leathery material as she took flight towards the mountain where her lover was being held. With unnatural reflexes, the succubus dodged the barrage of lightning bolts that seemed to be targeted directly towards her.

As she came closer to the mountain, the two creatures from that night appeared from the mountain entrance. They had the body of lizards but their heads were that of crows. They soared towards her, piercing the sky with their hellish caws. They shot balls of energy from their outstretched hands.

The succubus dodged one and knocked the other back with her sword towards one of the creature. The creature burst into flames and incinerated, leaving just one remaining. The remaining creature slashed at the succubus with its claws. The succubus covered herself with her leather wings, blocking the attack. Before the creature could attack again, the succubus shot a stream of violet lightning from her fingers, killing the creature. "My lover's magic is getting stronger each time we fuck," thought the succubus as she sheathed her sword.

Upon thinking of her lover, the succubus was stricken with fear. There was no telling what unspeakable torment he was going through right now. The man's arms were raised above his head as he hung chained to the wall. "Give me your magic, and I will spare you," said the lizard creature. A red cloaked covered him as its crow-like beak was inches from the man's chest.

The man remained silent. "So be it," the creature reared back its head, but then let out a terrible caw of pain as his body was covered in violet lightning.

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The creature turned around to see the succubus, her sword out. The creature took a long staff that hung from the wall. He waved his claws over the wood, which covered the staff with blue flames.

The succubus ran towards the creature, her blade came down hard on the fire staff. Sparks flew as their weapons collided. The creature pushed back the succubus and made a horizontal slice at her body. The succubus blocked his attack as she held her sword at an angle. With all her might, the succubus pushed back the creature, which knocked him off balance.

During this moment of confusion, the succubus raised her sword above her head and brought it down on the creature. The creature raised his staff to block it, but the force of the rainbow sword caused his staff to break in-two. The creature tossed the broken staff to the side and raised his fists. "I am disarmed succubus.

Will you not fight me the same?" The succubus paused for a moment before sheathing her sword. The moment she did, the creature let loose a thick wave of blue energy from both hands.

The succubus waved her arm and a fierce bolt of her lightning shot out. The two forces collided and fought for domination. The succubus shot another beam of lightning with her free hand, which added to the beam that was battling the wave of blue energy. They mixed together and the combined force overwhelmed the creature, causing him to be torn apart.

The succubus caught her breath as her arms laid to her side. She looked up and caught the eyes of her lover, still chained to the wall. With one swift motion, she cut the chain with her sword, causing him to collapse.

Before he hit the hard earth, she caught him in her arms. He flung his arms around her body, squeezing her tight as his lips pressed against hers. She eagerly accepted his mouth as she slid her tongue inside his. She placed her hands on his chest and slowly slid them down to his balls. With a tender touch, she caressed his genitals with one hand while the other clawed up and down his spine.

Her touch would never be enough. His body ached for every part of her as he placed his hands over her bosom. He pinched her already hard nipples while his other fingers moved in and out between her breasts. The succubus cupped the man's balls, gentle squeezing them in her hand while stroking the length of his cock. The man's body shook with burning lust as his hands wrapped around her body, slowly making their way to her ass. He took her tail between his thumb and index finger and moved up and down, loving the firm softness of it.

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He pulled it slightly, which caused the succubus to pulse with pleasure. Her teeth went down on the man's collarbone, biting just enough to leave a mark as the young man continued stroking her tail.

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The succubus's wings once again turned to soft velvet as she wrapped them, along with her arms and legs, around the man. In this tight position, the man easily slid into her now aching pussy.

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They both held each other as tight as two people could possible get as she flew them out of the mountains and across the endless plains back to their cave.