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Gay men sex with no credit number and gay goth guys sex He calls a
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Jean knew that this was no ordinary job before she applied. She had just started college. As is normal, she had been assigned a second-year student to help her get to know where things were and what happened.

Carole was a really friendly, helpful person and she had become a good friend to Jean already, although they had only known each other for a week. The one thing that was obvious from the beginning was that Carole was not as short of cash as other students. Jean told her that things were really tight for her and she was going to have to find some bar work as soon as she could. The problem was that every student was doing the same thing and she didn't have any experience.

Jean asked Carole if she worked. Carole avoided the question at first, but at the end of the week they had got to know each other better and they shared a bottle of wine in Carole's room. Jean said that she had called in to several places asking for work, but got nowhere. Carole told her that she thought there might be a place for a girl like Jean at the restaurant where she worked, but it was no ordinary job.

"Look, I am only going to mention this once and then never talk about it again. Here is the number of my boss. If you want to ring him for a job, he will tell you what it is all about and it is up to you whether you want to do it. It's not for everybody and if you aren't interested I understand.

I am not going to say anything about the job, but if you really want some decent money and you are broad-minded, then." She let her words tail off and Jean tucked the slip with the telephone number into her purse.

The job wasn't mentioned again. Next day Jean waited until the afternoon before plucking up the courage and finally ringing the number. The guy she spoke to seemed really nice. He said he might have a place for the right girl with real commitment and enthusiasm.

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Jean assured him that she did have those things. He told her to turn up at 8pm, to bring her birth certificate with her and be ready for an interview that would require her to show that she had what was needed to work for him. She said that Carole had not told her what the job involved and he just chuckled.

"She's a good girl. If you can do as well as Carole, you will have a comfortable time at college, but this is a very special job. You have got to be prepared to do what is required." Jean was puzzled, excited and even a bit frightened, but she was determined that she could do anything that Carole could do. Clyde shook her hand firmly when she was shown into his office.

He told Jean to sit down and asked to see her birth certificate.

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"Just turned eighteen then. Ideal, so long as you know enough about the world." He told her that the restaurant, Glorious, was owned by him alone and that the entirely female staff were answerable only to him. It was a payment-by-results operation.

If he offered her a position, she would be paid her share of thirty percent of the takings during her shift. For example, if they took £1,000 during a six-hour shift and there were six staff working that shift, they would each get £50.

The other side of the deal was that any complaints, mistakes, breakages or other losses were paid for by whoever was responsible for them. Clyde stopped her, as Jean was about to say that she couldn't afford to pay if she made a mistake. "You can pay for any of your errors without it costing you a penny, so long as you have a good attitude to our customers. They are the most important people here. Come and let me show you round." Clyde led Jean into the restaurant. It was busy. The only thing making it a little different from the average restaurant was that there was more than the usual number of single male diners.

Their next stop was the kitchen, where two women chefs were working hard. So far everything was completely straightforward, but then Clyde took Jean towards the Gents. Apparently unconcerned whether anybody might be using it, he opened the door and showed her in. To their right was a row of urinals, which he ushered her past, and then there were three cubicles facing them.

On the left was the open door of a normal lavatory. In the centre was a closed door marked "Private," which Clyde now opened. There was no WC inside.

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In fact, there was nothing in there at all. Clyde pointed to the right hand wall, where there was a life-size painting of a naked woman on her knees. The Marilyn Monroe lookalike face had her bright red lips open and there was a round hole where her mouth was. After telling Jean to take a good look, he then showed her into the right-hand cubicle.

There was an upholstered leather kneeling pad facing the left hand wall, on which was painted a picture of a naked, muscular young man with the hole she had seen on the other side where his penis would be.

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"OK. Now you see what happens. If you work here and if ever I get a complaint about you, or you cause me any kind of cost or problem, you come in here for a period of between fifteen minutes and two hours. Entirely my decision and there are no appeals. Any arguing and you either get to pay a bit more or you leave straight away. When you come in, I set the time lock from the outside and you come out when it unlocks. The two video cameras in here record your every movement and sound." Clyde went on to explain that while they were in the glory hole booth, staff members had to suck off every man who came in.

They were to ensure that each man came to orgasm and then they swallowed his cum. While they were in the booth, if a man come in to the glory hole they were required to say, "Welcome, Sir, may I please suck your cock?" When they had shot their load she was required to lick the guy clean and then say, "Thank you, Sir.

That was glorious." Jean had sucked a few cocks in her time and enjoyed it, but she now knew what was special about this place and she was getting butterflies in her stomach. Before she could start to think that perhaps she might not like to work here, Clyde told her to get on her knees.

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He locked the door as he went out and he entered the next-door booth. "Well! What do you say? This is an interview. You do want to earn some money, don't you?" Jean really did want to earn some money. "Welcome, Sir, may I please suck your cock?" "That's a good girl.

You're learning fast. Now let's see what sort of a job you can do." Jean took Clyde's prick into her mouth and worked on it with all the skill she could draw from her short life and relatively limited experience.

The booth had been thoughtfully built. The separating wall with the glory hole in it was only a quarter of an inch thick where the hole was. Clyde was well endowed and Jean's mouth was filled. When he called on her to throat him, she tried her best to get his prick further down, but she was gagging and her eyes began running. She was determined not to fail, so she sucked and licked for all she was worth until she eventually felt the telltale throb of the dick as he started to cum.

Jean gulped and swallowed it down, making sure not to spill any, and then licked around the head to ensure there were no drops left. Remembering the instructions, Jean said, "Thank you, Sir. That was glorious." "Indeed, that was glorious, Jean. Not the best blowjob I have ever had, but you will be OK with practice. What you need to remember is that Glorious can offer jobs to girls like you because of the service it provides." As Clyde was saying this, the door to the men's room opened and somebody walked in.

Clyde quietly said, "Get ready, girl," and walked out of the cubicle. He said 'Hi' to somebody and a shadow crossed the hole as another man stood close to it. It had become suddenly obvious that her interview was not going to be with Clyde alone.

Jean braced herself. "Welcome, Sir. Please may I suck your cock?" There was no reply. A few seconds later a wrinkled and small, soft prick was flopped through the hole. Jean hesitated and then slipped it into her mouth. She drew back the uncircumcised foreskin and sucked gently on his sensitive glans.

She wriggled her tongue in the guy's piss hole and the small dick grew in her mouth. In fact it became very rigid and grew to fill her almost as much as Clyde's had done. As Jean sucked and licked, she started to tingle and slipped a hand into her panties where she rubbed her clit in rhythm to her sucking. When she felt the prick swell that little bit before it ejaculated, she spasmed with her own orgasm. In the grip of her climax, Jean sank her face into the groin of the customer and took the load straight into her throat.

Jean removed her hand from her knickers and licked the softening prick with some affection. "Thank you, Sir. That was glorious." As the light returned to the glory hole, Jean noticed the receding pubic hair was grizzled and grey.

It had never entered her mind that the anonymous customer might have been an old man. After the man had left, Clyde returned to the cubicle and unlocked it. "Nice one. I see you enjoyed yourself quite a lot there." Jean flushed with embarrassment and Clyde pointed to the cameras, reminding her that she had not been as alone as she had felt. In his hand he held a portable monitor. "Whatever I am doing or wherever I am, I can see what is going on in the booth and one or two other places as well." Jean blushed all over again, thinking about how Clyde had watched her bringing herself off.

This was more embarrassing than the fact that she'd had a stranger's dick in her mouth. Clyde took her back into the restaurant. He showed her the sign that said 'WC's'. "See the apostrophe after the 'C'?

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Whenever there is a girl locked in the glory hole booth, that lights up red. Only people who know what it means would ever notice it." Jean looked around the room. A man who must have been in his seventies had just settled himself into his chair and was replacing a napkin on his lap. Next to him was a grey-haired old lady. He looked happy. He was fat, wrinkled and ugly. Could she possibly have just had an orgasm with that man's prick in her mouth and swallowed his cum?

The thought horrified and excited her at the same time. Clyde took Jean back to his office and then opened the door into a back room. "The way to do well in every organisation is through ass licking. The problem in most places is that people are not quite sure how to do it or who they should do it to. Here it is simple.


I am the boss and everybody else licks my ass if they want to please me. I give bonuses when I feel like it to anybody I want to. How much, how often and who gets it depends on how much I have been pleased." Clyde explained that this was his pleasure room.


Staff were only allowed in here naked. The interview would be completed in this room and, as a potential member of staff, Jean could only enter without her clothes, so if she wanted to complete the interview she knew what to do. Clyde opened a locker for her to put her clothing in.


Jean felt that she had already committed herself enough and there wasn't really anything to lose by completing her exposure to this strange boss. She was confirmed in this feeling when he said, "I am not going to fuck you. I will leave that for your boyfriend." As she stripped off, Jean was thinking about the ass licking comment that Clyde had made.

She wanted to ask him what he meant, but she just couldn't. He told her she had pretty little tits and then when she slipped off the final article, her tiny thong, Clyde said, "That bush will have to go. Things are going well for getting a place here, but the only person working here who is allowed pubic hair is me. Anyway, come on in." It was not a large room. There was a canvas film director-style chair and a long, flat, leather-upholstered exercise bench on castors.

A large, high definition TV screen was hung on the wall facing the chair.

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Beside the chair was a small table on which there was a laptop and a few other bits and pieces. Clyde showed Jean that the chair had a split seat.

He took off his own lower clothing and sat on the seat, spreading his buttocks as he did so. "OK. Now lie on the bench with your head at my end and your feet on either side. That's it. Use your legs to walk the bench back until your face is underneath me." Jean did as she was instructed and realised that the ass licking was literal. She was going to have to lick Clyde's ass to get this job. A couple of boyfriends ago, she had got quite drunk and the guy had stuck his tongue up her ass.

It was great, but when he wanted her to do it to him, she sobered up pretty quickly and avoided it by giving him a BJ. It didn't look like there was going to be any avoidance this time. As Jean looked up at the hairy ass and balls above her, focussing on the brown sphincter, Clyde pumped a handle on the side of the bench. Her face was moving closer to his ass. He only stopped when he felt her nose touch him and then he told her to start licking.

At first Jean tried to lick around the hole, but Clyde gave the handle another half crank, pushing her mouth close. "Get that tongue right in and show some enthusiasm if you want the job." To emphasise his words Clyde picked up a narrow plastic fly swat from his table and gave her pussy a stinging swipe. The shock caused Jean to gasp a pleasant warm breath of air on Clyde's wet asshole and then she plunged her tongue in. "That's it. Now work it around." Jean did as she was told and instead of the revulsion that she had expected, she began to feel moist and tingly between her legs again.

She pushed her tongue in and out with as much energy as she could. Her increasing breathing rate continued to blow warm air to the deliciously massaged ass from her mouth and nose. "You've got it, girl. Another five minutes and the job is yours." Jean finished her task with all the energy she could manage, and when Clyde lowered the bench her jaw was aching.

He told her to sit up. He was a good-looking man in early middle age and his large prick was now standing ramrod hard from his lap. Jean felt that she was soaking wet on the leather bench and she knew she was going to leave a stain. Without another thought she said, "Please, Sir, may I suck you off?" He took her hair and drew her onto his erection. It didn't take long for Jean to bring Clyde to his climax, and as he was nearing it, he worked her clit with his fingers until they both came together.

"OK. The job is yours and I am sure you are going to do very well. Now before you decide whether you want the job, you need know one more thing." Clyde used the laptop and a video came up on the large wall screen. It was the men's room containing the glory hole booth. The camera was showing the urinals. When they had gone in there Jean's attention had not been on these and she had not noticed that there were two normal urinals, but between them there was a kneeling pad the same as the one in the booth and in place of the ceramic sanitary ware there was just a short chain fixed to the wall and a broad leather, studded collar hung from it.

As she was watching, Clyde led in a naked woman. She had seen this woman working in the kitchen. The video continued while Clyde explained that she had been caught stealing meat from the kitchen. She had begged not to be sacked or reported to the police and Clyde had agreed to a deal with her. Part of that deal was that she should spend one complete six-hour shift in the urinal. Jean watched open-mouthed as the woman knelt and the collar was fixed around her neck.

It was broader at the front than the back, so her head was tilted back. Clyde ordered her to open her mouth. She did so and it made her head go back even further. There was a raised place at the front of the kneeler. She was told to place her hands on it and Clyde secured her wrists into leather cuffs.

At that point, Clyde stopped the video. "You know what you are in for. Do you want the job?" "May I start now, please, Sir?"