Granny fucks really hard with a big hard dick

Granny fucks really hard with a big hard dick
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It was a rather uneventful Sunday afternoon, around 3pm. I was really bored and had nothing to do since my boyfriend had to go to work. Some emergency that apparently only he could handle. So that put a damper on our plans of going out tonight.

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Mom suggested that we go over to visit her sister. I agreed to go along since I did not have anything better to do. When we got there mom and her sister sat down and started talking. They can go on and on talking about god knows what, that can be a real drag if you know what I mean. What teenager wants to sit and listen to stories?

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I asked my aunt if my cousin was around and she said that he was in his room, and had a few friends over. I didn't think my cuz would mind if I chilled with him and his friends, so I started up the stairs and headed for his room. He's door was locked so I knocked gently and called out his name softly. Almost instantly the door sprung open, and my 14-year old cousin came through.

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He grabbed me and hugged me tightly. I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my boobs into him for a moment, then we let go of each other and he ushered me into the room.

It was the first time we saw each other since my boyfriend and he fucked me and my mom. I sat down on my cousin's bed. His three friends were sitting on the bed also, looked to be around the same age as my cousin. They were playing a video game, which I rudely interrupted since their eyes all locked onto me when I stood at the doorway embracing my cousin.

I wanted to look sexy for my cousin, well slutty. I had on a pair of five-inch fuck-me pumps (toenails and fingernails painted black), white mini-skirt, and a light-blue tank top. Underwear? None. My puffy nipples were erect and visible through the thin material.

They were playing some street racing game. I crossed my legs and got comfortable on the bed, and told the boys to carry on and not let me disturb them. I told them I liked cars and wanted to watch them race. My cousin and one of his friends started a race.

Quite a good looking kid his friend is, I thought to myself. I would definitely let him use me if he wanted to.

I bet he has a magnificent, beautiful cock. Whoa, what was I thinking? I quickly shook my head and concentrated on the race taking place on my cousin's flat screen TV. My cousin was in the lead and about to win.

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So he did. They were playing winners I guessed since the next kid got a hold of the controller and began to set up his car.


A pasty kid with overgrown curly hair, big round glasses, some acne on his face, and a little overweight. The race was counting down when he hit pause and said to my cousin, "a hundred bucks says I can smoke you." "I'm broke dude, sorry," replied my cousin. Hmm. That got me thinking. My cousin was pretty good in this game, I'm sure he will win.

So I called his name out and told him to come here. "Bet me," I whispered into his ear. "WHAT!?" my cousin exclaimed. "It will be okay, just DON'T lose," I said softly into his ear. Before he could say anything, I lifted my head up into the direction of the pasty fat kid waiting his turn to race.

"You ever got a blowjob?" I said loudly, surprising all his friends. The kid just shook his head. He's eyes were wide and cheeks turned a dark shade of red. The other two kids were listening attentively to the words coming out of my mouth.

"You beat my cousin and I'll give you your first blowjob. If you lose, well my cuz is a hundred bucks richer. Oh and I'm good, ask my cousin," I said. My cuz was beaming now. I had just confessed to his best-friends that I had sucked his cock before. That has got to be a major ego-boost. I could tell they were envious of his good fortune. Oh I bet all kids wish they had a slut-of-a-cousin like me. The pasty kid agreed without hesitation.

I didn't really feel like sucking his cock, so I wanted my cousin to win. I was cheering him on as they raced. It was pretty close, my cuz was in front but his friend was right behind him.

At the second to last corner, the pasty kid bumped into the rear end of my cousin's car which in turn spun his car around.

The kid was in front now and headed for the finish line. Boy, talk about competiveness and dirty playing. Well, he did have an amazing prize. Shit! He won. "I'm sorry cuz," my cousin said to me. "It's okay, it wasn't your fault," I replied as I walked toward his friend. The pasty kid had on a pair of shorts, Nike sneakers, and a bad-boy t-shirt which was too tight for him and revealed his boy-breasts.

My cousin and his two other friends sat down at the foot end of the bed as I kneeled down in front of this pale, overweight, grinning kid.

I put my fingers into the waistband of his shorts and pulled it down together with his underwear. My eyes grew wide when I saw what he had hidden between his legs. His cock was rock-hard. It was thick, long, veiny and gorgeous.

His balls were huge and filled with cum from what I could see. The entire crotch area was clean-shaven, had to have been done this morning I thought. "Niccccce," I said to him, which made him grin even more. I held his cock up with my hand and got my mouth under, to his magnificent balls. I stuck my tongue out and licked his entire sack.

I made sure to make it wet. I took his balls one at a time into my mouth and sucked on them tenderly as I jerked his cock ever so slowly with my warm, soft, pretty and small hand. With his cock still held up, I licked his shaft from the bottom upwards, tracing my tongue on those sexy veins.

I let go of his cock and grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands as I let his cock slide into my mouth, slowly, inch-by-inch until his entire cock was down my throat. I felt a hand cupping my ass under my skirt. I thought it was one of the kids and I was going to tell him to cut it out, since this guy had to pay a hundred bucks it wouldn't be fair if I just let them cop-a-feel. I slid the pasty kid's monster out of my mouth and turned around.

It was my cuz. I smiled at him and then I explained to the other kids that they could watch but not to touch because this guy was paying. "May I touch your tits?" the pasty kid asked. "Sure," I said smiling at him. With that I lifted my top up and over my head and threw it on the floor beside me. The other kids moved about to try and get a better view. My petite boobs fitted perfectly in his big hands. He squeezed and kneaded them and pinched my nipples.

I took his cock back into my mouth and bobbed my head on his cock. I had to grab his ass cheeks again for stability, or maybe I was just telling myself that. I kind of liked his bigger than average ass. It was round and soft. By now the two kids were busy rubbing their cocks over their clothes as they watched the show I put on for them. My cousin slipped a couple of fingers into my now wet pussy hole and was fingering me ferociously as my head bobbed on his pasty friend's delicious cock. Spit was starting to leak from the sides of my mouth.

My jaw was beginning to ache.

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But soon enough my cousin's friend muttered that he was going to cum. Before I had a chance to think about whether I wanted to let him cum in my mouth, he shot his cum. Oh what the hell. I let the kid cum in my mouth, and when he was done I sucked the last drops of cum out of his cock. Boy did he have a huge load for me.

I turned to the boys, opened my mouth and showed them the thick white cum on my tongue and inside my mouth. Then I swallowed the cum, opened my mouth again showing them, and giggled. I got up and held my cousin's hand, sucked his fingers which were glistering with my juices and told him to sit down. They all sat down on the foot of the bed. I pulled my skirt off, and stood there naked except for my heels.

I did a little spin for them and smacked my ass. With my ass faced toward them, I bent down and spread my ass cheeks revealing my pink and wet pussy to all. "A thousand bucks for any of you who want to fuck me," I said. And giggled. They all spoke to each other with rather serious expressions on their faces.

I grabbed my cuz, pulled him up and I got on all fours on the floor. He didn't need any explanation. He got his shorts off, knelt and pushed his cock into my pussy. He held my hips and slid his cock in and out of my drenched puss.

His friends watched earnestly as their best-friend fucked his hot cousin doggy-style on the rug in front of them. My cuz was a pro at fucking now, of course, his first time was with me. His cock slid in and out of me with lightning-speed.

I was close to having an orgasm. I turned my head and watched as all his friends young eyes were glued to my cousin's cock going in and out of my velvety cunt.


I moaned loud as I had my first orgasm. My cuz continued fucking me through it. When my climax subsided, I got up and pulled him by his cock to the wall. I put my back against the wall and I lifted my right leg up and put it around my cuz. I guided his cock back into my cunt then threw my arms around his neck. He started pounding my cunt once again, with a tight grip on my ass. After a few minutes, my cousin blew his load inside my pussy. He kissed me and we walked over to his friends.

I had my arm around my cuz and he had his hand on my ass cheek. "So did you decide?" I questioned my cousin's friends. They said they would love to, but they had to save up since they could only muster up 1700 bucks between the three of them. So I asked them whether they wanted to save that money, or use it to do with me as they please.

Anything, I said, besides blowjobs and fucking my pussy or asshole. They were shocked when they heard me say asshole. I don't think they were expecting that either way, but I had to be sure. You know boys'. HaHaHa. They didn't have the money on them, they wanted to go home and fetch it. But I told them not to worry about it right now and to leave it with my cousin later, and I will fetch it from him.

I was horny but I wasn't going to tell them that. With that, I got onto my cousin's bed and spread eagle and waited for them to do what they wanted. I was curious as to what they were going to do. The handsome guy got in between my legs, he pushed a finger into my hole and fingered me. The pasty fat kid went to the foot end of the bed.

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He took my heels off. He sniffed; sucked; and kissed my toes, ankles, under my feet, over, and between my toes.

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The other two kids were on either side of me. One was sucking my nipple, and the other was kissing and sucking my neck. My cuz was videoing the scene. The pasty kid got his cock out, and he used my toes and feet to give himself a footjob. The handsome kid was now sucking my puss, didn't really know what he was doing though.

The kid on my right was sucking my armpit. The one on the left stuck his tongue in my mouth and was sucking on mine.

The kid kissing me took my hand and placed it on his cock. I jacked him off till he came all over my hand. The other kid got his cock between my sticky armpit and humped it until he came. The handsome kid fucked my boobs and shot his cum on my neck.

And the pasty kid came all over my feet. They all cleaned themselves up, dressed and left to get the money. I got cleaned up also and talked with my cuz. I told him that the money was all his and he should spend it wisely, and to let me know when his friends had saved up enough to fuck me so that he could have more money.

My cuz and I laid on his bed and kissed. Will continue if you like. Let me know. [email protected]