Busty teen fingers tight cunt on chair

Busty teen fingers tight cunt on chair
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We been living in this neighbour for just over a year and regularly waved to my neighbour she was very good looking. The way you could call her as a perfect wife the girl next door that could never do anything wrong. This day I waved and she returned with a smile and started to walk over to me from the other side of the road. We met on the kerb and as the day was hot I said would you like to for some cool refreshments.

Thanks she replied. She was about 28 with jet black hair down to her waist. She had an outline of her body was breath taking, dainty with her gymnasium shape. Perfect in every way. She introduced herself as Pauline and been living here just before my family moved in. Pauline asked where my wife and kids was. My wife ay work at Cole's supper market as a store controller and my kids are at school.

My kids are at school also and my husband is a director of his father business and travel a lot so it just I and the kids as I don't work for taxation would be too high. She asked what about me. I told her I work ship work one week from 7.00a.m. till 3.00 p.m.

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and the next week from 3 to 10 so this week I start at 3. On the morning shifts I have time to pick up the two kids I have and the other week my mum picks them up or goes to after care centre. Pauline said my kids go to a private school that my husband insisted on and they get pick up at the door in the private school bus. I explained that I work in a factory as I'm the Forman.

Pauline said so ever second week your home by yourself. Yes. What do you do to pass the time away? I watch a lot of women's TV. Don't you watch any manly shows or get the under the counter please your wants. I not game enough as my wife it pure and proper. I had never hear a women talk this way before and my mind was thing of what does she want. My husband away a lot and if you don't mind could I come over to keep you company on your late shifts as we could have plenty to talk about from 9 to 2.

I said sure. When Pauline left after a cool drink I was not sure if I had a proposition put to me. Next day I took the kids to school and it wasn't five minutes arriving home When my neighbour knock on my front door it was Pauline with a large bag which it was some of her husband R rated movies.

I come over to simulate you and to keep you company. In she walk like a women on a mission. She would I like to put on the CD now or after. Why I said as she was wearing a fine wraparound dress and she told me her husband been away for a week and she needs company.

On went the CD and it was all about wife swapping and all types of insight that could be dreamed off. It wasn't long before I was getting a stiff and Pauline had notice it rising. She said I see your getting uncomfortable you need to relieve the presser as she smiled at me and made her move to feel my bulge. Don't wast it I better use it came out of the heavenly month. Pauline was unbuckling my belt and I had to help her to pull my trousers down so my manhood could come in full view.

Knelling between my legs her hand started to work my cock up and down. Look into my eyes she said love size as I was proud of my 8 inch with 2 ½ inch girth.

She was hungry for a cock and her mouth was opening as she guided down her throat. She kept it up and the feeling was outstanding. Yes I was need a neighbour to suck me off and she did. I was surprised that how much she could take down her throat and the deeper it went I was unable to hold it back as she took every drop of my load and she want more.

The move was still running and Pauline getting worked up and for the first time a women did a strip tease in from of me pushing her tits to me and I could not stop grabbing them. Her hairy cunt was shaped like a heart and as she bastard under as she grabbed my hand a directed it to play with it.

She spread her legs as I finger her supper wet cunt.

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I had all my four fingers lodge in her and my thumb was free but I got game and slide it up her ass. As I did she seam out you got to fuck me now. I work her cunt with my fingers and her ass with my thumb as this was making her squirt and work her rear end tell me she want more. Her body trembled as she was having orgasms over and over. I backed off and she turn around and looked straight into my eyes and said I need that cock in my now you bastard you have got me so worked up she demanded me to lie on the floor as she was pulling off my shirt and I was kicking of my trousers so my naked body was in the floor on a horizontal position with my cock fully erected.

Pauline dripping wanted wet cunt was now straddling me and I surprised with my finger her how perfect it was excepting my 8 inches. She rood me like a horse and I started to pull on her nibbles. Her buds was sticking out and I could squeezes and tested them and I knew it must be hurting her buy the more pain I was given her the more she was calling out she want me to fuck her harder.

She was rubbing her cunt into me and her juice was running out. I need you to blow your cock I want it I want to feel the gush of heavenly manhood blow it into me I want it, I want it, I want it. This was the trigger for me to let fly and I blow my load and she was so grateful and coming down and was giving me a French kiss and thanking me many times.

She collapsed on top of me and my limp was still in her. We were in this position for a long time. When she rolled off she said I need that again will you fuck my ass next time.

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My wife would never let me near her ass and here was a girl asking me to fuck her ass. I wasn't going to refuse her. She asked where, is your bedroom as we need a rest before we started again. Both still naked and I held her hand as I guided her in to my married queen's size bed that I had not made. Both flopped down and we when to sleep for two hours.

As I woke I went to the bathroom to have a pee but as I return I fell my self-getting a stiff again. Pauline was stirring and she look at me and said I see you're ready to start again. Her legs were opening wider as she beckon me to go down on her which I could not refuse. As I eat her juice cunt my tong was licking her in a way her body was shivering as she started to pull my head in her as if she want me get back in her like she had kids. I backed off and once again I was my finger inside of her.

She grabbed my arm and was hinting for me to enter my full hand to slide in side of her. Squiring my hand to make it round she help me open her cunt up so I was deep inside.

When her pussy lips was raped around my wrist I relaxed my hand and open it up and started to twist and pump make her scream with delight.

Her body was going into trauma and shakes. I stop and to my surprise she said I want more of that please. Her scream of delight as I kept fisting her all I could and she was taking it all.

When she collapsed I pull my fist out. Another ten minutes passed as she came to.

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Thank you I went into another world you are so sexy you give a girl what she wants. Get off the bed and bending over the bed she said I promised you my ass so here it is please make my happy and fuck my ass off.

I told her she was the first person to give me there ass.


She said you are the first person to give me what I wanted. With that I first pushed my cock up into her cunt to get some lubrication and as I had my fist in her she had not retrench her cunt so she was very sloppy.


All I could do was use my fingers and get then juicy wet and push the wet fingers up into her ass as she was using both hands to spread her ass checks apart so I can get better access. When I had made her ass sloppy I planted my cock in.

She bucked like I had a hot ion was branding her. It was seconds later when she was pushing back on me making me plough my cock deeper up her bowels. Pauline was enjoying it as she wriggled her ass and telling she love it as she worked her ass mussels around my cock. She was the sex's person I ever come across and the praise's she was giving me was make me more determent to please her wants. We been at it for 5 hours and my cock was getting sore and when she was leaving she said to me I be over tomorrow so I can get on trays.

Wait a minute as you better tack the CD home with you. That night my mine was not on work only on Pauline and want was going to happen the next day.

Till the end of the week she came over and we fucked and fucked. It was four day of incredible sex and when the weekend come and my wife was home Pauline came over to ask if we like to come over for a baroque as she was have so friends over and we were welcome.

My wife agreed so the whole family attended. Pauline husband was not back from his business trip but she had invited some of our neighbours and other friends. She had 12 at the party plus our kids made 8 more. I was surprise the way she active not signs of sexual presents, she was a true innocent girl next door.

The next week when I did day shift she be waiting when the kids and I would get home and she just waved at me. When my afternoon shift came around she be over in a flask and we fuck for hours. I asked one day have she every thought of have more than one cock in you at once.

Yes with a smile I'd love that have a double cock in me it sounds hot. Do you know of any spare cock for me to have? This girl was so hot I say she was will take on anything that make her cunt happy. I then asked would you take a dog cock. If you get me worked up enough. I told her if I get some other men they can't come to my place. That alright we could have to gangbang here at my place. She said, at your factory there must be guys that love to fuck a girl like me. Yes I said so find some I'll be ready.

I asked around and mention that I found some R rated CD and would any of the guys would come over to view them. I was surprised when 6 guys said yes. So when I met Pauline next day she was as excited as a kid with a new toy she said I been watching the web and the girls were making her horny.

We had made arrangements but her husband came home so she told me he was going away in two weeks' time for a week so we make it that week. I told her in 4 weeks the factory had the day off on the Friday as it the union free day. I think we better wait tell then. Pauline said you want me to wait that long yes I said that is if your husband away. The next thing shocked me as she said looks like you'll have to get a big dog for me so I can learn to enjoy the pleasers of animal sex that I can enjoy.

I'll look in the web I replied to see if I can please you. Please do. It wasn't long till I found site that advertised exotic experiences to make your dreams come true.

Making contact I was surprised to find out that a lady run a farm that trained animal to please humans in all way. We could only talk on the web and as I explained what my neighbour wanted see told me to come and look around as she rents out and sell all breads.

To my pleaser it was only 20 minutes away so I pick up Pauline and I never seen some one so excited as she played with herself as she was masturbating giving her self-orgasms as I drove. On arrival it was a large county house with outer barns.

We could here dogs barking and see horse, donkeys, sheep, and goats. As we meet Jill a lady in her 60s plus wearing a shear see through caftan with no under garments visible.

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I was he one that was talking on the net and this is Pauline that want to understand more about exotic felling. Straight out you mean said Jill you want to have one of my dogs please you pussy. Yes please with conference Pauline said. Jill asked have you ever been stimulated by any dog or animal before. No but I've read a lot on the web and to me it made me excited. Are you ready Yes-Yes-Yes?

Jill did not hesitate as she walked up to Pauline lifting her dress and grabbed Pauline cunt as Pauline was opening her legs to get the pleaser of an old women fingering her willing cunt. I see your ready my love so let's go over the barn and see which one will please you. In different pens was a, German shepherd and a Labrador. Which one do you want take one home to please you it starts off at $100 per week but if you want your cunt worked over here it $25 per dog.

I look at Pauline and said you'll never make it home as you are so wanting you better get dog fucked here her and know.

I look at Jill and said which one would give her the unforgettable humping. The Labrador will last the longest as he been pleasing cunts for years. Jill told Pauline to lie down on your back on that low bench and open your legs stick your cunt out to receive a women dream. Pauline was as excited.

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As Jill asked her what she want. I want a dog to fuck my cunt now.

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Jill got the Labrador out of the pen and the dog was excited as his cock was already out of his sheath. This is FD want is that stand for Fucking Dog I asked. Call him over Pauline. I want you FD I need you FD fuck me FD. FD was well trained as Jill told him the lick the cunt make Pauline body tremble.

Next command was mount and without any more commands to FD Jill told Pauline to hold the front legs and pull them towards her so he can get his 8 inch cock into you. Pauline was doing want Jill directed and I watch as FD pocked to stiff slimy cock around until he found Pauline will cunt. Holly shit as he mounted her Pauline screamed out. FD was humming her so fast tears were rolling down Pauline face as she grip her teeth from shock and pleaser all at once. FD kept it up for pumping her cunt for a long time and all the time was pushing deeper into her as Jill and I watch as the knot disrepair inside her pussy lips.

Jill said he in her now so let see how good she is get the full blast of doggie sperm deep in her. It wasn't long Pauline eyes rolled back her mouth over to get air and her body shock as she was receiving the first full load deep in her. Jill said you know that a dog has 3 or 4 time more of sperm injection than and man just this alone will put her in to a heavenly dream know we wait till the knot comes out as this could take up to a half an hour depends how big FD knot got.

There Pauline lay the dog stuck deep inside of her. I can still feel him discharging his sperm into me it heavenly I love it. Jill said Pauline do you want another dog in you when FD finished. A very long pause as she look at me, Jill then FD.

He still stuck in me I'd think I been fuck well. Next time. While FD was stuck in Pauline Jill and I talk and I mention that Pauline wants to try out a gangbang as I said I had six guys to make up the party but we don't want the section to take place at my place or hers.

You can use this place for a price. When we have a party the men without a women pays $100 and the one bring a women pays $50 for the man only as all women are free. We have an open night this weekend and about 200 men turn up and about 50 will wemen. We have open exhibitionist as most of my animals are fucked. Lots of men love the goats or sheep and the girls love the dogs.

Fifteen minutes had passed until FD released his knot but Pauline was still horny asking me to fuck her ass as she said I want you to get some pleaser as you have given me. Jill said you two are making me horny as she got the Great Dane out of his pen and laid down on the next bench call the Great Dane to fuck her. There we was I was fucking Pauline ass as Jill was taking a doggie cock in her will used cunt.

We paid over the money and left. On the way home Pauline said we have to go back to see Jill as the experience was breathtaking I love it specially what you fucked my ass in front of Jill. I ask want about the dog yes that was heavenly but I'm sorry that the doggie sperm sill dripping out of my cunt in your car.

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I'll clean it up I said No said Pauline I want to like it all up as want I've tasted so for is delicious. I drove into my garage and true to her word she was lick it all up so I notice she was still discharging doggie sperm so a grabbed a clean glass and put it between her legs as she open up so I could push it up to her pussy lips to catch the over flow. She half-filled the glass with white doggie sperm.

She look heavenly licking my car clean and bending over with legs spread as I was pushing the glass up like I was milking her. Her body was pushing out any sperm. This was giving me a stiff and her hand found my cock and was pulling it.

That the best I can do know I have to please that cock of yours and kneelt down and suck me the only way she knew deep down her throat. After the pleasant sucking and blowing down throat she surprised me by getting the doggie sperm out of the glass and down it like her favourite drink as she enjoyed it.

My neighbour was a nymphomaniac a sex Goddess that could not be stopped. Once a fortnight she wanted to go and see Jill and I watch over three months as she take on all the three dogs in a morning.

She have the sperm that dripped out of her saved and would drink it all up. We did arrange for a gangbang at the farm and 20 guys turn up and she accommodated them all some she suck off and other used her ass and cunt many time in that day. I have known Pauline and her husband for over a year and as Pauline said her husband is her income and you are my fanatic and dreams that make me want I need.

She has found some other lady's that love exotic sex and watch me fuck them off then eat my sperm that had been deposited. I watch as Pauline become a lesbian and an exhibitionist without shame. My wife and her husband has no idea.